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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz as Angel
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Angel's Story

Written by Kristina

Liam was born in 18th century Ireland, and lived in the town of Galway and was the son of a somewhat wealthy merchant. Liam was more interested in his own pleasure than living up to his father's expectations of him. He was a drunkard, who fancied the ladies at the pubs. He was restless - he wanted a life outside his town, and he wanted to be free of his father. He was unhappy with the way his life was, and his father viewed him as a great disappointment.

One night, everything changed. After being kicked out of a pub, he met a beautiful woman in an alley. She promised to show him a world he had never seen, and eager to leave behind the life he was living, he took her promise. With a bloody kiss, Liam's fate was changed. When he awoke, he clawed his way out of his grave, and returned to his home as a monster. His first victim was his sister Kathy, who also gave him his new name, Angelus. Angelus killed his family, and saved his father's death for last. He wanted his father to be aware of the man he had become. With his father's death, Angelus thought he had finally proven himself better than his father, but Darla harshly reminded him that now, he never would. His father's opinion was now unable to change from that which it had been before.

Together, Angelus and Darla terrorized Europe. They left many victims - dead, undead and barely alive - in their wake. Families were torn apart, including that of the vampire hunter, Daniel Holtz. Angelus and Darla made it their game to torture this vampire hunter, because they knew that he was incapable of touching them. They killed his wife and son, and turned his daughter into a vampire. Angelus delighted in torturing people, especially whole families. He was different from the typical vampire - he was confident and challenging authority when he really had no right to do so. He knew how to take control of a situation and manipulate it.

Drusilla was pure - a young girl who only wanted to do right in God's eyes. She was a devout Catholic who lived with her mother and two sisters. But she had a unique gift, or curse as she saw it - she was burdened with the sight. Her greatest fear was to be evil and corrupt, and "affront to the Lord." Angelus set out to destroy her with relish, and he succeeded. He drove her insane, and killed her family. On the day she was to become a nun, Angelus turned her into a vampire, and his macabre family grew by one. Their family grew again by one when Drusilla turned William into a vampire. Over time, the group separated, but Angelus and Darla remained together. One night, Darla presented Angelus with a gift - a Gypsy girl. Unbeknownst to Darla and Angelus, the girl was a favorite of her tribe, and with her death, the tribe cursed Angelus, with his soul.

Suddenly, all the years of torture Angelus had committed came back to haunt him. He remembered each victim as if he had just killed them. Darla threw him out - she couldn't abide with his soul. Tortured, Angelus fed on villains, and constantly tried to prove himself to Darla. During the Boxer Rebellion, Darla offered Angelus a chance to prove himself to her, offering him a baby to feed on. He tried, but he couldn't bring himself to take an innocent life. And so he fled to America, and kept to himself, remaining in the shadows, tortured.

In the 1950's, Angel found himself in Los Angeles, where he was living in the Hyperion Hotel. The hotel was being preyed upon by a Thesulac demon, and Angel had the opportunity to exorcise it, but he passed it up - in an attempt to save herself, a young woman Angel had befriended betrayed him, and an angry mob hung him because he was a "freak." Angel continued drifting, feeling the weight of his actions very heavily. He ended up in Manhattan, in 1996, where Whistler, a demon found him. Whistler finally bestowed onto Angel what he was looking for - a purpose. Angel saw the new slayer - Buffy Summers - being called, and he moved to Sunnydale to help her.

He tried to remain the cryptic guy in the shadows - he didn't want to get too close to Buffy because he had fallen in love with her, and knew that a romance between a vampire and a slayer wouldn't work out. This didn't stop Buffy from pursuing Angel. Angel finally gave in, and one night, he ended up in Buffy's bedroom, hiding from a demon. They shared a kiss, and Angel revealed his vampirism to Buffy. She was shocked - this mysterious stranger was a vampire - demons she was called to destroy.

She almost did kill him - Darla (who had also turned up in Sunnydale) tried to frame Angel for drinking Buffy's mother's blood. Buffy only learned at the last minute that it had been Darla who'd attacked Joyce. When Darla was about to kill Buffy, Angel proved his loyalty to her, and the good fight - he killed his sire.

Angel tried to remain in the shadows, but Buffy kept dragging him back into her life. He finally relented, and they began "dating." They fought evil side by side, and Angel was eventually accepted by her Scooby Gang, with the exception of Xander. Angel's grief about his past sins began to lessen - Buffy loved him, and showed him a way he could live where he could begin making up for what he had done as Angelus. On her seventeenth birthday, while trying to prevent Drusilla and Spike from assembling a mythical foe, they consummated their love for each other. Angel had a moment of true happiness, and in the process he lost his soul.

When the Gypsies had cursed Angel, they placed a condition on the curse - his torment was to be eternal, if he ever experienced a moment of true happiness, he would lose his soul and become the monster he'd been so many years before. And so, in another dark alley, Angel once more became Angelus. Without a soul he was vicious - not trace of humanity was left in him. Angelus was obsessed with the Slayer; Angel's love had been warped into a perverse obsession. He resorted to his old ways: death and destruction, utter chaos. He intended to rip her life apart and with her death would finally be free of her. He started with her friends, even killing Giles' girlfriend, Jenny Calendar, who was a member of the gypsy clan who'd cursed him and the only person who was able to decode the curse that could give him his soul back. Totally depraved, he left her corpse on Giles bed for the librarian to find.

Angelus was determined to rid himself of Buffy, even if that meant destroying the world. Angel's influence and his love for the Slayer hung over Angelus; he just couldn't get rid of it. He tried to get rid of the world instead. Toward the end of a gruelling sword fight with Buffy, Angel's soul was restored by Willow, but it was too late. He had already opened the mouth of Acathla, which was on the verge of sucking the world into hell. Angel had no recollection of being Angelus, or of all the pain he'd caused Buffy over the past months. He looked at her, confused by her tears, the sword in her hand, and the wound on her arm. Buffy held him and cried. She knew that in order to save the world, she would have to kill Angel. With one last kiss, Buffy spilt Angel's blood to close the portal. The portal closed, sucking Angel into hell with it.

Months later, he returned, inexplicably and suddenly cast out of hell: naked and shivering, almost as if it was a rebirth. He was mindless, existing on instinct and emotion, not totally cognizant of his surroundings or the events going on around him. What happened to Angel in hell was never revealed, but the consequences were chilling. He had been stripped of everything that he was - he was little more then an animal. As animalistic as Angel was, something in him survived. He wasn't completely helpless. Buffy had been the first one to find him, and yet again she stepped into her role as protector and took care of him, no matter how painful it was for her. It was Buffy that dragged Angel back from the abyss - through her love and care she was able to penetrate the fog of his mind and bring back the parts him that made him an individual. The parts that made him Angel.

Before Christmas, Angel's victims once again haunted him. They called for his death and torment. He crumbled beneath it, looking for a way to end the memories and the voices of his victims telling him that the only way out was to take comfort in Buffy, to feed off of her. He tried to end everything by waiting for the sun to rise and kill him, but Buffy tried to stop him. She knew that the First Evil was torturing Angel. She couldn't change his mind about dying, but something else did; the sun didn't rise that day. A freak blizzard engulfed the small town, saving Angel from death and showing him that maybe, possibly... he was worthy.

During a confrontation with The Mayor seeds if doubt were planted in Angel's head that he wasn't good for Buffy. He was holding her back, and what he had to offer her wasn't enough. Everyone had been repeating it, even Buffy's own mother. Angel took the next step; he broke up with Buffy and let her know of his intentions to leave Sunnydale. His intentions were good - everything he did was for Buffy. It was painful, and it got even worse when Angel was shot with a poisoned arrow by Faith. The Scoobies discovered that the only cure for the poison that was killing Angel was the blood of a Slayer. Buffy tried to bring Faith to Angel, willing to kill her sister Slayer in order to save her lover, but Buffy wound up putting Faith into a coma and realized that in order to save Angel, she would have to sacrifice herself. She told Angel to drink from her, but Angel refused. Buffy began to hit him until his game face emerged, and then forced his mouth to her neck.

He drank her blood, almost killing her. She survived, but Angel had even more guilt to add to his already massive pile, no matter whether it was deserved or not. He helped her defeat the newest Apocalypse and then he left, disappearing into the smoke and haze.

Episode Listing

Season 1:
Welcome to the Hellmouth / The Harvest
Teacher's Pet
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Prophecy Girl

Seasons 2 and 3:
Regular cast member

Season 4:
The Yoko Factor

Season 5:
Fool for Love

Season 7:
End of Days

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