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Sense & Sensitivity
Sense & Sensitivity

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Written by Kristina

A blonde woman is chasing a man carrying a black duffel bag. He arrives at his car, but the woman has caught up to him, and kicks him down. It's Kate. She's after the man, because he was supposed to come to the police station and answer some questions for her, but he never showed. Rather than let him come voluntarily, she handcuffs him and takes him in. At the station, Kate is grilled Spivey about the whereabouts of Little Tony - the suspected murderer of a police officer. Spivey doesn't answer her questions, and Kate tells him that she could last all day.

Meanwhile, a group of police officers are watching the interrogation from the other side of the one-sided mirror. They break up the interrogation, when Kate grabs Spivey by the neck. If he doesn't know where Little Tony is, Little Tony is as good as gone.

Angel is fighting a tentacled demon when Cordy and Doyle come rushing to his aid. They had to get a sword blessed. Angel begins slicing off the demons tentacles, then tells Cordy and Doyle to finish it off by cutting off the rest of the tentacles and burying them separately, while he destroys the nest. Cordy thinks that they deserve at least a "please" and "thank you" for helping him out, but Angel is already gone. She continues ranting, while a tentacle grabs Doyle around the neck and begins to choke him.

The next day, Cordy and Doyle show up to the office covered in green demon gunk. Angel wants to tell Cordy to do something, but she cuts him off before he can tell her what she needs to do. She says that she isn't doing anything until Angel asks how it went. Angel assumes everything went fine, because they both showed up to the office. He also tells Cordy that she needs to call her mom back. Cordy accuses Angel of being insensitive, but he counters by saying he is just reserved. Before the conversation can continue, Kate breezes in, and tells Angel that they need to talk. The both of them go into his office.

Kate is showing Angel pictures of Little Tony Papazian. She knows that he is still in LA, and she wants him found. She insists on paying Angel, but she doesn't want him doing anything above and beyond the call of duty - she doesn't want him getting killed.

Later that day, Cordy is searching the Internet and coroner's files for information about Papazian, and his victims. Bodies and body parts have been washing up all over the Southern Californian coast. Angel tries to thank Cordelia for what she is doing, but it comes out fairly lame. Angel looks over the files Doyle has been going through, and asks him to get the tidal flow chart for the past ten months. Angel thinks that Little Tony has a dumping ground.

In the police precinct, Kate is at her desk when her father walks in. He is a police officer as well, and he came to drop off some retirement papers. Kate tells him that Harlan asked her to say a couple of words about him at his retirement party. Before the conversation can go any further, Kate receives a phone call, and her father leaves. It is Angel. He tells Kate where she can find Little Tony. He is at the pier, watching Tony through binoculars. Kate tells Angel to get over there, and heads off. But she won't make it in time; a yacht has come to pick Little Tony up.

Tony is reminding his muscles about how to take care of his place, when Angel walks up, wearing a hat and a loud Hawaiian tee shirt. He pretends to be a lost tourist, but one of Tony's hired muscle doesn't like the look of him. Angel drops the muscle with a punch to the jaw. He takes out the other muscles, when police sirens sound. After Little Tony is handcuffed, and in a police car, Kate wants to know why Angel stayed behind, when she had specifically told him not to. Angel says that he was getting away. Kate is not pleased, but says she will make up a cover story for her Lieutenant.

At the police precinct, Tony demands his phone call. Kate allows it to him. Tony calls his lawyer at Wolfram and Hart, Lee Mercer. Lee knows about Tony's problems, and he will take care of them. As he is talking to Tony, a fax comes through, with Kate's picture and information. Later, a stenographer is recording the conversation between Kate, Tony, Lee, and her Lieutenant. Lee wants Tony transferred out of this precinct to another one, for his own protection; he claims Tony was mishandled by Kate and her officers, and was assaulted by an unknown assailant. If things don't change, there will be serious repercussions: Wolfram and Hart will call a public investigation into the practices of Kate's precinct, and shine lights into its darkest corners.

Even though Little Tony has been caught, Angel has a feeling that something is still up. Cordy remarks that is amazing how he is so attuned to evil, but he hasn't said anything about her new shoes. Before Angel can explain, Doyle walks in, and tells Angel that he was right - Johnny Red (his contact) told him that Papazian is planning something.

At the Blue Bar, several off-duty officers congratulate Kate. Kate gets a beer, and heads over to her father's table. He hopes that Papazian isn't freed before Kate finishes filing her paperwork. Harlan comes over, and tells Kate that all the officers now have to go to sensitivity training. Rumor has it, they have to go to this training because of what Kate did to Papazian.

None of the officers want to be at sensitivity training. Allen (the trainer) tells them it will make them better police officers. One of the rules for the session, is that only the person holding the gnarled talking stick can talk. They have the right to express what they are feeling, without being judged. Heath is the first officer to be handed the stick. He makes light of his family life, and when Kate makes a wise-crack, Allen offers the stick to her, and tells her that her sarcasm hides her fear of being hurt by someone.

Angel and Doyle are talking with Johnny Red, trying to get more information out of him. They are able to find out that Little Tony is going to go after Kate.

Angel goes to see Kate at the police station. She apologizes for the way she acted the other night when they arrested Little Tony. She asks Angel if he would come to her father's retirement party as a favor, and Angel agrees. He then tells her that he thinks she is in danger - he believes (from the information he has gathered) that Papazian is taking a contract out on her. Kate is amazed - and begins psychoanalyzing Papazian's reasons for this. Angel just stares at her.

In a dark mansion, Allen reassures Mercer that after tomorrow's sensitivity training session, they will see results. Incredible results.

The next night, at the retirement party for Trevor Lockley, Kate tells Angel that she is glad he is there. She's very nervous about giving her speech. She walks over to her father, congratulations him, and introduces him to Angel. Trevor thinks that Angel is Kate's boyfriend. When Angel congratulates him, Trevor makes light of his retirement. Before Kate can really talk to her father, the Lieutenant introduces Kate, and invites her to make her speech about her father. She stands at one end of the room, and begins talking about how well she knows her father, and how he would like them to believe certain things - like this party doesn't mean much to him. Kate becomes increasingly emotional, as she talks about how after her mother died, her father stopped being anything but a cop. Lockley wonders what happened to Kate at sensitivity training. Kate continues on, and Harlan approves of this release of emotions, but the Lieutenant disapproves. This is hardly the time or the place. Harlan disagrees with the Lieutenant, and they begin to fight. The rest of the police officers are arguing, crying, or fighting with each other. Trevor tries to bring the group to order, and decides the best thing to do is to take Harlan to the precinct and sleep it off. Angel leads Kate off to his office.

Angel has called Cordy into the office. When she arrives, she sees Angel and Doyle there with Kate. He wants to know what happened at the sensitivity training. She hands Angel the flyer about the training, and walks over to Cordy and Doyle. She can see how Doyle feels about Cordy, and begins to tell Cordy about it. Angel manages to get Allen's address, and tells Cordy to stay with Kate. He heads off to the mansion, where he walks into a room, containing the talking stick. Allen confronts him.

Meanwhile, Kate wants to go find her father - he left her. Cordy and Doyle try to prevent her from leaving, but she pulls a gun on them, and they let her leave.

Angel is pacing in front of Allen's altar, trying to find out which demon gives him his power. Allen tries to get Angel to open up about his parents, while trying to hit him with the talking stick. Angel vamps out, grabs the stick and pushes Allen up against the wall.

At the police station, all the police officers are being overly sensitive still. Harlan enters the cell area, and releases the prisoners, including Little Tony. They beat Harlan to the ground, as Kate enters the station, looking for her father.

All over town, police officers from Kate's precinct are talking about their emotional problems with the people they are supposed to be arresting, and protecting. Angel comes across Cordy and Doyle at the precinct. When Cordy and Doyle bring Angel up to speed on the Kate situation, he smiles at them, and pulls them into a big hug. Anyone that touches the talking stick is affected - including Angel. It should wear off soon. Wolfram and Hart hired Allen so Little Tony could escape from the police station. Angel doesn't want to show his vamp face, because he says it alienates Cordy and Doyle. They try to get into the police station, but an officer has locked the station. He says it's closed.

While police officers are being overly sensitive, Little Tony shoots an officer, and rallies the prisoners to help him find Kate, so he can kill her.

Cordy throws a rock at a window, and breaks it, so she, Angel and Doyle can get into the precinct. Angel is still as overly sensitive as ever.

Tony walks into the main police office, and spots Kate. He goes over to finish Kate off, as Angel walks in. Kate and Angel begin to psychoanalyze Tony, and Doyle tries to talk Angel into fighting. Tony thinks the sensitivity training paid off, but Angel picks up a chair, and smashes him across the face with it. He begins to beat Tony up. He knocks Tony out, then turns to Kate, and they embrace.

At Wolfram and Hart, Mercer is speaking with Tony over the telephone. Wolfram and Hart are dropping Tony as a client, because the senior partners feel he has become too large of a liability. He ruined the chance Wolfram and Hart gave him to escape free and clear. Mercer hangs up on him.

The next morning, Angel is speaking with Kate at the precinct. They both feel foolish about what happened the night before. Internal Affairs believes someone spiked the punch at the Blue Bar, and they are investigating it. Angel leaves to go back to the office, but stops when he notices Trevor walking over to Kate. Trevor tells Kate that she made an idiot of herself, and embarrassed him. As far as he is concerned, the previous night never happened. Kate watches her father leave then sits down at her desk. Angel walks away.

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