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Fool For Love
Fool For Love

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Written by Zinna

In the Sunnydale cemetery, Buffy is doing what she does best - slaying. So, why then is some run-of-the-mill vampire able to turn her own stake on her and make her stab herself in the stomach? Beats me. Maybe Buffy's just having an off night. Unfortunately, when a slayer has an off night that usually means she dies, but in this case Buffy is just wounded, primarily thanks to Riley. See, the wound causes Buffy to bleed heavily. She attempts to run from the vamp but he traps her and throws her up against a crypt. It looks like it's goners for our favorite slayer but just in the nick of time Riley tackles the vamp to he ground and beats the smack out of him. Eventually, the vamp runs away. Riley rushes over to Buffy, as she passes out from the pain or blood loss or both. What the hell happened?

The next morning, Buffy and Riley hide out in her room so that Riley can patch up Buffy's wound. The cut looks pretty severe. Riley worries that Buffy should go to the hospital. Buffy doesn't want her mom to find out - it would worry her too much and Joyce already has enough to worry with her headaches and all. Buffy assures Riley that she will be ok, especially since she has accelerated healing powers. Riley lets it go and asks more about the vamp or vamps that attacked Buffy. Riley is assuming there was something special or extraordinary about them if they were able to best Buffy. Buffy explains that it was one average vamp and he just happened to beat her.

Since Buffy is injured, Riley, Willow, Xander and Anya patrol in her stead. Actually, Riley appears to be the only serious about patrolling. The others are tagging along behind him, obnoxiously munching on chips and commenting how Riley is much more bad-ass then any of them. Needless to say, Riley is annoyed and finally yells at them to get rid of chips and keep the noise down so the vampires won't hear them coming from miles away.

Meanwhile at the Magic Box, Buffy uses her time off to research the deaths of previous slayers and Giles helps. They aren't having much luck because the slayer journals don't have much detail about the deaths (the slayer obviously stopped writing because well, she was dead). The watcher journals abruptly stop following the demise of the slayer as well. Buffy becomes very frustrated and complains to Giles that the watchers should have kept better notes. Giles agrees, but understands how it may have been too painful for the watcher to detail such at event. He tells Buffy that it would certainly be an extremely hard thing for him to do if something were to happen to Buffy. Buffy remains silent as she tries to wedge her foot out of her mouth. After a short while, Buffy exclaims that she has to know how the other slayers died. She understands that all slayers come with an expiration mark, but she wants hers to be a long time from the present. Giles suggests she see Spike. Spike has killed two slayers and should be able to shed some light on how he did it.

Moments later, Buffy busts in on Spike and commands him to tell her how he killed two slayers. She shoves a fist of money in the air so he knows that she plans to compensate him for his time and trouble. Spike takes Buffy to Bronze. He decides he will cooperate, but he has some conditions. 1) He wants Buffy to fetch him some chicken wings (he's feeling a bit puckish) and 2) He won't be rushed through the process - he'll tell her at his own pace. Buffy has no choice but to oblige his wishes. Once he gets his wings, he begins his tale…

London 1880
William the Bloody (Spike, pre-vampire), as his comrades like to call him, sits around writing poetry. There appears to be gathering on the verge of commencing. William looks up and sees the object of his affection, Cecily, coming down the stairs. He joins the crowd in an effort to get closer to Cecily. The crowd notices him and several party-goers ask him what he thinks of the strange attacks that have been occurring lately. Williams says that he prefers to focus his energies on creating things of beauty, such as his poetry. The crowd finds his answer amusing and in jest, one of the party-goers grabs Williams pad of paper and reads William's poem aloud:

My heart expands
It has grown a bulge in it
Inspired by your beauty

The crowd erupts in laughter and someone explains to some of the others, less familiar with William, that he is known as William the Bloody because he writes this bloody awful poetry. William looks embarrassed but, soon his frown disappears as Cecily asks to speak with him privately.

Away from the crowd, Cecily (presently known as a vengeance demon, Halfrek) asks if the poems that William writes are about her. William confesses that they are. Cecily cringes in disgust and William explains that he knows he is a bad poet, but he is a good man. Cecily interrupts his plea and asserts that she could never be with him because he is nothing to her. He is beneath Cecily. William is crushed.

Humiliated William storms out of the building into street, where he bumps into Drusilla (walking with Darla and Angel). He tells her to watch where she is going and continues to storm towards some abandoned place. In a deserted room, resembling a shack William allows his tears to fall. Dru comes in and immediately begins to caress his ego. She says that no one else (except her) can see his vision because they are fools. She tells him she has something he wants - something glowing, glistening, and effulgent (this word in particular strikes a cord for the obvious reasons). Feeling seduced, William admits to wanting whatever it she's going to give. She bites him. He screams like a pansy. The vampire, Spike, is born.

Present Day
Riley and the gang continue to snoop around the cemetery looking for fresh graves. Riley spots the vampire that attacked Buffy. They quietly follow the vamp back to a nest, where they spy the vamp bragging about his conquest over the slayer. Riley tells the gang that they are seriously outnumbered so they will come back the following day and attack the nest as the vamps sleep. Everyone thinks this is a good idea.

Spike Flashback
Angel holds William by his neck and asks why they shouldn't stake him. William asserts that his name is now Spike. Then he proceeds to laugh at Angel for being so mad. Apparently, Spike has been drawing a lot of attention with his kills. Angry mobs are forming and hunting the vampires. Angel and Darla are pissed that all the attention is forcing them into hiding instead of staying in nice hotels as they usually do. Spike thinks their anger is unwarranted. They are vampires after all. They should not have to fear measly humans. Angel attempts to explain how such blatant disregard for human authority can backfire, but stops as he sees he is not reaching Spike. Finally, Angel tells Spike that if he can't teach Spike the ways of life as a vampire then sure enough one day an angry mob will, and if not a mob, the slayer.

Present Day (in the Bronze)
This is the first time Spike ever heard of a slayer. He explains to Buffy, that from that day forward he becomes obsessed by the mystique surrounding the infamous slayer legion.

Flashback (China 1900)
Spike is fighting a young Chinese woman, presumably the slayer. The slayer appears to kicking the smack out of Spike, but after awhile he is able to knock her stake (a fancy looking wooden chop stick) out of her hand.

Present Day (in the Bronze)
Spike tells Buffy that lesson #1 to note is a slayer always has to reach for her weapon while a vampire has a weapon in his mouth.

Flashback (China 1900)
She fights him off as she tries to get her stake. Spike grabs her into a headlock right before she can get to it. She struggles a little but soon realizes he has won. She tells him in Cantonese or Mandarin (I'm not sure which) to tell her mother that she is sorry. He tells her doesn't speak Chinese and sucks her dry. Dru comes in on the feast and shares in some of slayer grub. The blood makes them frisky and they get it on besides the slayer's corpse.

Present Day (in the Bronze)
Spike admits that that was the best night of his life. Buffy is disgusted and tries to rebuke Spike for getting off on the rush of killing someone. Spike thinks Buffy should get off her high horse; it's obvious to him that she gets a rush from killing demons. He asks Buffy if she knows how many she's killed. There's been too many to count. Spike explains that Buffy could kill thousands upon thousands of demons and they'll just keep coming. While only 1 among the thousands has to have what they are all hoping to have… a good night. Buffy is confused by what he means. She thinks it would take more than that to kill a slayer. Spike says Buffy thinks she's immortal because she is getting so good with the slaying. Buffy doesn't think she is immortal, she just thinks she can handle herself. If she could handle herself than why does she have a big hole in her stomach, asks Spike, as he digs his finger into her wound. Buffy grunts in pain, as does Spike from a chip-induced headache. Everyone in the Bronze wonders how long the masochists club has been in town. Buffy and Spike to take their little how-to-kill-a-slayer 101 outside to the back alley, where they won't be viewed as freaks.

Meanwhile Riley goes back to the vamp nest alone. He boldly walks in and stakes the vamp that attacked Buffy. Before the other vamps have a chance to jump him, Riley takes out a grenade, flips out the safety pin with his thumb, throws it on the ground, and runs out just in time to save himself from the explosion.

In the alley, Spike and Buffy dance, I mean, Spike punches at Buffy and she moves out of the way. Buffy wonders why his chip isn't going off. Spike says he knew he would never be able to touch her - without intent there's no trigger for the chip. Buffy and Spike continue to play fight as Spike resumes his lecture. Lesson #2: Ask the right questions. Spike tells Buffy that she's been asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking how he won, she should be asking how the slayer lost. Buffy doesn't see the difference. Spike begins to narrate a flashback, explaining the 2nd slayer he killed was more like Buffy than the first. The first one he killed was all business, but the second had style, he could tell some part of her enjoyed it. Buffy is slightly annoyed at the comparison.

Flashback Intertwined with Present Day (New York 1977)
The scene starts to flash between Spike and a young African-American woman, fighting on a moving subway car in 1977 and Buffy and Spike reenacting the moves of the fight in the present. Spike explains as they fight, that Slayers wake up every morning and wonder if that day will be their last. Eventually, the slayer becomes obsessed with death because it's they see it all the time. It's only a matter time before the slayer begins to wonder what it's like to have that peace, the calm that death brings. For this reason, all slayers have a death wish, even Buffy. Buffy neither confirms nor denies at this point. Spike says that the only reason Buffy lasted so long is because she has ties to the world (Her mom, Dawn, the Scoobies, Riley, etc.) but sooner or later she's going to want it - death. While he is saying this we see the young African-American slayer kick his butt. Soon the New York slayer is a dominant position straddling Spike and beating his head against the floor. The lights go out for a second, when they come back on Spike is in the dominant position straddling the slayer. With the swiftness of the light, Spike breaks the slayers neck. He stands and takes her leather coat. Here endth the flashback and the lesson, but the not the dance. Buffy and Spike play fight some more until Spike grabs Buffy with both hands and bring his face close to hers. It looks like he is about to kiss her. Buffy completely disgusted by the thought of kissing him, scrunches up her face and asks what the hell he thinks he's doing. Spike quickly pretends as he if we going to bite her something and starts ranting on about how much Buffy wants to hit and hurt him and whatnot. Buffy is suddenly unresponsive, no longer willing to dance. She stands and looks at him, refusing to hit him. Once he stops ranting, she tells him plainly that even if she did have a death wish and was going to let someone kill her, it wouldn't be Spike. She throws the money at Spike, and walks off saying Spike is beneath her. Again Spike is crushed.

Humiliated, Spike rushes to his crypt and looks for his shotgun. He ignores Harmony, who is constantly asking him what he is doing. He flashes back to when Dru left him, presumably after he helped Buffy fight Angel to prevent the awakening of the acathala and ran off with an unconscious Dru (Becoming Part 2). Spike comes home to find Dru shagging another demon and she explains herself by saying that she can't stand Spike anymore - every time she looks at him all she can see is the slayer (Ahhh, Dru knew about Spike's thing for Buffy before anyone, including Spike, did). Spike is dumbfounded and crushed. Back in the present time, he lets Harmony know that he plans to shoot Buffy.

At the Summers' house, Buffy talks to her mom. Buffy is wondering why her mother is packing an overnight bag. Her mother reluctantly admits that she has to go to the hospital for CAT scan and overnight observation. Joyce explains that the doctor's think there may be something more to her random headaches than they originally thought. Buffy is instantly worried, but she keeps a pleasant face for her mother's sake. Once her mom starts looking for shampoo and such, Buffy quietly leaves the room and goes out to the back porch. She sits down on the steps and starts crying.

A little while later Spike rushes up with his shotgun, all gun-ho and ready to kill his 3rd slayer. Buffy looks up at him with a tears streaming down her face and asks him what he wants. She pays no attention to his gun, nor does she acknowledge that he may be there to shoot her. Spike softens at the sight of his beloved in pain. Instantly, his rage dissipates. All he seems to want to do is make Buffy feel better. He asks if there's anything he can do. Buffy says she doesn't want to talk. Spike sits down next to her and awkwardly pats her back a little. You can tell he's very new to the whole comforting thing. Buffy doesn't say anything. She just sits there with him in silence.

The Usual
The Usual

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Sorry, but I'm an old-fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and the women have the babies.
-Buffy (Some Assembly Required)

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