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Buffy Comics #10-12
Buffy Comics #10-12

Buffy #10
Hey, Good Lookin' - Part 2

Written by: Andi Watson
Pencilled by: Joe Bennett
Inked by: Rick Ketcham
Cover by: Chris Bachalo

Buffy the next runway supermodel? Believe it! Buffy pursues a potential modeling career only to learn that beauty isn't only skin deep. Meanwhile, with Selke regaining her strength, she decides to pay a visit to the local vampire coven . . . with mixed results. All the action and drama of the weekly television series captured in a monthly comic book!

Anna says:
    Art: 3/5  Better than the last one, but Buffy still looks funky.  Selke sure looks ugly, which is a good thing, because she's supposed to be!  The detail on the models when they were tired was great.
    Cover: 3/5  Interesting concept of it being done as a fashion magazine, but the art isn't as appealing as the idea.  The vampire looks okay, but the tiny (another downside) picture of Buffy looks awful.
    Story: 3/5  The models were the ghouls!  There's a shocker! :o)  Kind of funny idea, though it was rather easy to guess.  The Selke parts were interesting and I'm glad her storyline will continue, but I found Buffy's insecurity about Angel's love for her diminishing as she gets older rather annoying, especially after her speech to her mom in #9.  And one last thing, was Angel drinking from a ghoul at the end, or she from him?  It looked to me like him, so all I can say about that is "Ewww!"
    Overall score: 3/5

Buffy #11
A Boy Named Sue

Written by: Andi Watson
Pencilled by: Joe Bennett
Inked by: Rick Ketcham
Cover by: Jeff Matsuda & Jon Sibal

Summer sizzles as Buffy and her pals continue their quest to stem the tide of evil that is rampant on Earth! In this action-packed issue, Selke and the Doctor continue their scheming and hit upon the solution to Selke's "cosmetic" complaints. Meanwhile, a jilted student at Sunnydale High learns a valuable lesson in gender relations. All the monsters and mayhem of the hit television show, captured in a monthly comic. This July, when things are heating up outside, kick back with the coolest comic around!

Anna says:
    Art: 1/5  I really didn't enjoy the art in this one.  The Scooby Gang didn't look very good, and Buffy looked terrible.  Not only that, but she and Amy looked way too similar.  At some points I couldn't tell who was who.  Giles looked way too old in some parts too.  And where did that winged vamp come from?
    Cover: 3/5  I like the concept of Giles & Buffy fighting the vamps together like they do in the story, but Buffy looks really young here, too young.
    Story: 3.5/5  I like the Selke story in the background as Buffy and the gang obliviously deal with other stuff, but I thought the storyline with Todd Dahl (the guy was such a dork!  who in the world would believe he's supposed to be cool?) was pretty lame and not very interesting, though Amy changing him into a girl was kind of funny.  I missed Angel in this story though, so hopefully he will pop up again soon.
    Overall score: 2.5/5

Buffy #12
A Nice Girl Like You

Written by: Christopher Golden
Pencilled by: Christian Zanier
Inked by: Andy Owens
Cover by: Tim Townsend

The new girl in Sunnydale, by all appearances, is your typical sweet, intelligent high-school senior, except for one thing--the crowd she runs with! She hangs out with more punks and delinquents than in juvenile hall, yet Buffy still finds something  . . . different about her. Guest writer Christopher Golden (Angel) and artists Cliff Richards and Joe Pimentel (Buffy #8) pack more punch than a monthly comic deserves! Jump on the bandwagon and buy the comic that everyone is talking about--Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Anna says:
    Art: 2.5/5  Again, not very stellar art.  Hopefully the next will be better, because I want to see some quality art.  I didn't like the strands of hair that were always in Buffy's face.  It just looked so fake.  The other characters weren't terrible, but they certainly weren't worth raving about either.
    Cover: 1/5  Is that supposed to be Buffy?  It sure doesn't look like her.  And when in the comic did the demon look like that?
    Story: 3/5  An entertaining story, but haven't we done the "new girl is a demon" thing already (#6 & #7)?  Still, props to Golden for making reference to Buffy episodes like "Inca Mummy Girl."  I'm starting to wonder if Angel is ever coming back or if he'll just disappear for good until his own comic premieres.
    Overall: 2.5/5

The Usual
The Usual

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