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Peace Out
Peace Out

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Written by Kristina

Connor and the other pod people have found the room where Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Lorne are hiding. They charge in fighting, and the Fang Gang uses whatever they can get their hands on to fight back. A man points a gun at Fred, and Gunn tries to get to her, but he can't. The pod people have succeeded in getting Gunn, Fred and Lorne down. Wesley is more than holding his own when Connor enters with a sword. He comes face-to-face with Wes and knocks him across the room. When Wes looks up, Connor is standing over him with the sword, looking for Angel.

Angel is on the cliff in the demon world holding the blue orb as insect-y demons surround him. He threateningly raises the orb and the insects back away from him. He sees a bridge that leads to a city and a mountain. On the mountain, there is a temple. Angel begins walking towards the bridge.

Gunn, Fred, Wes and Lorne are on their knees in front of Connor. He paces, full of anger. He's going to kill them because they don't fit in and he can't let them poison other people with their hate. The world has been saved by Jasmine, and they can't accept that. Wes tries to tell Connor that Jasmine is the lie, but he refuses to listen. Just as he raises his sword, a guard speaks with Jasmine's voice. She wants Connor to bring them to her.

Slowly, Angel climbs the steep cliff side of the mountain. He's more than half way to the top.

Jasmine talks to a group of her followers in her room. They still have a long road ahead of them, but they've made a wonderful start. She would like them to join her in the banquet hall. Connor brings in the Fang Gang as the followers leave Jasmine's room. She assumes they must hurt terribly after letting go of her. Lorne jokes that it was no loss. When Jasmine asks where Angel is, Wes tells her to find out for herself, since she's supposed to be omniscient. Connor doesn't like this and punches him. Jasmine tells Connor not to do that because she doesn't want to see it. When Wes asks Jasmine about the demon in the sewer, she says it was just a creature doing what was best for its people. Millennium ago, its world was full of anger and hate. She did her best for working with bugs, but it was only a trial run. She knows where Angel is, but she says that he's wasting his time. She then calls for Patience -- she wants her to tell the news crews where to assemble. Wes notices that it must be nice to have satellites beaming her message across the world, compared to the trouble she had with a primitive dimension. Fred tries to appeal to Connor by telling him what Cordy's blood was supposed to do -- show him see what Jasmine really looks like. Connor knows what she looks like -- he sees her bloody, maggoty face. He thinks she's beautiful. She has the guards lead the Fang Gang out. She ignores Wes, and tells Connor that while she's feasting, he needs to be her eyes and ears. When Connor asks her what Angel's looking for, she replies "the unattainable."

Angel has made his way to the temple, and he enters. There is a large statue of Jasmine in the alcove. The high priest tells Angel that he's come a long way to fail. When he steps out of the shadows, he is mostly human shaped, but his head and skin are covered in spikes and are yellow-green. Jasmine's temple is empty, because after waiting centuries for her to return, many of the insect people have become to doubt her. The high priest knows Jasmine will come back once she is finished with Angel's world. Coyly, Angel tries to figure out what her name is, and the high priest realizes the reason why Angel has come. He begins to choke the high priest, and he calls Angel a fool -- he can take away Jasmine's power, but he's already lost everything.

Connor has put the Fang Gang in the cage they built in the basement for Angelus. As Connor's walking away, Lorne asks him if he's always seen Jasmine's true face. He says that he grew up in Quor-toth -- it was full of horrible things they can't even begin to imagine. Appearances are not important to him. Fred wants to know what is important to him, and begins asking him about Cordy. Connor tells them that she's fine and that she's been moved somewhere safe. Wes asks him what Jasmine eats, but he says he doesn't know. Of course, Wes has already worked out that she eats humans. The rest of the gang is horrified when they come to this realization.

Angel raises the high priest higher and higher off of the ground. He wants to know the name. The high priest calls out for the keeper of the name, for only he knows it. The high priest is only the guardian of the word (the keeper). In order to find out Jasmine's true name, Angel will have to fight and kill the keeper. He will only divulge the true name with his last breath. Angel puts the high priest down and approaches the keeper who stands up and growls at him.

Jasmine is in the banquet hall, talking to some of her followers as they undress. Connor walks in and tells Jasmine he needs to talk to her. He wants to know where Cordy is. Jasmine tells him that she's where she needs to be -- out of harm's way. Connor still wants to know, and then Jasmine grimaces. She believes that Connor thinks she ate Cordy. She could never eat Cordy because it was her and Connor's love that brought Jasmine here in the first place. Jasmine tells him that Cordy is still alive and comatose, but in a secure location. She won't give Connor the exact whereabouts, and reminds him that their guests downstairs are supposed to be guarded. Connor nods and leaves the room.

The high priest wants to know what Angel is fighting for. It is highly likely that his friends are dead. Continuing to fight, Angel says he's fighting to save his world. The high priest scoffs at this; his world doesn't want him, and he only has the words of the Powers That Be that he needs to protect it. The high priest knows what Angel is fighting for -- Connor. He's already lost Cordy, but no matter how much he fights, he's going to lose him too.

In the Hyperion's lobby, reporters are preparing for Jasmine's big press conference. Connor walks through the crowd, but stops to smell a woman from behind; she smells like Cordy. When she tries to interview him, he walks away to the garden. He tells some of the followers that a reporter inside is looking to interview them, so they go in leaving him with two men. The first man, Jeremy, says that the LA Lakers have disbanded to have more time to devote to Jasmine. When they notice Connor, Jeremy and Brent greet him. Connor wants to know where they took Cordy, but they won't tell him. He gets angry and pushes Jeremy against the wall. He can smell Cordy on them.

The keeper is choking Angel while the high priest continues to tell him that what he does for Connor is never enough. Angel manages to break free, and they continue their fight. The high priest tells Angel that Connor wasn’t even supposed to exist. He was only a device to bring Jasmine into this world. Connor will never love him. The keeper swings a pole at Angel, but he manages to duck out of the way. The keeper hits the high priest instead, sending him into the spikes on the wall. The keeper then focuses on Angel again.

Fred, Lorne, Wes and Gunn are still locked up in the cage in the basement. Gunn keeps kicking the door, trying to get out. Lorne wants him to stop, but Gunn's going to keep doing it until somebody comes up with a better plan. Fred thinks it's odd that Connor has left them unguarded and Wes realizes that Cordy and Jasmine share the same blood. She's moved Cordy because Cordy is dangerous to her. She can't kill Cordy without killing herself. Wes says that Cordy may be their only chance to stop Jasmine.

Connor walks into a massive cathedral, and spots two police officers guarding the boarded up doors to the sanctuary. The officers tell Connor that he can't be there. Jasmine said they aren't to allow anyone in. Rather than talking to them, Connor throws the officers through the door. He knocks them out, and walks up to the altar. Cordy is lying on it, covered in see-through fabric.

A bright yellow-green light glows in the centre of the banquet hall. As the light shrinks, we can see a creature at the centre with a couple tentacles sticking out. The flesh begins to rearrange, and when the light disappears, we see Jasmine. She rubs her stomach and smiles before heading to the lobby.

Connor stands beside Cordy, talking to her softly. He wanted to see her again. He wishes she would wake up to see the new beginning; it's just what she wanted. He then wonders if this is what Cordy really wanted. He says the world is better; it's not harsh or cruel. That's all Angel and the others are about, finding something to fight for. He gets angry and smashes the lectern. He tells Cordy that he's not like them. He wants to stop fighting. He just wants to rest. He tried to believe in Jasmine, but she couldn't bring him the peace she brought everyone else. Jasmine is just another lie that his life has been built on. He just thought this lie was better than the other ones.

Everyone is in the lobby, anticipating Jasmine's arrival. Patience is trying to keep Jeremy away from Jasmine, but she comes out of her room to see what is going on. Jeremy tells her that Connor forced him to say where Cordy was. Patience reminds Jasmine about her press conference, and she walks into the lobby. Her supporters kneel as she stands on the balcony. Jasmine tells her supporters to stand. She tells her followers and the viewers that are watching her on TV that she wants to help them create a world built on love, respect, understanding and enjoying each other.

Gunn's still kicking at the door of the cage. They can hear the crowd cheering in the lobby. Jasmine has made her world debut.

Jasmine has now opened up the floor for questions. Many of the reporters are in awe of Jasmine knowing their name and they forget their questions. She lets people know that if they want to show their love for her, they just need to love each other, although, she would like a massive temple. Suddenly, the crowd gasps as a portal opens up in the center of the lobby. Angel steps out holding the blue orb and the keeper's head. Jasmine yells out to the people to kill him, but Angel holds the head up. He takes out a knife and cuts the threads that hold the keeper's lips shut. Sound escapes from his mouth -- Jasmine's true name. The spell that hides her true appearance falters and everyone can see what she really looks like. People panic, scream, and run from the lobby. Jasmine pleads with them not to leave, saying what they are seeing is just a lie. She tries to make her way out of the lobby and Angel follows her.

In the basement, the Fang Gang can hear the screaming. Gunn's still kicking at the door and it finally opens. Wes leads the group out of the cage.

Jasmine walks the chaotic streets. People scream, and when they see her, they run away and throw rotten vegetables at her. She closes her eyes and calls to Connor.

In the cathedral, Connor is still sitting by Cordy's body. One of the officers speaks to Connor using Jasmine's voice, pleading for help. Connor runs out of the cathedral.

Jasmine is walking down the middle of a bridge when Angel comes up behind her. She tells him that it is over; she's lost. She asks him if he knows what he's done. She tells him that there are no absolutes, no right and no wrong; there are only choices. She took away their choice, but their free will has brought them chaos, hurt and suffering. They may not have made the right choice, but that is what makes them human. Angel may not be human, but he is working on it. Jasmine walks away -- she wants to be left alone, but Angel can't let her do that. He can't let her hurt anyone. She begins crying and wants to know why he hates her so much. He gives her a list: rain of fire, blotting out the sun, enslaving mankind and eating people. Thousands of people have died because of her. Jasmine acknowledges that she killed thousands, but she did it to save billions. Angel tells her that price was too high. They have to choose their own fate, it can't be chosen for them otherwise they'd be nothing. Angel says that she can help them make the world better even if she lost her powers. But she didn't lose her strength. She punches Angel so hard that he flies off of the edge of the bridge. He lands on a car hood, and Jasmine picks up a station wagon. She throws it over the bridge, snapping a power line in the process. She jumps off the bridge and stalks over to Angel. She sacrificed everything because she cared about the world. The other Powers didn't care and she knows Angel knows this deep down inside. She tries to grab him, but he electrocutes her with the power cable. The shock only sends her back a few feet. She picks him up and throws him into a lamp post. It snaps in two from the impact. She reminds him of the prophecy that told him he'd play a major part in a coming apocalypse. Well, he just has. She's going to wipe out his whole species and it will be on his hands. He punches her and grabs her throat. She forces him into a kiss as Connor walks up. The kissing lets up and they both look at Connor.

The Fang Gang has split up to search the hotel, which is completely empty. All the TV stations have gone to dead air. Gunn finds the keeper's head, and Wes knows Angel succeeded in doing what he set out to do. They need to find him and Cordy before Jasmine does. When they move towards the front door, they stop and stare at the chaos.

Jasmine asks Connor if he still believes in her and loves her. He says he does right before he punches through her skull. She falls to the ground dead, and Connor runs off. Angel tries to follow, but he's too weak to keep up.

Angel stumbles in through the front door of the hotel. The gang is gathered in the office and they come out. He tells them Jasmine is dead -- he brought back her name, destroyed her powers and Connor killed her. He's worried about Connor. He's never seen him so blank. He's got a feeling that he's just given up and that he's going to do something. Suddenly, Angel looks over to the office doorway to see Lilah. World peace has ended thanks to them. She congratulates them.

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