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End of Days
End of Days

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Written by Kristina

The bomb ticks down to ignition as Faith and the other potentials leap out of its way. It erupts into a fireball, sending girls flying all over the place.

Buffy is gazing in awe at what she found. The scythe is still embedded in rock as she walks towards it. Her reverence is disrupted when Caleb drops down behind her. She whirls around to face him, then easily pulls the scythe out of the rock and faces Caleb again. Caleb is blocking Buffy's way out, but she advances at him with the scythe. He backs away, and tells her that she doesn't know what she is holding. She knows that it frightens him, and she's about to attack, when the First appears as Buffy behind Caleb. She wants Caleb to let Buffy go; she has other things to worry about. The First assures Caleb that they will get Buffy when her back is turned to them, and that the weapon is only in her possession for now. Caleb steps back angrily, and Buffy runs out of the basement.

The smoke clears to reveal the devastated sewer. Girls are screaming and coughing as they work to free themselves from the debris. Some girls are motionless. Amanda manages to support herself against a wall, and calls out to see who survived. Caridad, Vi, Kennedy, and Rona answer her call along with other frightened SiTs. They begin looking for Faith, and find her floating unconscious in the water. They pull her out, and begin to make their way out of the sewer when they hear a growl. Kennedy thinks it is an uber-vamp, and takes charge. She gets the group of girls to run, and they almost make it out of the sewer when they come face to face with an uber-vamp. A second uber-vamp approaches them unseen.

Back at Casa Summers, Andrew has unloaded groceries. He looted a grocery store to get food for everyone. The SiTs begin grabbing at food, and Giles joins in. They are interrupted by the return of Anya, Xander, Willow and Dawn. They weren't able to find Buffy. Although the locator spell worked, Buffy had already moved on. Giles has worse news for the group; Faith hasn't returned with her SiTs. Giles thinks something has gone wrong, and they agree that they should go looking for the girls. Andrew says he'll stay behind and keep morale up.

Back in the sewer, Kennedy is getting the girls ready to fight. The second uber-vamp attacks Kennedy from behind and she protects herself from instinct. A third uber-vamp approaches them, and is followed the other two. One SiTs is ripped apart by the uber-vamps as the other SiTs try to escape. They make it into the main sewer and grab weapons. Kennedy tries to attack the first uber-vamp that comes at her, but he easily rips her weapon from her hand, and grabs her by the throat. Just before he can kill her, Buffy bursts into the sewer. She's all business, and uses the scythe on the uber-vamps. She easily makes short work of them. Taking care of the situation, she tells the girls to get the wounded out and back to her house.

The living room of 1630 Revello Drive has been transformed into a hospital room. Everyone is attending to the injured SiTs. Buffy calls Willow over to look after a bleeding SiT, and stands up to survey the scene. She realizes she still has the scythe with her as Giles and Xander bring Faith into the house. The upstairs room is ready for her, and they take her up. Kennedy and Amanda trail in, and begin to help the other SiTs. Buffy absent-mindedly answers their questions about the scythe, but snaps to attention when Amanda thinks they were punished for kicking Buffy out and following Faith. Buffy sticks up for Faith, saying it wasn't her fault; anybody could have fallen for the trap. She heads upstairs, and tells the girls that she will be around, but she's not sure if she is back in her leader-ly capacity. She heads into her room, and looks in as Xander and Giles tend to Faith.

Buffy and Giles move into Willow's room, where they examine the scythe with Willow. Buffy knows the scythe is powerful, and when she holds it, she can feel something. She knows that it belongs to her. Giles believes it is both ancient and mystical, but he knows nothing about its existence. Buffy remarks that the good guys aren't traditionally good with communication skills, which is aimed as reconciliation with Giles. She wants Giles and Willow to find out as much as they can about the scythe as fast as they can; the harbingers were trying to get it out of the stone, so she knows it is important.

In the living room, Anya and Andrew are tending to the injured girls. Andrew remarks that they should have real bandages, which Anya acknowledges. She takes a swig from a bottle of Scotch that Giles had intended on using for sterilizing wounds. She passes the bottle to Andrew, and he takes a swig as well. He thinks it tastes horrible. Anya continues talking about how many of the girls will die, which alarms the injured SiT she is tending to. Andrew says that he is going to loot the hospital -- it should be empty just like the grocery store. He tells Anya that she is coming with him, since the scotch made him dizzy. Anya says she'll get Kennedy to look after the girls, and they walk off, leaving the alarmed SiT still… well, alarmed.

Buffy and Xander are having an intense conversation in the kitchen. Buffy has a task for Xander, and he feels like she is putting him out to pasture, but she needs him to come through for her. She is protecting him, but he can still fight. Buffy says she knows that, but she needs someone to count on. When Xander remarks that he thought he'd be there at the end with her, she gets offensive. He tries to cover, and Buffy smiles at him. She knows that he didn't mean to imply she was going to die, and she teases him about it. She admits to him that he is her strength, and the words move Xander. She trusts him with her life, and he agrees to help her out. After it has sunk in, she teases Xander about how he can't use a bow and arrow. She begins to leave the kitchen, and he follows her, reminding her that if she did die, he'd bring her back to life... it's what he does.

Willow is sitting at her computer, researching the scythe. Giles tells her it is pre-Christian, and Willow begins to wonder if they are going about their research in the wrong way. Maybe they should be researching the weapon, and not where it was found. There are a number of weapons it could be, but they have no way of narrowing down their choices. Giles is frustrated and slams his books shut. Willow picks up the scythe and closes her eyes, trying to concentrate. She can't feel anything, and Giles suggest that tapping into magicks might help them determine what the scythe is. Willow is hesitant; she's afraid that she'll endanger herself and her friends by going all black and vein-y again. He tells her to do as much as she can, and she turns back to the computer. She notices a weapon that is symbolized by an "m" and a question mark. Giles thinks it's the International Phonetic Alphabet sign for a glottal stop, and is the name of the sword in hieroglyphs. The "m?" symbolizes a sickle or a scythe, and this symbol is found carved on many ancient Egyptian things. Giles tells Willow to find out where the pagans buried their dead; there may be information there.

Xander and Dawn are searching Xander's car, looking for Dawn's crossbow. She says that she hasn't left it lying around since that last time with Miss Kitty Fantastico (thus letting us know the fate of the poor cat). Xander laments about having to take driving tests every year, and how people make all those stupid "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" jokes. He comes around to stand beside Dawn, and they continue on with the eye jokes. When she backs out of the car, Xander clamps a handkerchief over her mouth and nose. She tries to struggle, but eventually slumps unconscious. Xander looks at her, and gently puts her into the car seat.

In the vineyard, the First (appearing as Buffy) watches as Caleb crashes a whole bunch of wine barrels. He's frustrated that Buffy got away. The First wants him to calm down; his strength is waning. Caleb realizes that it has been awhile since they merged, so he tells the First they should do it. Once the First's army has won, the First will be able to enter every man, woman and child. After some witty banter about Caleb being jealous, Caleb and the First tilt back their heads and hold out their arms. The First then becomes its true self, and dives into Caleb's body. Caleb falls to his knees, and when he finally rises, his eyes are solid black and he crackles with power.

Faith is sitting up in bed, holding the scythe. She can feel the power in the scythe, and it feels like hers. She gives it to Buffy, saying it must belong to the person in charge. Buffy says it belongs to the Slayer, but Faith says it must belong to the Slayer in charge. Faith knows she blew it by leading the girls into the trap, but Buffy tells her she didn't. People die in battle, no matter how smart or ready they are. Faith starts talking about her life, and how she's been a loner. She lets out that she and Robin slept together, which gives Buffy a wiggins, then continues on about how she was jealous about how much Buffy had. She's only just realizing the loneliness that comes with leading has been something Buffy has experienced every day. Buffy says that is the price she has to pay. Faith smiles when she begins talking about how there is only supposed to be one slayer, which could explain why she and Buffy never got along. Buffy brings up the going evil and killing people, which Faith admits is a factor. The two acknowledge being a slayer is the burden that only they can bear, then Faith breaks the seriousness of the mood by saying they are at least hot chicks with super powers.

Buffy walks downstairs when she encounters Spike coming in through the door. Upon noticing she is back, he knows she succeeded. She shows him the scythe, which he admits has flair. He can understand why a girl would abandon someone over it. She apologizes, and Spike says they might as well just forget it. She goes to leave but Spike continues to talk with her. She turns, annoyed, and Spike accuses her of being shirty. Buffy tells Spike she needs to find out the secret of the scythe. She needs to know who forged it, and what it is for. Spike says he'll swing by Caleb's later, and Buffy thinks that is great. Spike goes to leave through the back door, and Buffy stops him by calling him a dope. She holds up the scythe, and tells him the reason she is holding it is because of him. He gave her strength last night, and she's tired of the mixed signals. Spike was terrified by the previous night, because it was the best night of his life. He's never been that close to a person in his life before. She tells him that she was right there with him. Spike withdraws, saying they should just leave it. They're off to be heroes.

In Sunnydale Hospital, Anya and Andrew hit the supply closet. They've already gone through six floors, and are still gathering supplies. Andrew gets excited when he notices it has oxygen tanks, and Anya says they'd only be useful if something big was attacking them and they could throw it down its throat and blow it up like in "Jaws." Andrew stares at Anya and tells her she's the perfect woman. They enter the supply closet, and start taking things off of shelves and putting them in their pillow cases. Andrew turns to Anya, and asks her if it is going to be bad (the coming battle). Anya says it is, which leads Andrew to wonder why she hasn't left yet. She says there was another apocalypse where she took off, but this time is different. She's seen how humans act now, and she's gotten to know what people are capable of and that they are screwed up. Every human knows they are going to die, yet they act surprised when it happens. They also kill each other, which she says is "clearly insane." But the thing is, when it really matters, humans get together and fight insurmountable odds. They keep fighting. Andrew remarks on the beauty of her speech, and also that she loves humans. Anya vehemently denies it, and threatens to kill Andrew if he tells anyone. He doesn't think he'll have a chance; he's pretty sure that he'll die. Anya says he might survive, but Andrew believes that Anya will be the one to survive. She knows how to use a weapon, and she has been around for over a thousand years. He's cool with it though. He and Anya look at each other, and then Andrew asks her if she wants to have a wheelchair fight. She agrees, and for the moment, their worries about the upcoming battle are forgotten.

Buffy walks into the unconsecrated burial ground with the scythe, and enters a tomb which is Egyptian-looking in design. She knocks down a heavy stone door, and cautiously enters, looking around. A voice addresses her. An old woman, dressed all in white with white hair, approaches Buffy. She says she'd forgotten how young Buffy would be. She's been waiting a long time for Buffy to come. Once, there were many who had made that weapon, but now she is the only one left. Buffy stiffens, and watches as the woman examines the scythe from a distance. She was one of those that put the scythe in the rock. They forged the scythe as a weapon for one like Buffy, and they kept it hidden from the Shadow Men. They watched as the Shadow Men became watchers. She is a Guardian; a woman who wants to help and protect the Slayer. The scythe has only been used once before, to drive the last of the pure demons from the Earth. When men came and populated Sunnydale, the scythe remained hidden.

The Guardian tells Buffy what she has is a powerful weapon, and if she uses it wisely, she could win. As she tells Buffy that an end is truly near, Caleb's hands reach out of the darkness and snap her neck. She falls to the ground, dead, and Caleb wonders if she said the end was "near" or "here."

Xander's driving down a highway, when Dawn regains consciousness. She's understandably testy, and wants to know where they are going. Xander hands her a note, and she begins to read it. It is from Buffy. In the letter, Buffy tells Dawn that she told Xander to take her away. She wants them to be safe. Dawn tires of reading the letter, and pulls a stun gun out of her weapons bag, and stuns Xander. She stops the car, and moves into the driver's seat. She turns the car around, and speeds back to Sunnydale.

Buffy looks stunned as Caleb tries to wrestle the scythe from her. She recovers, and gets away from him. Caleb rushes at her, and tries to punch her, but hits a column of stone instead. She's unable to hit Caleb with the scythe; he keeps dodging her blows. He manages to dislodge the scythe from her grasp, and holds it. She kicks the scythe out of his hands and catches it, finally managing to get Caleb to the ground. She's about to stake him with the pointy end of the scythe when he stops it. He keeps hitting Buffy, and things begin to look grim. She's almost unconscious. Luckily for her, Angel shows up and hits Caleb in the face. Caleb flies into the wall at the far end of the tomb, and Angel helps Buffy to her feet. When Caleb gets up, Angel moves towards him, but Buffy stops him. This is something she needs to finish herself.

Buffy stands her ground as Caleb rushes her. She blocks each of his blows as Angel watches, enjoying the show. Buffy finally gets in a fatal blow on Caleb, and he goes down. Buffy takes a step back, and walks into Angel's arms. They hug each other, and after a moment, Buffy pulls back to look into his eyes. They kiss as if they haven't seen each other in ages. But unbeknownst to Buffy and Angel, Spike is watching the whole thing with the First whispering in his ear.

The Usual
The Usual

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