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Season Six
Season Six

The ratings from each of us are next to each episode name. Click on the episode title to see a full episode summary and/or quotes from the episode. The short summaries on this page come from the Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer site and tvguide.com.

Bargaining (Parts 1 & 2)    (9/10)-Anna    (10/10)-XG    (10/10)-Zinna
Buffy's friends try to cope with Buffy's death and are left to defend Sunnydale without her. Meanwhile a gang of marauding demons threaten to jeopardize their plan to bring the slayer back from the dead. To complicate matters, Giles contemplates leaving Sunnydale to come to terms with the loss, on the special two-hour season premiere of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Marti Noxon wrote Part 1 and David Fury wrote Part 2. David Grossman directed both parts.

After Life    (9/10)-Anna     (8/10)-XG    (8.75/10)-Zinna
Buffy has been resurrected from the grave and although she’s a bit shaken from her return trip from a hell dimension, everything would appear to be falling back into place. Or is it? After re-associating Buffy (who we find out has been dead for one-hundred and forty-seven days) with her once familiar surroundings and friends, strange things begin happening. Did the gang bring back a tortured and evil Buffy from the grave? Or, did something else come with her? Why is Spike suddenly returning to his romantic days? Our two fave mega-witches, Willow and Tara, start hitting the books to find out why several demonic possessions are taking place within the click. What they find out is almost as shocking as Buffy’s death and resurrection. David Solomon directed the episode written by Jane Espenson.

Flooded    (7.5/10)-Anna    (9/10)-XG    (7/10)-Zinna
Buffy's readjustment to the land of the living is not going so hot. Her basement is flooded, she's bankrupt and - oh yes - the M'Fashnik Demon (Todd Stashwick) is hellbent on killing her. Also: Giles returns; a trio of slackers plots the takeover of Sunnydale. Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Savitsky: Michael Merton. Giles: Anthony Stewart Head. Willow: Alyson Hannigan. Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson wrote the episode directed by Doug Petrie.

Life Serial    (9/10)-Anna    (8/10)-XG    (7.5/10)-Zinna
Jonathan, Warren and Andrew test Buffy's abilities---and patience---with a secret campaign of harassment. The Slayer struggles to readjust to life in Sunnydale by attending classes with Willow and working with Xander. Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Tony: Paul Gutrecht. Xander: Nicholas Brendon. Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Nick Marck directed the episode written by David Fury and Jane Espenson.

All the Way    (4/10)-Anna    (7.5/10)-XG    (6/10)-Zinna
In a quirky and erudite episode, a sudden announcement sends the Scooby Gang into celebration mode on Halloween, but plenty of frights come to light when Dawn disappears. Anya (Emma Caulfield), who has been bugging Xander (Nicholas Brendon) to announce their engagement for months, finally gets her wish. After Xander drops his bombshell, Buffy and company throw a party for the couple. Only then do they realize that Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) has sneaked out with a friend (General Hospital's Amber Tamblyn). Out on the town, the younger Summers winds up meeting a teen (Kavan Reece) who craves more than just mischief. Steven S. DeKnight wrote the episode directed by David Solomon.

Once More, With Feeling    (10/10)-Anna    (10/10)-XG    (10/10)-Zinna
Series creator Joss Whedon wrote, directed and composed the music for this episode in which a mysterious force impels the Scooby Gang to burst into song. Even Buffy devotees may be hard-pressed to find an episode as off-the-wall as this, as Sunnydale denizens become players in production numbers in which cast members do their own vocals. Hear Tara (Amber Benson) sing about her love for Willow (Alyson Hannigan)! See Xander and Anya (Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield) perform a duet! Listen to Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) croon about her lack of life direction! Who's behind the music? Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) provides the key.

Tabula Rasa    (9.5/10)-Anna    (10/10)-XG    (9.6/10)-Zinna
Despite Tara's misgivings about her overindulgence in witchcraft, Willow tries to cheer Buffy up by making the Slayer forget the idyllic afterlife she left behind. Alas, the spell goes awry and affects the minds of all the Scoobies. David Grossman directed the episode written by Rebecca Rand Kirschner.

Smashed    (7/10)-Anna    (8.5/10)-XG    (9.3/10)-Zinna
Buffy's rejection of his amorous advances gives Spike (James Marsters) a headache that renews his primal impulses; Willow reverts a former classmate to her old self; Jonathan, Warren and Andrew pull a heist with the help of supercool new weapon. Turi Meyer directed the episode written by Drew Z. Greenberg.

Wrecked    (8/10)-Anna    (7/10)-XG    (8/10)-Zinna
Buffy's tryst with Spike leaves the Slayer shaken to the core; Willow falls victim to a warlock (Jeff Kober) who stimulates her craving for magic. David Solomon directed the episode written by Marti Noxon.

Gone    (8/10)-Anna    (9/10)-XG    (6/10)-Zinna
Buffy's efforts to help Willow's recovery are disrupted by a run-in with an intrusive social worker and a spat with Spike. Then, she's mistakenly zapped by an invisibility ray wielded by Jonathan, Warren and Andrew. At least she gets a new hairdo. David Fury wrote and directed the episode.

Doublemeat Palace    (1/10)-Anna    (6/10)-XG    (5/10)-Zinna
Buffy thinks she smells something rotten after she takes a job at a fast-food restaurant that soon has her wondering about the "secret ingredient" in the burgers. Hurting for cash, the Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) takes a job at Doublemeat Palace, where her fellow employees don't respond well to her sense of humor. "Levity is a time thief that picks the pocket of the company," explains one co-worker. But it's Buffy's growing concern that something demonic might be going on that really turns her stomach. Also, Anya's old friend Halfrek pays an unexpected visit and questions whether Xander (Nicholas Brendon) is the right man for her; and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) tries her best to stay away from magic. Nick Marck directed the episode written by Jane Espenson.

Dead Things    (8.5/10)-Anna    (6/10)-XG    (8/10)-Zinna
Spike (James Marsters) attacks Buffy---despite the chip in his head that is supposed to defuse his violence. Then, the Slayer's framed for murder by nerdy nemeses Andrew, Warren and Jonathan. James A. Contner directed the episode written by Steven S. DeKnight.

Older and Far Away    (6.5/10)-Anna    (7/10)-XG    (6/10)-Zinna
Lonely Dawn feels like the odd-girl out when the Scooby Gang throws a party in honor of Buffy's birthday, leading to a fateful wish that leaves the Slayer and her friends in a fix. Michael Gershman directed the episode written by Drew Z. Greenberg.

As You Were    (8.5/10)-Anna    (8/10)-XG    (8/10)-Zinna
Consumed by professional and personal disappointment, Buffy is jolted from ennui by the reappearance of her old beau Riley (Marc Blucas), who needs her Slayer skills to track down a demon called the Doctor. He also has some startling news to share about his private life. Meanwhile, Anya and Xander struggle to finalize their wedding arrangements. Sam: Ivana Milicevic. Doug Petrie wrote and directed the episode.

Hell's Bells    (8.5/10)-Anna    (7/10)-XG    (7.5/10)-Zinna
On the day of his wedding to Anya, Xander (Nicholas Brendon) gets cold feet about their prospective life together when an odd stranger offers him a glimpse into the future. David Solomon directed the episode written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner.

Normal Again    (9.5/10)-Anna    (9.5/10)-XG    (9/10)-Zinna
A demon doses Buffy with a powerful chemical that causes her to hallucinate, convincing the Slayer her parents are alive and Dawn never existed. Rick Rosenthal directed the episode written by Diego Gutierrez.

Entropy    (8/10)-Anna    (9/10)-XG    (9/10)-Zinna
Still smarting from being jilted at the altar by Xander, Anya (Emma Caulfield) seeks advice from Halfrek (Kali Rocha); Buffy tries to bond with Dawn while avoiding Spike; Andrew, Jonathan and Warren experiment with a talisman; Willow asks Tara out for coffee. James A. Contner directed the episode written by Drew Z. Greenberg.

Seeing Red    (9.5/10)-Anna    (10/10)-XG    (9/10)-Zinna
Buffy's ongoing tussle with a trio of would-be supervillains intensifies in an episode packed with imaginative plot twists. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) goes looking for trouble in the lair of Warren, Andrew and Jonathan (Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Danny Strong), the three nerds obsessed with her destruction, and she nearly falls victim to a booby trap of buzz saws. But that's the least of the Slayer's worries. With a little help from his friends, Warren acquires the Orbs of Nezzla'khan, a pair of demonic talismans that he says imbue him with "strength, invulnerability... the deluxe package," thus setting the stage for a fateful showdown. Michael Gershman directed the episode written by Steven DeKnight.

Villains    (9/10)-Anna    (7.5/10)-XG    (9.5/10)-Zinna
Buffy tries to recover from an assassination attempt; Jonathan and Andrew share a jail cell; Warren seeks allies at a demon bar; Anya is confronted by a distraught Willow. David Solomon directed the episode written by Marti Noxon.

Two to Go    (8/10)-Anna    (10/10)-XG    (9.5/10)-Zinna
In the first of a two-part sixth-season finale, Buffy, Anya and Xander race to the Sunnydale police station to try to save Jonathan and Andrew from a sorceress; Dawn persuades Clem to take her to Rack (Jeff Kober); Spike's stamina and courage are put to the test by a mysterious demon. Bill Norton directed the episode written by Doug Petrie.

Grave    (9.5/10)-Anna    (10/10)-XG    (9/10)-Zinna
In the second part of the sixth-season finale, a magical friend helps the Scooby Gang try to stop a sorceress. But the witch still has a few tricks up her sleeve---and an unwilling assistant. Also: Spike's African sojourn comes to a climax. James A. Contner directed the episode written by David Fury.

The Usual
The Usual

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