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Julie Benz

Julie Benz as Darla
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Darla's Story

Written by Kristina

Darla's life as a human was one that was looked down upon - she was a prostitute in the colony of Virginia in 1609. As a result of her "profession," she was dying of syphilis. Shamed, Darla felt deep self-loathing for what she was. This made her perfect material for The Master, who entered her room as a priest, and sired her.

As a favored child of the Master, she was afforded the opportunity to set off in her own direction. While in Ireland, she discovered Liam and was struck by the beauty and potential she saw through his layers of laziness and drunkenness. She lured him to her, and turned him into a vampire. She guided him, and together they cut a swath through Europe, building a relationship that would last over one hundred years.

One fateful day, Darla presented Angelus with a gift. A Gypsy girl. With her death, her tribe cursed Angelus with a soul, and tore the two lovers apart. Darla could not abide his filthy human soul, and threw him out. Still wanting her lover back, Darla gave Angelus the opportunity to prove his evilness to her, but he failed, and was forever cast away from Darla.

Following the Master, and the Order of Aurelius, Darla ended up in Sunnydale. Upon learning of Angel's arrival in Sunnydale, she tried reforming him to no avail. Angered with Angel and disgusted by his love for the Slayer, she framed him for drinking the blood of the Slayer's mother; however, this plan backfired on her, as Angel staked her, sending her into a hell dimension for all eternity. Or so we thought.

After Angel arrived in Los Angeles, the evil law firm of Wolfram and Hart raised Darla, in an attempt to sidetrack Angel from his mission. However, there was one catch - she didn't come back as a vampire - she came back human. Insinuating herself in Angel's dreams, she began to distract him from his true purpose. Her glory, however, was short-lived. The syphilis that was killing her in colony times continued it's progression, and she was going to die. This time, she was willing to accept her fate with Angel by her side.

A peaceful death was not meant to be for Darla. Drusilla arrived in town, with the help of Wolfram and Hart, and the granddaughter sired the grandmother. Once again, Darla became Angel's obsession, and she set out to destroy him. Spiraling into despair, Angel allowed Darla and Drusilla to massacre a group of lawyers from Wolfram and Hart before torching them to near death. Both vampires retreated to heal their wounds, but Angel found Darla.

In the depths of his despair, Angel slept with Darla. He awoke with a start, having an epiphany. Disappointed that she could not cause Angel to lose his soul, Darla disappeared once again. But of course, she didn't stay gone. She ended up in Mexico, with a surprise. She was pregnant. Despite her many attempts, Darla was unable to terminate her pregnancy. She arrived in Sunnydale, to the shock of Angel and his gang. As the little baby within her grew, she began to share its soul. For the second time since arriving in Sunnydale five years ago, Darla experienced what it was like to have a soul.

Knowing that the baby would die if she didn't take drastic measures and that once it had left her body, she would no longer love it, Darla sacrificed her life so that her son, the best thing she had ever done with Angel, could be born. In the rain, while in the throes of labor, Darla staked herself, leaving Angel with a pile of dust, and a son.

Episode Listing

Season One:
Welcome to the Hellmouth / The Harvest
Angel   (Killed by Angel)

Season 2:
Becoming (Part 1)

Season 5:
Fool for Love

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You trusting fool! How do you know the other world is any better than this?
Because it has to be.
-Anyanka and Giles (The Wish)

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