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Seeing Red
Seeing Red

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Written by Zinna

After a wild night of make-up sex, Willow and Tara lie lazily in each other's arms. Willow expresses some concern about Buffy. She noticed that Buffy was really affected by seeing Spike and Anya together. Tara tells her point blank that Buffy's been sleeping with Spike. Willow can't believe that Buffy would hide something like that. Tara explains that Buffy was probably worried about having to see the look on Willow's face if she told her. Willow realizes the look on her face would be pretty hard to deal with, but she's just trying to understand why Buffy would get involved with Spike (which I think is kind of funny because Willow and Xander had no problem understanding when it was the Buffybot getting it on with Spike -- Intervention). Willow starts to feel a little guilty, realizing that Buffy probably needs someone to talk to. So, she goes to check Buffy's room, but Buffy isn't there. Dawn appears, wanting to know if Buffy's back yet. Willow says no and Dawn begins to talk about how messed everything is between Buffy, Spike, Xander and Anya. Willow is wondering how Dawn found out about Spike. Dawn says it was obvious after seeing Buffy's behavior when she saw Spike with Anya. Willow doesn't let on that she was not as intuitive. Tara appears wrapped in a sheet, also inquiring if Buffy's returned home. Dawn realizes right away (I don't know about you but I keep forgetting that Dawn's old enough to know about these kinds of things. She seems so much younger than Buffy did when Buffy was her age) the two are in full-lovebird status again and boy, is she ecstatic. Finally, a couple that is not completely dysfunctional and broken up. Dawn can hard contain herself, she's so happy. She tells the lovebirds to continue with their make-up activities, while she watches TV at a really loud volume downstairs.

Buffy's not back yet, because she at the trio's hideout. Apparently she was planning to bust in on them, but they aren't there. As a lovely parting gift they rigged a booby trap of giant buzz saws to cut her to shreds. Luckily the slayer's no slouch and she finagles her out relatively unscathed but her leather jacket wasn't so lucky. Buffy was also able to gather some of their plans, CDs and books, thoguh only some of the books weren't cut in half.

Buffy finally returns and begins to peruse the loot she managed to save from the trio's pad. Willow and Tara get dressed and make their way downstairs. Buffy tells them the haps and they offer to help her comb through the trio's loot. Buffy says they don't have to help right away if they want to have more time alone, but then they all realize that there really isn't anyone else to help - Xander is incognito and also very upset with Buffy, Anya probably wouldn't be to gun-ho about helping the Scoobies now that she and Xander aren't together, and Buffy doesn't want anything to do with Spike for the obvious reasons (Entropy). So Willow and Tara have to pitch in.

Meanwhile, Anyanka has drinks with a heart-broken young woman. Her boyfriend cheated on her with her fat sister. Apparently, Anyanka is there to get a wish of vengeance against the girl's ex-lover. Anya engages the girl in conversation, and eventually becomes too wrapped up in describing her own relationship troubles that she doesn't even notice the woman trying to make a wish.

In a cave somewhere, Andrew pleads with a huge Nezzla demon to spare his life. From behind Warren zaps the demon with a powerful tazer weapon (Warren says one shock would put an elephant down). It takes 3 or 4 shocks to put down the demon. Apparently, Andrew was just bait and they are killing this demon as a step in their evil plan to become the invincible. Now, that the demon is subdued it's Jonathan's turn to do his part. Jonathan's part involves cutting the demon with a knife.

Dawn goes to Spike's to scold him for being so careless with Buffy's feelings. Spike doesn't really have anything to say for himself.

It turns out Jonathan had to gut the demon so that he could don the demon's skin. In order to get the Orbs of Nezzla'khan, he has to go into this cave, which is protected by a barrier only Nezzla demons can pass through. All other things that try to enter the area will be zapped to high heaven. Jonathan is really grossed out and a little apprehensive about the barrier, but Warren pushes him through not really knowing or caring if the demon skin costume will work. Fortunately for Jonathan it works and he is able to retrieve the orbs without harm to himself. Even though Andrew and Jonathan both risked their lives to get the orbs, Warren is the one to try out their power. With the orbs in his possession, Warren is able to best another Nezzla demon with little effort. I guess the orbs give him super strength, agility, and intuitive fighting skills.

Buffy goes to Xander's in an effort to smooth things over. Xander isn't all that receptive considering he's not too fond of Spike. Buffy isn't there to explain to Xander why she slept with Spike (she figures that none of his business), instead she there's plead Anya's case. Xander explains that he understands why Anya did Spike, but he does not understand why Buffy would or would want to, for that matter. In fact, he begins to lecture Buffy for being thoughtless and for allowing herself to be involved with mass murderer. Buffy tries to explain that it has been really hard for her to handle this whole back from the grave thing. Xander wonders why she didn't come to him with her pain. Buffy points out that Xander didn't really want to deal with her pain, none of her friends did. Xander throws more snide remarks about Spike being evil and soulless (like he hasn't said that enough times). Buffy counters by stressing how many good choices Xander has not been making recently, she also highlights the fact that Xander saw it fit to fight side-by-side Spike and leave Dawn in Spike's care when she was dead. Xander doesn't think that's quite the same thing as boinking him. Fed up with the whole argument going nowhere, Xander storms out.

Xander ends up at the Bronze, where he begins to drown his sorrows. He's interrupted by an attractive woman interested in flirting. He quickly makes it clear in an endless soliloquy about him feeling like a fish on a hook, flopping and gasping for air (don't ask) that he's not available.

Unbeknownst to Xander, Warren and his posse enter the bronze. They're ready to party.

While patrolling, Buffy gets into a little scuffle with a vamp. She is able to dust him, but not before he gets in one last kick that sends Buffy flying. She lands back first into a tombstone. Needless to say, the tombstone won; Buffy's going to limp home.

When she gets home, Buffy decides the best thing for her back is a good soak in the tub. She strips down and puts on her robe while she runs a hot bath (for you pervs out there, they don't actually show Buffy undressing). Just as she's ready to settle in, guess who comes by for the most inappropriate chat ever? Spike! Buffy is so not in the mood to hear him whine that she immediately tells him to get out. Spike ignores her; apparently he's come to tell her that he's sorry. He didn't mean to hurt her. He didn't go to Magic Box in hopes of the getting lucky, he went to get a spell. Buffy becomes upset that Spike was planning to use a spell on her. Spike explains the spell wasn't for her, but it was to ease his pain. Then he goes off into a rant about his pain and how Buffy should have let Xander kill him. Buffy says that she could never have allowed that. Spike asks her why and she tells him that he already knows why. Spike thinks it's because Buffy loves him. Buffy sternly tells him that while she does have feelings for him, those feelings are not love. She could never love him because she could never trust him. Spike seems to think love isn't about trust. It's all about passion and yearning that burns and consumes. Buffy knows about all-consuming passion, and she knows that love like that doesn't last. It burns everything up. Somehow in Spike's twisted head he takes Buffy's reply to mean that she does love him and all he has to do is make her admit it, which is what he tries to do. He grabs Buffy by waist and starts to force her into an embrace. She fights him and begs him to "Please, Stop," but she is hurt and it doesn't help that Spike slams her back against the tub. Buffy's really not in good position to fight with Spike on top of her, struggling to force her legs open with his knees. She's also having a hard time understanding why Spike won't heed her frequent tear filled pleas for him to stop. The struggle lasts for a painfully long time and ends only when Buffy is able to kick Spike across the room just before he is about to rape her. The force of the blow seemed to knock some sense into him because he is immediately apologetic, but it's really too little too late. Spike tries to say he didn't mean to and he wasn't going to(rape her? If he's going do it, he might as well be strong enough to say it). Buffy staggers to her feet and clutches her robe before she yells at Spike to ask her now, why she could never love him. Buffy says it's because she stopped him, something she should have done a long time ago. Spike finally leaves her alone.

Let's not forget Warren and his nitwits making mischief at the Bronze. Actually, Warren is the only one attempting to flirt with a girl; the other two are just sipping on drinks and watching the action. There is action to watch once Warren's flirting partner's boyfriend appears. Seems the boyfriend is an old school mate of Warren's that tortured him in high school. Warren says anger-provoking things just to get a rise out of the guy. Eventually, boyfriend guy goes for the punch, but Warren just clobbers him. The girl realizes Warren's out of his mind and flees the scene. Warren walks over the register at the bar and busts it open while cooing at some women seated near him. He refers to himself as daddy and to the women as babies. Xander returns from bathroom just in time to hear Warren's snazzy come-on line. So of course, Xander has to get in Warren's face and remark that incest isn't all that hot with the ladies these days. Xander didn't see Warren pummel the other guy so doesn't know that Warren has special asshole strength, but finds out really quickly when Warren's punch sends him flying across the room. Luckily, Jonathan reminds Warren that they have to go take care of things, or Xander would have gotten more than bruised face.

Xander rushes to Buffy's to tell her that Warren's gone all mighty mouse (emphasis on the mighty). Upon entrance, he notices Spike's coat laying over the banister. He grabs the coat to go scold Buffy some more for fraternizing with Spike. Once he finds Buffy all disheveled, bruised, and distraught sitting on the bathroom floor crying, he realizes a lecture about the wrongness of Spike would be inappropriate, but he does think it would be appropriate to go pummel Spike some. Buffy tells him not to and Xander for once doesn't argue, in favor of making sure Buffy's all right. Soon after Willow comes in to tell Buffy that she and Tara have figured out the trio's next move. Buffy decides it would be best to focus their efforts on stopping them.

After Buffy gets a chance to dress, the Scoobies all meet in the living to discuss the trio. Willow and Tara explain that they found plans and schematics that all illustrate the trio's plans to steal a lot of money. The trio is planning to rob banks, armored cars and crack corporate vaults, and it looks like they're going to hit one later that night. Xander finally gets to tell Buffy about Warren's new asshole strength, which pleases Buffy. Knowing Warren has superpowers means that she won't have to hold back when fights and as we know from the prom, kicking ass is comfort food.

Spike pisses about his crypt trying to make heads or tails of his behavior. He seems to be haunted by the flashes of Buffy begging him to stop. His shame turns to rage as he comes to terms with the fact that he cannot reconcile being a demon with the inability to hurt people. He can't even understand why he feels bad for hurting Buffy. He is an evil soulless thing after all or at least that's what everyone keeps telling him. So, Spike comes to the conclusion that he can't go on this way. If he can't be a man, then he must be a demon. During Spike's deliberations Clem arrives with hot wings looking to hang out. Clem doesn't really understand what all the huff is about and while he thinks Buffy's a real sweet girl, she just seems to have a lot of "issues". Spike tells Clem that he's going on trip because things have to change. Clem settles in to watch some TV since Spike won't be using his crypt anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Warren overturns an armored car that has just picked up a lot of money at a closed amusement park. Did I mention there were two officers inside the car when Warren turned it over? Just as Warren's breaking the door off of the car (it should really be called a truck) Buffy appears on the top of it, asking whether or not the car belongs to Warren's bank because if not, there's going to be a fee for breaking the door off like that (It was funnier when she said it). The Warren-Buffy face off begins. It doesn't take long to send Warren flying into an unstable stone fill archway, which collapses on Warren and appears to crush him. Buffy is just about to deal with Shortround and Andrew, when Warren emerges from the rumble unscathed. Now it is Warren's turn to kick a little Buffy butt. Jonathan notices that Buffy's not faring so well against Mighty Mouse, so he jumps on Buffy's back, pretending to put her in a headlock. Really Jonathan whispers in her ear to destroy Warren's orbs. Buffy doesn't let on that Jonathan just told her a secret. She flings him off of her and continues her rough n tumble with Warren. Warren gets a few shots in that land Buffy on the ground. He holds up his fist (this opens his jacket and reveals the little case attached to his belt where he is storing the orbs) as if he's about to knock her lights out and says, "Say Goodnight, Bitch." Buffy sees the orbs. She grabs them and quickly smashes them into the ground. Warren loses his power, but miraculously remains an asshole. Buffy stand and says, "Goodnight Bitch," before knocking Warren out with a powerful spin kick that would make Jet Li proud.

Buffy walks over to trap Warren so the police can take him but he rips off his coat, revealing a jetpack. He uses the jetpack to fly away. Buffy can't believe he has escaped again. Andrew also has one of these packs and he too is jetting off, but fails to realize he is underneath a structure. Needless to say, Andrew's flight is very short as he flies at a high speed into the ceiling and then falls back down unconscious. Jonathan doesn't have a jetpack and sees that the other two were planning to leave him holding the bag. By this point, the Sunnydale police surround the scene.

The next day in Willow's room, Tara notices Xander in backyard. It appears that Xander is going to make up with Buffy. She tells Willow and they both marvel at the greatness of making up. Xander has come to apologize for his being such an ass about the whole Spike situation and to tell Buffy that he doesn't know what he'd do with out her and Buffy says they should never find out. They hug each other tenderly. Suddenly, Warren appears out of nowhere holding a gun and ranting about how he would never let Buffy get away with humiliating him like she did the night before. He fires five shots into the backyard. Xander was pushed by Buffy out of the line of fire. He gets up thinking that Warren missed, but he sees Buffy has been hit in the chest right above her heart.

Upstairs in the Willow's room, a stray bullet goes right through Tara's heart and splatters blood all over Willow's shirt. It happens so fast that Tara looks at Willow saying there's blood all over her shirt without even realizing it's her own blood. In the next breath, Tara's dead. Willow rushes too her and holds her in her arms, begging and pleading for her to wake up, but Tara does not. Willow sees Tara is dead and her eyes go black. In her eyes you can see a red rage explode from her fury.

The Usual
The Usual

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To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It's, it's not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it.
-Giles (I Only Have Eyes For You)

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