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Anya Jenkins
Emma Caulfield

Emma Caulfield as Anya Jenkins
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Anya's Story

Written by Kristina

Before arriving in Sunnydale, life was simple for the vengeance demon known as Anyanka. A wronged female would summon her, and she would exact vengeance on the female's partner. Her power center was her necklace, and when she went vengeance-y, her face would get vein-y, and her voice deepened. However, upon her arrival in Sunnydale, things rapidly changed for Anyanka. She granted Cordelia Chase's wish that Buffy Summers never arrived in Sunnydale, but Giles, from Bizarro Sunnydale, destroyed her power center, rendering her helpless, and to her chagrin, mortal. Anya refused to accept her fate. She contacted D'Hoffryn, begging for her powers back, but he ignored her pleas. Finally, she contacted Willow to summon her necklace from Bizarro Sunnydale. The plan went awry, bringing the vampire version of Willow to Sunnydale instead of her necklace.

Resigned to her fate as a mortal, Anya continued to attend Sunnydale High, and became smitten with Xander Harris, even though the feeling was not mutual. She asked him to the Prom, and he agreed. Her feelings for Xander grew, and when she learned of the coming ascension, she panicked. She had witnessed the last ascension, and was not eager to watch another one, with her mortal status. She offered to bring Xander with her, but he refused. Anya failed miserably at trying to put Xander out of her mind. She re-entered his life, thinking that if they had sex, she would be able to end this infatuation once and for all. No such luck. Despite her tactless ways, and her confusion at being a mortal, her relationship with Xander blossomed, and became something more. Her knowledge of demons, and her experience, proved to be a valuable resource to the Scoobs, and she was somewhat reluctantly welcomed into their group.

As Anya learned what it was to be human, many quirky aspects of her character were revealed, including her fear of bunnies. She was loyal and stuck with Xander through the hard times of switching jobs, and arguments with the other core Scoobs. Through it all, though, she still felt slightly alienated from the other Scoobs, as if they didn't completely accept her for who she was. Anya and Xander both learned that Anya had not completely come to grips with her mortalness when she was injured defending Dawn. She wanted to experience life in a rush, because she didn't want to miss anything. However, with Xander by her side, she began to come to grips with life as a mortal.

When Giles opened up the Magic Shop, he hired Anya to help him with the sales. She was ecstatic - she loved money, and knew magic very well. She proved to be a very apt and able employee, and Giles entrusted Anya with the store when he journeyed to England to learn about Sunnydale's newest threat, Glory. Willow offered to help, but instead, the two women bickered. On the surface, it appeared that Anya and Willow just didn't get along, but beneath the surface, Anya was wary of Willow. She remembered how Willow once broke up one of Xander's relationships, and refused to let it happen again. Two of the most important women in Xander's life were able to reconcile their differences, even with the arrival of Anya's former flame, Olaf. Anya performed a spell that turned Olaf into a troll when he cheated on her (incidentally, it was this spell that caught D'Hoffryn's attention and got her the gig as a vengeance demon). Buffy managed to vanquish the troll, and life in Sunnydale continued as normal. Until Joyce died. The Scoobs all had a difficult time dealing with this event, especially Anya. She couldn't understand what was going on, and with childlike innocence, asked questions like "what do we do?" and "are we gonna see the body?" Breaking down into sobs, Anya explained that she couldn't grasp the concept of death - according to her "it's mortal and stupid."

With new knowledge of what it was to be a mortal, Anya continued to grow closer to Xander. When the final battle against Glory loomed closer, it was Anya that suggested using the Dagon Sphere and Olaf's hammer. Despite being terrified, Anya was going to stick with the Scoobs, and Xander. Anya was skeptical when Xander proposed marriage to her before the battle. She thought he was doing it because he may not have to act on it, if the world ended. She declined, telling him she would be willing to accept his proposal if the world didn't end. During the battle, Anya almost sacrificed herself to save Xander from falling debris. Injured, her pain was soon forgotten when Buffy gave her gift to the world - her death.

A few months later, Xander and Anya helped Willow and Tara to work a dangerous spell to bring Buffy back. The spell succeeded, and Anya nagged Xander about breaking the news of their engagement. He was reluctant - he was very much in love with Anya, but there was something weighing on the back of his mind. He finally announced the engagement to his friends on Halloween, much to everyone's surprise. Under Anya's watchful and keen mind, business at the Magic Box continued to flourish. She anxiously looked forward to her wedding day, and began making preparations with Xander. She wanted everything to be perfect. The wedding day arrived. With glee, Anya began making herself look beautiful for her big day. But when she learned that Xander disappeared, and that a man she'd brought vengeance upon many years earlier, was responsible for creating doubt in Xander's mind, she was crestfallen. When Xander returned, soaked with rain, she was hopeful that the wedding would continue. But it was not to be - Xander left her at the altar. Beyond hurt, Anya turned to D'Hoffryn, whom was conveniently at her wedding. Forced to choose between the known (life as a vengeance demon) and the unknown (life as a mortal without Xander), Anya chose what she knew. Anyanka was back.

Closing up the Magic Shop, Anya disappeared from town for awhile. When she returned, she seemed to be more confident, and avoided Xander when she could. If he was around, she made sure that he felt the brunt of her disappointment and hurt. In fact, she was in so much pain over the loss of Xander, she ignored a woman's wish of vengeance. One night, while nursing their broken hearts, she and Spike confided their feelings of rejection to each other. Drunk, they had sex in the Magic Box, while, unbeknownst to them, Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and Xander watched. Hurt, Xander confronted Anya at the Magic Box, and it was then that Xander learned the horrible truth that Buffy was in fact sleeping with Spike. Anya had also learned something from this experience - that she would still continue to hurt from not being with Xander. When Willow turned to dark magics to avenge the death of Tara, it was Anya who warned Buffy and Xander. She aided Jonathan and Andrew's escape from prison, and protected them, with chanting, from Willow's wrath. While Giles lay dying, it was Anya who remained with him, comforting him. When the world didn't end, and Giles survived, Anya assisted Giles to the exit of the ruined Magic Shop, to bask in the light of a new day.

Anya had a hard time slipping back into the role of vengeance demon. She couldn't grant any of the extremely pain rendering wishes, because she still remembered what it was like to be human and to have a close group of friends around her. After a talk with Halfrek, Anya finally began to grant wishes with a, well, vengeance. Her first major wish granting was turning the boyfriend of a woman into a sluggoth (worm) demon. While being confronted by Buffy and the Scoobies in the Bronze, Anya discovered that Spike gotten his soul back. While marveling at this, Spike vamped out and began a fight with Anya, who vengeance-demoned out. They kicked each other around the Bronze, and after a talk with Xander, Anya finally revoked the wish. When Willow arrived back in Sunnydale, Anya was apprehensive. She was still cleaning away the rubble of the Magic Shop, but when Willow needed help, she provided it. Anya helped Buffy and Xander find Willow when she was held captive by Gnarl, and all seemed to be well.

Until Anya granted a young girl a horrifying wish. She summoned spider demons that massacred a frat house. Anya was horrified with what she had done - she was covered with blood, and feeling none too good about herself. Vengeance didn't satisfy her anymore. As she suffered from the guilt of this act, she remembered all the vengeful acts she had done, including turning Olaf into a troll (the spell that got her the Vengeance Demon gig). While this was going on, Buffy had come to the decision to kill Anya. The two faced off, but Anya called upon D'Hoffryn to revoke the wish. Only D'Hoffryn could revoke a wish of such magnitude - and he needed a vengeance demon to sacrifice their life. Anya was willing, but instead, D'Hoffryn summoned Halfrek and took her life. Anya had no powers and was racked with guilt. Xander had offered to help her, but she refused. All her life, she had clung to something or someone - it was time she made her way on her own. She tried to survive on her own, but D'Hoffryn sent assassins after her. She was welcomed back into the Scooby gang, and the bond that had formed between her and Xander resurfaced as a strong friendship. Together, they interrogated Andrew for information, and she was instrumental in helping Buffy and the Scoobs identify demons.

Episode Listing

Season 3:
The Wish
The Prom
Graduation Day (Part 1)

Season 4:
The Harsh Light of Day
Fear, Itself
Something Blue
A New Man
The I in Team
Goodbye Iowa
Who Are You
Where the Wild Things Are
New Moon Rising
The Yoko Factor

Season 5 - 7:
Regular cast member
Killed in Chosen by a Bringer

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