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Mr. Trick
K. Todd Freeman

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Mr. Trick
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K. Todd Freeman

Mr. Trick

  • Biography:

    Written by Zinna

    While never the main villain, Mr. Trick was a notably clever and amusing vampire sidekick. Trick makes his first appearance in "Faith, Hope, and Trick", ordering a snack at a drive-thru burger restaurant from the backseat of a black limo. The snack being the drive-thru employee, and not the meal he ordered. Trick accompanies Kakistos to what he likes to affectionately refer to as "the Dale" in search of Faith. Kakistos is the ancient vampire that killed Faith's watcher and lost his eye trying to kill Faith. Kakistos came to the "Hellmouth" for revenge, but Mr. Trick came for fun.

    Trick appears to be Kakistos' right-hand man with an infinite amount of clever lines. Once danger, in the form of two feisty slayers, corners them, Trick dismisses any loyalties he may have to Kakistos and runs away. His cowardice proves to be in his best interests, as he is around to cause mischief for a while longer.

    Next, Trick organizes Slayerfest '98, where Faith and Buffy are to be hunted down by various well-armed competitors for sport. As the organizer, he just sits back and watches the action for sheer amusement, never bothering to compete. Of course, the slayers (actually Cordelia is accidentally hunted in Faith's stead) prevail, leaving Mr. Trick to find new ways to amuse himself. Before the episode ends, Mr. Trick meets with the Mayor to form some sort of alliance. Mayor Wilkins is impressed by Slayerfest '98 and welcomes Trick to his team.

    In "Consequences", the Mayor asks to Trick to take care of the slayers, since they don't have enough evidence to put them in jail for killing his assistant. Trick and his minions ambush Faith and Buffy at the docks. Buffy fights Trick while Faith takes the minions. Somehow Trick gets Buffy into a compromising position. Just as he goes to bite Buffy, Faith stakes him from behind. His last words being, "Oh no. No. This is not good at all."

  • Episode Listing:
    Season 3:
    Faith, Hope, and Trick
    Band Candy
    Bad Girls
    Consequences (Killed by Faith)

  • The Usual
    The Usual

    Random Quotage:

    Ugh... It's late. I'm tired. What does he want from us, anyway?
    The number of a qualified surgeon to remove the British flag from his butt?
    -Willow and Xander (Revelations)

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