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A girl is running for her life through the night. She rounds a corner, and runs into a man. He grabs her, and draws a mark (a cross) on her cheek, then drains her. Her lifeless body slides to the ground as police sirens sound in the background. The vampire looks up into the camera, and we see that it is Angel. He morphs back into his human face, and we see him sitting on his bed, fully dressed. Meanwhile, Kate has arrived at the crime scene we have just seen. This is the third victim they have found with bite marks and a cross carved into their cheek.

Cordy is sitting at her desk in the office, talking to an invisible client. Wesley enters, with some mail in hand. He came by to see if they required his assistance, and brought their mail. When he hands it to Cordy, she realizes that he grabbed the wrong mail. As he leaves, Angel comes up from his apartment. Cordy reminds Angel about the license plate that she was supposed to run - she had no luck, and was wondering if he could get Kate to run it for him. She notices that he looks half dead. Angel gets the license plate number, and goes to leave through the front door. He walks into a patch of sunlight, and jerks back into the office, in pain. He heads off towards the tunnels, and we see that Wesley is lurking in the foyer.

At the police station, Kate is telling Angel that she can't release the license plate information to a civilian; however, she will run it for him. She needs a break from the current case she is working on - the serial killer case. So far, the three victims are seemingly unconnected, except for how they died. A police officer brings Kate the crime scene photos, and as she looks at them, Angel looks as well. Kate tells Angel that she believes the killer believes he is doing God's work. Angel thinks it's about mocking God. Kate is called away by an officer, and Angel leaves. In the police briefing, Kate is describing the suspect to the other officers. She could be describing Angel - white male, charming, attractive, a loner, views himself as something other than human, and stalks his prey. As she continues with her briefing, we are given interspersed shots of Angel walking down a crowded street at night. She believes the killer is not married, but that he may have just experienced a painful break-up of a relationship. She warns the officers that the killer has been doing this for a long time, and will continue to do it.

Cordy is getting ready to leave the office, when she opens the door and spots Wesley outside. He comes in, and she spots a stake in his hand. He shows her the newspaper clipping that he found in the paper that morning - about the serial killings. The modus operandi matches Angelus' custom to sign his victims in the 1700s. (Wesley knows this because of research he did in his time as Watcher in Sunnydale.) Cordy doesn't want to believe Wesley - Angel is her friend, and she will not turn on him. Angel enters, and tells Cordy that Wesley is right. Wesley threatens Angel with a cross, and when he says that he won't hurt him, they don't believe him. Angel disarms Wesley, and he says that he has no memory of doing these murders. But he has been having dreams - dreams of stalking the victims, and marking them. Cordy thinks these are nightmares, but Angel says that he has been enjoying them (rather, the vampire within him has). Wesley thinks that maybe Angel is committing these murders in his sleep. There is only one way they can be sure - that night, they chain Angel to his bed. Cordy leaves Wesley to watch Angel through the night.

A girl dressed in old fashioned clothes is running through a cobbled street at night. She knocks on a door, and a man grabs her. He marks her left cheek with a cross, and feeds off of her. Angelus speaks - "There now, isn't that better?" after the girl falls to the ground, dead. Angel wakes up with a gasp, and Cordy enters the apartment with a newspaper. There's been another killing, but at least they know that Angel didn't do it. Wesley goes to release Angel, but Angel says he did it.

Flashback to the past. The blonde vampire that just killed the girl morphs into his human face. His victim was his sister. The vampire's name is Penn, and he was sired by Angelus. Angelus encourages him to go see his family and feast on them. Family blood is always the sweetest.

Back in the present day, Penn is looking at the latest newspaper clipping. He adds it to a wall already covered in clippings.

In Angel's apartment, Angel has been untied. He tells Cordy and Wesley that he taught Penn everything that he knows. Wesley believes it may be to draw Angel out. Angel says that he used to have a strong connection with those he sired, which is why he is having the dreams. Angel has to warn Kate - she doesn't know what she is up against. She has more resources than them, so she will eventually find Penn.

Angel walks into the police station, holding a sketch. Kate spots him, and tells him that she has the license plate information for him. He wants to talk to her in private, and she takes him into the briefing room. He looks at the pictures on the wall, and matches them up to flashes of Penn's dead family. He tells Kate that Penn is reliving "it". He hands Kate the sketch of Penn, and says that this is the man they are looking for. His next victim will be an adolescent male.

Angel walks to his car, where Wesley is waiting for him. Angel says he told Kate enough information to get her killed, and Angel hands a police scanner to Wesley. They are going to monitor the police bands. Meanwhile, Kate is briefing her officers with the new information she has received from Angel.

A young kid is outside a liquor store, asking people if they could buy some liquor for him. Constantly turned down, the youth turns around to spot Penn watching him. A police car pulls up as Penn and the youth walk down a deserted street. The picture Angel drew of Penn is a fairly good match for present day Penn.

The youth is beginning to get nervous - he doesn't think there is a discount liquor store in this area. The youth reminds Penn of a brother he once had. He then vamps out, and bites the youth. The police catch up to him just then, and Penn is forced to drop the kid, and jumps into a boarded up warehouse.

Angel has been listening to the police bands, and hears about Penn's latest attack. He pulls up to the scene. Kate is already at the scene, preparing to enter the warehouse. The youth is shaken, but alive. Angel and Wesley get out of the car, and Angel scales a pipe to get to the second floor of the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, Kate walks into a big room. She hears footsteps, and aims her gun at Penn. She shoots him three times in the chest when he keeps walking towards her, and he falls to the ground. She goes over to him to check his pulse (which he doesn't have because he is a vampire), and holsters her gun. Penn grabs her by the shirt, and throws her across the room. Angel drops to the floor between Penn and Kate, and Penn is excited to see Angelus there. Penn wants to know why Angel never met him in Italy. Angel just says he got held up by Gypsies in Romania. Kate is radioing for assistance, when Angel morphs into his vamp face to kill Penn. Both in vamp face, they have a knock-down, drag out fight. Angel yells at Kate to get out of the building. Penn throws Angel into Kate, and before Angel can get up, Penn has escaped.

Later on, Angel is back in human face. Police officers are combing through the warehouse, and Kate is in shock. She shot Penn three times, in the chest, and he still got up. She wants to know what Angel is. Angel knows that they have held details back from the press - like all the victims had been drained of their blood. Kate doesn't believe Angel when he says it's going to take direct sunlight, decapitation or a stake through the heart to kill Penn. Angel grabs the cross Kate wears around her neck, and is shocked to hear Angel's skin sizzle.

In the briefing room, a police officer has brought her some old records, all containing MO's that match the current case. In the office, Cordy is entertaining a client. She doesn't know that this is Penn - he has come to get more information about Angel. After she reveals Kate's identity, and her "relationship" with Angel, she realizes that it is Penn she is talking to. She pulls up the blinds, and blocks Penn from reaching her with the direct sunlight streaming in through the now open window. Angel walks in, and sees Penn. He asks Cordy for a stake, and she leaves to go get one. Penn doesn't understand why Angel is like this now. Angel tells Penn that this has to end, but Penn says it never ends. Cordy returns with the stake, and hands it to Angel. Penn begins retreating towards the door as Wesley enters the office. Penn grabs Wesley, and uses him as a shield to get out of the office.

Kate is looking through books in a bookstore called "The Ancient Eye"' and making notes. Angel walks the streets looking for Penn, while Penn is in his apartment, thinking of his next move.

At home, Kate is still making notes and reading books, when Angel knocks on her door. She tells Angel that he is not invited to come in - ever. Penn has been in LA twice before, in 1929 and 1963, and it is possible that he was in Boston in 1908. She won't let Angel help her - she is going to stake Penn herself, and if Angel is around, she'll do the same to him. She then slams the door in Angel's face.

Cordy is looking up information on the computer. The suspect in the killings then was tracked to a hotel. Both times, Penn retreated to the same hotel, just under different management. Wesley and Angel head off to Penn's apartment, and Wesley invites Angel in. Angel tells Wesley that breaking into another vampire's lair is no problem. Penn isn't there, but he has left a public school bus route map, and a picture of a school bus behind.

In the briefing room, Kate is handing out pictures of Angel and Penn to the officers. She tells the officers that Angel will lead them to Penn, potentially as Penn's next victim. Penn, however, is in the room, and is disappointed by Angel's picture of him. He throws police officers out of his way, and grabs Kate. Penn uses her as a shield to get out of the room. Wesley and Angel arrive in the police parking garage, when Angel tells Wesley to get out of the car - Penn is here. Angel heads into a partially opened sewer tunnel.

Penn is dragging Kate through the sewer tunnels. She wants to know what he plans on doing, and he throws her against the wall, and vamps out. Penn smells her, when Angel walks up. He saw through the planted school bus pictures Penn left in his apartment. While Penn is distracted by Angel, Kate throws Holy Water into his face, and he throws her to the side. Penn has been spending the past 200 years "sticking it" to his father, but he's just realized now that Angel is really his father. They fight, while Kate searches for a weapon. Penn walks up a wall, and ends up holding Angel in front of him as a shield. Kate is standing in front of them with a long piece of wood. Angel makes no move to escape Penn's hold. A look passes between Kate and Angel, and she rams the piece of wood up through Angel's stomach, into Penn's heart. Penn turns to dust, and Kate pulls the board out of Angel's stomach. Angel collapses to the floor in pain, and Kate sinks to the floor a few feet from him.

Angel is up on the roof of his building, when Cordy comes up to see him - she has just had a vision. Angel has been thinking about how much LA is like where he grew up - he doesn't think things change much over time. Cordy reminds him that he was only having dreams. Angel enjoyed those dreams, and it is still in him. Cordy says that although it is in him, it isn't the only thing. She just had a vision from TPTB, and it was for Angel, not Angelus. People can change, but Cordy warns Angel that if the day comes when he becomes Angelus again, she will kill him. Angel turns to her with a half smile.

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