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Rain of Fire
Rain of Fire

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Written by Kristina

Lorne is trying to convince Angel to talk to Cordy, but Angel is reluctant. He thinks it is much too soon, and he wants to give her space. Meanwhile, Fred and Gunn are outfitting themselves to check out a client's complaints about a "haunted toilet." They're too preoccupied to join Lorne and Angel's conversation, and leave.

Over at Connor's place, Cordy is watching TV as Connor enters with some junk food for her. She thanks him - not just for the junk food, but for everything he has done for her. Connor wants her to rest - she hasn't slept since she came to him. But Cordy can't sleep - every time she closes her eyes, she sees something horrible (from beneath) clawing its way up (it devours). Connor tries to convince her it is only a dream, but she can taste the blood of the dead and smell their burning flesh. Nobody is safe - she wants to warn Angel, but the words won't come out. Connor stands, and when Cordy goes to look at him, she sees the creature from her vision (the Beast).

Gasping, Cordy wakes up from her dream and sobs into Connor's arms.

Lorne is busy answering the phones over at the Hyperion. People have been calling in all day, reporting weird activities - including snakes. Fred and Gunn have arrived at the "haunted toilet" house, and the house wife there is explaining her problem - the pipes thump and groan, making it impossible to sleep for the past week. She heads down to the kitchen, as Fred and Gunn journey into the bathroom. It's luxurious - a family of four could live in it. Gunn imagines it as a place that he and Fred could move into one day, but Fred is less than enthusiastic. The pipes groan, and they investigate. Suddenly, the bathroom is flooded with rats - they are everywhere! The bathroom door won't open - Fred and Gunn (who has a rat phobia - "Heartthrob) are trapped. The door finally opens, and they run into the freedom of the hallway. The house wife comes up, and they tell her what she needs is an exterminator.

Wesley arrives home, to find Lilah waiting for him. She's sitting on his desk, and she's dressed to look like a school girl - like Fred - complete with a Southern accent and glasses. Wes rolls his eyes, but he goes to her when she beckons. Wes believes Fred's theories deserve notice, but Lilah knows he's crushing on her. They start kissing passionately, and make their way over to the couch. When Lilah goes to take off her glasses, Wes gets her to keep them on.

In the garden of the hotel, Gunn can still feel the rats crawling on him. Fred wants to take a nice long bath - on her own. When Gunn looks disappointed, she says they can squeeze in. But the matter they are debating isn't the bath - it's about Seidel. They haven't talked or touched since Gunn murdered Seidel for Fred. He made a choice that wasn't his to make. She starts crying, and runs away from the hotel. Gunn watches her leave.

Lorne is still on the phone, but with a different client. Gunn walks in, and hands Angel the battle axe he was carrying. As soon as Lorne hangs up the phone, it rings again, and Gunn picks it up. Lorne remarks that business is really humming. Angel thinks it is word of mouth (but we all know that's not what it is). Connor walks in - he's ultra-concerned about Cordy. He wants his father to talk to her - she needs to talk to someone.

Cordy's ready to kill Connor - she didn't want to talk to Angel, but Angel tells her that he is just concerned for her - they all are. Angel begins to work his magic, and Cordy feels a bit better. She tells Angel that she loves him, but she can't be with him. She remembers what it was like to be a Higher Being - and she remembers seeing Angel's past as Angelus. But she didn't just see it - she felt it. It's too soon for her to be with him. She begins to hyperventilate, and her eyes go milky white. She begins chanting - "He's coming. He's coming now."

With the vision over, Angel is concerned - they aren't supposed to hurt her anymore. Cordy tells Angel this wasn't just an ordinary vision. Connor wants Cordy to rest, but she won't. She tells both Angel and Connor that she saw something big and powerful clawing its way up through the Earth to kill them all. She doesn't know where it will emerge, only that it will emerge. Angel stands - he will figure out a way to stop it - it's what he does. Cordy isn't sure if Lorne would be willing to read him again, but they need to know more. She can't remember all of what she saw when she was a Higher Power.

Gunn's still occupied with the telephone, as is Lorne. They are completely swamped. Lorne tells Gunn in an off moment that he knows Fred loves him - and you don't need to be a telepath to see it. Suddenly, a sparrow crashes into the door that leads out to the garden. Gunn goes over to look at it, when Lorne tells him to close the door - now. Gunn hesitates, thinking there isn't cause for alarm, but there is. Just as soon as Gunn closes the door, the side of the building is pelted by a horde of kamikaze sparrows.

In her office, Lilah learns there has been an extreme increase in paranormal activities. She's interrupted when she spots Angel sitting on her desk. Gavin was much more accommodating to Angel than Lilah ever was, but Angel wants to know if Lilah wants to team up, pool resources about the wackiness ensuing in LA. Angel knows the psychics who are trying to read Lorne and Cordy's vision are exploding as they uncover another layer of the vision. Lilah's not buying it - Angel tells her the team up is a win-win for her; either Angel dies (and she wins) or he saves the world (she wins).

Cordy's pacing around Connor's place. She goes to leave, but Connor has snuck up on her. She tells him that she wants to take a walk, but he won't let her go alone. She wants to know why she isn't a Higher Power now - she wants to know why she came back. Connor tells her that she is important to him (gag!).

Walking down alleys, Connor wants to know if there is a pattern to Cordy's random walking tour. Suddenly Cordy recognizes where they are - the alley where Connor was born and Darla died ("Lullaby). Something suddenly bursts through the Earth - the Beast.

Connor tries to take on the Beast, but he gets thrown into a steel dumpster. The Beast approaches Cordy, and grabs her by the throat. It picks her up, and she stares back into its eyes, not struggling. The Beast puts her down, and walks past Connor and Cordy, and laughs. It jumps off onto a rooftop and disappears.

Gunn is trying to get a hold of Fred, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Lorne is still on the phone with clients. Gunn wants to go drive around to find her, but Wesley interrupts his exit. The animosity between them is palpable. Wesley wants to pool data with them, but Gunn won't have any of it - he goes to leave again. Angel enters and tells him that he's not going anywhere.

Lorne, Wesley and Gunn are looking over the papers Angel got from Wolfram and Hart (on Cordy's vision) while Angel paces. They need to figure out what it means. Angel tells Lorne to get a map and mark off the locations of all the paranormal activities - see if there's a pattern to it.

The interpretation of the papers isn't going well - the guys are ready to give up when Gunn notices something. They've been looking too closely at the papers - they don't make sense on their own, but together. He starts matching them up, and reveals a symbol - the "Eye of Fire" (a square with a cross through it). Wesley and Angel identify it as the symbol for fire and destruction. At the same time, Lorne holds up the map he's been working on, to reveal a square of red dots.

At the diner Fred and Gunn frequent, Fred is sitting along drinking coffee. The waitress has just cut her off - she doesn't want Fred to become overloaded with caffeine. The waitress tells Fred that she knows Gunn loves her, and that maybe it's time Fred gave him a call. The building begins to shake, and Fred pulls the waitress under the table with her.

Connor's place is shaken by the earthquake as well. He wants to leave to stop the Beast, but Cordy won't let him. She thinks he's broken some ribs, but Connor's says he's never been broken, not even in Quor-toth. He won't let the Beast hurt Cordy again - he will find a way to kill it.

Angel's added the square to the box on the map, forming a symbol identical to the symbol on the arranged papers. The intersection of the "x" is the focal point. That's where they need to be. They arm up, and head out to the club located at the intersection point.

Arriving at the club, Angel and company are too late to stop the massacre that has occurred there. The Beast has piled the bodies into a square shape, and is standing in the middle, holding the corpse of a man. Upon seeing Angel, Wes, Gunn and Lorne, the Beast throws the corpse across the room, and then focuses on the men.

Angel attacks the Beast with his sword, with Gunn on his right and Wes and Lorne to his left (with crossbows). Angel's sword does no damage to the Beast - it glances off without even penetrating the skin. Angel continues trying to injure the beast, but nothing works. The Beast gets Angel's sword, and throws it across the room before throwing Angel into a column. Gunn tries to attack the Beast with the battleaxe, but the Beast catches it and sends it back at Gunn.

Angel's up again, with two smaller axes, but no luck once again. Lorne and Wes target the Beast with arrows, but it deflects the arrows towards Angel, striking him in the upper shoulder and stomach. As Wes and Lorne reload their crossbows, the Beast throws Angel at them, knocking them off balance. Gunn is also thrown across the room, after trying to attack the Beast with a sword. Wesley reaches into his coat to grab a bazooka - actually, he grabs two automatic handguns. (I just thought a bazooka would be cooler, and more effective.) He aims and fires a rapid succession of bullets at the Beast, immobilizing him temporarily. Wes succeeds in getting the Beast to fall on his knees, but the Beast grabs Wes' guns and hurls them across the room. Wesley soon follows his guns.

Angel, once again, lunges at the Beast, but the Beast is clearly head and shoulders stronger than Angel is. Angel vamps out, and brings the Beast to his knees. He grabs a dagger, intending on burying it in the Beast's face, but the Beast stabs Angel with the dagger at the base of his neck and shoulder. Angel groans - he reverts to human face as blood escapes from his mouth. The Beast asks Angel if he really thinks Cordy is safe with Connor, and then hurls him across the sky. The Beast then punches the floor at the center of his human square, and the Eye of Fire symbol is drawn out with real fire. A shock wave sends Lorne, Gunn and Wesley flying. Lorne crashes through to the floor below the roof. Wes watches the Beast leap into the sky and disappear before going over to an unconscious Gunn. He carries him away from the fire, and holds on to him tightly.

Angel gets up from his new location, and removes the dagger from his neck. He looks up at the sky, and it begins to rain fire.

Connor and Cordy watch the rain of fire with disbelief. Connor knows it's the Beast - and he's so conflicted. Maybe the Beast is here because of him - he was never supposed to be born. Heck - he's the kid of two vampires! Cordy tries to comfort him - she tells him it isn't his fault. Cordy leans in, and kisses Connor passionately. He pulls away, confused. Cordy knows how she feels about him, and she knows he never had a childhood, family or friends. If the world is going to end, she wants to give him something real.

In their separate locations, Wesley, Lorne, Fred (on her cell phone) and Lilah watch the rain of fire with apprehension. OF course, if they knew that at the moment that Connor and Cordy were making love, they'd probably be a whole lot more disgusted. Of the whole group, the only people that know about this little love making session are Connor and Cordy - and Angel. Happy apocalypse!

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