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Written by Kristina

Angel leads Faith down to his apartment. They are both wet and bruised. Faith sits on his bed, and he tells her she can rest there. When she lies down, he covers her with his blanket. He goes to leave, and Faith calls to him. When he turns back, Faith envisions herself attacking Angel with a butcher knife. Angel leaves.

Cordy is in the office, going through some files, when Wesley comes in. He apologizes to Cordy for allowing Faith to give her the black eye, but Cordy reminds him it wasn't his fault. Cordy tells Wesley that Faith is in Angel's bed, when Angel comes upstairs, looking for donuts. Wesley is bitter, and Angel reminds him that they can't take Faith to the police. They wouldn't be able to hold her against her will. Wesley doesn't want Faith to starve - they can deal with a "rabid animal" in other ways. Angel reminds Wesley that she's a person, and that they help people. Wesley doesn't believe that Faith can change, and he leaves. Cordy hands Angel some business cheques to sign. While he signs the cheques, he reminds Cordy that they can't choose who they help, and whose soul they save. She agrees, and when Angel looks at the copies of the cheques, he realizes they were all made out to her. She's taking a paid vacation.

The police are inspecting the damage to Faith's first victim's apartment. Kate is there, gathering evidence, in order to track down the fugitive from Sunnydale. Kendrick, the officer in charge, is skeptical about Kate's reasons for being there. They've heard rumors that Faith has some type of supernatural power, and they know Kate has been investigating a lot of weird cases lately. Kendrick calls Kate "Scully", and she sets him right about which X-Files character she is.

Angel brings the donuts down to Faith, and notices that she is in the kitchen. He puts the box of donuts on the table, and asks Faith to give him the butcher knife she is holding. She hands it over, but refuses to rest - she's been sleeping for eight months.

Lilah walks into Lindsey's office, and tells Lindsey she has found Faith. She's with Angel. Lilah says Angel is difficult - he can't be bought or killed, and they've heard rumors he used to date a vampire slayer. Lee suggests they kill Faith to get rid of her. He is wearing a neck brace, and his face is swollen.

Faith is sitting on Angel's bed, re-living the night she killed the Mayor's deputy, Finch ("Bad Girls"). Faith begins packing her bag, when Angel comes in. He wants her to rest, and lay low. She'll be caught. Faith says it doesn't matter to her. She wants to know why Angel is doing this - she wants to know if she is a prisoner. When he says she isn't, she goes to leave. As she is walking away, Angel tells her she doesn't have to walk back into the darkness. She made a choice to touch the darkness, but it engulfed her. She slugs him, and Angel doesn't retaliate. Hesitantly, Faith asks Angel to help her.

Wesley is in a pub, playing darts. A dart whistles by his head, and hits the bull's eye on the board he is playing. We see Weatherby, Collins and Smith (members of the Council's retrieval team) at a table. They move to a booth, and discuss Wesley's situation. They tell Wesley they've made a mistake, and they want to know if Wesley wants to go home with them. The Council will reinstate him, if he helps them recapture Faith. When he refuses, they notice his loyalty to Angel. They reassure them they are only here for Faith. Wesley wants to know why they've come to him, and he realizes that Faith out-foiled them ("This Year's Girl" and "Who Are You").

Faith is in the kitchen, standing by the microwave, when Angel comes in. She wants to know how this works, and Angel tells her that although she is ready to change, the world is not necessarily ready to accept it. No matter how hard she tries, how many good deeds she does, she might never make up for the things she has done. What she had done will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. Faith looks at Angel, and repeats her question, this time motioning to the microwave. Angel programs it for her, and the popcorn begins popping. She says she will pay Cordy back for it, but Angel thinks it belongs to Wesley. Faith decides to drop it, but Angel says she shouldn't. Faith doesn't know how she is supposed to apologize to Wesley for torturing him. Angel says the first thing is that she has to make sure she really is sorry for torturing Wesley. It hurts so much, and Faith doesn't think she's going to be able to make it through the next five minutes. She begins walking away, and Angel follows her. She has to deal with the hurt in order to be free of it. She remarks that she has to be the first Slayer to be sponsored by a vampire. Suddenly, she remembers Buffy, and wonders how she is going to be able to make things right. Buffy was the only person in Faith's life that tried to be her friends, and screwed her, and then her new boyfriend, literally. Angel stares at her, and then looks down. She apologizes; she didn't realize Angel didn't know. Angel looks at her, and tells her that she can say she's sorry.

Lilah is in Lindsey office, along with Lee. They are dealing with an assassin they have hired to take care of Faith. Nothing is going to be put down on paper, because they don't want it to be tracked back to them. Finally, we see the creature they are talking to. It has scraggily black hair, blue skin, four eyes, and a mouth full of fangs.

Collins pushes a syringe across the table to Wesley. It contains a sedative strong enough to bring down a Slayer. Weatherby wants Wesley to inject it into Faith. It will knock her out, so they can take her back to England to rehabilitate her. Wesley tells them he has one condition; no harm is to come to Angel. Weatherby won't promise anything, and Wesley pushes the syringe away. Collins pushes the syringe back, and says they have no quarrel with Angel. Wesley has slew more demons, done more good with Angel than he ever did with the Council. Finally, Collins promises no harm will come to Angel. They shake on the deal.

Faith is watching TV, eating popcorn, when something scampers behind her without her noticing it. Angel sticks his head out of the bathroom, checking on Faith. She says she's fine and Angel goes into his bedroom to change. Faith flicks the TV station to a police report, as the thing skitters along the ceiling. Faith's picture is flashed across the screen, and she spills her drink. Angel hears the glass fall, and he comes out to her. The announcer speaks of the assaults Faith has performed in LA, and what she did in Sunnydale. Angel crouches beside her, and he says that they knew this would happen. Angel trails off when he sees Kate on the screen. Angel turns the TV off, and tells Faith that she is safe with him. At that moment, the thing on the ceiling drops down onto Angel and Faith. It throws Angel away from Faith, and throws Faith onto the sofa. Angel gets up, and pushes Faith into the kitchen. Angel continues to fight the thing, when Faith rushes back with a butcher's knife from the kitchen. She stabs the thing in the back, and after a few more stabs, it falls to the floor, dead. Faith stares at the bloody knife in her hands, and starts gasping. She drops the knife, and Angel leads her over to his bed, trying to calm her down. He tells her it is going to be alright, and holds her. He looks over at the stairs when he hears someone coming down them. Its Buffy.

Buffy is not pleased to see Angel with Faith. He gets up, and goes over to her. Angel says they were attacked, and Buffy says Giles heard that Faith tried to kill him. Angel wonders if Buffy is here to punish her, and Faith looks at Buffy. When Buffy starts walking over to Faith, Faith cringes away from Buffy. Angel wants to talk. He tells her that Faith needs help, and Buffy turns on him. After what she did to Buffy, she doesn't deserve a chance - she deserves to go to jail. Faith stands up, and starts to apologize to Buffy. Buffy turns on her, and threatens to beat her to death. Faith says for her to go ahead. Angel steps in between the two slayers, and says it's not going to happen. Angel orders Faith to go upstairs, and tells Buffy to back off. Angel catches Buffy's arm when she goes to hit Faith. Buffy punches him in the face, and prepares to hit him again. Angel blocks her fist, and hits her. He steps away from her when she stares at him. He apologizes to her.

Faith steps into Angel's office, as Wesley comes in. He wants to know if she is going somewhere, and she says she just wanted to be alone.

Lindsey is pacing in his office, as Lee watches. Lilah comes in, and says that Faith killed the assassin. Lindsey says they have made a mistake - they've been working outside the law, when they should have been working inside it. They are lawyers, after all.

Angel tells Buffy that Faith isn't going to run. Buffy can't believe that Angel hit her, and Angel reminds her that she hit him first. Angel tells Buffy that Faith has been crying out for help, and he is going to help her. He knows Faith did some terrible things to her, but Buffy says he couldn't possibly know. They hear footsteps coming down the stairs, and see Wesley with Faith. Wesley tells Angel that the Council's operatives will be coming in about twenty minutes expecting to find Angel gone and Faith drugged. There are three of them. Angel wants to know why Wesley brought them here, and Wesley says he couldn't shake them. He had to pretend to help them. They've surrounded the building, and Angel says he'll check the sewers. Faith, however, is gone. She must have headed for the roof. Wesley says they need a plan, and Buffy could help protect Faith. Angel doesn't think that is what Buffy will want to do. Wesley tells Angel he didn't do this for Faith - he did it because he trusts Angel more than the Council's operatives.

Lindsey has gone to see Kate in the police department. She is giving him a hard time, saying that she despises them, and what they represent. Lindsey says they have a common enemy, and shows her a picture of Angel. She says she doesn't know what Lindsey is talking about. Lindsey says Angel is a thing - the same type of thing that killed her father. Angel feels he is above the law, and that is why he is hiding Faith.

Buffy is out on the roof, when she sees Faith up there. Buffy tells Faith she can't run, and Faith asks if Buffy is going to throw her off of a roof again ("Graduation Day, Part 1"). Faith tells her that she can't ever make it right again, and if she took off again, it would make things easier for Buffy. Buffy reminds Faith that she gave her every chance, but she threw it back in her face. She messed with Buffy's life and made her a victim. Faith tells Buffy that Buffy doesn't know what it's like on the other side, where everything is out of control, and no matter what you do, it doesn't matter. She wants Buffy to tell her how to make it better. The door to the roof opens, and Collins comes out, opening fire with a machine gun. Buffy tackles Faith to safety. In the basement, Angel and Wesley hear the shots, as Weatherby comes at them with his machine gun. When he sees Angel, he pulls out a loaded crossbow.

Buffy and Faith are about to jump onto the roof of another building, when a black helicopter hovers in front of them. Smith is there, with a machine gun. Buffy and Faith begin hiding behind skylights. In the basement, Wesley is trying to make Weatherby listen to reason. Weatherby can't believe a Watcher is working for a vampire. Buffy tells Faith to stay behind the skylight, and she runs out and tackles Collins. Smith can't shoot without hitting Collins. Weatherby asks Wesley if the sacred oaths he swore as a Watcher mean anything to him now, and he says yes. He swore to protect the innocent, and he tells Angel to go to the roof. Angel can't believe what Wesley is saying, but he runs for the stairs. Wesley draws Weatherby's fire. Buffy and Collins continue to fight on the roof. Wesley throws the syringe like a dart at Weatherby, and hits him in the neck. Weatherby pulls it out, and begins swaying. Wesley hits him with a right cross. As Angel runs up the stairs to the roof, Buffy and Collins continue to fight. Angel arrives on the roof, and jumps onto the helicopter. He throws Smith to Buffy's feet, and orders the pilot to bring the helicopter down. Buffy goes to check on Faith, but she is nowhere to be seen.

As the helicopter sets down, police cars pull up to it. Kate comes out, and orders Angel to tell her where Faith is. When he just looks at her, she orders her officers to arrest him for hiding a wanted felon. They take him away.

Wesley and Buffy arrive at the police station, to hear Kate tell Angel about the cell with eastern exposure that they are going to give him. Buffy can't believe Kate knows what Angel is, and she won't let Kate murder him. A cop tries to get Buffy out of the office, but she pushes the cop away. She tells Angel that he is not going to take the fall for Faith. Angel looks over, and sees Faith sitting at another desk. He calls to Buffy, and they all look over at Faith. Faith stands up as Kate walks over to her, and Faith tells Kate she would like to make a confession.

Buffy and Angel are alone in the hallway of the police station. Buffy says Angel should have told her what was going on, and Angel says he needed more time with Faith. She can't believe that he went behind her back. Angel tells Buffy that it wasn't about her. It was about saving Faith's soul. She's not a part of it. She says she came because he was in danger. Angel says she came for vengeance. She's not getting it, not in his city. Attempting to hurt Angel, Buffy tells him that she has someone in her life that she trusts and knows. Angel lets out a breath, saying it's great that she's moved on, but he's not allowed to. He tells her that she doesn't know him anymore, and that she can't come here with her new life and expect Angel to do things her way. He tells her to leave. She looks at him, and leaves. As she leaves, she tells him that Faith won again. Wesley comes up to Angel, and tells him, that in his opinion, Angel did the right thing. Not yelling at Buffy, but the other thing. Angel shakes his head; he didn't do it, Faith did.

Faith is sitting alone in her cell, as we hear Wesley's voice. He hopes that Faith is strong enough to make it, and find peace. Angel says that she has a chance.

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