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Get It Done
Get It Done

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Written by Kristina

Buffy is walking through her darkened living room. She heads over to a table, and looks at a stack of books the Potentials have been using to translate each others' native tongues. Potentials, including Rona, Amanda, Vi and Chao-Ahn, are sleeping all over the living room. Buffy carefully walks by all of them, and heads upstairs. She looks in on the Potentials in her room and Dawn's. She hears moaning, and looks into the hallway. Chloe is huddled in the hallway crying into her knees. Chloe keeps on crying as Buffy approaches her and tries to think of something to say. Before she reaches her, however, something throws Buffy out of the way. Buffy and the attacker tumble down the stairs, and in the front hallway, Buffy is pinned to the floor by the First Slayer. Before waking up, the First Slayer tells Buffy that "it's not enough."

Buffy wakes up with a start. She looks around, trying to figure out what happened.

Anya is walking down an alley, wondering why she let herself become human again. Spike is following behind her, trying not to pay much attention. Anya thinks there is something worse than being human though - being trapped in a house full of humans. She threatens to call a health inspector if one more girl shows up, but Spike just says his plan of getting up, going out and getting drunk works a lot better. Anya thanks Spike for bringing her along - she's prepared to drink him under the table. She might even join him there, but when Spike gives her a look, she says she likes her sex on top of the table - the last time Spike and Anya got drunk together, they had sex in the Magic Box ("Entropy"). Anya continues on, annoying Spike, until a demon knocks Anya out of the way. He has come from D'Hoffryn to kill Anya, but Spike makes short work of him - otherwise known as kicking him where it hurts and running off with Anya.

Over at Sunnydale High, Buffy and Principal Wood are counseling two boys who got into a fight. Robin offers them some slack - this time - and then lets them leave. Robin remarks on the increase in fights and vandalism. He wants to know Buffy's opinion, and she says the Hellmouth has begun its craziness. Things usually blow in May (a nod to when the season finales air). Robin says he knew what he was signing up for, but this (read: the current events) are too much for him - it's out of his control. He closes his blinds, and gives Buffy an old leather satchel. It was his mother's bag; a sort of a Slayer's emergency handbag. Rather than passing it on down the Slayer line, Robin kept it for himself. He knows it has something to do with the Slayer's power - Buffy's power. He says he'd like to see where she works, and he doesn't mean her office at school.

Buffy brings Robin home, telling him about the gathering of the Potential Slayers. Just as she's about to show him the training girls, Andrew walks in with oven mitts. He's been trying to bake, but no dice. Andrew wants things to remain secret, otherwise outsiders will learn about their big board. Buffy reminds him that they don't have one, but Andrew pulls out a big board he made himself, with a huge map of Sunnydale on it.

Buffy takes Robin outside to the backyard and they watch Kennedy leading the other Potentials in training exercises. Chloe can't keep up, so Kennedy stops everyone to yell at her and orders her to do twenty push-ups while belittling her. Kennedy comes over to find out who Robin is, and goes back to the exercises at hand after Amanda waves hello to Robin. Buffy isn't sure what she is doing is enough. Not all of them are going to make it; some of them are going to die. Robin tries to comfort her, but is interrupted when Willow comes out with a whole bunch of weapons. She tries to cover, but Buffy tells her that Robin knows what is going on. Robin says he knows Willow has been experimenting with magics, and Willow gets a bit nervous. She says she's been using lighter magics that won't let her destroy the world… like she almost did. Willow goes to head back into the house, but not before remarking how Robin is so much cooler than Principal Snyder.

Buffy isn't very impressed with her operations - the brain wears oven mitts, the fighters have nothing to hit and their Wicca does very little magic. Robin tells her she's got guts, and then says he wants to see the vampire.

Buffy leads him down into her basement. Anya is arguing with Spike - she wants to know why Spike didn't kill the demon. Spike says if he had gotten into a fight and been knocked out, the demon would have killed her. The best thing to have done in that situation was to have run. Defeated, Anya heads upstairs. There is a lot of tension between Spike and Robin - at this point, only Robin knows that his mother was the slayer Spike killed. Spike says he's changed, and Robin says that is because he has a soul now. Spike is annoyed - it was private, and he doesn't want Buffy telling everybody what happened. Robin begins asking Spike about how old he is and where he's been (all things Robin knows since he's done his homework). Buffy feels the tension, and takes Robin back upstairs.

Later that night, Buffy and Dawn are walking up the stairs together to the upper level of the house. Dawn looked inside the Slayer emergency bag and it smelled old. There were also some trinkets, weapons and an old book written in ancient Sumerian (a language that the unexplicably absent Giles just happens to speak). There was also a locked box. Dawn's working on translating the book. When Buffy asks Dawn about her real homework, Dawn makes cracks about flunking out and getting somebody else to study for her. When Buffy opens the bathroom door, Dawn screams; Chloe has hung herself.

Kennedy, Rona and Amanda come running when they hear the screams. Buffy tells Dawn to get her a knife; she's going to cut Chloe down. Dawn is about to leave, when Chloe's voice tells them it's a good idea. It isn't Chloe; it's the First. The First and Chloe chatted all night. Chloe/The First turns to Kennedy and wants to know why she called Chloe a maggot. Buffy tells the girls not to listen to the First, but the First says Chloe killed herself because she knew what was coming. Buffy says they'll all be here, but then Chloe/the First uses Buffy's voice to say what she told Robin earlier; that not all the girls are going to live, and there's nothing she can do about it. The First/Chloe then says it'll be seeing them all, and TTFN. It then vanishes, leaving Buffy to wonder what TTFN is. Rona sadly remarks it means "ta ta for now" - an expression used by Tigger. Chloe really liked Winnie the Pooh. Buffy wants to know where her knife was.

Buffy's alone in a dark field, shoveling dirt onto a small, unmarked grave. It is beside another small grave (Annabelle's grave).

Everyone in the Summers' house is up. They are all keeping a late night vigil. Most of the Potentials are either crying or comforting others. They all are grieving. Buffy enters the living room from the kitchen. When all attention is focused on her, Buffy asks if anyone wants to say anything about Chloe. When nobody does, Buffy pipes up and says that Chloe was an idiot, weak and stupid. If anybody wants to do the same thing, Buffy will bury them beside Chloe and Annabelle. She's been given power by the First Slayer, and she's been using it to dig graves. She throws her shovel to the ground - everyone has to begin carrying their own weight. Buffy has power because she uses everyone else's power around her. Xander tries to crack jokes, and reminds Buffy they are also there because she is their friend. Anya says she isn't Buffy's friend, and Buffy rips into her. If they aren't friends, why is Anya even there? Buffy knows; it is because Anya is scared.

When Willow tries to tell Buffy they are doing all they can, she says she knows. The First Evil also knows. They have to begin doing the things they thought they'd never be able to do - they have to surprise themselves in order to surprise the First Evil. Otherwise, they're just a bunch of girls waiting to be killed. Spike rises and begins to leave. He's going out, since none of Buffy's speech really applies to him. She tells him to take a cell phone so if she needs someone to get beaten up or weepy, she can call him. He turns in anger at her. She doesn't want him around if he's going to be holding back; she wants the old Spike back - the Spike that tried to kill her. Without taking her eyes off of Spike, Buffy tells Dawn to get the Potentials upstairs, and to bring out the emergency kit.

Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn, Kennedy, and Buffy have gathered in the living room with Robin. Dawn empties out the bag, and begins talking about the stuff she found in it. Anya pulls out a locked wooden box, and wonders what is inside of it. Buffy breaks the lock and they pull out a stand and metal figures - shadow casters. Reading from the (Sumerian) book, Dawn says they have to place the puppets on the stand, and not just watch the story, but see it. Dawn thinks the story is the origin myth - the story of the First Slayer. Buffy says that she saw her in a dream.

The room has been darkened, and Dawn begins to tell the story. Xander places the puppets on the turntable as Dawn speaks. At first there was the Earth. After Xander places the shadow caster on the stand, the faint sound of drums can be heard. Dawn continues on, speaking of how demons came, and then men. Over the sound of chanting, Dawn says that the men found a girl to fight the demons. They chained her to the Earth. Xander adds the last shadow caster, and the sound of rattling chains fills the room. The shadows on the wall grow larger and begin to move faster and faster. The book's words are no longer in Sumerian, and the images spin into a portal. Dawn reads that in order to see the story, you must be willing to make an exchange.

Buffy walks towards the portal. She knows what the portal means - she has to go through it. Willow, Robin and Xander try to convince her otherwise, but to no avail. She jumps in, and a demon appears where they last saw her - the exchange.

Willow tries to send the demon back through the portal, but it backhands her across the room. Robin manages to use some of his mother's weapons to attack the monster, but he doesn't have much luck. Kennedy yells at Dawn for weapons, but the two girls are no match for the demon. Spike rushes in, and assesses the situation. He's going to take care of the demon. Spike manages to hurt the demon before it throws him into the ceiling. The demon races out of the house. Willow knows she has to find some way to bring Buffy back, but Kennedy wonders how they can if they don't even know where Buffy went.

Buffy is in the same desert she was in during her dream in "Restless." She takes a couple of seconds to get her bearings, and heads towards a small group of people she sees in the distance.

Since Buffy left, the book Dawn was reading from has gone blank. Willow doesn't know if she can bring Buffy back, but Kennedy has faith in her. Dawn tries to get Willow to brainstorm about how another witch would bring Buffy back. Willow knows magics work off of physics, and Anya says they need a catalyst. Kennedy pipes in that they'll need an exchange - that demon for the Slayer. Spike has appeared, and he says he's going to get the demon for them. He just needs to pick up one thing he needs.

Buffy is approached by three shamen - the shadow men. They speak in Swahili, but Buffy is able to understand them. They know who she is, and why she came. They have been around since the beginning, and now it is almost the end. Buffy is the Hellmouth's last guardian. They cannot give Buffy the knowledge she seeks, but they can give her power. Buffy begins to theorize, and one of the shadow men knocks her out with his staff. They drag her into a cave.

Willow is leading Kennedy in creating a protection circle to contain the portal Willow is going to open. Willow begins a spell in Latin, but nothing happens. She tells Dawn she might want to put on some coffee, but Dawn and Kennedy are immediately thrown away from Willow. Willow's eyes are dark, and she begins crying out in rage and pain.

Buffy regains consciousness in a cave. She lifts her head to take in her surroundings. The three shaman stand before her, but Buffy can't walk towards them; she is chained to the wall. The second man says they are at the beginning. They brought Buffy here to show her the source of the Slayer's strength. They begin to pound their staffs into the ground, and when Buffy tries to talk to them, the first shaman remarks that the First Slayer didn't talk so much. One shaman holds a box that contains the heart of a demon. That is how they gave the First Slayer her strength - the demon's heart became one with her. Buffy refuses to let them do this to her; she doesn't want to lose her humanity. She begins to scream as the mist of the demon's heart penetrates her nose and mouth. She shakes her head, sending mist out of her. She watches it, trying to keep a defensive position. Buffy screams in agony as it attacks her again - she wants the shaman to stop it. They tell Buffy the first girl wanted them to stop as well, but they did not. This is how it must be. The shamen watch impassively as Buffy continues to scream in pain.

In the basement of the high school, Spike is rummaging through random belongings. He stops and grins when he finds what he was looking for - his duster. The very same duster he took from Nikki after he killed her. He puts in on, and strides out through the basement. When Robin appears, he tells Spike it is a nice coat. When Robin asks where he got it, Spike replies "New York" and leaves. Robin's eyes narrow - he is sure this is the vampire that killed his mother.

Willow is sitting in the Summers' living room with her hair whipping around. She is chanting in Latin to open the portal, but it isn't working. When Xander tries to get her to rest, Willow begins speaking in English to the portal. Finally deciding to "screw it", she shoots out her hands at Anya and Kennedy and takes energy from them. Her hair goes black, and after yelling in power and ecstasy, the portal opens.

Anya and Kennedy fall to the floor drained. Xander rushes towards Willow and pulls her back from the portal. Willow's hair reverts to it's normal shade of red.

Spike has caught up to the demon, and is having the time of his life. He's beating the crap out of the demon, and begins to laugh. His laughter turns into a howl at the moon. Bloody and battered, Spike lunges after the demon again.

Buffy realizes she can't fight "it." She looks feral, and the dark mist is off of her for the moment. Pulling her chains taunt, she tells the shaman they are just men, and she pulls one of her chains out of the wall. The mist dives for her, but Buffy side-steps it. She whips the chain around the shamen's feet, and pulls them down. They warn her that she needs this - she is disrupting the Slayer line by not accepting the power. They try to attack her, but Buffy takes out the first two shamen.

The demon has Spike up against a wall. Things don't look too good for the vampire until Spike manages to snap the demon's neck. As the demon falls to the ground, Spike finds a cigarette and lights it. That fight was good for his soul.

Buffy's fight with the Shaman has turned in her favor. She takes a staff and cracks it. The mist disperses. The first shaman remarks that she came for knowledge while they offered her power. He raises his hand to Buffy's face, asking for her permission to give her a vision. He wonders how she will be able to save the world now without the power they offered her.

Spike has returned with the carcass of the demon, and throws it into the portal, just as the shaman touches Buffy. In a flash, Buffy is back in her living room, looking spent.

Later that night, Willow and Kennedy are in the hallway together. Willow wants to know if Kennedy is alright - she's freaked out about Willow's power. Kennedy says she'll see Willow in the morning, and Willow watches her go before heading into Buffy's room. Buffy is sitting on her bed, staring into space. She asks Willow how she will save the world this time. When Willow says "in the usual way," Buffy isn't sure that will work. The Shaman showed her what she was going to be up against; she isn't doing enough to save the world. Willow wants to know what Buffy saw. Buffy says nothing, but we see what she saw:

An army of ubervamps gathering, poised to make our world their own.

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

I walk. I talk. I shop. I sneeze. I'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the desert since you moved out. And I don't sleep on a bed of bones. Now give me back my friends.
-Buffy (Restless)

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