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The Killer in Me
The Killer in Me

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Written by Zinna

It looks like Buffy's going to get some rest. Giles is taking the SIT brigade on a little road trip to the desert. Well, the whole brigade except for Kennedy. Kennedy has the flu. Lucky for her, Willow is all too happy to nurse her back to health. Just before Giles heads out to the car, he asks Buffy and Dawn if they will be all right without him. Dawn points out that they will only be gone for 2 days. Buffy assures him that they'll manage. Besides, it's an important trip for the girls to take. The trip is integral to their understanding of the source of their power. If you haven't guessed they're heading out to do the same quest the Buffy took when she was looking for answers about her slayer powers (Intervention). You know, the quest where Buffy learns from the first slayer that "Death is her gift."

Once Giles leaves, Buffy goes down to the basement to check on Spike. She finds he has chained himself to the wall. Buffy wonders if the chains are really necessary and points out that Spike has been okay restraining himself as of late. Spike thinks things have only been okay because Buffy has always been around to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. She can't be around him all the time. So, the times when she's not, Spike plans to chain himself up at least until they are sure that his trigger is deactivated. Buffy isn't sure the precaution is necessary and is about to say so when Spike grabs his head in pain. When the pain subsides long enough for Spike to speak, he tells Buffy that the chip is causing the pain. It must be malfunctioning.

A little while later, Buffy meets up with Willow in the kitchen. Willow has come down to get Kennedy some more tea. Buffy also seems to be enjoying a cup of tea as she takes a breather from tending to achey breakie Spike. After teasing Willow about her obvious crush on her patient (Kennedy), Buffy asks if she can remember anything about the chip. Willow recalls trying to learn as much as she could about the chip back in the days when they worried about the Initiative (the black government operation that implanted the chip into Spike's head in Season 4). Unfortunately, because of the government's unlimited resources, Willow didn't come up with much. When a black ops branch of the government wants to hide information about something, it stays pretty well hidden. Having said that, Willow excuses herself to take Kennedy her tea. Buffy tells in her to "have fun," but somehow manages to make sound like a tawdry affair. Willow attempts to assure Buffy that she's just taking Kennedy some tea and nothing more. I wasn't convinced.

Upstairs, Willow finds her patient fully clothed and getting ready to take off. Willow tries to make Kennedy feel busted, but Kennedy doesn't seem to care. She has her own mission to tend to and she needs Will's help. Seeing the earnest in Kennedy's plea, Willow agrees to go with her.

Kennedy's mission takes the two to the Bronze, where Kennedy suggests they have some drinks. After a few cutesy drinks (the kind with the tiny umbrellas), Willow figures out the mission is just a rouse to get her out on date. Willow attempts to protest and leave, but Kennedy begs her to stay for a little innocent chat. Willow concedes and wonders what they will chat about. Kennedy suggests they start with something easy like telling her how long Willow's known that she was attracted to women. Willow is a little taken aback and wonders how Kennedy even knew that she is gay. Kennedy admits that she wasn't sure but enjoyed flirting with Willow in code to find out if Willow would be attracted to her. Then Kennedy explains how code flirting works. It involves things like: laughing at all the right jokes, reading body language and looking at person with the knowledge that if you could just touch that person, everything would be okay for both of you, or if the chick is really hot you could just get her drunk and see if she comes on to you. Willow finds this charming and confesses that she's known she was gay for last 3 years and it wasn't that she all of sudden found herself attracted to women. She just found herself attracted to a woman, just one. Kennedy thinks this must have been some lucky woman.

Meanwhile, Spike's headaches continue to pop blood vessels in his head, which cause his nose to bleed. Between aches, he and Buffy speculate as to what could be wrong with the chip. Finally, they conclude that the chip wasn't made for it's subject to last as long as Spike has. Buffy decides the only thing to do now is make a call.

Back at the Bronze, Willow comically recounts when she came out to her parents. Kennedy hangs on her every word.

Buffy calls a number that is supposed to get her in contact with Riley. Turns out it's a flower shop, only Buffy isn't sure if it's an actual flower shop or if it is a front for the secret government agency that Riley works for. Regardless, Buffy leaves a message for Riley, but doesn't rely on the message actually getting to him. Instead she starts to think of other options since it doesn't look like Spike is going to last through too many more headaches.

Back at the Bronze, Kennedy tells Willow that she knew she was gay when she saw "Gone with the Wind." The sight of Scarlet inspired such an overwhelming urge in her to sweep Scarlet off of her feet that she just knew she was gay. So, basically, Kennedy has known since she was five years old. Willow thinks it's amazing that Kennedy knew at such a young age but more what's more puzzling for Willow is understanding why Kennedy would be interested in her. Kennedy thinks it should be obvious (Willow is hot!), but is happy to explain. Kennedy digs how Willow always turns off the "Moulin Rouge" DVD after chapter 32 so that the movie has a happy ending. She likes the interesting way Willow talks and she finds Willow's freckles utterly lick-able. Kennedy's not really into the magic stuff but thinks it is cool because Willow thinks it is cool. By this time, Willow is pretty much swept off her feet.

A little while later, the two head home. They have a cute but awkward goodnight moment at bedroom door. It's hard to say goodnight when they both stay in the same room. Inside, Kennedy goes in for a kiss, a nice long tender kiss. When they separate Willow no longer looks like Willow, she looks like Warren, which as you may have guessed really freaks the hell out of Kennedy. At first Willow thinks that Kennedy is just reacting to the power of their kiss but soon she figures something's wrong. She looks in the mirror and finds that she is the man that she killed.

She runs downstairs and everyone in the living room thinks she's the First. Andrew is the most affected. Immediately he starts rebuking Willwarren for making him kill his best friend. The others chime with demands for him to leave. All the while, Willwarren pleads with them to believe that he is actually Willow. Buffy walks in and knocks him a good one. Once they see Willwarren hit the floor they realize he can't be the First because he's corporeal. Again, Andrew is the most affected, thinking his most beloved has come back to him. Suddenly something in the way Willwarren is talking makes Kennedy believe that he is actually Willow. Buffy is unsure and Xander is definitely not buying it, that is until Willwarren threatens to tell some of Xander's childhood secrets, one in particular involving aqua man underoos. Suddenly, Xander's sure that Willwarren is telling the truth. Once Xander's sold, everyone else becomes a believer. So then Buffy wants to know why Willow looks like Warren. Willwarren thinks she brought it on herself, like the mutual invisibility spell in Same Time, Same Place. That makes sense so Buffy promises they will find a way to help Willwarren turn back. Willwarren doesn't think they should make such a big deal. He's sure he can handle it on his own. Buffy is hesitant until Willwarren points out that Buffy already has her hands full with Spike. At the moment, Spike can be seen writhing around on the floor holding on to his head. It looks like the chip is killing him.

Willwarren leaves and Kennedy follows her. Willwarren tries to convince Kennedy to leave him alone but Kennedy doesn't scare easy. Eventually, Kennedy convinces Willwarren to let her tag along. Tag along to where? Well, Willwarren tried to reverse the spell on her own but something blocked her. So Willwarren is going to get help.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Spike go looking for the old secret entrance to the now closed underground Initiative facility. They find it and go in. Down in the facility things are dark and creepy. There are a lot of dead bodies. Luckily, Spike and Buffy can't really see. They only have two measly little flashlights.

Back at home, Anya, Dawn, Andrew and Xander sit around chewing the fat. Suddenly they get a call from one of Giles' watcher friends, Robson (his SIT was killed in Sleeper). Xander takes the call and Robson explains that he was attacked by the Bringers. Giles was there trying to help and the last thing Robson remembers is a Bringer's axe about to become acquainted with Giles' head. Robson blacked out so he didn't see what happened but when he came to, Giles was gone. Xander explains all this to the others and they begin to wonder why Giles hadn't said anything about the encounter. After some speculation, the group begins to consider the possibility that Giles didn't survive the encounter and the Giles they've been hanging with lately is actually the First. But there's no way to know for sure… except… the First isn't corporeal. All they have to do is figure out if Giles has touched something. Oddly enough no one can remember if Giles touched anything. They have no choice but to go out to the desert and find out.

Elsewhere in the desert, Giles sits around a campfire and looking menacing.

Willwarren and Kennedy crash Willow's old wiccan group meeting at the college. None of them recognize Willow because she looks like Warren. Well, no one except Amy. Amy just happens to be a new member of the wicca group. Amy explains that she can see Willow's aura in Warren. Then Amy turns to Willwarren and explains that she's finally come to terms with her magic addiction. As a part of 12-step program, she feels the need to make amends with Willow. Willwarren is pretty amiable about it and just hopes they can help her regain her true identity. Amy says the group doesn't really do things like that but they all willing to give it their best.

The group moves to an auditorium. Amy and Willwarren try a spell, but it doesn't work. Willwarren gets pissed and slaps Amy after calling her a dumb bitch. Kennedy didn't know Willow was so mean and impatient but then Willwarren explains that anger didn't come from the Willow side of her but rather it was Warren. Warren's personality seems to be taking over.

Willwarren freaks and yells at Kennedy, before storming off into the night. Kennedy attempts to follow her but Willwarren traps her in some magic forcefield.

Buffy and Spike continue to explore the Initiative. Spike seems to know the way to the med lab and leads the way. Slowly they navigate, but of course because nothing is ever easy for these two. They hear something moving around and realize they are not alone. Since it's really dark, Buffy and the suffering headcase become prime targets. Eventually, an ugly nasty demon grabs Buffy from behind and knocks her around.

Elsewhere, Kennedy goes back to see if Amy will help her find Willwarren. Amy notes Kennedy's concern and assures her that Willow will be all right. Will's tough and she's been through a lot worse even before she got a potential slayer to be her bodyguard. Wait, Kennedy never told Amy that she was potential so then how did Amy know?

Spike and Buffy keep fighting the ugly, but it's hard because they can't see him. Then Spike suffers another head attack and blacks out from pain. The demon quits playing with Buffy and drags Spike off.

Finally the Xanderettes get to the desert. They ambush Giles and tackle him to ground. Then they all enjoy a good sigh of relief when they feel he is completely solid.

Buffy goes after the uglynasty. They fight and Buffy finds a metal pole thing, which she uses to pound the demon with. Eventually, she gets an opening and shoves the pole through the demon's neck. Before Buffy can check on Spike, the lights come on. Buffy and Spike are surrounded by a bunch of dudes in army fatigues pointing high caliber automatic rifles at them.

The army guys tell Buffy that Agent Finn sent them to help out with Assface (Riley's exact words) otherwise known as Hostile 17. The agents examine Spike and find the chip is degraded. They say the Agent Finn instructed them to leave the decision up to Buffy. Buffy needs to decide if they should remove the chip or have it repaired.

Back UC Sunnydale, Amy admits guilt. She cast a standard penance malediction spell, which is basically a hex. The hex lets the victim's subconscious chose the punishment. Willow's guilt is what turned her into Willwarren. Kennedy doesn't understand what Willow did to Amy to warrant such hatred. Amy doesn't hate Willow. She is just jealous. Without even trying, Willow has always been twice as powerful as everyone else while Amy has had to work so hard at it (the magic thing) only to find that no one cares how hard she works. So, Amy thought it would be fun to humble Willow a little bit. Kennedy doesn't find it funny at all and charges Amy. Amy magically flings Kennedy across the room. Kennedy gets up to try again and Amy magically transports Kennedy to the Summers' backyard just as Willwarren rounds the corner. Willwarren is acting and saying all the same things he did when Warren came to kill Buffy. Willwarren is even carrying the same kind of gun that Warren used when he shot Tara (Willwarren bought a gun from same store that Warren got his gun).

Kennedy doesn't understand why Willwarren is trying to kill her, but she stays calm. She tries to reason with Willwarren. At this point, Willwarren is yelling at Kennedy, accusing her of tricking Willow into kissing her. Kennedy makes a plea to Willow, as she notices that Willwarren is confusing terms like she and he. Willwarren's face softens. The Willow part of Willwarren tells Kennedy that she can't hold on. Warren is winning because Kennedy made Willow forget. Then Willwarren starts bawling, while exclaiming that she let Tara go. She didn't mean to, but she kissed Kennedy for one moment and that act let Tara be dead, really dead. Then Willwarren turns to the sky and says, "Please baby, I'm so sorry. Come back." Kennedy suddenly realizes what she has to do. She kneels down next to the collapsed Willwarren. Kennedy tells Willwarren that she doesn't think Willow did anything wrong. Then Kennedy kisses Willwarren, a nice long tender kiss. This time, however, when they separate Willwarren looks like a hot little redhead. Relieved, Kennedy takes an exhausted Willow into the house to rest and get some tea.

The Usual
The Usual

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