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I Will Remember You
I Will Remember You

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Written by Kristina

Angel is sitting at his desk in his office, while Cordy and Doyle are watching him. He got back late the previous night, after being in Sunnydale for three days. As Cordy and Doyle continue talking, they see Angel take a stake out of his desk. Thinking and fearing the worst, they rush in to prevent Angel from staking himself. They learn that Angel was only going to use the stake to even out his desk - the floor underneath it is uneven. Angel tells Cordy and Doyle that Buffy didn't even know that he was there. Cordy begins to say that if her ex was in town, and didn't reveal his presence but is interrupted by Buffy, saying she'd be a little upset.

Cordy introduces Doyle to Buffy, then she drags Doyle out of the office to leave Angel and Buffy alone. Buffy wants to know why Angel came to town. She thinks that he was trying to torment her, but Angel thought it was more important that Buffy didn't know he was there. She finds out that it was Angel that helped fight off Hus and his conjured soldiers ("Pangs").

In the outer office, Cordy tells Doyle that Angel and Buffy will probably be at it for awhile, so they are best to leave, and go out for a cappuccino. Buffy and Angel continue to argue about what Angel should have done when he came to Sunnydale, when a green-skinned demon crashes through Angel's office window and attacks him. Buffy kicks the demon against the wall, giving Angel the time to recover and attack back. Cordy and Doyle hear the fight, but Cordy thinks they are just fighting out their differences, and they leave.

Buffy and Angel continue fighting the demon, when Angel stabs it with a sword. Some of the demon's green blood runs down Angel's sword onto his skin. When the demon jumps back, and escapes through the window, Buffy lands on top of Angel. They untangle themselves, and decide to go after it. They track the demon through the sewers since it is daytime. Angel is tracking it by following the scent of it's blood. Buffy wants to get back to Sunnydale before it gets dark, and when Angel says he wants to handle it on his own, she says that it is her turn to bail Angel out. Angel stops at the mouth of a tunnel, and begins blinking. He feels weird. Buffy thinks it is because she's back, and it's confusing and weird to be around each other again, fighting together. Angel tells her that he feels weird from the demon's blood, but that it is unnerving to be so close to her, because he knows tht he can't give her a life or future. Nothing can ever happen between them again. Angel believes the demon has gone up into the light, so Buffy says she will trail it, while Angel remains in the sewers. She leaves, and Angel continues walking the tunnels. The demon leaps out of the shadows, and attacks Angel, slicing his right palm. Angel vamps out and they fight. Angel manages to get the demon's sword away from him, and he stabs him in the heart with it. Angel pulls away from the demon, and watches as the demon's blood swirls into the cut on his rihght hand. A light spreads from his hand throughout his body and Angel collapses. He gets up, gasping for breath, and hears his heart beat. He is alive.

Cordy and Doyle come back to the office, shocking to see what a mess it is. Cordy temporarily believes Buffy killed Angel, but realizes that it's just dust she hasn't swept up yet. Angel walks into the office, from the outside, looking dazed. Angel is staring at his chest. Cordy and Doyle approach Angel, and he walks past them, to stand in the sunlight streaming in through a window. Doyle is the first to realize that Angel is alive. Angel tells Cordy and Doyle about the demon that tried to attack him, and how he and Buffy trailed it and how he killed it. Then Angel charges toward the fridge, and begins eating any food in sight. He can't believe how good everything tastes, and asks Cordy to buy him cookie dough fudge mint chip ice cream. Angel asks Cordy to find Buffy, but not to say that Angel is alive. He wants to find out what it all means.

Doyle and Angel are looking through books, when they come across a woodcut of the demon Angel fought. It is a Mohra demon - they assassinate warriors from the "light" side. They also need vast amounts of salt to live. It's blood has regenerative properties. Angel still doesn't get what is going on, and he knows that Doyle is holding back information. Angel wants to speak with the Powers that Be, but Doyle reminds him that the Powers That Be don't live in our reality. He can try to speak to them through the Oracles.

Doyle takes Angel to where the Oracles are. Angel wants to know if Doyle is coming, but he says he can't - he is only a lowly messenger. Doyle puts some herbs into an urn, and gets Angel in. A man and a woman approach Angel, and ask him for his offering. He takes off his watch, an offers it to the woman. Angel wants to know why he has been made human. The man asks Angel if he saved humanity, or averted the apocalpyse, and Angel says that it was demon blood that did this. The woman informs Angel that he will live, and die, as a human from this day on. He is released from his service to the Powers. The man raises his hand, and propels Angel backwards out of the arch. He lands on top of a confused Doyle - Angel just went in. Angel fills Doyle in, and says that he can't believe it. He has a new life, but he doesn't know what to do.

Buffy is walking in a park overlooking the beach, when she feels something and turns around. She sees Angel stepping through a shadowed arch, and watches him step into the sunlight, towards her. They meet, and kiss.

Cordy is fussing over a sick plant, blaming Buffy for it. Doyle just thinks Cordy is jealous of Buffy. She tells Doyle that she isn't jealous, but their lives are going to change. Angel and Buffy have been in his apartment for the past two and a half hours, which Doyle thinks they deserve. Cordy reminds Doyle that the world usually falls apart when they get "groiny."

Buffy and Angel are sitting across from each other at Angel's table, having tea. Angel doesn't think they should be rushing into things, but Buffy, although she says otherwise, wants to. Buffy is glad that she's never fantasized about Angel becoming human, because she would have been really disappointed with the way things have turned out. Angel wants to be mature, and take things slowly. Buffy gets up to leave, but she puts her hand on top of Angel's. He reaches towards her, and pulls her into a kiss. She jumps into his arms, and Angel clears off the kitchen table, and lays her down on it, still kissing.

Later, Angel is rummaging around in his fridge for peanut butter. He carries the food back to his bed, and slips back in, beside Buffy. They spoon feed each other ice cream and other food.

Doyle and Cordy are having a drink at a bar, while Cordy laments about being out of a job. She doesn't know what she is going to do - she can either be a International Superstar, or work for a vampire with a soul. Doyle is just happy that he is off the hook with the Powers. No more mindnumbing visions for him. Then, he is hit with a vision of the Mohra demon attacking Angel.

Angel and Buffy are lying in bed, and Buffy is listening to Angel's heart beat. Buffy tells Angel that she finally feels like a normal girl. She doesn't want to fall asleep, because she wants this day to keep on happening, but Angel reassures her that tomorrow will be another day, just like this.

Later, Angel is watching Buffy sleep. When he hears the door open, he gets up, and puts on a robe. Doyle comes down the stairs, and tells Angel that the Mohra demon regenerated himself. Angel says that he is going to have to kill the demon again, but Doyle reminds him that he is human now. He might be better off waking Buffy up to go with him, but Angel doesn't want to wake her for the world.

At the saline plant in Doyle's vision, Doyle is reading more about the Mohra demon. He wants to go back to get Buffy, but Angel won't let him. The demon will continue to regenerate itself, unless darkness is brought to it's 1000 eyes. As they are walking, Angel comes across two corpses, and begins to gag. Doyle tells him that it is alright, it's a part of being human. The demon drops down from the ceiling, and attacks them. Doyle gets knocked out early, and although the demon is whipping Angel, he doesn't turn to run until much later.

Cordy is putting sticky notes on things in the office, preparing to sell them. Buffy wants to know where Angel is. Cordy says that Angel told her not to tell Buffy where he was going. Cordy lets slipt aht Angel went to fight the Mohra demon on his own.

Angel is just trying to stay alive as the demon keeps attacking him. The demon pins Angel,a nd prepares to stab Angel when Buffy attacks him. She grabs his sword, and they begin to fight. The demon manages to grab it's sword back, andthey continue fighting. When the demon picks Buffy up, Angel throws some salt in it's eyes, and it drops Buffy. It goes after Angel, however, when he tries to help Buffy up. Angel looks up at the demon, and sees the jewel on it's forehead. He tells Buffy to smash the jewel, and she does. The demon disappears in a bright light.

Angel has gone back to the Oracles, this time with a Ching dynasty vase. Angel wants to know what will happen to Buffy when the end of days comes. The man says that all mortals will die, but her death will be sooner. Angel begs for her life, and for the Oracles to take back his life. The Oracles are amazed that Angel would sacrifice all the joys of being human, to save the world. The man thinks that Angel is doing this for love, but Angel reminds them that the Mohra demon came to take away a warrior from the Powers That Be, and it succeeded. The woman realizes that Angel isn't the lower being they thought he was. He is a great warrior. The woman says that they can swallow the day - Angel would be the only one with the knowledge of what happened, and it is up to him to prevent it from happening again.

Back at the office, Buffy is waiting for Angel, when he comes back. He tells Buffy he went to the Oracles, and asked for them to change him back. Angel won't stand by, and let Buffy fight evil alone. He is no good to her, or the world, as a human. Buffy is visibly upset, but Angel tells her that it was the only thing he could do. She tells him that she will never forget this day, but he says she will. They embrace, and there is a flash of white light. When is dissolves, Angel is in his office, the previous day. Buffy is next to the door, saying that they should stick to their plan of keeping their distance. Angel stares at her, and as she turns to leave, the Mohra demon jumps through Angel's window. Angel picks up the clock on his desk, and shatters the demon's jewel with it. The demon disappears in a flash of light. Buffy can't believe Angel knew how to kill it so quickly, and he just says that he had a lot of time to catch up on his reading. Angel looks down at his clock, to see that it has stopped at 9:02 am. He looks up, to see that Buffy has already left the office.

The Usual
The Usual

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I got lost, I got lost, they did terrible things to me but it was just a storybook, it was just a story with monsters, not real, not in the world, but if you're here and you see me then... then it's real, it did happen, if you see what they made of me... I didn't mean to get lost...
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