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All the Way
All the Way

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Written by Zinna

Halloween means big business for the Magic Shop. It's so busy that all the Scoobies including Buffy have to help out. Xander, Giles, and Anya get the spirit award for actually dressing up-Xander as a pirate, Anya as a Charlie's Angel (complete with flipped hair and roller skates), and Giles donning a wizard's cape. Tara, Willow, Buffy, and Dawn are all in plain clothes. Dawn is the only one to claim that her customlessness is due to her maturity level. Willow, on the other hand, picks fights with customers dressed in classic witch outfits (pointy hat, warts, black, etc). Willow calls them stereotypical and becomes frustrated with everyone's misconception of a witch's actual appearance. She is in the middle of venting her rage to Dawn when she lays eyes on an adorable little girl dressed as a witch. Instantly her frustrations disappear and Willow's only concern is filling this little girl's tummy with goodies. Once Willow has left with the little girl, Dawn pockets a talisman from a near by table. As we have spotted Dawn stealing earrings, spell books, and such, it is probably a safe bet that Dawn is a klepto.

You may be wondering why Buffy is willing to help out at the store, after the looping incident. Well, she tells Spike this is a one-time deal barring there is no repeating. She encountered Spike in the store's basement stealing burberweed (it spices up his otherwise boring flavored blood) when she went down to get something for Anya. A rather awkward conversation ensues, with Spike trying to pretend that he wasn't planning on stealing the goods. This of course doesn't work since Buffy was not exactly born yesterday. He makes some comment about the two of them going for a little rough and tumble. Buffy assumes he means they should go off and have sex or something physical like that when really he's just trying to ask if she wants to patrol.

She says she should stay (obviously a little freaked out by her assumptions), but regrets it later when she is forced to do a ton of bagging. In fact, she tries to excuse herself from her shop duties claiming a need to patrol. Her efforts are thwarted by Giles, who won’t hear of it. Halloween is supposed to be the one night supernatural evils lay low. Besides Buffy could use the rest, that is why Giles' thinks it important she stay and work.

Once all the customers have gone and the store is closed, all the Scoobies lay around exhausted by the rush, when something amazing happens-Xander grows a pair. Maybe it was the gracious way Anya thanked everyone for their hard work, maybe it was the endearing way she showed Dawn her dance of capitalist superiority (which she does every night when counting the money), or maybe it was the tight shorts, who knows, but Xander takes one look at Anya and tells Buffy that he's going to marry that girl. He then stands up and announces to the group their engagement. Everyone is completely shocked and you know what that means-Party!

Willow magically whips up some decorations transforming the Summers' living room into engagement party central-a perfect place for Anya to bask in the center of everyone's attention. Everyone is happy to let her have to moment to shine.

Tara and Willow go into the kitchen to for more chips. Once they're alone, Tara points out Willow's frivolous and constant use of magic. Willow doesn't understand what the big deal is. It was just a few decorations and they are more biodegradable than the natural kind because they'll disappear in a couple of hours. Tara just wants Willow to be a little more discerning and perhaps a bit more conservative with her powers. Willow, as we've all noticed, is not very receptive to this argument and frankly she's about had it with Tara and Giles always shaking their fingers at her. Luckily, their argument is interrupted by Dawn, who comes into the kitchen looking for chips.

Before the party gets to full swing, Dawn announces that she is leaving to spend the night at her friend Janice's house. Buffy is a bit reluctant and looks to Giles for the right thing to do. Giles is content to stay out of it. Buffy, at a loss for a good reason Dawn should stay, lets her go. You gotta wonder if it's Buffy’s "slayer-sense" tingling that causes her to hesitate because once Dawn leaves it is revealed that she's pulled a fast one on the big sis. Dawn and Janice have told their respective guardians that they will be sleeping over at the other's house. Instead, the girls plan to spend their night with some totally hot guys (or so they think). They meet up with these hotties in the park.

The boys, Zack and Justin, take the girls around town to engage in Halloween hijinks. You know, egging houses and all that good stuff. In between pranks, we can spot the guys discussing how cute the girls are and whether or not they are all-the-way material. Meanwhile the girls trail the boys whispering coyly about cute the guys are. It's all just regular high school stuff, right? Wait, that's just what they want us to believe.

The pranksters come across a creepy old loner's house. The boys decide the house should be their next victim, but the Janice is hesitant. Well, actually she makes it pretty clear that the owner of the house is crazy and she thinks it best they move on. Dawn, having faced many a creepy thing, wants to show off. She willingly walks up to the old man's porch and picks up his jack-o-lantern. She is planning to smash it but the old man surprises her from behind and grabs her arm. It's Justin to the rescue, rushing to her side demanding the man unhand his date. Before Dawn can swoon, creepy old guy lets out a chillingly evil laugh. He invites the kids in for some Halloween treats. They oblige him at the boys' insistence.

Turns out the old man, was a toy maker. He was at the top of his field, that is, until his fall from grace. Oh and by the way, if you noticed Justin and Zack are a little pale, then your "Buffy-sense" is right on target. The hotties are really coldies, otherwise known as vampires. Unfortunately, Janice and Dawn thinks it's the old man they should be worried about when really they should be worried for him. When the man takes Justin in kitchen to cut up some rice crispy squares, Justin feeds on him. Poor man, he just wanted to share some treats.

Justin rushes his comrades out of the house claiming they have to leave because he swiped the old man's wallet. Following their exit from the man's house, Justin tells Zack the old guy tasted really bad. Zack thinks he should just wash his mouth out with Dawn. Then, they go back to the night's big question. Are Janice and Dawn just lunchables or can the vamps take them all the way to the other side? Somehow, the girls manage to go through the entire ordeal without picking up a clue.

Meanwhile, Janice's mother calls the Summers house to check up on Janice. Giles answers the phone and the cat is let out of the bag. Buffy, however, is not home. She left sometime before to meet up with Spike and patrol (Apparently all the talk of marital bliss reminded Buffy of how normal her life is not, so off she went to do what comes naturally-hunt evil). Needless to say the party ends, so that everyone can look for Dawn.

Dawn can be found in the front seat of stolen car (the owner was bitten by Zack). Of course, Dawn doesn’t know it's stolen, because well, Justin's really cool.

Buffy, on the other hand, cannot is be found by Giles, who goes looking for her at Spike's pad. She was delayed or distracted by some crime scenes that reek of vampire mayhem. Unsuccessful in his search, Giles gives Spike the skinny on Dawn's MIA status and heads off to the cemetery hoping to find Dawn or Buffy there.

Buffy eventually makes her way over Spike's crypt. He's ready with the news. This is not something Buffy wants to hear since she knows there's a bunch of vamps out looking to party. They load up on weapons and go looking for Giles and Dawn at the cemetery.

Tara and Willow check the Bronze for the missing girls. The Bronze is packed with young costumed partiers, all and none resembling young girls that could be Dawn or Janice. Willow decides to cast spell that will clear the room and make it easier for them to discern if Dawn or Janice are among the partygoers. Before Willow can make with the incantation, Tara objects. Suddenly the couple is back in their previous argument. Willow becomes more upset that Tara is taking Giles side on the whole matter. Tara is upset that Willow won't listen to reason. No one is there to interrupt this time since Willow quickly cast a spell to quiet the crowd so they can argue in peace. She suddenly snaps at Tara, and Tara storms off enraged and very hurt.

Over in the stolen car, Justin and Dawn make with the suck face. It's a really touching scene because Dawn's so cute when she tells Justin that it was her first kiss. Justin appears to find her innocence endearing. While Dawn freaks out rambling on about the possibility of her being a horrible kisser. Justin stares longingly into her eyes. He reassures her that her kissing skills are perfect. He thinks she's quite a dish. They kiss some more. Everything is goes going great. Justin tells Dawn that she's beautiful then he bites her lip. She dismisses it as Justin being overly excited, when in fact he's just hungry.

Giles comes across Zack beginning to feed on Janice. Giles tangles with the vamp thinking he's saving Dawn. He finds out it's Janice and kills the vamp anyway, mostly because the vamp called him grandpa. Dawn is then heard screaming not far from where they are.

Dawn finally figured out Justin is not of the living. She flees the car, but Justin is close behind. Giles appears to save the day, except a lot of Justin's vampire buddies have chosen this same spot to hang out. Giles and Dawn find themselves surrounded. Luckily, Dawn and Giles have their very own slayer to protect them. Fortunately, the slayer has an evil-impaired vampire in love with her to provide back up. Buffy and Spike appear to even the odds considerably and most of the vampires end up toast.

As for Dawn's guy, Dawn stakes him herself. All in all Dawn had a lot of firsts-her first kiss, her first kill, and her first heartbreak. Dawn thought Justin really liked her. He told her she was special. The fact that Justin made it clear he wanted to turn her doesn't provide much comfort. I guess in Sunnydale, this is regular high school stuff.

Back at the Summers house, Buffy pawns off her Dawn-lecturing duties on Giles and goes to bed. Giles has no choice but to chastise Dawn himself.

Up in the witches' bedroom, Tara remains in fumes and is content to go bed angry. Willow, completely missing the point of Tara's anger and disappointment, casts a quick spell to make Tara forget their quarrel. Tara's anger magically disappears. The two fall asleep happily in each other's arms.

The Usual
The Usual

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Okay, next time we split up someone else is on Cordy detail. Five more minutes with her and we woulda had another organ donor.
-Xander (The Puppet Show)

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