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Buffy vs. Dracula
Buffy vs. Dracula

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Buffy is lying in bed with a sleeping Riley, unable to follow him into the land of nod, so she heads out the cemetery to perform her sacred duty of slaying the vampires. Satisfied with her slay, Buffy heads back to bed with Riley.

Out on the beach, Buffy and Riley are playing football, as the Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya are lazing about in the sun. Xander attempts to light the barbeque, but to no avail. Willow, with a simple spell, ignites the fire, telling the gang, it just takes a balancing of the elements. As she says this the sun suddenly disappears and it begins pouring down rain. The Scoobies quickly run away from the beach as Willow yells "I didn't do it!"

As it rains heavily, two deliverymen are unloading a truck outside a large and dreary looking castle. They try to pull out a heavy, human-sized crate, filled with dirt, but they drop it. As one of them complains about having to cart around dirt, a hand bursts out of the crate and slits his throat.

Willow is at Giles' place, helping him scan books into the computer for archiving, wondering why he's been "Mr. Project" all summer. Giles asks her not to repeat what he is about to tell her, especially not to Buffy, and she agrees to follow his request. Giles tells her he is planning to move back to England because he feels Buffy doesn't need him any longer. Willow protests and tells Giles that everyone needs him, but when he still says he is leaving, she asks when he plans to tell Buffy, but his only answer is soon.

Buffy and Joyce are finishing a nice family dinner, and instead of accepting her mom's dessert offer, Buffy says she's heading out to patrol. Her mom tells her how quiet the house will be once Buffy heads back to school, and Buffy says they will make a regular date of dinner once school starts, and leaves, complaining about what a drag slaying is.

In the cemetery we see her wailing on a vampire, and as she does, a mist appears out of nowhere to form a mysterious figure who watches her fighting. After she slays the vampire, Buffy spots the figure, a tall and extremely pale man with a cape and European accent. Buffy offers him slayage, but he says they are not going to fight. Buffy asks who he is and when he responds "I am Dracula," a surprised Buffy says "Get out!"

Willow and Xander are walking through the cemetery and Willow asks Xander about a secret she has promised not to tell. Xander tells her that everyone already knows, thinking she means her relationship with Tara, but Willow says it's not. They decide to see if Buffy's hanging around.

Buffy asks if Dracula is really THE Dracula, and he confirms it, telling her she already knows, just as he knows who she is, and that she's known throughout the world. As Dracula starts to do his dark seduction work on her, Buffy tells him she's bored and tries to stake him, but he mists out before she can. As he reappears, she tries again, but has no success. Xander and Willow show up and Buffy tells them to leave immediately, but before they can, Dracula pops up again. He orders them to leave him with Buffy, but Xander thinks he's just an imposter and makes fun of him. When Buffy confirms that it is Dracula, Xander is shocked and moves behind Buffy, while apologizing to Dracula. Not wanting to deal with her friends, Dracula says he will see Buffy soon and morphs into a bat, flying away over their heads.

Back at Giles', Buffy, Xander and Willow are telling the story about Dracula, and Buffy is a little smitten with Dracula and the fact that he has heard of her. Riley seems slightly perturbed and Anya tells the gang that she hung out with Dracula a few times, making Xander change his opinion of Dracula to one of "he was no big whoop." As Giles comments that he's sorry he missed it, Willow tries to point out how helpful Giles is. Buffy and the gang decide to take it slow with Dracula, since he seems to be more than the normal vampire. Riley wants to stake him right away, but they decide to do more research first. Riley leaves Buffy, promising donuts in the morning.

As Anya and Xander walk through downtown Sunnydale, Anya can't stop talking about Dracula, which seems to annoy Xander. Anya asks if he's jealous and tells him that she's not panting over Dracula. She leaves and as Xander heads home, he runs into Dracula. Xander offers a round of fisticuffs, but instead, Dracula, hypnotizes Xander with his power and makes him his servant and eyes during the day, promising him eternal life. Dracula disappears, leaving Xander to comment on what a genius Dracula is.

Riley arrives at Spike's crypt, wanting information from him in exchange for money. Spike tells Riley that he and Dracula used to be foes, but once Dracula became popular he forgot about his enemies. Riley asks about Dracula's powers, but Spike says it's just showy gypsy stuff. Spike tells Riley that Dracula won't be hard to find because he likes to keep it fancy with his imported dirt and insect-eating servants, but then says Riley is out of his league and should just go home to Buffy. Riley tells Spike he has no problem staking him, as Buffy does, and as Riley leaves, Spike says he'll never find Dracula before Dracula gets to Buffy.

Buffy is asleep in her room and a mist comes into her room through the open window, forming Dracula. Buffy makes no move to fight Dracula and it is apparent he has some sort of power over her. He sees the bite on her neck from Angel drinking her and tells her he was unworthy. As he tells Buffy he can feel her hunger, Dracula bites her.

Buffy wakes up in her bed the next morning. She dresses and goes to the mirror, hoping there will be nothing on her neck, but she finds fresh bite marks. Buffy grabs a scarf and ties it around her neck to hide the bite.

Riley is passing out donuts at Giles' as Willow discusses what they've found out about Dracula. Xander almost gives away that he is under the power of the "Dark Master... bator". Willow confirms what Riley learned from Spike- that Dracula likes to live in style and will not be laying low. She also mentions that he likes to have a connection with his victims and that he has the power to read and control minds, as well as appear in dreams. Giles says the end result is always that he turns his victims into vampires. As the gang discusses this, Xander sneakily eats a spider off Giles' table.

Buffy leaves quickly to go find Dracula, but Riley stops her outside, saying she is under Dracula's thrall. Buffy denies it, and Riley pulls the scarf off, spotting the bites. As the rest of the gang joins them, Buffy tells them that she doesn't know why she put the scarf on, she just felt like something told her she had to. Riley and Giles tell her she has to stay away from Dracula and Xander eagerly offers to let her stay at his place since Dracula must have been invited to Buffy's already. Riley and Giles say they will search for Dracula, while Willow casts a protection spell at Buffy's house with Tara.

At Buffy's house, Willow and Tara find out that Joyce brought Dracula home from coffee with her and that was how he gained entrance into Buffy's room the night before.

Xander and Anya are staying with Buffy in his place, though Anya can't seem to stop complaining about how she should be allowed to help look for Dracula since she knows him better than any of the others. As she steps in front of the closet, Xander pushes her inside and locks the door. Xander tells Buffy he has to deliver her to Dracula so he can become immortal and she replies, "Take me to him."

Buffy and Xander arrive at Dracula's and Xander asks if he can have his immortality now, but Dracula tells him to leave and Xander quickly obeys. Buffy says she is not under Dracula's thrall and pulls out a stake, but Dracula tells her to put it down and she does so immediately. Buffy tries to deny that he has power over her, but realizes she is under his thrall and looks longingly toward the exit.

Riley and Giles are out on their search and spot Dracula's castle. Knowing it was not there before, they are certain Dracula is there and they head inside. As they split up, a female vampire watches them from the shadows.

Dracula continues to tell Buffy how they are meant for each other. He tells her how much power she has and that she will have an eternity to discover it with him. He tells her that first, there is a taste. Buffy tells him she won't let him, but he says it's not for him.

Riley runs into Xander, who says that anyone who wants to harm his master must go through him first. Riley knocks Xander out with one punch and says "Okie dokie."

Giles opens a door and as he starts to walk into the room, it ends up being a long drop to a floor below where they three female vampires begin to rip his clothes open as Giles voices protests, but doesn't seem to take much action. He realizes that they are the legendary three sisters.

Dracula tells Buffy that her power is so near to his own and slits his wrist for her to drink from, asking if she's ever wanted to know what vampires fight for. Buffy asks if drinking means she will change, but Dracula tells her that he has not drunk enough from her and that she must be near death to become a vampire. She tells him she is not hungry and he replies that her craving goes deeper than that. Dracula tells her "You think you know. What you are, what's to come. You haven't even begun," echoing Tara's words from her dream of the First Slayer. With those words, Buffy drinks from his wrist. Dracula tells her to find the darkness, her true nature. Buffy sees images of herself and the First Slayer and stops drinking. She shoves Dracula away and says "That was gross." He tries to use his power over her, but Buffy continues to fight it and Dracula finally gives into fighting her.

Riley is still searching for Buffy and comes to the room Giles fell into. Using a cross, he drives the Three Sistes away and helps Giles, who unconvincingly thanks Riley and says he had no possible escape.

Buffy and Dracula continue fighting and when Buffy threatens him with fire, he turns to mist, but she sees where he is heading in mist form and runs up to stake him as he rematerializes, asking "How do you like my darkness now?" Dracula just hisses as he turns to dust.

Riley and Giles arrive and Buffy tells them she dusted Dracula. A second later, Xander runs in, looking for the creep that "turned me into a spider-eating man bitch" and states that he is no longer "everybody's butt-monkey." Riley tells him that it could have been worse and at least he didn't have to make time with the "Dracubabes" like Giles, who denies making time and protests that he was in complete control.

The four friends leave and the dust that was Dracula turns to the mist and rematerializes, but Buffy is right there to stake him again. Dusting doesn't seem to work because he starts to rematerialize again, until Buffy says she's still there and he moves away in mist form.

Buffy arrives at Giles' for tea and he says he has something to tell her, and Buffy says she has something to tell him as well. Buffy tells him that recently she hasn't needed to come to him for help and that he hasn't been a watcher for a while. She says that since she did the spell with him, Xander and Willow, she's been going out to hunt every night. Buffy wants to learn more about her power and where she comes from- she wants Giles to be her watcher again. Giles looks touched and when Buffy asks him what he wanted to say, he says it was nothing.

At her house, Buffy tells her mom that she's heading out to go to the movies with Riley. As she walks by her room, she sees a young teenage girl going through her drawer and asks the girl what she's doing there. The girl just stares at her with a guilty look and Joyce calls out to Buffy, "If you're going out, why don't you take your sister?", to which both girls respond by shouting "Mom!"

The Usual
The Usual

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Giles lived for school. He's actually still bitter that there are only twelve grades.
He probably sat in math class thinking, 'There should be more math. This could be mathier.'
-Xander and Buffy (The Dark Age)

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