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Buffy Comics #19-21
Buffy Comics #19-21

Buffy #19
Old Friend: Bad Blood Part 9

Written by: Andi Watson
Pencilled by: Cliff Richards
Inked by: Joe Pimentel
Cover by: Jeff Matsuda

For months now, Buffy and the gang have been dealing with superpowered vampires and slayer dopplegangers. Selke’s finally coming out of hiding, but Buffy’s not quite up to speed to deal with her. A massive conclusion to the nine-part "Bad Blood" story!

Anna says:
    Art: 5/5 Extremely excellent, as usual.  Selke looked pretty freaky in super vamp mode, didn't she?  And the clown costumes on everyone were just too funny.  The great thing about Cliff Richards is that he manages to nail all the characters and make them look wonderful.
    Cover: 4.5/5 Fits perfectly with the story line and I like having the Scooby Gang in the background... but where's Angel and Cordy?
    Story: 5/5 A great end to the Bad Blood storyline and I'm thrilled that Spike and Dru are finally back (and I hope there's more in store from them).  I was wondering where they had gone after 14, and now we know.  At least Selke's really dead this time though we'll have to see what Spike and Dru are planning to do with the Doctor.  I can't wait!
    Overall: 5/5

Buffy #20
Double Cross

Written by: Doug Petrie
Pencilled by: Jason Minor
Inked by: Curtis Arnold
Cover by: J. Scott Campbell

At the end of season three, Angel left Sunnydale without looking back, and without saying good-bye to Buffy. This story takes up directly from the season finale, following Angel as he heads to L.A., and Buffy prepares for her life without him in Sunnydale. They earned a lot of enemies together, and now that they're apart, those forces are closing in. But the connection Buffy and Angel had was closer than anyone knew, and those who thought to take advantage of their separation are in for a surprise. Series writer Doug Petrie takes a crack at his first full-length Buffy comic, and it's a doozy. Exploring in-depth the events in last season's finale, and topping it all off is a cover by J. Scott Campbell.

Olwen says:
    Art: 4/5 ~ Well drawn fight scenes, good use of color and the panels have a very even flow, following the parallel storylines is no trouble. Personally, I felt Buffy and Angel's faces could have been better rendered.
    Cover: 3.5/5 ~ Cute, very cute. It's like the whole show in a microcosm, done in almost a caricature style. But has nothing to do with the storyline. One of the few cases where the photo cover is more appropo.
    Story: 4/5 ~ A stand-alone, taking place directly after Angel leaves Buffy in the aftermath of Graduation. A demonic force that seems to feed on despair attacks them separately, but at the moment of death their spirits are joined and find strength to survive in one another. Doug Petrie as writer gets all the lines perfect (as well he should) and the story on the whole gives some sense of closure to the Mayor's Ascension storyline.

Buffy #21
The Blood of Carthage: Part I

Written by: Christopher Golden
Pencilled by: Cliff Richards & Chynna Clugston-Major
Inked by: Joe Pimentel
Cover by: Jeff Matsuda

Buffy #21 kicks off the five-part Blood of Carthage story arc. In a town like Sunnydale, you can bet the local "boogeyman" legend ain't just hot air. But killing it is a LOT more trouble than it's worth.

Olwen says:
    Art: 4/5 ~ At first I had a problem with the rendering of Buffy's face, it just didn't look right. But it sort of grew on me, and by the end I liked it fine! There are some flashbacks to Willow and Xander's childhood adventures, and they are great, colors are brighter (as memories often are), and the faces are done in a cute anime style that I really enjoyed!
    Cover: 4.5/5 ~ Very good, especially the use of a blurring mist in the foreground; it adds a three-dimensional look to the picture.
    Story: 4.5/5 ~ It's the beginning of another story-arc, The Blood of Carthage, and this one looks excellent. With Christopher Golden as the writer, all the characters are right on the mark. The plot seems simple, but the careful foreshadowing reveals lots of nuances; and it is nice to see our guys finally going on to college!

The Usual
The Usual

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