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The Prodigal
The Prodigal
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Written by Kristina

Liam = Angel as a human.
Angelus = evil vampire Angel.
Angel = present day vampire Angel.

Galway, Ireland. 1753. The sun is rising as a servant is filling a pitcher of water a well. Liam calls to the servant from the shadows. She is about to go to him when his father appears. He pushes Liam into the sunlight, and we see that he is disheveled. He was out into the wee hours of the morning, drinking and whoring. His father views him as a disgrace, and is ashamed to call him his son. We blend from Liam wiping his bloody lip, to Angel wiping blood from a split lip. He is in front of a stopped subway car, fighting with a demon.

Kate is being brought up to speed on a hostage situation by a fellow officer. It seems that a homeless guy got on the subway car, and started threatening passengers. The suspect is gone now, and all the witnesses say that he was pulled out through a top vent as the subway car was moving. Kate walks towards the stopped cars, and arrives just as Angel kills the demon. They are both awkward around each other. Kate is willing to work with Angel on a business relationship, since he seems to be decent for a vampire. The officers finish getting statements from the witnesses, and Angel tells Kate he will take care of the demon. When he spots Trevor Lockley, he wonders what he is doing there. Kate goes up to her father. He had been listening to his police scanner, and heard about the hostage situation. He leaves, and Kate figures that he was checking up on her.

Galway. Darla is watching Liam fight at a tavern. She asks the bar maid about him, and we learn that Liam is an excellent liar, but he forgets all his promises when the sun comes up. This isn't a problem for Darla though. Liam spots her, and starts to move to her when a bar patron breaks a bottle over his head.

Cordy wants Angel to pay attention. They have to decide on a code for the security system she just had installed. She suggests they use her birthday, but Angel says he doesn't know when that is. But that's part of her plan - after punching her birthday in for a year, he'll be sure to remember it. Wesley has identified the demon that Angel fought in the morning as a Kwaini. The disposal methods are standard (burial in virgin soil, Latinate incantation), but Wesley remarks Kwaini are non-violent, balancing, female demons. Angel says it was a fighter, and Wesley suggests that something or someone on the subway provoked it that morning.

Angel is outside Kate's office. He needs to talk to her about the demon from the morning. She brings him in, and says the word demon makes her uncomfortable, so Angel refers to it as an "evil thing." This "evil thing" wasn't really evil. Kate is confused - she needs time to absorb that not all "evil things" are evil. Angel needs a list of all the passengers that were on the train. It is possible that one of them had something to do with provoking the attack. She doesn't want to give Angel the list, and tells him to drop it. He needs to accept that this "evil thing" really was evil.

Angel is in his car, on the phone with Wesley. Wesley is walking around the subway tunnel, looking for the body of the Kwaini. Cordy finds it, and begins sawing into it. Wesley is going to run some tests on it, while Angel investigates the delivery guy. He finds it odd that someone who drives a delivery van was on the subway during his shift. Angel gets off the phone with Wesley, and follows the delivery guy. He watches as the delivery guy gets out of his car, and Trevor hands him a package wrapped in brown paper.

Angel knocks on Trevor's door. He wants to now what was in the package. He knows that Trevor removed something from the crime scene, and he wasn't there because he was concerned for his daughter. Trevor won't listen to him, and Angel tells him that he will get to the bottom of this. Trevor slams the door in his face.

Galway. Liam is stumbling past his mother and little sister, Kathy. His father is following him, telling him that he will do as he says. Liam says goodbye to Kathy, and tells his father to move away from the door. His father tells him that if he leaves now, he is never to come back. Liam says his father couldn't have asked for a more dutiful son - he lived down to his father's every expectations of him. Liam again asks his father to get out of his way, and just before he storms out, his father tells him that he was never in the way.

Liam has gone to the tavern, where he is being entertained by the barmaid. Liam then follows Darla out into the alley, where she cuts her chest to make it bleed. She bites Liam, and when his knees give out, she places his mouth over her cut.

Kate and Trevor are outside together, having a hot dog. They are a bit awkward together. Trevor asks Kate about Angel. He wants to know if they are still seeing each other, and she tells him that they never were. Trevor continues to ask questions about Angel's job, and Kate answers him, although she is becoming suspicious of her father's motives. She wants to know what all this is about, and he just says that it isn't good to be alone.

Wesley is performing the vivisection on the Kwaini. He confirms that it is in fact a Kwaini, and that he found a substance in it's system. It's adrenal gland has swollen quite large, and Wesley believes it is because of a synthetic substance he found traces of. It has similar properties to street PCP. Angel deduces that the Kwaini attacked the train because the delivery guy was carrying it. Not only does this drug turn peaceful demons violent, it enhances their strength by a factor of about twenty. Just then, Cordy comes down the stairs in a blonde wig and sunglasses. She chastises Angel and Wesley for not using the security system, then tells them to clear off the table. Cordy had been trailing the delivery guy, and shows them still shots of him going about his day. He did go into Kel's Exotic Auto for a long time, and Angel believes that it is the source of the drug.

Trevor is in the autoshop, talking to a man in a suit. He is warning the suit about Angel. Trevor wants to know what was in the package - he agreed to help them traffic untariffed auto-parts, but not remove crime scene evidence or pump his daughter for information. The suit tells Trevor his extra work hasn't gone unnoticed, and places a thick brown envelope on the table. Trevor takes it with a grimace, and leaves. When the door closes, the suit turns to the ugly demon that was hiding in the shadows. The demon tells the suit to kill Angel and Lockley. He then asks for another adrenal gland.

Galway - Liam's funeral. His mother and Kathy are crying, while his father looks straight ahead. Liam was twenty-six when he died. The mourners leave, and Liam's father is the only one there when it is filled in. That night, Darla walks up to Liam's grave, as he claws his way out of the earth. She helps him up, and welcomes him to her world. Angelus could feel his family's blood while he slept. He wonders if it was a dream. Darla says it was for him, but soon it shall be his family's. A groundskeeper comes up to them, and Angelus drinks him dry. Darla wants to know who he wants to go after in the village, and Angelus says he thought he'd go for all of it.

Cordy is putting in the security code (0-5-2-2), when Kate walks in. She goes into Angel's office, and hands him the list of passengers. She realized that when she was talking with her father, Angel was good at what he does. And if he thinks there is something more going on, then she's going to trust him. She wants to know any of the information he finds out about the demon that attacked the subway car.

Later that night, Angel is searching his office for something. Wesley says that he thinks Angel is going above and beyond the call of duty. He's already warned Lockley once. Angel says he only warned Lockley about himself, but now he needs to know what he is involved in. Cordy hands Angel his car keys, and he leaves the office. Cordy arms the security system, and tells Wesley to have a little faith in Angel. A Kwaini demon bursts through the door, and the security system announces that the door is open. Wesley tackles the demon when it goes for Cordy, and the security system announces the bathroom window is ajar. A second demon appears. Cordy and Wesley fight with them, when Angel comes back into the office. He holds up the bottle found with the first Kwaini, and when Angel throws the bottle out of the office, they follow it. Angel grabs one of them, and orders it to talk.

Later, Angel is walking out to his car. He is calling Kate, telling her to get her father out of his apartment. He's in danger.

Trevor opens the door to his apartment to two suits from the auto place. They want him to invite them in - what they need to discuss with him involves his daughter.

Galway. Angelus' father is nailing a window shut from the inside. Angelus appears, and tells his father that he is just like the rest of the town. His father tells him to leave - he must be invited in, and Angelus looks towards the door. Kathy is dead behind the door - she thought Angelus had returned to her as an angel. Angelus' father tries to ward him off with a cross, but he morphs into his vampire face, and kills his father. He has amounted to something after all.

Trevor offers the suits a drink, but they say they will wait. They want to know if Trevor mentioned anything about his involvement to Kate. She doesn't know a thing, and hopefully never will have to. He's doing this to provide for her future. Trevor puts the bottle he poured his drink from back into the cabinet, revealing more bottles and a hand gun. Before the suits leave, there is just one more thing they have to do. Angel knocks on the door, and interrupts them. He tells Trevor he has to invite him in, and strains against the barrier when Trevor refuses. Angel tells the suits (who are vampires) that he will kill them both. Angel watches helplessly as the two suits drain Trevor. The instant he dies, the barrier is removed, and Angel barges in. He stakes the larger suit, and the other suit runs out the door, almost knocking Kate over. She runs in, and sees the bite marks on her father's neck. Angel tells her that he tried to save him, but that Trevor wouldn't let him. He begins to tell her that he was involved in something he didn't understand, but Kate orders him out.

Angel is back at the office, arming himself with lots of weapons. Wesley wants to know why he is abandoning his plan to take things slowly, and rush in now.

Kate is huddled against the wall beside her father, when she notices the brown envelope her father received earlier from the suits. It is full of hundred dollar bills. She crawls over to it, and finds a business card from Kel's Exotic Auto.

Three suits are gathered around another suit in Kel's Auto, when Kate walks in. She shoots three of them. She says that her father didn't know what they were, but she does. She pulls out a stake, and turns one of them into dust. The head demon comes in, and barely jerks when Kate shoots him four times. Angel walks in behind Kate with an ax. They start fighting the vamps as the demon watches. Angel gets his ax back from a vamp, and holds it up to the demon's throat. He tells him that if he and Kate get out alive, he lives. The vampires back off, but when Angel and Kate go to leave, the demon comes towards them. A vamp grabs Kate, but she stakes it. Angel throws his ax into the air, stakes two vamps with spring-loaded wrist stakes, catches his ax, and beheads the demon with it. Angel walks over to Kate, and asks her if she is okay. She tells him that he doesn't know anything about her father, or being human, and walks out.

Galway. Darla has watched Angelus finish off his family. He thinks that he has won over his father and proved his power. Darla tells him that his victory only took moments, but his father's victory will last lifetimes. Everything they once were will infect them and influence what they will become. Angelus is confused, and Darla remarks that he is still so young.

Kate is standing at her father's grave marker. She lays some flowers down, then walks away. Angel watches her from the shadows.

The Usual
The Usual

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