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Before you send me an e-mail, please be sure you've read all of these to see if your question has already been answered. If your question is one that's on this list, don't expect a reply (unless I'm in a really good mood). If your question hasn't been answered, or you just want to send a comment/suggestion, feel free to e-mail me.

1. Hi, David Boreanaz (or any other person on the show)! I love your show! Please send me e-mail or an autographed picture of you.
    As I state in the disclaimer, I'm not involved in any way with the show. I don't know anyone on the show; I'm just a huge fan and this site is my way of showing my love for the show. E-mails like this are simply ignored and deleted.

2. Can you please send me David's (or any other person on the show) e-mail address?
    First off, I don't have the e-mail address of anyone involved with the show and second, if I did, I certainly wouldn't hand it out. If you need to get in touch with someone on the show, send them snail mail at this address:
Name of Cast/Crew Member
c/o Angel
Warner Bros.
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

3. Please send me all the info/pictures you have on Angel/David Boreanaz.
    Ummm... this one always puzzles me because I thought the whole purpose of this site was to provide information and allow people to see all the pictures I have. Everything I have on Angel is on this site, so if you want info or images, surf this site, but don't expect me to send it to you.

4. Will you ever post fanfiction on this site?
    Nope. Sorry. I know a lot of folks enjoy fanfic, but I've never been a big fanfic reader, so it would be near impossible for me to maintain a fanfic archive.

5. Where can I find the lyrics to the song from this episode?
    If you're trying to info on any music featured on the show, check out the BuffyWorld.com's music section.

6. Where do all the graphics on this site come from?
    All the graphics on this site are made by me (Anna) using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Paint Shop Pro 7. And no I will not make graphics for your site. I don't have the time. There are several places online that will create graphics for you. I recommend checking out Rock the Rock Creations.

7. Can I use your pictures/graphics on my site?
    Pictures from the gallery, yes, but please be aware that many of the pictures came various other sites (which are credited in the gallery section) so be sure to credit them for the pictures. Some of the pictures were scanned by me, but I don't label them and I don't ask for credit, just a simple link anywhere on the site. If you want to know which scans are mine, e-mail me.
    As for the graphics, you may not use those as they were all created by me. They are not to be touched!

8. Who runs this site?
    My name is Anna. I'm 24. I work at a library. If you want to know more about me, check out my personal site, Restless Innocence. I co-run this site with the lovely Kristina. Together we code all the HTML, make all the graphics, and do all the updating, etc. for this site. Much of the info on this site comes from wonderful people who take the time to e-mail us and let us know when something is happening. Please visit the staff page to see who helps us out with the site, and the credits page to find out where everything comes from.

9. I sent you something. Why haven't you posted it?
    It's entirely possible I haven't gotten around to reading what you sent yet. Otherwise I may have decided it wasn't something that I could post here. I appreciate all contributions, and I try to write and thank each person who takes the time to send something, but sometimes I just don't have enough time.

10. Can you send me an e-mail whenever you update this site?
    I won't e-mail you individually, but if you'd like to know when I update, you can join the update list for this site right over here. I send an e-mail out (usually late at night) whenever I have updated the site.

11. Why haven't you updated the site recently?
    I have a life. Really. I'm serious. I have work, school, friends, and family which always take precedence over this site. That's not to say that I'm not devoted to the site, but there are other more important things in my life, so I can't always update as often as you'd like. But I promise I will update when I get the chance.

12. Please link my site!
    Ummm... no. I don't link on demand. You can suggest your site as a possible link by submitting a form on this page, but don't demand that I link you. I link sites I enjoy, and those are usually ones I stumble on while surfing the net.

13. I missed this episode. Can you send me a tape or find someone else to send it to me?
    Sorry, but I don't send out tapes, even if you're willing to cover shipping and handling. Way too much work and time I don't have. The DVDs are all available for purchase from Amazon, in any case.

14. Who is that girl in the pictures with David Boreanaz?
    She's just a model. The pictures are from Glamour magazine where David and the girl in question were modeling clothes. As far as I know she is just a model.

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