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Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau as Drusilla
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Drusilla's Story

Written by Kristina

As a human, Drusilla was an innocent. She lived with her mother and sisters and tried to do right in God's eyes. She had the gift of the sight - she saw things before they happened and it upset her. Her family didn't understand and didn't know how to help. They saw it as being a sign of the devil, because only God was supposed to know what was going to happen before it actually did. She tried to search for redemption; she confessed her sins to a priest, or at least she thought she did. Angelus heard her confession instead and planted the first seeds of doubt and despair in her mind. Her gift and her purity were what attracted Angelus and he used it to destroy her.

Slowly and surely he drove her insane, killing those closest to her, and messing with her head. He stripped away her ability to function as an adult; she became very much like a child. His manipulations drove her to a convent where, on the night she was to take her vows, he turned her. Darla was with him throughout this time - it was she who showed him Drusilla. She was also against Drusilla being a vampire; she didn't like the idea of the insane woman having eternal life. Angelus did it for eternal torment - for all eternity Drusilla would suffer from her lunacy.

Her first years as a vampire were spent accompanying her sire and grandsire everywhere. She was a member of their little family but Angelus' devotion had never been to her and she felt it keenly. She was the odd one out, and her lust to find a mate of her own grew. She was out walking with Angelus and Darla when she bumped into a crying poet named William. Angelus and Darla disregarded him and even mocked him. Drusilla, however, saw something in him and offered him the opportunity for eternal life with someone who understood him. She finally had someone of her own.

With Spike by her side, the four vampires coalesced into a whole, only to be further fragmented when Angel was cursed with a soul. They killed the gypsies who had done it, but for all the blood Drusilla and her family spilled they couldn't change what had happened. They drifted for a while, eventually ending up in China during The Boxer Rebellion, briefly joined by Angel.

Eventually Darla and Drusilla went their separate ways. Spike and Dru ended up in Prague and it was there that their lives were once again turned upside down. An enraged mob attacked them; Drusilla was weakened by it and until a cure could be found it was up to Spike to take care of her. That motivation was what drove them to the Hellmouth years later. There, a cure was found and Drusilla gained her strength back from a ritual Angel barely lived through. Spike and Drusilla's roles reversed once again, it was up to Drusilla to take care of an injured Spike.

Complications were further added when Angelus returned to the fold. Drusilla's loyalty to Spike all but vanished and she was at her sire's whim. Angered at Drusilla's lack of attention to him, Spike struck a deal with the Slayer, promising that if she would get rid of Angelus he would take Drusilla away and never come back. He did, but Drusilla dumped him later on for a Chaos Demon.

Drusilla turned up in L.A. at the whim of Wolfram and Hart. She turned Darla before Angel's eyes and when Darla arose the two had themselves a massacre, ending with the lawyers of Wolfram and Hart that Angel had locked in a wine cellar with them. They ended up beat and battered and a bit roasted but once Darla was safely with Lindsey, Drusilla took off to Sunnydale to reclaim what was once hers: Spike. Unfortunately for Dru, Spike had moved on (and had fallen in love with the Slayer). After a battle with both Buffy and Spike, Dru left Sunnydale once again. Her whereabouts at the moment remain unknown.

The First Evil aptly used Drusilla's form to torture Spike, and to bend him to its will. FE Drusilla urged the Uber-vamp to terrorize Spike, and constantly reminded Spike of his vampiric nature.

Episode Listing

Season Two:
School Hard
Lie to Me
What's My Line? (Part 1)
What's My Line? (Part 2)
Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
I Only Have Eyes for You
Becoming (Part 1)
Becoming (Part 2)

Season Five:
Fool for Love

Season Seven:
Lessons (as The First)
Bring on the Night (as The First)
Lies My Parents Told Me

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Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die.
-Buffy (Prophecy Girl)

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