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War Zone
War Zone
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Written by Kristina

A young black teenage girl is walking through an alley, being pursued by three vampires. She looks scared, and when she comes to a dead end, she faces them. There is the sound of a car behind the vampires, and one of them turns to look. We see a Gunn - a vampire hunter - with his crew in a pick up truck. A teenager with a loaded crossbow steps up beside Gunn.

Cordy, Wesley and Angel walk into a Hollywood party. Cordy's says she missed the smell of money. Angel tells Wesley she's not just saying that (he hides money in the office sometimes to watch her). Cordy spots the man they have come to meet - Mr. Nabbit. Introductions ensue, and David tells them he doesn't know most of the people at the party. They just come, and he thinks they have fun. David begins to tell them about the case, which involves blackmail. When David was in high school, he and his friends liked to play Dungeons and Dragons (the game, not the real thing). Some of his friends really got into the game, and found out about this place where there were real demon princesses they could romance. Wesley realizes they went to a Madam Dorian's (a demon brothel). David says he went there once, twice, or twelve times. Angel wants to know who knew that David went there, and David says just his friends. His security guards have identified the man that took the pictures as Lenny Edwards, but he can't find them. David's stockholders can't find these pictures, and Cordy assures him that they are incredibly discreet. Cordy decides that they'll remain to mingle for another couple of hours, so as not to look suspicious. David had no idea about what LA was about when he moved here. There's a whole world here that no one ever sees.

In the alley, the teens are fighting with the vampires, and are doing damage. One vampire is dusted when a stake hits him from a stake gun. Gunn beheads another vampire, and the stake gun claims another vampire. One boy has his neck snapped. Alonna (the girl) calls out to the gunner (Bobby), warning him of an attacking vampire. Alonna attacks the vampire just as it is about to kill Bobby, and Gunn comes running. Bobby's head is hanging over the side of the truck, and she tries to lift him up. They move Bobby into the trunk, and drive off. They stop when they arrive at a deserted building. Alonna and Gunn bring Bobby inside, and ease him to the ground. Alonna says they need to get a doctor, but Bobby dies. Gunn gets up, and goes over to James. James stole some canned food with Beck for them.

Angel walks into Madam Dorian's. Madam Dorian intercepts Angel, and says they don't do vampires. Angel says he just wants to talk, and shows her a picture. She refuses, because she is very discreet. Angel asks her how discreet she is, if someone can photograph one of her clients, and blackmail him. Angel wants to know who Lenny Edwards is, and Madam Dorian asks him who the girl is. He doesn't know, but the client's name is David Nabbit. She calls Lina over, and Lina mistakenly thinks Angel is there for her services. She holds up her hands, facing Madam Dorian, and Angel catches her tail. Angel shows her a picture and says he's looking for this man.

Alonna is in the hideout, and she asks a guy if he's seen her brother. Alonna goes up to Gunn, and says they need to talk about what happened to Bobby. They're all dying, and Alonna thinks Gunn is getting too reckless. Alonna thinks Gunn loves getting so close to death, and he tells her she is wrong. She hopes so; she couldn't stand to lose him. He tells her that will never happen, and he kisses her forehead. Two guys come down the stairs, and Gunn addresses Chain. He wants to know if Chain found the nest, which he did - four blocks away, near the jean factory. Guy hurries down the stairs, saying they were followed. Chain says they weren't but they go to check for safety.

Angel walks up to Lenny just as he is about to get into his car. Lenny wants to know what Angel wants and he says he wants love, family, and a place on the planet to call his own. He also wants to know where the pictures of David Nabbit are. Lenny says he's never heard of David, and tells Angel that he is obviously not from the area. Angel vamps out, just as Gunn as his gang watch from behind some iron bars. Angel pushes Lenny up against his car, and tells Lenny he will give Angel what he wants, otherwise he will dog Lenny for the rest of his life. He leaves Lenny alone, and Lenny unlocks his car door, and drives off. To Gunn and his gang, it appears that a vampire is moving into their area. Gunn mentions that the vamp is going to stay for long.

David is writing out a cheque while Wesley and Cordy stand by. He really appreciates what they did at the party - talking to him, and hanging out. David says he pays people to come all the time, but they actually hung out with him. He holds the cheque out to Wesley, but Cordy snatches it. When she sees the amount on the cheque, she hands it over to Wesley, speechless. Wesley thinks there is a mistake, but David says there isn't - he believes in rewarding good work. David says it's only money, which he has sacks full of, and tells them to call him David. Wesley tells David he won't be disappointed with their work. Wesley leads Cordy out of the room, after they say goodbye to David.

Lenny is sitting on the hood of his car, with a manilla envelope. Angel arrives, and Lenny holds up the envelope; however, it isn't the only thing he brought with him. A grey-skinned demon appears, and hits Angel. Angel flies through the air, but picks himself up and a fight ensues. Lenny tells him that he isn't being paid near enough to recover the pictures. Angel crashes into Lenny. When Lenny drops the envelope, Angel picks it up, and continues fighting with the demon. He finally breaks the demon's neck, and Lenny runs off. As Angel tries to recover, a stake impales his left shoulder. Angel pulls the stake out of his shoulder, and gets up to see Gunn's gang behind him. Angel runs down the street, throwing obstacles in the truck's way to throw the gunner off target. Angel runs into a warehouse, which he learns (the hard way) is booby-trapped. A guy comes up to him, and tries to stake him. Angel knocks him down, and brings the stake towards the guy's heart, but stops. He drops the stake, and continues running. When the gang catches up to him, Angel grabs Alonna as a shield. Gunn calls off his men, and Angel wants to know what Gunn is doing. He's going to get his people killed. Angel tosses Alonna aside, and she trips a wire. A crossbow goes off, and Angel intercepts a quarrel headed for Alonna. Angel tells the gang that he is fighting on the same side as they are, and they refuse to believe him. Gunn tells him not to come down there again. They leave Angel.

Wesley has the pictures Angel recovered. Cordy is bandaging Angel's wounds, as Wesley looks at the pictures. He is shocked, and Angel tells him he has the picture upside down. They look at the pictures as Cordy finishes bandaging Angel. Angel looks horrible, but he wants to find the kids. Angel figures they have been doing it for sometime, and that they were probably pushed to it. The kids are in over their heads, and if they are hunting vampires, there has to be a nest in the area. He's going to find the nest before they do. Before he leaves, he asks Cordy if he can see the cheque again.

In the vampire nest, Knox (the leader) is addressing the other vampires about Gunn's gang. They've made the neighborhood indecent. Knox approaches the vampire that ran from Gunn's gang (Ty), and says that this is the first time he was led into an ambush. If they could do it to a vampire that has been around as long as Ty, they can do it to anyone. Knox dusts Ty, and says they have to concentrate on the heart of the gang.

In the hideout, Alonna is trying to convince Chain that Angel could be useful to them. He knows stuff they don't, and he saved her life. Gunn doesn't like him, but Alonna reminds Gunn she's not asking him to trust Angel, just ask him for some help.

Angel walks into the deserted vampire nest, carrying a stake. A vampire drops down from the ceiling, but Angel slams him into the wall. He wants to know where the rest of the vamps are.

Gunn is working on some machinery, when Alonna comes up to him with some food. He hasn't eaten in a long time. Alonna continues talking, but Gunn isn't paying any attention to her. He's heard a noise. He tells Alonna to get everyone out of the building. Alonna starts yelling at the others, as Gunn picks up a sword. A smoke grenade flies in through a window, and Gunn tells Alonna to get everyone outside, into the daylight. Chain comes up to Gunn. They try to figure out what is going on, when Gunn suddenly realizes that they are being deliberately smoked out of the building. Alonna is outside, when a van pulls up. A man (or vampire) in a gas mask gets out, and drags her into the van. Gunn jumps onto the back of the moving van, but a vampire knocks him off, but not before Gunn sees two vampires snacking on his sister.

Wesley and Cordy are cruising the neighborhood in Angel's convertible, trying to find the kid's hideout. Cordy pretends they are cruising down a beach, as Wesley continues to scan the surroundings. Wesley tells Cordy to ask the man he just saw if he has seen any kids fitting the gang's description in the area, while he checks the power line for illegal taps.

Angel arrives at the warehouse, and grabs James. He tells James to invite him in. We see the gang preparing for a fight, and they stop when Angel enters, pushing James in front of him. Angel says that the vampires will expect them to come. Gunn refuses to listen to a middle-class white dead guy, and Angel says that he can help them, unless they want to die. Gunn pulls a sheet off a window, forcing Angel away from the sunlight, into an old meat locker. Gunn locks him inside, and the gang moves out.

Night. The truck pulls up outside the vampire's nest. Gunn tells the gang to wait ten minutes, to give him time to check everything out. Gunn prowls through the lair, and stops when he sees Alonna. He looks relieved, until he notices her unblemished neck. They killed her. Alonna asks Gunn if she looks dead - she's stronger and faster than before. She pushes him, and he goes flying through the air.

Angel finally manages to get out of the meat locker, by punching a hole through the wall, and turning the knob from the outside. Cordy and Wesley are there, and they ask him why he never thought to use his cell phone. Angel says they hardly ever work, and then tells them people are going to die, unless he goes.

Alonna is trying to convince Gunn to be turned. It's just the same as before, except now there is no guilt nor is there grief. Gunn can't get past the fact that he was supposed to protect his sister. She tells him to kill her, but he can't bring himself to it. She knows it, and tells him that she can turn him, and the family can stay together forever. She knows that Gunn always looked out for her. He's saved her life a number of times. And now it is her to turn to save him. She vamps out and goes to bite him. He says goodbye to her, and then pushes a stake into her chest. When the dust settles, Gunn sees Angel standing a ways off. The door behind Gunn bursts open, and his gang rushes in. Chain wants to know why Gunn hasn't taken Angel out, but Gunn says they are leaving. Before they can, Knox and his vampires walk out. Angel tells them that if they (the vampires) leave now, they get to live. LA is his territory, and everything in it is off limits to them. Angel tells Knox his name is Angelus before he stakes him. Angel talks to the vamps, and asks them what they want - a truce, or death. Chain tells Gunn they can take the vamps, but Gunn tells him they'd lose some of their friends. Chain can't believe they came all this way without killing vampires, and Gunn says he already did. He looks at Angel, then turns and leaves. His gang, and the vampires follow.

Wesley has gotten a cup of coffee from a street vendor, and is surprised to see it is covered with whipped cream. Cordy is preoccupied - she can't believe that those kids live in such horrible conditions. They sit on a park bench, and Cordy says she might "prostitute" herself to David. Wesley chokes on his coffee. Cordy begins talking out loud, then decides she's better off where she is right now.

Gunn is looking out at LA, at night, when Angel comes up beside him. Gunn says he doesn't need a Guardian Angel, and he doesn't need to talk. The vamps are going to keep coming, and they are going to keep fighting. Gunn thinks Angel wants to tell him things, but Angel wants to know what he could say that Gunn doesn't already know. When Gunn says he killed his sister, Angel says he didn't. It doesn't matter to Gunn though, because his sister was his reason to fight. He wants to know what Angel's reason is, and Angel asks Gunn what else he is supposed to do. When he tells Gunn he will be around, Gunn says he doesn't need any help. Angel says he might. He leaves, and after a moment, Gunn turns to look at him, but he's gone.

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