Nicholas Brendon on the Buffy Finale: Interview with Xander
From 04.24.03
~ Fred Topel

Nicholas Brendon has provided the comic relief on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer for seven years. From high school nerd to adult flunkie, Xander has always had a crack about the various monsters the gang has faced over the years. In person, itís easy to see where that sense of humor comes from. From posing for photos with goofy expressions to going off on random tangents during an interview, it seems Brendon is Xander.

And weíll see a lot more of him next year, as he goes on to star in his own series for Fox.

What was the last week of filming like?
Iíve been doing two shows. Iíve been doing a sitcom for Fox thatíll come out next year on the Fox network, so I was very hectically coordinating Buffy and the emotions of that, and then starting this new show. So, saying goodbye to my old cast and saying hello to my new cast. Itís been a very strange week. I havenít really had a second to really reflect. Wednesday [April 16] was the last day. I cried when I left, like a little baby whose pants were soiled. Change me, mommy, change me. Youíre not my mommy. Iím being kidnapped. Christ, where am I? Iím not Mexican. Why am I in Mexico? What the f*ckís going on right now? So yeah, it was very emotional, but I was very lucky to have booked this pilot, to have the work continue on. But itís just been a really weird week for me and Iíve been very busy and I havenít really had time to reflect. Me and my wife are going to Chicago on Sunday and on the plane weíll have to talk and say, ďWhat the F just happened?Ē

In the finale, does Xander still fight blind?
Yes, you know, Xander loves to fight blondes. I think itís very evident when he fought Harmony.

How about blind, B-L-I-N-D, since Caleb poked his eye out?
I had a sword fight and it was tough. Does he love to fight blind? Would you?

I just asked if he could. Yes, he can, but I don't think he loves it.

What do you think of losing the eye?
I think itís actually great. The idea would be like we would love to do a film and I think weíre going to, and I talked to Joss about it. Xanderís not going to have some mystical eye grow back. Heís going to have an eye patch.

Can he still do construction work?
I think heís going to change. Heís not going to build 3D anymore. Heís going to be more of a 2D type guy, which means heís going to be poor. ďHereís my concept. Everythingís in 2D.Ē

How have you felt about playing the everyman who has no special powers?
He does. Actually, I think Xanderís power was the most extraordinary because it was wit. The tongue is mightier than the sword, my friend.

How do you feel about the ultimate arc you got to follow?
Listen, heís been a fantastic character and apparently people really, really relate to him. So, I canít complain about anything. I think Xanderís helped out a lot of kids and a lot of adults throughout the country and the world, and the show has been fantastic.