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Cordy is throwing a large party in her apartment, and both Wesley and Angel are in attendance. Wesley is dancing by himself, while Angel is hanging out near the punch bowl. He's clearly uncomfortable, as he doesn't really know anyone there. Wesley overbalances doing a dance move, and when he picks himself off the floor, he walks over to Angel. A girl approaches them, and compliments Wesley on his sweater - he ends up embarrassing himself horribly, and she walks off. Meanwhile, another girl (Laura) has approached Angel, and when a song comes on that she likes, she starts dancing. She invites Angel to dance, but he declines (after seeing himself doing some wildly crazy dance moves). Angel goes into Cordy's kitchen, and Dennis pulls Angel a chair and gets him a beer.

A man takes an open beer can out of an ice-filled box and drinks it. He spots a coffin-like box, then finishes his beer. He hears a strange noise coming from the box, and opens it with a crowbar. Steam and light pour out of the box.

The next morning, Cordy asks Angel to use his vampire strength to mush a bag of coffee beans. She thanks Angel for being so lifeless and draining at her party. Angel says he has a hard time adjusting - he only really has two moods with people - bite and avoid. When Wesley comes in, Cordy tells Angel that even Wesley was cooler at the party. Angel offers Wesley a job, and he gladly accepts. Wesley gets emotional, and Cordy tells Angel to hold her. She's having a vision. It is of the man from the previous night. She sees him screaming, and watches as his face blisters and his eyeballs explode. She tells Angel and Wesley to go to the ice factory on Fifth, where they'll find a corpse.

Angel and Wesley arrive at the Jerico Ice Factory, and Angel tells Wesley to wait outside. He goes in and finds the corpse of the man. He finds his wallet, and learns his identity (Peter Wilkers). Angel heads into the cooler, and is investigating when he sees someone run past the cooler. It is a man with a ridge of spines running down the middle of his forehead. Angel stops the man, and restrains him with his own crowbar. When he notices the man is burnt as well, Angel knows he is not the burner. Angel learns the man's name is Tay, and that he comes from another dimension. His people sent him here to stop the bringer of chaos. One man can not stop it - it is a vessel of pure rage.

In the office, Angel has given Wesley a drawing of Tay. Wesley thinks he is a Kovitch demon from Caucasus. Wesley and Cordy begin researching the demon and any other deaths by incineration lately. Angel is going to find out who hired the dead man.

Angel pulls up at the security office. The door is locked, so he goes to the side of the building, and climbs up the wall using grappling hooks to get to the roof. He walks into Peter Wilkers' office and finds a shipping order from Jerico Ice. He pockets the invoice, then looks up when he hears a noise. He is sent flying across the room, one of his arms singed. We see a woman with a black tattoo crossing her left eye. She wants to know what Angel is doing there. She thinks he has been paid to hunt her, but he says he works for himself. She attacks him, but stops abruptly when her cell phone rings. She takes the call, then leaves the security office in her car. Angel trails her, and takes out his cell phone to call in. First, he dials incorrectly. Then the low battery warning goes off. After plugging the phone in, he manages to call the office, but the phone cuts in and out. Angel describes the woman to Cordy, and says he thinks Tay is the key to all this. He wants Wesley and her to keep investigating. When Cordy really begins to break up, Angel hangs up the cell phone in frustration, and throws it in the backseat.

The woman (Jhiera) parks her car and walks up to a museum. She tells a security guard that a man is following her, and the security guard calls a couple more over, and they go after Angel. Angel spots them, and removes his jacket. He acts like a tour guide to hide from the security guards, and begins talking about Manet's 'La Music Aux Tuileries'. When the guards have passed, he slips away.

Jhiera walks into a back room in the museum.

In the office, Cordy is asleep with books piled around her. When Wesley cries out "aha", Cordy jerks awake. Tay is a Vigory of Oden Tal. They are said to be fierce warriors, and the women are enslaved. The men are herbivores, and must eat half their body weight in plants a day.

Jhiera is standing with her hand out in front of her, when she turns around and spots Angel. She knows he is a vampire, because a human would have been unconscious for hours. Angel wants to know whom Tay is, and who killed the security guard. Jhiera says she does not have time to answer Angel's questions, but he's not leaving until she does. She warns Angel to leave as a bright light emanates from a window, and a naked girl falls out of a portal. Angel pulls down a wall hanging and drapes it on the girl. The door to the room opens, and Tay and several others come in. Angel attacks Tay, but he escapes with the girl, while Angel and Jhiera are left to fight off the other Vigories. Angel wants to know what will happen to the girl (Gi) and Jhiera says she will be unmade.

Gi is being dragged through a flower warehouse, where Tay uses clippers to remove the ridges from Gi's back.

Jhiera and Angel are in his apartment. She doesn't understand why he is helping, and he explains he has been cursed by Gypsies to help people. She tells Angel that Gi was a runaway she was trying to help escape. She was going to be unmade. In Oden Tal, personality and emotions are in their Ko (the ridges along their upper back and neck). The Vigories remove them from women because it makes them easier to control. Jhiera was the first to escape, and she now helps other women to escape as well. When the Ko matures, it is unmanageable - when the girls arrive in this dimension, they are feverishly hot. As she talks to Angel, her Ko glows a fiery red. The sexual tension between the two of them is so thick, it could be cut with a knife (cliched, yes. But true.) She explains that she has learned to control her power, and that the deaths were accidental. Angel volunteers to help her, if he can, but he doesn't condone men in his world being hurt. Jhiera reminds Angel that she is a princess, and she didn't denounce her family for nothing. If a few human men have to die, so be it. Her hand is glowing red as it hovers over Angel's chest. She tells Angel she doesn't need his help, and leaves.

Cordy and Wesley are in the California Flower Mart, following up on some leads. Cordy isn't sure they should be there without Angel, but Wesley reassures her. They follow the smell of rotting flowers to a back room of the Flower Mart, where they hide and listen to Tay speak. Gi is there, with wounds where her Ko used to be. Tay is briefing his followers on the plan to return Gi to the homeland. They have many more girls to find, and one Vigory reminds Tay that this will not end until they find Jhiera.

Jhiera walks into the Palm Ridge Spa outside the city. The girls she has rescued are laying on beds of ice, and she talks to the guy she has left in charge there. They need to move, and he says he knows a shaman in the desert that can help them. She tells him to contact him, and that if everything is alright, they will leave in the morning.

Wesley and Cordy are still hiding in the Flower Mart, listening to the Vigories. They are planning to relocate. Wesley tries to get a hold of Angel, but he is not answering his phone. Cordy and Wesley go to leave but have to hide again when a Vigory walks in. The Vigory tells Tay that he believes they have found Jhiera and the girls.

Wesley and Cordy run down the stairs to Angel's apartment, to find him toweling himself off. He was taking a shower when they tried to call earlier. They tell Angel about what they overheard, and Angel removes the invoice from his pocket. When Wesley asks Angel what his plan is, Angel says that he'll start hitting people in the face.

Angel pulls up to the Spa. He leaves Wesley out front as a look out, then goes into the spa. The guy we saw earlier walks up to Angel, and Angel wants him to take him to Jhiera. With a little persuading, he does. Jhiera is not happy to see Angel. She tells Angel that they are leaving in the morning, but Angel tells her the Vigories are on their way now. Cordy and Wesley come running in now, and they announce the arrival of the Vigories. Angel tells the spa guy to hold up the Vigories, and they begin evacuating the women.

Tay knocks the spa guy unconscious, and the Vigories enter the now empty tub room. Angel and Jhiera pounce on the Vigories, and a big fight ensues. Cordy and Wesley are putting the last of the girls into boxes of ice. Wesley is having a hard time controlling himself - the girls' Kos are influencing him. Wesley and Cordy run in to join the fight, but they are quickly taken hostage. Angel stops when he notices them. The Vigories threaten to kill Cordy and Wesley if Jhiera doesn't surrender, and Jhiera walks out. She is followed by most of the Vigories, and the fighting resumes. It is over quickly, and Angel, Cordy and Wesley head outside where Jhiera is walking up to the loaded truck. A Vigory grabs her, and Tay comes up to unmake her. Angel grabs Tay before he can, and threatens to kill Tay unless Jhiera is allowed to escape. Angel waits until Jhiera has driven off before letting Tay go. He warns them about continuing their war here. He morphs into his vampire face, and orders them to go home.

The next day, Angel is in his office, when he spots the bag of coffee beans he was supposed to mush. He grabs it, but the bag bursts open and beans spill all over the floor. Cordy and Wesley walk in, and Wesley slips on the beans. He offers to pick them up and wash them, but Angel tells him to stop. Wesley doesn't want to be fired, and Angel says that he isn't - he did very well the previous day. Jhiera walks into the office, and she and Angel go into his office. She informs him that the girls are safe. Angel expresses his displeasure at how she was going to let Wesley and Cordy die. If she vowed to protect the innocent, it shouldn't matter what dimension they belong to. She says she will do what she thinks is right, and Angel replies that he will as well. They stare at each other, and Jhiera looks away first. She leaves, and we can see that her Ko is fiery red.

But that's not all - the credits feature Angel and Wesley both dancing all out at Cordy's party.

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