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Bring on the Night
Bring on the Night

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Written by Zinna

It's a loop! Like the mummy hand, Xander is doomed to replace the living room windows for all eternity or so he thinks, considering that once again the windows are smashed to bits only half a day after Xander finished replacing them in the first place. As Xander mops about sweeping up glass, Anya and Dawn have taken up moping on the couch. Apparently, the Scoobs have been researching the First for quite some time and well, Anya's sick of it, especially since she's turning up zilch. Willow wonders if Buffy is sure they are looking for something called the First. Oh, Buffy is sure all right. I mean, she doesn't just know it, she can still feel it from the last time was she up against it (Amends). It was ancient and enormous and nearly got Angel to kill himself.

Dawn wonders if Andrew might be of more help, but Andrew's fast asleep. Dawn thinks he's faking so she smacks him hard. He doesn't so much as stir. Buffy tells her to leave him alone. Then Joyce appears suddenly and asks Buffy if she wants some tea. Buffy freaks, assuming her mom must be the First toying with her but Ms. Summers continues to urge Buffy to rest. She tells Buffy that she can't beat the thing if she doesn't get some rest. Buffy tells her mom to stop being like that, because it's a lie and her mom lovingly tells Buffy that she doesn't want to scare Buffy but she wants Buffy to take care. Then Joyce tells Buffy that she's needs to wake up. Buffy awakes to Xander, who explains that Buffy was dreaming.

Underground, Ubervamp and Spike's evil twin (aka the First in Spike form) drag Spike into the hideout. Spike's evil twin turns into Dru and tells her new pet that when the moon comes, the ugly-vamp will get his carnage.

Later, Dawn and Anya try throwing water on Andrew, but it doesn't work. Neither is convinced that Andrew could be unconscious for so long. Dawn suggests they get some hot water, but they change their minds when Buffy comes down the stairs. Just as Buffy is about to ask them something, Andrew comes to. All attention turns to him and the question of the hour is: Where's the seal?

Andrew takes them around and around the basement looking for the seal (the goat head thing). Suddenly they get lucky and find the secret room and the seal. Buffy asks Andrew what the seal does. Andrew isn't sure, but he knows it's not good. Whatever the seal is it didn't work because Andrew and EvilikinsWarren didn't have enough blood. Dawn finds blood on the contraption that was holding Spike (they don't know it was holding Spike or that it's Spike's blood). It's apparent to the Scoobs that the First has made another sacrifice. So, they cover the seal, before going home to panic.

After they cover the seal, Buffy and Dawn take the shovels back to wherever they reside in the basement. On their way, they run into Princi Wood, who is also carrying a shovel. They exchange lame excuses for having their respective shovels. Dawn and Buffy stumble over each other to explain how well Buffy is feeling all of sudden (remember Buffy was supposed to be out sick). Princi doesn't press them for explanations; he just wants Buffy to come back to work. He's had to start wait listing students that want to talk to Buffy. Buffy assures him that she will be in the following day.

At home the Scoobs get back to work. Dawn searches the internet while Willow prepares to do a locator spell. Xander acts as the supervisor and tells Buffy that she ought to get some sleep. Buffy can't sleep at time like this. Suddenly there's an explosion. The First seems to be taking over Willow's body. Through Willow it says, "You only make me stronger!" Electric currents zap around the room knocking everyone down. Eventually, Xander is able to throw Willow's bowl of magic ingredients against the wall and the evil disappears. Willow totally freaks, afraid the First will use her body to hurt people. Buffy holds her and tries to calm her down, assuring her that they will not use magic until they know what they are doing.

Once things have settled a bit, Buffy decides she is going to seek out the First. Xander doesn't think it is a good idea but Buffy doesn't care. She opens the door and Giles is on the other side. He comes bearing gifts in the form of three young ladies who have obviously heard of the slayer.

Turns out the young women are slayers-in-training (SITs) and Giles has brought them to the slayer for protection because a bunch of the other potential slayers were murdered in cold blood. (Remember Frankfurt and Istanbul?) Buffy doesn't need to hear anymore - it all makes sense. The First is having all the potential slayers killed so that eventually, after it kills Faith and Buffy, that will be the end of slayers forever or for a long time anyway.

But why? How? Who does this First think he/she is? And why can't they find any information on it? Giles explains that there isn't much documentation on the First because it predates history and it rarely takes on it's true form. In fact, the only documentation that Giles knows of is in the Council records, but as we learned in Never Leave Me, the Council is gone. There was an explosion, but luckily Giles stole some files before it happened. The files explain a few things about the First: 1) it can change form, 2) it can only appear in the guise of someone that has passed away, 3) it's not corporeal - it can't touch or fight on its own and 4) it's followers are the bringers (those hooded dudes!). The First is unlike anything they've faced before. It's the source of all evil, it has eternities to act and endless resources. What's worse, Giles has no idea how to defeat it. They'll have to find a way because if it succeeds, the Hellmouth will have no guardian. The balance will be destroyed, and currently Giles' only plan is to hand off the responsibility to Buffy. Giles is sorry but he feels that Buffy is the only one with the power or strength to defeat it. Well, that's fine for Giles, but as for the Kennedy (one of the SITs), this plan stinks. She saw what the bringers can do and she isn't convinced that one person can protect them from such a powerful evil, not even if that person is the slayer. Buffy agrees and thinks it best they get Spike, he can provide more muscle. Yeah sure, Spike can help if he's not crazy or off killing people or dead or all of the above, Anya points out.

Meanwhile Spike is being tortured by that ugly-vamp toy of the First's and the First has kept Dru's form for Spike's added pleasure.

So, Buffy and Giles go looking for the Christmas tree lot where Buffy found the bringers in Amends, while the rest of the Scoobs try to figure out where everyone is going to sleep. Willow attempts to run things, but this mouthy SIT, Kennedy has better ideas (like she'll be sleeping with Willow, if you know what I mean).

Buffy eventually stumbles onto the mouth of the cave (she literally falls through an opening). She tells Giles to stay up top so she can check things out. It's a good thing too, because soon she has her hands full of ugly-vamp and get this! Buffy stakes ugly-vamp and he's doesn't make with the poofy. Nooooo, ugly-vamp just pulls the stake out of his chest and continues to pummels Buffy until she flees. Ugly-vamp doesn't follow her out the cave because the sun is bursting through the sky. So, while ugly-vamp may not be affected by stakes, he no likey the sun.

Buffy and Giles returns home to the next generation raiding her kitchen. They notice Buffy's all dirty and disheveled. She explains she got in a fight and asks Giles to explain what the hell she was fighting. Giles wants to talk to her about it privately but Buffy insists the SITs be in on the convo. There's no time for coddling during wartime after all.

Giles explains that Buffy was up against a Turok-Han, a vampire that wasn't made out of a human. It's a single-minded ferocious killing machine, a vampire that vampires have nightmares about. It's from an ancient and entirely different race that Giles didn't know still existed until that morning. So, it's like a dinosaur vamp.

Since the sun's up that means Buffy's got to go to work even though she hasn't slept in like 24 hours. Buffy gets in her pretty professional outfit and goes to work, where to uses her down time to search the Internet for manifestations of evil until Princi walks up on her and wonders why she's so interested in evil. Buffy says she's looking for evil movies, because she loves those evil evil movies. Princi says he's not into scary movies because he thinks they go to place that kids can stand to avoid. Buffy says it's not for the kids and Princi replies with a seriousness that's somewhat alarming, saying that, "Once you see true evil it can have some serious afterbirth [and] you can't unsee what you saw… ever." Then he excuses himself back to work. Before he's gone Buffy asks him what kinds of movies he likes. Princi likes mysteries, which I guess is supposed to be ironic since his behavior makes him somewhat of a mystery and we are all in dark about what or who he really is, though I think it's safe to say he's more than just the new exceptionally handsome principal.

In the cave, Dru-evilikins tries to get Spike to pick a side (evil or Buffy) and Spike tells her that she's not Dru. Dru was crazier. So, Dru attempts to do a more evil/crazy song and dance so when she asks Spike, in his exhausted tortured state, to choose a side for a second time, he will be more willing to pick Dru's side. Spike tells her to get bent.

Buffy goes into bathroom to look at her bruised elbow. Again, her mom appears and offers to get Buffy some ice. Buffy says that she doesn't have time to heal and Joyce Summers thinks that Buffy should make time. She tells her daughter that there are things Buffy can't control. The sun is always going to come up and go down. Those friends of Buffy's lay the pressure on too thick. Buffy says that something evil is coming and Mom says evil is already there. Evil is everywhere, it's a part of us, all of us. No one can stop that, not even… Buffy wakes up to an unsatisfied counselee. Buffy must have dozed off while he was pouring his heart out, so she can't really blame him for stomping off, though she does try to apologize. Guess whose keeping tabs on Buffy's exceptional way with the troubled youth? Yes, Princi sees the whole thing.

At sundown everyone gathers into the living room to sit and panic, or in Xander's case make light of their harrowing sitch. Of course, the SITs are in no mood to laugh, seeing as how the ubervamp is coming for them. Buffy tells them they will be ok. Willow, still feeling bad about about her locator spell turned evil, apologizes to Buffy for being so useless, magic-wise. Buffy tells her "No one expects you to make everything right… not like you guys all expect me to make everything right and safe for the world" (oh wait... she didn't say the last part but there was twinge of that message in her tone). Willow picked up on it a little and tells Buffy that Buffy needs help. Buffy says she'll be okay, but I don't think Willow is all that convinced.

Meanwhile the SITs are wigging out. Kennedy (the mouthy one) thinks they need weapons. Buffy isn't sure, but eventually is convinced the SITs should be loaded up. Andrew suddenly wants in on the weapon action or at least to be untied - his spider sense is tingling.

As time runs out, Buffy waits quietly for doom to set in. Giles comes along to add more pressure and stir. He tells her that sunset is almost there and everyone's depending on Buffy to keep them safe. Buffy tries to say that isn't what she needed to hear since the pressure is starting to take its toll and all, but she is interrupted. Annabelle, the more stoic SIT, ran off.

Cut to Annabelle running until soon she's face to face with Uberugly, who finds her to be an easy easy kill.

Buffy, who came out to get Annabelle, finds her corpse and Uberugly ready to party. They fight and soon Uberugly corners Buffy and begins to strangle her, but Buffy spits her own blood into his mouth, which distracts him long enough for her run to a construction site. She finds some metal pipes to hit him with but they don't do nearly enough damage. So she kicks a lever and a whole truckload of metal cylinders falls on him. Theoretically he should've been crushed to death or at least unconscious, but no. He's up in a flash to beat the conscious out of Buffy. He throws Buffy into a wall and all this stuff comes crashing down on Buffy's head.

Later the Scoobs find Buffy unconscious and totally thrashed - a giant bleeding bruise if you will.

In the cave, Dru still works on Spike. She asks him if he knows why she's kept him alive and he quips. So, Dru just tells him that she still has work from him to do. Spike thinks not. He's out. He tells Dru she won't be able to pull his puppet strings anymore. Dru wants to know why not and Spike basically tells her that Buffy's belief in him is stronger than whatever hold Evilikins ever had on him. Isn't that sweet?

Back at the house, Buffy recuperates from her very very bad bad beating. To relax she listens to the sounds of concerned and doubting voices coming from the other room. Giles' voice, to be exact, saying something to effect of: things are pretty much hopeless since Buffy was their last hope and she seems to be close to bleeding to death internally. Everyone looks down in mouth thinking, oh yeah this is the end… that is until the big bruise herself comes down and gives them piece of her mind.

I can't really (I mean, I can, but I just don't want to) describe what she tells them so here's what she says:

You're right… We don't know how to fight it. We don't know when it'll come. We can't run, can't hide, can't pretend it's not the end because it is… Something's always been there to try to destroy the world. We've beaten them back, but we're not dealing with them anymore…We're dealing with the reason they exist - evil, the strongest, The FIRST.

Giles interjects. "Buffy I know you're tired…"

I'm beyond tired. I'm beyond scared. I'm standing on the mouth of hell and it is going to swallow me whole… and it will choke on me. We're not ready? They're not ready. They think we're going to wait for the apocalypse to come like we always do. I'm done waiting. They want apocalypse? Oh, we'll give them one…Anyone else who wants to run, do it now because we just became an army. We just declared war. From now on we won't just face our worse fears we will seek them out. We will find them and cut out their hearts one by one until the First shows itself for what it really is and I'll kill it myself. There's only one thing more powerful than evil… and that's US. Any questions?

The Usual
The Usual

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