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Written by Kristina

My hands tremble. My mind races, considering the possibilities as I feel my heart frantically pump blood throughout my body. My eyes dart frantically across my computer monitor, searching for the news I seek. Alas, it is now the winter of my discontent -- no new episodes of Buffy or Angel! I want -- no, I need -- them as much as a drowning man wants one more breath of air. Am I overreacting? Maybe, maybe not. But what's a diehard fan to do to pass the time until new episodes air?

I've tried doing many things, and I've come up with what I think is an excellent contingency plan for dealing without new episodes. Here they are, in no particular order.

Read news articles on the net about Buffy and Angel.

These are great, especially when you learn stuff about the stars. For example, did you know that Sarah Michelle Gellar got a haircut -- in November? If you read net news articles, you would. They're also great because you can glean some spoilers from them. I visit slayage.com to get my fix.

Visit Buffy and Angel sites

Not only can you learn more about TV's two greatest shows, but you get to view all different sorts of layouts -- some better than others. I usually start off in one site, then link to either their affiliates or recommended links. Of course, there is one very important thing to remember -- always bookmark your favourite sites. Trust me on this -- you'll thank me in two weeks time when you want to visit this one site that had all these great fan fics, and you don't have to spend half an hour searching through your history to find it!

Read Fan Fiction

Think that Lindsey and Cordelia would make an excellent couple? Need your Buffy and Spike fix? There is a ton of fan fiction available on the net to suit your 'shipper needs! And if there isn't a fan fic that you want to read, well, you could try your hand at writing your own!

Join a posting board

Although the Bronze isn't the best posting board, there are many unofficial posting boards you can join. You get to discuss theories, favourite episodes, and basically anything else with fellow Buffy and Angel fans.

Now, the above four methods are okay, as long as you have pretty much unrestricted net access. However, if you are in a similar position to myself (where you have to fight tooth and nail for computer time), don't despair!

Read the Buffy and Angel books and comics

There are a plethora of books and comics available to suit your fancy -- including some novelizations of actual episodes. They also explore many themes that neither series has dealt with -- including time travel. Time travel? Yes -- in Christopher Golden's "The Lost Slayer" miniseries. The published books and comics tend to be a bit more reliable than fan fiction you read on the net, since you have to pay money for them. Or, you could visit your local library, and borrow as many as the librarian will lend you… without giving you a dirty look.

And by no means do you have to restrict yourself to Buffy and Angel novels. There are some great Vampire encyclopedias out there… and they are guaranteed to draw quizzical looks from the librarian! It's great -- my school librarian thinks I'm crazy… or a vampire. Take your pick! There are also other horror books that deal with witches, and other horrific creatures. Anne Rice and her "Vampire Chronicles" come to mind, as well as Stephen King's "'Salem's Lot." However, in "'Salem's Lot" be prepared to wade through some "lovey-dovey" stuff before you get to the vampires.

Watch classic episodes of both shows

"Once More, With Feeling" and "Billy" still too fresh in your memory to watch again? I choose to watch classic episodes of Angel, especially ones that feature Lindsey. The best part, too, is that you can rewind the tape while watching. Best example I can think of this is "To Shanshu in LA" -- look! Lindsey has his hand back again! Yeah! Send him to Caritas! Or, you can watch "The Zeppo" when Xander was in the forefront and had more than five minutes of screen time per episode! (I'm not bitter, n-o-o-o!)

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things to do. It has, however, helped me to keep my sanity… or what is left of it. And hey, look on the bright side -- February sweeps aren't that far away!

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