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Written by Kristina

Cordy is lamenting to Doyle and Angel about being rejected for yet another commercial. The phone begins to ring, but Cordy continues to complain. Doyle asks Cordy if she is going to answer the phone, but when she goes to answer it, the answering machine picks up. It is her friend Aura, calling from Sunnydale. Cordy makes no move to answer the phone, because she doesn't want anyone in Sunnydale to know how horrible her life is. Doyle offers to let Cordy stay with him one night, but she turns him down. She picks up her things and leaves.

Angel is sitting behind his desk, when Doyle begins to ask him about Cordy. He wants to know more about her. Angel tells him that he knows she can't type or file. He also tells Doyle about the "Cordettes" and how her family lost all of their money.

At Cordy's apartment, she is having difficulty opening her door. When she does, she scratches her arm with the key. Her light flickers before staying on, and the water that shoots out of her faucet is brown. It stains her white shirt. She spots a cockroach crawling on her TV, so she calls her super. While she is on the phone, she notices that her carpet is littered with dead cockroaches. She slams down the phone, and looks up Doyle's phone number.

The phone is ringing in Doyle's apartment. He hurries to pick it up, but he spots a dark-brown skinned demon in his apartment. The demon has come to collect money that Doyle owes. Doyle pulls out the drawer of his dresser, and smacks the demon with it.

Angel is in the shower when Cordy knocks on his door. He gets out and opens the door in a towel. She walks in with all her bags and tells Angel about her terrible apartment. She then steps into the shower, leaving Angel stranded.

The next morning, Doyle enters the office. He sees Cordy in a bathrobe, combing her hair. Angel walks in wearing boxers and a bathrobe. Angel tells Cordy that she got peanut butter on the bed. Cordy goes to get dressed. Doyle misunderstands the situation and thinks that Cordy and Angel slept together. Angel sets Doyle straight by saying he slept on the sofa. When Cordy comes back, dressed, she tells Angel that he got the peanut butter on the bed. Doyle asks Cordy if anyone called the office looking for him. She says that his cousin did, and she gave him Doyle's address. Doyle asks for a warning the next time someone calls looking for him.

Later, Cordy is cutting up Angel's vinyl floor, to see if he has hardwood floors underneath. Doyle spots Cordy's trophies and diploma. Angel tells Doyle a big guy is upstairs waiting to see him. Doyle exits, and Angel is waiting for him. He wants to know what is going on. Doyle tells him that he has some collectors after him, a Kaliff demon in particular. Angel agrees to help Doyle if Doyle helps him. Cordy interrupts, asking Angel if he has any linoleum glue. Angel tells Doyle to find Cordy an apartment, and he'll take care of the demon.

Cordy drags Doyle around town, looking at apartments. They visit a tiny, mildew-y apartment, a commune and an apartment owned by an over-eager super. Cordy refuses to let Doyle call his "guy" as she would rather track an apartment down her own way. But she finally relents, and they are shown a beautiful apartment. Cordy wants to know what is wrong with it. According to the real estate agent, nothing. Cordy agrees to take it; it's perfect. Except for a wall that Cordy wants to come out. She and Doyle don't notice the wall bulge with a face.

Angel is at Doyle's apartment when the Kaliff demon attacks him from behind. They fight, and Angel tells Griff, the Kaliff demon, to tell his boss that he will get Doyle to pay, and not to kill him. The demon agrees.

Cordy is sleeping in her new apartment, when the radio turns itself on. Drawers begin to open and close and voice whispers "What do you think you're doing here? You never should have come." Cordy wakes up when the drawers slam shut.

Doyle is pacing. He should have taken care of the problem himself, and not let Angel, since he doesn't have the money to pay back Griff's boss. Angel lets Doyle know there is a price on his head. Doyle tells Angel there are some bright spots in his life, including Cordy. They justify the way he lives.

Cordy is sitting up in bed, scared. Her bed begins to levitate. The next morning, the bed drops back to the floor. She is looking in the mirror, when the gray specter of an old woman appears beside her. She doesn't notice the woman, and pulls out a chair. The chair slides back, and when Cordy slides it out again, it slams into the wall. A curtain cord wraps itself around her arm. Cordy jumps as someone knocks on her door. It is Doyle and Angel, with a housewarming present. Angel walks in, without an invite from Cordy. She had told him, when she didn't yet have her new place, that he would be invited over. Angel asks for a tour, so Cordy gives one. A pair of scissors flies at Angel's back, and Cordy catches them before anyone notices them. A trophy flies at Doyle, and Angel catches it. Cordy confesses that her apartment is haunted. Doyle and Angel convince her to leave, after promises they will try a cleansing spell. As she is leaving, Cordy tells the ghost that she would die before she gives up her apartment.

Doyle is on the computer, trying to find out about former tenants of Cordy's apartment. Cordy thinks this is punishment for the way she was in high school. Doyle has learned that the first tenant was a Mrs. Maude Pearson. She died in 1946 of a heart attack. Cordy is confident that she is the ghost. Doyle heads off to Koreatown to get supplies for the spell, while Angel goes to Kate for information.

Later that afternoon, Angel calls Cordy, and asks her to meet him at the apartment. She heads over to the apartment, and Angel tells Cordy he is in the bedroom. She heads there, but instead of finding Angel, Maude Pearson is there. Cordy is propelled backwards. Maude tells Cordy it is too bad that she didn't leave her son alone.

At the police station, Kate has found some files for Angel about Cordy's apartment. The medical examiner said she died of a heart attack, but the detective on the case thought her death was suspicious. She had problems with her son; they argued a lot about his fiancé. Dennis skipped town the day his mom died. There weren't any murders in the apartment, but there were three suicides. Angel calls the office, looking for Cordy, but Doyle picks up the phone. Doyle plays the answering machine, when Angel supposedly called Cordy earlier. Angel tells Doyle that it isn't him.

Angel tells Doyle that Mrs. Pearson was killed by her son, as they drive over to Cordy's apartment. Meanwhile, Maude is telling Cordy that nobody cares about her and that she is a tramp. The chandelier above Cordy crashes to the ground and a cable snakes around Cordy's neck. Cordy goes limp, Maude disappears, and then Doyle and Angel charge in. They free Cordy, and she begins to cough as Angel lays her out on the sofa. Cordy cries as she tells Angel about Maude. Doyle and Angel begin the cleansing spell. Furniture begins to fly around as they progress with the spell. They need Cordy to help with the spell, but she can't. She is too upset. Angel gets angry with her, for letting this ghost get to her. Cordy can't pull herself together, so Angel and Doyle decide to bail. Before they can leave, Griff, a man and another Kaliff demon burst in. They aren't letting anyone leave. Maude is angered that there are more people in her house. The human shoots at Maude, and she is angered when the bullet breaks a tile surrounding the fireplace. Angel begins to fight with Griff. In the melee, Cordy is propelled into the bedroom, and the door shuts on her. Maude continues her verbal abuse of Cordy, and Cordy can't stop crying or apologizing. Maude calls her a "stupid little bitch" and that calms Cordy down. When Maude tells Cordy how to kill herself, Cordy tells Maude she doesn't take crap from anyone. Cordy tells Maude to get the hell out of her house, and there is a flash of light as Maude is propelled backward.

The flying stuff in Cordy's apartment suddenly falls down. Angel, Griff and Doyle all stop and notice the quiet. Cordy comes out of the bedroom and says that Maude pissed her off. Cordy looks up and her eyes are glazed white. She picks up a metal lamp and begins to demolish the wall she wanted to take out. Cordy continues hitting the wall, and creates a large hole that reveals a skeleton. Maude begins to scream.

Flashback. Maude is bricking Dennis up in the wall. She does it to keep Dennis from leaving with his fiancé. Dennis pleads with her, but she finishes bricking up the wall. She then collapses with a heart attack.

Present. A white light emanates from Dennis' skeleton. Maude pleads with Dennis, and tells him that she did it for his own good. The white light envelops Maude, and she disappears.

Doyle is adding a deadbolt to his door, as Angel watches. Angel tells Doyle that eventually, he will need to hear the story of his life.

Cordy is sitting on her sofa in her apartment, talking on the phone with Aura. She tells her about her apartment, and her neighbours. Her can of diet root beer begins to slide away from her, and she tells Dennis to leave it alone. He turns on the TV, and she yet again tells Dennis to leave it alone. The bitch is back.

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