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To Shanshu in L.A.
To Shanshu in L.A.

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Written by Kristina

Wesley is busy decoding the scroll Angel recovered from Wolfram and Hart. Cordy is impatient, because she wants to know if there is anything in the scroll about her, but Wesley is not amused - one word in particular is giving him trouble. There are many different interpretations for it, and he wants to be sure he has the right one. The gang is distracted as a mysterious hooded figure enters the office.

David Nabbitt has dropped by to see the Fang Gang, but quickly leaves when he realizes that he is not welcome. Wesley immediately goes back to his translation, and thinks he's come up with the meaning - Angel is going to die. Angel doesn't even look concerned about this, which bothers Cordy and Wesley. But they aren't able to deal with their concern immediately, as Cordy had a vision. She saw a homeless lady being attacked, and gasps for pain killers. Her visions are taking a toll on her, but she has so far been able to deal with the pain. Angel leaves Wesley to take care of Cordy, and heads off to the waste treatment facility that was in Cordy's vision.

Vocah, the demon raised by Wolfram and Hart, is not pleased to learn that Angel stole the Scroll of Aberjian from their vaults. The scroll is necessary for bringing Angel down, and Vocah says that he (and he alone) will retrieve the scroll, and cut the Powers that Be (TPTB) off from Angel.

Meanwhile, at the waste treatment facility from Cordy's vision, Kate goes to investigate the attack, when she finds Angel talking with the homeless lady. Angel took care of the slime demon, and was just making sure the lady was alright. Kate is fairly rude to Angel - she's still hurting from his deception and her father's death. She walks off, and Angel leaves in the opposite direction.

Wesley is almost certain that "shanshu" translates to death. Cordy tries to distract Wesley with some food, and they discuss how they can make Angel feel connected - feel a part of the world - so that he isn't so detached about his looming death. They go into Angel's office, and try to make him want something - Cordy assures Angel she will help him feel less cut off from life. Wesley heads off to a rare book store, to find some volumes to help him translate the scroll, and leaves Angel to lock the scroll up. He suggests Angel heads to the Oracles for knowledge.

The Oracles are offended that an intruder has invaded their space. Vocah reveals himself, and tells the Oracles that a new order is rising. The Oracles do not wish to speak with him, and he agrees as a scythe grows in his hand.

Cordy is in an open market, looking for a present for Angel. She knows that he sometimes draws, and is convinced by a woman there to buy Angel some art supplies - they use them in institutions when people are depressed - it helps get them back in touch. Vocah begins walking through the market, and passes by Cordy as she is carrying two bags of art supplies - he touches her hand, and continues walking by. She goes to call Angel as she receives a short vision, but she is then rocked by a stronger vision, that won't end. She falls to the ground, and the retailer that sold her the art supplies goes to her aide.

Vocah walks into the Angel Investigations office that night. Angel enters as well and receives a phone call from the hospital - Cordy is in the hospital. After locking the scroll in the cabinet, Angel heads to the hospital. Once Angel is out of sight, Vocah breaks into the cabinet and grabs the scroll. He leaves something else in place of the scroll.

Angel runs into the hospital, trying to find Cordy. The nurse wants him to stay in the waiting room, but when he hears her scream, he runs to her room. He enters as Cordy is convulsing on the bed. The doctor is trying to sedate her, but to no avail. They know she is having a psychotic episode, but they don't know why. The doctor tells Angel that if they don't find a way to stop the episode (the never-ending visions), they think she will die.

Wesley walks back into the office, carrying the necessary volumes to translate the scroll. He sees the broken lock on the cabinet, and after opening the cabinet, begins to back away. At this time, Angel is pulling up to the office building, when a blast rocks the lower half of the building (where his apartment is). Flames engulf the building, and Angel runs in to find Wesley lying on the stairs between the office and his apartment. He pulls Wesley out of the building, and watches as he is carried off in an ambulance. Angel heads over to his car to go to the hospital, but is stopped by Kate. He's a major crime scene witness, and she won't let him leave. When Kate gives him attitude, Angel snaps - his closest friends are in the hospital, and he's sorry that Kate's father had to die, but he's sick of being a punching bag for Kate. He hurries past her, leaving her to stare after him.

In the hospital, Wesley lies in a hospital bed, unconscious. Angel watches over him, and then heads over to check on Cordy. The stress is telling on him. Cordy is lying still on her bed, still seeing her permanent visions. Angel promises that he will help her. While he is holding her hand, he notices a black symbol on the back of it.

Drawing the symbol on a piece of paper, Angel finally heads over to visit the Oracles. He enters the Chamber of the Oracles to see a massacre. The bodies of the two Oracles lie limp and bloody on the chamber floor. The woman Oracle's ghost appears to Angel and tells him that things are unraveling - she also tells Angel that Vocah is responsible for Cordy's visions, and their death. In order to help Cordy, he needs to get the scroll back and read the words of Anatole. Before leaving, she tells Angel that Vocah is hiding behind man's law, and that he is here for the raising. Angel promises to stop him as the Oracle disappears. He grabs the scythe and leaves.

Gunn and his crew are loading boxes of leftovers into the back of his truck - from homeless people - when Angel's convertible comes to a screeching halt. Angel has come to Gunn for help - he's got people in the hospital who are injured (Cordy and Wes) and he wants Gunn to watch over them.

Within a crypt, five vampires are chained to a box sitting in the middle of a pentagram. Vocah enters with two monks, and they begin the ritual of the raising.

Lilah, Holland and Lindsey are late and heading to the raising. They know the Senior Partners are counting on them, and they can't mess up again. Lilah reminds Lindsey of what happens to people who cross the Senior Partners (Lindsey's betrayal in "Blind Date" is still remembered). Unbeknownst to them, Angel is watching, and he follows them.

Vocah is still performing the ritual with his monks, when Lilah, Holland and Lindsey enter. Vocah puts down the scroll, and forms another scythe, just as Angel bursts in. A scythe fight between Angel and Vocah ensues, and Lindsey goes over to the scroll to finish the ritual. As the ritual finishes, Lindsey is thrown against the wall as light flashes brightly. Movers rush in to grab the crate before Angel can find out what was raised, but he is too preoccupied with fighting Vocah. Angel gains the upper hand, and knocks Vocah's mask off, revealing a maggot-filled hole. He drives the scythe into Vocah's chest killing him. Lindsey picks himself off the floor, and taunts Angel with the scroll. He knows Angel needs the scroll to cure Cordy, and he intends on burning. Unfortunately for Lindsey, Angel picks up a scythe, and throws it at Lindsey, severing the hand that holds the scroll. As Lindsey rolls around on the floor in pain, Angel picks up the scroll and leaves for the hospital.

In the hospital, Wesley and Angel are gathered around Cordy's bed. Wesley begins reading the words of Anatole, and with a flash of light, Cordy is cured. The mark on her hand has disappeared, and the visions are over. She tells Angel about the visions she had - of all the people in trouble she saw.

After being released from the hospital, Wesley, Angel and Cordy are gathered in her apartment. Wesley is busying translating the scroll, and trying to determine what Wolfram and Hart raised, while Cordy prepares a sandwich for him. She gives the sandwich to Wesley, and surprises Angel with a cup of blood. Both Angel and Wesley need to keep their strength up if they are going to face Wolfram and Hart.

As Wesley goes through his volumes, he realizes that he may have made a mistake in his translation of the word "shanshu." It turns out that shanshu actually means that Angel is going to live until he dies - he will become human once he fulfills his destiny. Angel tries to play down the discovery, but Cordy thinks he should be celebrating - this is a big deal. Not to mention how he's probably the only person in history who has come to LA to get Older.

At the Wolfram and Hart offices, the crate from the raising is in a vault. Lilah, Holland and Lindsey enter, and Holland lets Lindsey know the senior partners were impressed with his sacrifice. Lilah goes to the box, and looks inside. She tries to comfort the creature in the box, which looks very confused and scared. Lilah addresses the creature as we see that it is Darla.

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