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Parting Gifts

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Written by Kristina

Angel has gone to see the Oracles, to demand they bring Doyle back. They have folded time once before, and he asks that they do it again. The Oracles refuse to, however, because Doyle atoned for his past, and he died so that Angel might live to save more people. Angel reminds them that Doyle was his sole contact to the Powers That Be, but the Oracles tell him all will be made clear soon.

A demon with two horns is running through an alley being pursued by a man in black leather on a motorcycle.

Cordy is examining coffee mugs by the coffee maker when Angel comes in. Cordy says she is looking for Doyle's special coffee mug, but Angel reminds her that he didn't have one. When Cordy mulls over the fact that there is no evidence of Doyle having been there, Angel tells her to get out - take the day off and live a little. Cordy accuses Angel of trying to push her away, and she says that she isn't going anywhere, until an alarm on her watch goes off. She has a commercial audition that she has to go to. She'd stay, she says, if it wasn't a national. When she opens the door to leave, there is a demon (the same demon from the alley) just about to knock on the door. He lets out a scream, and tells Cordy that she scared him. The demon, Barney, walks past Cordy, to Angel. He needs Angel's help. When Cordy asks if Angel wants her to stay, Barney tells her to break a leg. He's an empath demon, and he can sense some "performance anxiety." She leaves, and Barney introduces himself to Angel. Unfortunately, Barney believes all the Hollywood myths about vampires, which puts Angel off - he tells Barney that vampires don't sleep in coffins - it's just a misconception. He can still get around during the day.

Cordy is at her audition, and she looks nervous. They begin her commercial, about a stain remover. She starts off fairly strong, but begins to crumble. She is still grieving about the loss of Doyle, and half way through the audition, she begins to cry. The panel give her another try - they want a "happy" commercial. Cordy hops up and down in front of them to gain her composure, then begins again. However, she is never meant to have a successful audition because she is struck by a vision. She tries to continue on with the commercial, but it doesn't work.

Back at Angel's office, Angel is trying to find out who is chasing Barney. Barney thinks that he is an assassin, because he knows all the local haunts and hang outs, and believes that he might be a demon. While Angel and Barney are having this conversation, we are given interspersed clips of the leather clad man riding his bike. Barney doesn't know why he is being tailed - he's just an ordinary demon. Angel knows from experience that when someone is pursued this relentlessly, it is not for no reason. Barney admits to using his powers to cheat at poker, but he's not evil.

Later, Cordy inches her way back into the office, and Angel spots her. She walks up to him with a strange look on her face, puts an arm around his neck, and kisses him. Angel breaks off the kiss, and tells Cordy that she might be confusing their friendship with something else. COrdy asks Angel if he felt anything, which he didn't. She looks angry, because she didn't feel anything either. She can't believe that Doyle used their kiss to transfer the visions on to her. She doesn't know why she got the visions, because she doesn't have anything to atone for (that could be debatable). Angel finally figures out that she had a vision - she's his link to the Powers That Be. Cordy begins talking about her ruined commercial, but Angel wants to know what she saw in her vision. She saw an "ugly, gray, blobby thing" but she can't give Angel anymore details. Cordy doesn't want the visions, and she will kiss every "frog" to get rid of it. Barney enters the room, and Cordy goes up to him and kisses him. After the kiss, she decides that she might not have to kiss every "frog." Barney seems impressed at the treatment Angel gives his clients. Angel tells Cordy to sketch what she saw while he goes out. He doesn't want to come back from investigating Barney's apartment to find them making out on the couch.

A motorcycle is parked across the street from the apartment building Angel enters. He walks through the hallway, and is examining a doorway, when a door opposite to him opens. It is only a maid, and after she leaves, he opens the door he was inspecting, only to be pushed into it by the man in dark leather - Wesley Wyndham-Price, Buffy's former watcher. When Angel tries to question Wesley, Wesley reminds Angel that he is holding the crossbow, and he will be asking the questions. Angel bats the crossbow away, and Wesley answers Angel's questions. Since there was no more need of him as a Watcher, he became a Rogue Demon Hunter (translation: he was sacked). Wesley is now on the trail of a demon that leaves a mutilated trail of human and demon corpses in it's wake. The victims all had some unique power, and the source of their power had been removed from their corpses. As Wesley is talking, he moves around the apartment. When he finally comes to a stop, some yellow fluid drops onto his jacket. When he begins to tell Angel the demon he is trailing is secreting goo, Angel notices the goo on his jacket. The demon that has been clinging to the ceiling drops down on Angel and Wesley, and knocks Wesley across the room. Angel and the demon are a bit more evenly matched, but the demon manages to throw Angel to the ground. Wesley hits it with a crossbow bolt before it escapes through the window.

In Angel's apartment, Cordy is sketching the thing she saw in her vision. Barney says he has heard that drawing can be therapeutic during grieving (he read her pain). Cordy is annoying, because her feelings are private, and she doesn't want them to be read. When Barney appears taken aback, Cordy apologizes. She's going through a rough period, because she is missing Doyle. Barney gets her to talk about him. She starts in on his drinking habits, and fashion sense, but begins talking about how sweet he was, and how he kept his half-demon-ness a secret from her for a long time. Before they can carry on further, Angel and Wesley come down the stairs. Barney looks ready to run, because Wesley is the man that has been chasing him. Angel tells Barney that it is okay, and points Wesley to the books. Wesley spots Cordy, and she goes over to him, and kisses him. Unlike Angel and Barney, he kisses her back. Cordy pulls away from the kiss, dismayed that it didn't work. When Wesley tells Cordy that he is a rogue demon hunter, Cordy wants to know what a rogue demon is. Wesley goes over to Angel's books, while Angel brings Barney up to speed on the situation. Wesley wasn't chasing Barney - he was chasing a demon that was hunting Barney for his empathic abilities. Wesley comes back in, and says that it was a Kungai demon - an Asian demon that consumes its opponent's life force through its Tak horn. Angel tries to take the book from Wesley, but Wesley won't let it go without a fight. Angel emerges the victor of the tug-of-war, and looks to see if there is any information on where the demon is hiding. Wesley mentions that he chased it through Koreatown earlier in the day, and that would be the most likely place for them to begin tracking it. Angel reminds Wesley that he works alone - he used to have a partner, but he died. It's not going to happen again. Wesley is about to sit down, when he changes his mind. Although the leather pants look good (and that they do), they chafe - his legs.

Angel is in the Lotus Spa where he is speaking in Korean with the man that runs the spa. Angel wants to have a look around, and gives Soon some money. Soon tells Angel that the Kungai demon is in the back. Angel walks through the spa with his ax ready to strike. Towards the back of the spa, a curtain is suddenly pushed aside and a green, horned demon wearing a towel steps out. When the demon asks Angel where they do the Shiatsu massage, Angel blinks, then walks on.

Cordy has finally finished her sketch, and can't tell what it is of. She gets frustrated, and crumples it into a ball on the floor. Barney offers to help, but she doesn't think that he can, unless he can explain to her why she has to get visions. She tells him that Doyle used to get the visions from the Powers That Be - visions of people in trouble, troublemakers, and people they were supposed to help. Barney seems impressed. He tells Cordy that he doesn't have the impression that Doyle had much in possessions. When Cordy confirms this, Barney says that Doyle left her the most valuable thing that he had.

Angel walks into the back room of the spa, where the Kungai is being attended by an old lady. She tells Angel that he is dying.

Back at the apartment, Cordy is making coffee for herself and Barney. While she is in the kitchen, Barney pulls out his cell phone, and makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end that he has the Kungai horn in a safe spot, and that he has found something even better. Cordy comes in with the coffee, and apologizes for not being able to make it very well. Barney tells her that she is pathetic - she's twenty something, with her head in the clouds, self absorbed, and delusions of an acting career. She's a horrible actress, and Barney can read it off of her. Of course, he fooled her because he's a fine actor. Cordy tries to run, but Barney stops her. Barney says that he knows Cordy let Doyle die - maybe not entirely, but that's what she is feeling. Barney grabs Cordy and shakes her. He throws her across the table, and says he'd love to rip her eyes out of her head. He can feel her terror, and is loving it as he ties her up.

At the spa, Angel is trying to communicate with the Kungai, but he doesn't understand its language. Wesley does - he enters now wearing a white suit. Angel tells Wesley that the arrow wound he gave the Kungai wasn't fatal - somebody stole his Tak horn. Wesley leans over to listen to the Kungai, and says that the demon is trying to tell them that his horn was taken. Angel wants to know by whom. The Kungai says that more people will die.

Cordy tries to get Barney off of her by pretending to have a vision - of Barney, in pain. She knees him between the legs, but Barney catches her before she can get to the stairs. He doesn't want to hurt her, because it will bring down the price - but he knocks her down away. Bruises only bring the price down a little.

Wesley is having a difficult time understanding the Kungai - he's not exactly fluent, and the demon is dying. Before the Kungai finally dies, Wesley realizes he is warning them about the reader. Angel figures out that he means Barney.

Cordy is lying bound and gagged in a storage room. She opens her eyes and sees the grey blob (a statue) that she saw in her vision. There are all kinds of body parts in the storage room. Barney and Hank are arguing about what to do with Cordy's eyes - Barney wants to leave them in while Hank wants to remove them. Barney wins.

Angel and Wesley run down into Angel's apartment to find Cordy missing. Wesley is busy blaming himself, while Angel begins looking for clues. Wesley finally admits that he was fired by the Watcher's Council. Angel finds the sketch Cordy crumbled on the floor, and recognizes it as a sculpture by Van Gieson (Maiden with Urn). Once they ascertain it's whereabouts, they can go and rescue Cordy. Using the computer, Angel finds out that the sculpture was sold to the Ramsey Hotel Chain. Wesley finally figures out what the Kungai's horn was for - an auction. Angel uses the phone and finds out which hotel has the sculpture, while Wesley arms himself with some weapons.

The auction. Humans and demons are milling around, including a woman Wolfram and Hart lawyer (Mac). A man buys the Tak horn, and then Hank brings Cordy in. Her eyes are the next item up for auction. The bidding begins. When her eyes are only going to go for $12,000, Cordy pipes in and raises the bid to $18,000. The lawyer from Wolfram and Hart is talking on her cell phone. When she gets off the phone, she bids $30,000 on Cordy's eyes, and is the winning bidder. After the auction, Mac goes to collect the seer's eyes - she wants them extracted. Hank gives Barney the extractors, and Cordy begins to whimper (she's been gagged again).

Angel and Wesley finally arrive at the hotel, and learn where the auction is (with a little help from Angel vamping out). They rush into the storage room, and a fight ensues. Wesley trips over onto the floor, while Angel struggles with three attackers. Wesley manages to get up and free Cordy from the chair. They begin to leave when Barney punches Wesley. Wesley fights back, and does a good job of it. Mac slips out of the room, on her cell phone. Barney and Wesley are rolling around on the floor, when Cordy picks up a horn (the Tak horn) from the table, and stabs Barney with it. His body turns grey, then black, and deflates. Angel comes running up to Cordy and she gives him a small hug. She never doubted that they would come and find her.

Back at Angel's apartment, Cordy is ironing out her wrinkled drawing. Angel is cooking some food at his stove, while Wesley is packing his bags. Cordy puts the ironed picture in the frame, and says she will hang it in the office as a reminder of Doyle. Wesley says his good-byes to Angel and Cordy, but when he goes to leave, he keeps looking at the food Angel has prepared for Cordy. He disappears for a moment, but comes back in. Angel invites Wesley to join them for breakfast, and he, of course, accepts.

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The Usual

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I helped save the world, you know.
Like I haven't.
Yeah, but I've done it a lot more.
Oh, please.
I closed the hellmouth.
I've done that.
Yeah, you wore a necklace. You know, I helped kill the mayor and, uh, and Jasmine andó
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I stopped Acathla. That saved the world.
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She killed you. I helped her! That one counts as mine.
-Angel and Spike (The Girl in Question)


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