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Buffy Comics #25-27
Buffy Comics #25-27

Buffy #25
The Blood of Carthage: Part V

Written by: Christopher Golden
Pencilled by: Cliff Richards, Paul Lee & Brian Horton, Chynna Cluggston-Major
Inked by: Joe Pimentel, Paul Lee & Brian Horton, Chynna Cluggston-Major
Cover by: Jeff Matsuda & Andy Owens

The conclusion to "Blood of Carthage" is so big, we had to add four extra pages to tell it all! The questions that have been building since issue #21 will finally be answered. Learn the secret history between the demons Vraka and Ky-Laag, and what it means to the Scooby Gang. And Buffy must deal with the aftermath of allying herself with Vraka, leading to an explosive fight in the heart of downtown Sunnydale. This issue features a special wrap around cover by Jeff Matsuda!

Buffy #26
The Heart of a Slayer: Part I

Written by: Chris Boal
Pencilled by: Cliff Richards
Inked by: Joe Pimentel
Cover by: Christian Zanier

Just in time for Halloween, this dark and creepy issue finds its way to the comics store shelf! In part one of the two-part "The Heart of the Slayer," Buffy is being stalked by a creature intent on killing her so that it can bring about the end of the world. So what else is new? The only person who can save her is a Slayer who should have died a long time ago. Confused? Well, so are Buffy and the gang. Special guest writer Chris Boal joins the acclaimed Buffy art team of Cliff Richards and Joe Pimentel to bring you this nasty little tale. Be afraid!

Buffy #27
The Heart of a Slayer: Part II

Written by: Chris Boal
Pencilled by: Cliff Richards
Inked by: Joe Pimentel
Cover by: John Totleben

In "The Heart of the Slayer," Buffy discovers why she is being stalked by a nightmare creature from fourteenth-century France and why that era's Slayer is determined to stop it. Unfortunately for the two Slayers, stopping the monster may mean the ultimate sacrifice for one of them! The dynamic creative team of Chris Boal, Cliff Richards, and Joe Pimentel conclude the creepiest Buffy story yet. Do not miss this one!

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