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Buffy Comics #7-9
Buffy Comics #7-9

Buffy #7
New Kid on the Block - Part 2

Written by: Andi Watson & Dan Brereton
Pencilled by: Hector Gomez
Inked by: Sandu Florea
Cover by: Hector Gomez

Recipe for action: take one Buffy Summers, add three quarts of evil, a pinch of high-school high jinks, and blend well, for the high-octane monthly adventures of everyone's favorite Chosen One! The gang's well-intentioned slumber party has gone awry, and the trouble grows as the night deepens. Things are not always what they seem, and in this case, the new girl might not be telling the whole story . . . and it could cost Buffy more than a game of Truth or Dare.

Jeffy says:
    So Cynthia was evil, but that wasn't too surprising, was it?  I think it would have been funny that while Willow's parents were away, they has insisted she have a babysitter watch her.  :o)  Anyway, I'm getting used to the artistry but I think it is odd that everyone wears tight pants.
    Overall score: 8/10

Anna says:
    Art: 4/5  Since Oz wasn't in this one, the art looked really great.  The monster that Cynthia turned into looked very awesome, or as Xander said, "Gross?"
    Cover: 4/5  I like the vamps peering into the window, especially the one who looks pissed that shw wasn't invited in for the pillow fight.  But why is Willow's hair black?
    Story: 4/5  Very intriguing twist with Cynthia's father being a vamp and her helping him get food.  Even more intriguing that she turned out to be a demon from Hell!  I also enjoyed that Cynthia and Willow's pool were sucked into the Hellmouth, though I had no idea Hellmouth sends beasts back to Hell for having a tantrum!  :o)
    Overall score: 4/5

Buffy #8
The Final Cut

Written by: Andi Watson
Pencilled by: Jason Pearson & Cliff Richards
Inked by: Joe Pimentel
Cover by: Randy Green & Tim Townsend

Sunnydale High is abuzz with anticipation about a movie being filmed in town! The whole gang wants to get involved, with the bright lights of Hollywood blinding the more sinister aspects of the filmmaker himself. Is he just an eccentric genius or an ominous, shadowy character? Find out as Buffy and her pals get caught in "The Final Cut"! All the action and adventure of the weekly television show rolled into a monthly comic!

Anna says:
    Art: 5/5  Awesome art!!  Everyone looks wonderful and just like their TV counterparts.  I think this is the best rendering of the characters so far in the comics.
    Cover: 2/5  It goes along with the story, but it looks nothing like Buffy!!
    Story: 2/5  If only the story had been as good as the art!  The story gets a few points for originality, but I wish the originality had produced a more interesting story.  There's nothing really specific I disliked, but nothing in the story captured my interest and I didn't see much of the show's humor and the character's personalities didn't come through enough.  Basically this story was a yawn.
    Overall score: 3.5/5

Buffy #9
Hey, Good Lookin' - Part 1

Written by: Andi Watson
Pencilled by: Joe Bennett
Inked by: Rick Ketcham
Cover by: Jeff Matsuda & Jon Sibal

The return of the original Buffy art team of Joe Bennett and Rick Ketcham heralds the beginning of a monumental new story line. Selke, the vampire Buffy thought was killed in the mausoleum fire over Thanksgiving, returns with a vengeance. She's back and she's out for blood -- literally!

Anna says:
    Art: 2/5  Xander, Cordy, Oz & Willow looked okay, but Buffy didn't look good at all!  And she was making some pretty weird and un-Buffy-like expressions throughout the comic that really bugged me.  Angel didn't look very good either.
    Cover: 3/5  Buffy looks good, but the cover makes her and the vampire look like friends, not enemies.
    Story: 4/5  Selke's back!! Apparently the writers have decided to try out a story arc, something that has been missing up to this point.  Joyce's insecurity about her looks was a nice addition to the story.  Buffy's modeling offer didn't seem to fit in very well, so we'll have to see if that goes anywhere in the second part (#10).
    Overall score: 3/5

The Usual
The Usual

Random Quotage:

You won. All right? You came in and you killed them and you took their land. That's what conquering nations do. It's what Caesar did, and he's not going around saying, 'I came, I conquered, I felt really bad about it.' The history of the world isn't people making friends. You had better weapons, and you massacred them. End of story.
-Spike (Pangs)

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