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I've Got You Under My Skin
I've Got You Under My Skin

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Written by Kristina

Angel is inspecting a knife that Wesley has brought in, which bears the Mark of Kekfadlorem. It is the only thing that will kill the now extinct Kek demons. A timer goes off in the kitchen, and Cordy announces that her brownies are finished. Wesley is the only one that gets to try them, since they don't contain any red blood cells. When she has trouble cutting the brownies, she grabs the knife Wesley brought in, and starts using that. Wesley wants Cordy to stop using the knife, and that start bickering like little kids. Angel stops them by calling out "Cordelia, Doyle!" and then he corrects himself. Angel leaves the kitchen awkwardly.

Ryan and Stephanie (two blonde children) are fighting over whether or not Stephanie stole one of Ryan's cards. Their mother and father stop the fighting, and send them to bed. The mom tucks Stephanie in, then leaves her room, shutting the door behind her. The father padlocks Stephanie's door and we see that the same has already been done to Ryan's.

Angel is reading a book behind his desk, when Cordy enters his office. She tells Angel that he doesn't have to be unflappable about Doyle's death. Angel gets up, and moves around his office. He finally begins talking to Cordy about how he should have done something to stop Doyle's death, but she reminds him that it wasn't his fault. She then has a vision of two children and their father, and their house number (1256). Angel holds her, and when her vision is over, he asks her what she saw.

Angel and Wesley pull in front of the house from Cordy's vision. Angel spots Ryan walking across the street in his pajamas, and notices that he is about to be hit by a car. Angel jumps out, and tackles Ryan just in time. Angel's shoulder is bleeding, but other than that, everyone is fine. Ryan's father comes running out of the house, followed by his mother. They thank Angel for saving Ryan, and when Paige (the mother) notices Angel's shoulder is bleeding, she invites him inside. In the living room, Paige is cleaning Angel's wound. She tells Angel that they have just moved in, so things are a bit messy. Ryan's father (Seth) comes in, and announces that Ryan is asleep. Paige continues to thank Angel, and even offers him a reward, but he refuses. Angel asks them casually what Ryan was doing out of the house. Seth says he probably climbed out the window.

Outside, Wesley is poking around in a trashcan. When he pokes a doll that cries out "mom", he drops his flashlight on the ground, startled. Crouching down to pick it up, he notices streaks of yellow slime on the foundation.

Angel and Seth are still in the living room, while Paige is searching for some bandages. When she comes in and goes to put the bandages on Angel, she is startled because it has almost completely healed. Seth realizes that he never asked Angel his name, and Angel replies that it is Angel Jones. Paige unpacks two ceramic angels, and shows them to Angel. She invites him to come to dinner tomorrow night, and he accepts. Seth isn't happy with this invitation, but he says nothing.

Outside, Angel tells Wesley that something is definitely wrong in that house. Wesley tells him to be especially careful, and shows him a vial filled with some yellow slime - plakticine. It means that someone in the house is possessed by a demon.

The next day, Cordy has phoned around, checking out Paige's story. They did live in Akron and before that they lived in Miami and Baton Rouge. All within the past three years. Wherever they lived, there were reports of disturbances, and animal deaths. As well, a family friend went missing in Akron. Cordy spots the vial, and admires it. Wesley tells her that it is the bodily excretion of an Ethros demon. She puts the vial down, and Wesley tells her the excretions won't hurt her - only the demon. It tends to go for mass murdering, and he asks Cordy if she has heard of Lizzie Borden. Cordy remembers the rhyme, and wonders why rhymes don't have a ratings system. Angel says that with the amount of plakticine collected, the Ethros demon is grown up. Angel thinks the demon is in the father, but Wesley begins to say a father doesn't have to be possessed to terrorize his children, but then he changes the subject. To confront the demon, they need to make it show itself. If the host ingests psylis eucalipsis powder, the Ethros demon will show its face.

Angel arrives at Paige's house that night with a batch of brownies. The family and Angel are gathered around the table eating dinner, when they finish the meal. Paige and Seth go into the kitchen to get the coffee and the brownies, while Stephanie and Ryan tell Angel they don't like brussel sprouts very much. Paige comes in with the brownies, and everyone except for Angel takes one. Stephanie takes a bite, and makes a face. Ryan eats it just fine, and Paige has a bite. Seth takes a bite of his brownie, and begins choking. Stephanie screams, but not because of that - Ryan is growling, and his face is turning into that of a demon. Ryan's head is jerking around, and Paige jumps up and holds him. Angel tells her that Ryan is possessed by a demon, and that he put something in the brownies to make it show itself, so he could help them. Paige feels betrayed, but Seth reminds her that something has been wrong with Ryan for a long time. He turns to Angel, and asks him what he needs to help Ryan. Angel asks to use their phone, and he calls Wesley. Wesley has the name of a priest, but can't find him. Angel tells him to make the binding powder, because he is bringing Ryan over. Angel tells Seth to get someone to stay with Stephanie while the rest of them come with him.

Angel introduces Seth and Paige to Wesley and Cordy. Wesley lays Ryan down in Angel's bed, and Cordy begins drawing a circle with yellow powder around the bed. Angel tells Paige and Seth that Cordy will stay with them while he and Wesley go get the priest. They can't touch Ryan or break the circle around the bed, no matter what Ryan tells them. Paige still refuses to believe her son is possessed.

Angel and Wesley walk into a church. Angel looks uncomfortable, and trails behind Wesley. His eyes are riveted on a giant crucifix above the altar. The only other person in the church is an old nun. Wesley approaches her. She stands to face them, when she spots Angel. She wants to know what Angel is doing in a place of worship. He says he is not what she thinks, and she tries to touch him with the cross on her rosary. He tells her that he is trying to help a child possessed by an Ethros demon. Wesley wants to know where Father Fredricks is, and the nun says he is behind the church - the last grave on the left. Six months ago, he died exorcising a demon from a young woman. She says that if they are trying to exorcise an Ethros demon, her prayers are with both of them, because it is very smart, and even more dangerous than vampires.

Ryan has woken up, and he calls for his mother, saying he is scared. Paige and Seth are in the kitchen with Cordy. Paige wants to go to him, but Seth won't let her. A friend of theirs in Ohio died in a fire. Paige starts sobbing, saying it wasn't Ryan - it was an accident. Seth grabs her arm when she tries to get up, and she eventually settles back down. Ryan continues to call for her.

Wesley is filling a bottle from the baptismal fountain at the church. Angel tells Wesley that he can't do this ritual - he's never done it before, and he doesn't have the mental strength. Angel reminds Wesley that Father Fredricks was an expert, and he was killed. Wesley says that the only option is that Angel perform the exorcism, so he tosses Angel a cross. Angel catches it from instinct, and when his hand starts hissing, he tosses it away. Angel agrees that Wesley can perform the ritual, but he will be there beside Wesley.

Paige and Seth are standing at the door to Angel's bedroom. Paige wanted to see Ryan, and when she sees how helpless he is, she strains forward to go to him. Cordy and Seth restrain her as Angel and Wesley walk into the upstairs office. Wesley and Angel hear the noise downstairs, and take the elevator down. When the elevator distracts Seth and Cordy, Paige runs to Ryan. Angel spots her, but is unable to stop her because the door to the elevator won't open, and the bedroom door slams shut in Cordy and Seth's faces. Paige leans in to comfort Ryan, and he grabs her by the throat and chokes her. Seth and Cordy finally manage to open the door, and Seth breaks Ryan's hold. Angel and Wesley have taken the elevator back upstairs, and now come running down the staircase. Wesley chants in Latin, and Ryan falls back on the bed, screaming. Wesley redraws the circle, and Angel gives him a black book. Angel goes to Cordy, who is looking through a book, trying to figure out the rest of the exorcism. They need an Ethros box to contain the demon after it has been expelled; otherwise, it will jump into the nearest warm body. Angel gives her the name of a magic shop, and tells her to get the box.

Wesley has begun the exorcism. Ryan speaks to Wesley, trying to distract him from the exorcism. The demon skims Wesley's mind, to find information that will distract him further. He says that Wesley can't do anything right, which is why he got fired. He was never good enough for his father, or the Watcher's Council. Angel comes in through the door, and the demon skims his mind as well. The demon wants Wesley to tell Angel how he plans to kill him, because he knows Wesley is more afraid of Angel than he is of the demon. Wesley lunges at Ryan with the cross held high. The circle gets scuffed. Ryan holds up his hand, and the cross buries itself in Wesley's neck. Angel pulls the cross out, and tosses it away. Ryan laughs.

At Rick's Majick 'n' Stuff, Cordy is looking over some wooden boxes. She tells Rick she wants an Ethros box, but he doesn't have one. He does have a Shorshack box. The Ethros demon might fit into it, although it will be a little cramped. Cordy buys it.

Paige is bandaging Wesley's neck in the kitchen, and Angel tells him that he's not going back in there. The kitchen table shakes, and the marbles on the table spell out "Save Me". Doyle's voice comes out of the bedroom, and Ryan says Doyle is in there now, asking why Angel couldn't protect him. Angel tears a strip off of a kitchen towel, and uses it to insulate his hand against the cross. He is going to finish the exorcism. Cordy walks in, and begins to tell Angel about the box, but he cuts her off. Cordy and Wesley hold the box in the doorway, while Angel presses the cross to Ryan's chest and finishes the exorcism. His hand is smoking, but he doesn't move. He morphs into his vamp face as he finishes the ritual, and steps back. Ryan glows, and the light races towards the empty box. It shatters it, and they turn as it races up the stairs. Paige and Seth run towards Ryan at the same time.

Wesley is scraping up plakticine in the office. They have to find the demon before it possesses someone else. Angel thinks the demon has taken on corporeal form to regain the energy it lost in escaping. Wesley and Angel head off to the sea caves to search for it.

In the caves, they are following a trail of plakticine. Angel knows Wesley isn't planning to kill him, but it's good that he is willing to if the time comes. They walk further down the caves, and come across the Ethros demon. Wesley throws names at the demon, chastising it for picking on an innocent child. Wesley tells the Ethros that he has failed - he didn't get Ryan's soul. The Ethros demon wonders which soul that is.

Back at home, Ryan and Stephanie are having hot chocolate. Ryan is complaining that Stephanie got more marshmallows than he did. Paige kisses his forehead, and says they'll have to write Nestle about it.

The Ethros demon found nothing in the boy - no fear, no humanity, no conscience. He couldn't control the boy, or manifest himself. He was trapped inside the boy, and watched as the boy destroyed things for no reason at all. He could control the boy when he slept, so it was he that controlled the marbles. And he sleepwalked Ryan in front of the car, in an attempt to free himself. The demon doesn't fear being killed by Angel, he only fears Ryan. Angel lifts his axe, and brings it down on the demon.

Paige tucks Ryan into bed. Later on that night, Ryan walks into his parents' bedroom, and takes a pack of matches. He drives a wedge under their door to prevent it from being opened, and his parents wake up. They try to talk to him, but he doesn't listen. He takes the phone off the hook, and then walks into Stephanie's room. He pours gasoline on the floor in her room, then throws a lighted match into it. Stephanie wakes up and starts screaming, as Ryan watches her room erupt into flames. Seth finally manages to break down the door, and he and Paige run to Stephanie's room. Angel bursts in through Stephanie's window, and rescues her from her bed. Wesley runs up behind Seth and Paige, picks up Ryan, and gets them out of the house.

Outside, fire fighters are working on putting out the blaze. Kate shuts the back door of a police car, and we see that Ryan is inside. Social services are going to speak to Ryan, and do an evaluation. His family won't be able to see him until after then. Angel thanks Kate for coming by, and she walks off. Seth knows that he can't cover for Ryan anymore - he just wanted to protect him and keep his family together. Angel thinks Seth did keep them together, and he watches as Seth goes over and picks Stephanie up. Angel walks over to his car, where Cordy and Wesley are waiting for him.

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