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Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight

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Written by Kristina

Wesley is sitting at his desk, looking at his notepad, where "The Father will kill The Son" is written. Connor begins to fuss, and he walks over to the bassinet, and looks down at Connor. Angel enters, with a glass of blood. He has a lot of energy, and he is not sure why. He tells Wes that when Connor fusses, you need to pick him up. From the garden, he hears singing, and Wesley tells him that Lorne is seeing a client. They go outside to meet her. Kim - the client - is playing guitar and singing for Lorne. He senses Kim's fear, and he tells her to continue. Connor begins to fuss again, so Angel takes him inside to see the weapons' cabinet. Wes watches them.

Fred comes down the stairs, talking on a cell phone, about Texas. Gunn comes in the front door of the hotel, also on a cell - they are talking to each other. Wesley glances disapprovingly at them, while Angel is pre-occupied with thoughts of how to childproof the lobby. Lorne comes in and tells the gang that he has something they need to see. He introduces them to Kim, then asks her to start singing from the chorus. She begins singing, and her face morphs into that of a grey-skinned demon. She threatens to eat children, and green stuff comes out of her mouth. The demon face disappears, and Kim is left, shaking. Lorne walks up to her to comfort her.

Kim is sitting at Wesley's desk, drinking coffee while Lorne gives the gang background information on her. Wesley and Fred are bent over a microscope, and Angel is thinking about flying nuns. Kim joined a band a couple of weeks back - according to her, they were mellow and organic. But then, one of the band members grew a seventh finger, and the drummer grew spines on his back. Then - she started morphing into a demon. Wesley assures her that it is just an infection. The band members are wraith-er demons - they can assume human form for a time. Fred tells Kim that she can clear up the infection by taking a mystical antibiotic. Angel energetically asks where the band is, so he can take them out. They are at a loading dock - Gunn, Fred and Angel are to go kill them, Lorne is to watch Connor, and Wes has some business to take care of.

At Holtz's headquarters, Justine is watching some men fight a chained up vampire. Holtz enters, and tells her he doesn't like tea in cotton (actually styrofoam) cups. Justine seems hesitant to help Holtz with his plan - a lot of the humans that associate with Angel could get killed, and it is bothering her. Vampires, she can justify. Holtz reminds her that they are associating with the enemy, so they are enemy soldiers. As he does this, he pulls a knife out, and keeps it concealed. Wesley enters with a two-man escort. Holtz knows that Wesley has to make some terrible choices. Holtz uses the concealed knife to peal an apple.

Kim's band is playing their beyond industrial music, surrounded by girls. Gunn enters, followed by Fred and Angel. As Gunn and Angel begin to fight the demons, Fred helps the girls to escape. Gunn hears a growl, and turns around to see Angel, in full vamp mode. Angel jumps at the three wraith-ers, and begins throwing them around like rag dolls. Gunn shoots one in the neck with his crossbow, and Angel finishes the other two off. He turns to look at Fred and Gunn, still holding a wraith-er's arm.

Wesley and Holtz are talking about Angel. Holtz continuously refers to him as Angelus, and Wesley reminds him that Angel has a soul now. Wesley does not want to see anyone get hurt needlessly. Justine threatens him, and he asks her whom she lost. Holtz tells Wesley about her twin sister. When Justine goes to him with a knife, Wesley grabs her around the throat. Holtz disarms her, and says he trusts Wesley, but Wesley doesn't trust him. Holtz will give Wesley one day to do something about Connor and Angel, otherwise Holtz will step in - he won't let an innocent child be murdered. Wesley walks out.

Lorne is entertaining Connor with a story, when Angel, Fred and Gunn come in. Lorne tells Angel that Connor needs some love, and Angel goes off on a tangent about Connor's needs. He thinks that Connor needs to grow up. He gets increasingly agitated, then throws his glass of blood against the wall. He stares at the blood, then at the gang. Something is wrong with him. Lorne asks him when he started drinking so much blood. Angel says it's been a couple of days. He got the blood from the same butcher as usual, but it was so much tastier. Gunn has been noticing how Angel's moods change when he drinks the blood. Fred decides to test the blood to see if it has been spiked.

Wes is walking down a residential street, when he hears Justine following him. He wants to know why she is following him. She wants to know if he believes in anything. She can't understand how he could be working for a vampire. Wes thinks Holtz has a nice little cult, and Justine believes he is making this barb because it is easier to hate Holtz than himself - Wes says there is enough hate to go around. He leaves, and Holtz comes up behind Justine.

Angel is sitting beside Fred while she analyses the blood - there is more to this pig's blood - there's human blood. Connor's. They've been spiking his blood. The they of course is Wolfram and Hart.

Lilah is sitting in the same bar that she met Sahjhan in. She is gazing in a mirror, when she hisses and claws at her reflection - Angel is behind her. He wants to know why she did it. She tells him it is about survival - hers. Angel sits down beside her, and orders a drink. He wonders how she developed her game face, and reminds her that after awhile, they get hard to take off. She goes to toast her drink with Angel's, when Sahjhan appears. Sahjhan is angry with Lilah, for getting chummy with Angel, but then he learns they were anything but. Angel finally learns who his sworn enemy is, but he doesn't know who Sahjhan is, or what was done to him to make him hate Angel so much. Sahjhan leaves, even angrier than before.

Wesley is getting Connor's diaper bag ready, when Lorne walks in. Wes tells him that he is taking Connor for the night, and that Angel knows, but Lorne isn't aware of this. Wes picks up Connor, who begins to fuss. Wes begins humming to him, but stops when he notices Lorne's eyes go wide. Wes puts Connor down, and chases after Lorne. He knocks Lorne out behind his desk, then goes back to Connor, and picks him up. He is about to leave, when Angel comes in. He reminds Angel about taking him to the park, and Angel says that it is probably a good idea. Angel tells Connor to sleep tight, then reluctantly hands him back to Wesley. He asks Wesley to look into Sahjhan for him, and Wes agrees to do that at home, since he has better volumes there. Fred and Gunn come back with food, and Wes tells them that Lorne had to go out. He leaves with Connor. Angel fiddles with the toys in Connor's bassinet, and Fred and Gunn offer to stay up with him. Suddenly, Holtz and several of his men enter the hotel.

Holtz and Angel throw masked insults at each other, and they begin to fight. Gunn and Fred defend themselves, as Lorne slowly wakes up behind Wesley's desk. Seeing Gunn is in trouble, he sings an extremely high note. Fred shoots a soldier in the back with a crossbow in order to protect Angel. The men and Holtz retreat. Angel tells Fred to call Wes, then notices Lorne's bashed up face. He thinks that one of Holtz's men did it, but Lorne tells him it was Wes. Connor was fussing, so Wes started to hum, and Lorne read him. Wes had been to see Holtz twice behind Angel's back, and he is taking Connor away - for good.

Wes walks out of his apartment with Connor. He is loading his car up, when he turns around and points a gun at a figure - it's Justine. She is badly beaten. She tells Wes he was right about Holtz - he did this to her. Justine comes closer to Wes, and when he tells her she has to get to a hospital, she slits his throat, and takes Connor. She secures Connor in his baby seat, and drives off. Wes sinks to the ground, as blood seeps between his fingers on his throat.

Angel is infuriated that Wesley would betray him. He and Gunn are at each other's throats, when Fred separates them. Fighting doesn't matter - what matters is finding Connor. Angel questions one of Holtz's injured men, and finds out where Holtz is. Fred and Gunn go looking for Wes, and Lorne stays back at the hotel.

Angel is not the only one looking for Holtz - Lilah has paramilitary men tracking Holtz. They temporarily lost him, but he is now on his way to the Sixth Street Bridge. They're off to find him, and the baby.

Justine picks up Holtz, and Holtz reveals his plan - he is going to adopt Connor, and rename him Steven Franklin Thomas. Justine is his new mom. They almost make it away, but Angel stops them. He and Justine fight, but Holtz threatens to snap Connor's neck if Angel comes any closer, so Angel stops. Lilah and her paramilitary men show up - she wants the baby too. Sahjhan appears, and tells Lilah she wants the baby dead. She tells Sahjhan there is a new agreement, and she is keeping the baby. A commando steps closer to Connor, so Angel takes his weapon and aims it at Lilah. He tells Holtz to take his baby - he would rather have Connor out of his life, but still alive. Holtz prepares to leave, but Sahjhan opens a giant portal. It is to Quortoth, the darkest of the dark worlds. He threatens to open it wide to swallow them all, unless Lilah kills the child. The portal opens wider and Holtz pushes Justine out of the way. He begins running to the portal, and Angel follows him, but is propelled backward by a lightning bolt. The portal closes after Holtz and Connor enter it. Sahjhan is pleased - he didn't expect the jump, but it takes care of his problem. He leaves. Justine and Angel are both lying on the ground, looking at where the portal used to be. Justine gets up, and races to Wes' car. She drives away, leaving Angel to watch Lilah leave. He tries to get up, but collapses hard onto the ground. His son is gone.

The Usual
The Usual

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It's not about winning, Cordelia, it's about what's at stake. And in this particular scenario you were way more important than winning.
-Angel (That Vision-Thing)


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