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Bianca Lawson

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Bianca Lawson


  • Biography:

    Written by Zinna

    Kendra was a slayer. She was activated when Buffy died fulfilling a prophecy, which read, "The master shall rise and the slayer will die" (Prophecy Girl). The prophecy failed to mention that the slayer would have a good friend named Xander that would perform CRP and bring her back to life. Buffy, of course, resumed her slayer duties immediately, unaware another slayer had been called. Kendra's watcher, Sam Zabuto, sent her to Sunnydale when Spike stole the du Lac manuscript in an effort to revive Drusilla, his lover and sire.

    Kendra came to the hellmouth stowed away in the cargo area of the jet plane. She spent most of her time lurking around in the shadows spying on various people and vampires, Buffy and Angel included. Eventually, the two slayers met when Kendra attacked Buffy because she was convinced that Buffy was a vampire. Kendra had spied Buffy kissing Angel with his vamp face earlier that day. She also noticed that Buffy had super strength (What's My Line, Part 1).

    Both slayers exhibited similar fighting styles and were unable to best one another during their initial fight. When Kendra introduced herself as the vampire slayer, Buffy decided they should call a truce. She took Kendra back to Giles and he sorted them out. Kendra was called because Buffy had died, simple as that.

    Before Kendra's arrival Buffy begrudged her destiny as the slayer. She was completely disillusioned with what life as a slayer had to offer. Once Kendra showed up, Buffy, in a sense, had a way out. Kendra could be the slayer. Buffy, however, appeared to be jealous when Kendra and Giles to seemed to hit it off.

    Kendra was everything that Buffy was not. Her parents knew of her destiny and sent her to her watcher when she was very young. Kendra spent her entire youth training to be a warrior. She even had extensive knowledge of the slayer handbook. Buffy, on the other hand, had never heard of such a volume (Giles didn't think that Buffy would be receptive to it). To Buffy, Kendra appeared to be any watcher's dream, but she was lacking in one area. Kendra had no life. She had no friends, no familiar ties and no hobbies. She had no passion for anything. In essence, Kendra was kind of like a slaying machine. Slayers like these don't last very long on the hellmouth. Slayers have to have something to fight for, something to live for, or they'll end up dead.

    Whatever reservations Buffy had entertained, about her right to the slayer position, were squashed when she saw Kendra at work. She couldn't leave the fate of her friends and loved ones in Kendra's hands. Kendra would do everything by the book. Instead the two worked together to solve the problem at hand (Buffy assuming the lead role), which was to stop Spike from reviving Dru by draining the life from Dru's sire, Angel. Once they saved Angel and temporarily paralyzed Spike. Buffy gave Kendra a plane ticket and told her to get a life for her own good (What's My Line, Part 2). Kendra went home.

    Kendra returned to Sunnydale when Angelus stole the sarcophagus of Acathla, to provide Buffy with sword that would be Buffy's only defense against the demon (Becoming, Part 1). While Buffy was off fighting Angel, Kendra stayed at the library to protect the Slayerettes. Dru and her minions attacked the library. Dru hypnotized Kendra into a trance and cut her throat with her fingernail. Buffy returned to find Kendra dead and her friends gone. Soon after the police arrived to find Buffy over the dead girl's body. Buffy became their only suspect. Buffy fled arrest until circumstantial evidence and the eyewitness testimony of her friends proved her innocence.

    Before Buffy went to fight Angel, Kendra gave Buffy her favorite stake, which she named Mr. Pointy. From time to time Buffy makes references to Mr. Pointy (well, he's quite a stake).

  • Episode Listing:
    Season 2:
    What's My Line? (Part 1)
    What's My Line? (Part 2)
    Becoming (Part 1) (Killed by Drusilla)

    Bianca Lawson

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  • The Usual
    The Usual

    Random Quotage:

    Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die.
    -Buffy (Prophecy Girl)

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