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Written by Kristina

Angelus has just bitten into Faith's neck, and he feeds deeply from her. Suddenly, he stops and recoils.

Flashback to moments earlier, during Wes and Angelus' face off. Faith grabs a hypodermic syringe from her boot, and injects herself with the drug before facing off with Angelus.

Angelus passes out, just as Wes regains consciousness. Faith is panting and slurring her words before she passes out as well.

Fred is busy doing research at the front desk, when Gunn comes through the door shouting for Connor; he is carrying the drugged Angelus. Gunn is taking Angelus to the basement to put him into the cage, and he wants Connor to grab the tranquilizer gun in case Angelus wakes up. Wes and Faith still haven't shown up, and Lorne wants to know where she is. Fred hands Gunn some shackles and leg irons. Connor keeps wondering where Faith is, and finally Wes enters carrying her. Wes takes Faith upstairs with Lorne and Fred's help and they lay her out on a bed. Lorne looks into Faith's eyes, and sees the discolored bruise forming where she injected herself. He knows what Faith did. He confronts Wes about this; Wes just replies that it was Faith's choice and that she knew the risks. Fred has removed the bandage on Faith's neck, and is cleaning her wound.

Connor and Gunn carry Angelus into the cage, and replace the ropes binding his hands and legs with steel shackles. After they finish restraining Angel, he begins twitching and mumbling. At the same time, Faith begins twitching and mumbling.

Connor has gone up to Cordy's room, and tells her that Faith is in a coma again, and Angelus is in the basement. Cordy thinks that Faith is faking, but Connor doesn’t think so. Cordy feigns concern that Angelus is in the hotel; he could hurt their family. Connor assures Cordy that enough precautions were taken, but she accuses Connor of being Faith's lap dog and being unfaithful to her. Connor begins to look extremely concerned, and Cordy turns around, laughing off her nuttiness and blaming it on her hormones being out of wack. She sends Connor to check on Faith.

Faith is resting on the bed, and Wes is in the corner of the room holding a bag of ice to his head. Connor wants to know what happened to her, and Fred wants to know the name of the drug. Lorne announces it was Orpheus -- a mystical opiate that humans inject before they let vampires feed on them. Lorne shares that it was the only drug he ever banned from Caritas. Fred believes that Faith should be fine, since she's got super slayer powers, but Lorne informs her of her misplaced opinion. According to Wes, it leads a user down to hell, and leaves them there.

Ellis Island, 1902. Angel walks through a crowd of immigrants, and they part to let him pass. Angelus follows, but nobody makes way for him. He spots Faith, and tries to run her down, but he goes through her. It's a flashback, but it's not Angelus' life -- it's Angel's. Angelus wants to know why Faith gets to be "Marley's Ghost", and she says it is because she is dying. She sees it as one last baby-sitting job.

Chicago, early 1920's. Faith and Angelus are outside of the "Blue Mood Lounge", taking in their surroundings. When Angelus spots Angel he starts freaking out; he remembers what is going to happen and he can't bear to leave through it again. Faith watches as Angel runs into the street and rescues a Pomeranian puppy. Angelus throws a fit as Faith giggles along. Angel returns the puppy to its mistress, and then tells the woman to get lost -- he can smell her blood. Faith laughs with joy when she realizes they are reliving Angel's good deeds.

In the lobby, Wes says that they only have one choice; they need to re-ensoul Angel. Connor says that it is impossible; Angelus is all that is left. Lilah's dead, and Faith is dying. As Connor and Wes argue, Willow walks in the lobby of the hotel -- she thinks they need a witch. Wes, Fred and Connor stare at her. Only Wes knows her.

When Willow spots Wes, she begins yammering, and Fred assures her that she yammers all the time too. Wes wants to know what brought Willow to LA, and she says that it was the call of Fred. Willow and Fred are all giggly, making cracks about Fred's research methodology. Willow wants to see Cordy, but Connor won't let her; he says she isn't up to visitors. Wes overrules Connor, and has him escort Willow to Cordy's room. They begin their meeting by regaling each other with details of what they did over their summer vacations. Willow is glad that she doesn't have to be in the same room as Angelus when she re-ensouls him. She has too many memories of the last time he was around. Cordy begins feeling around underneath her blanket until she finds what she is looking for -- a knife. Willow is confident about performing this spell; it was the first spell she learned. When Cordy learns that Willow's magic thus far has failed to locate Angel's stolen soul, she relaxes her grip on the knife. Willow suddenly gets an idea -- break the Muo-Ping! Cordy grabs the knife again, and tries to get Willow to reach across the bed for her drink (it's really so she can stab Willow); however, Willow is too excited about her idea to pay Cordy any mind. Just as Willow leaves the room, Cordy throws the knife into the door.

Lorne is looking after Faith as she continues to lie unconscious. He sings to her softly as Faith and Angelus continue their trip down memory lane.

Faith and Angelus watch as a 1970's attired Angel walks into a donut shop. Angelus rolls his eyes as Angel selects "Mandy" from the jukebox. Angelus is enraged; he can feel Angel's hunger for humans, and wishes he could be on the outside. Faith reminds him that Angel belongs on the outside. Angelus reminds Faith that no matter what happens, he will always be inside of Angel, deep down. Angelus keeps swatting at buzzing sounds he hears in the donut shop.

Faith and Angelus watch in silence as a robber comes in the donut shop, and accidentally shoots the cashier. The robber runs off, leaving Angel alone with the cashier. Angel promises to help him, but the bloodlust within him is too strong. After the man dies, Angel feeds from him.

The buzzing continues -- it is Cordy, trying to contact Angelus to wake him up.

Wes and Willow are preparing a spell that will allow them to break the Muo-Ping -- the container isn't sacred, only what is inside. Willow begins joking about all the good things that come in jars, but Wes doesn't join in with her light heartedness; he thinks his sense of humor has been trapped in a jar somewhere. (Note from Kristina: the chemistry between Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof in this scene is awesome!) A lot has changed; Wes has seen the darkness within himself. When Wes questions her understanding, she tells him about flaying Warren, and trying to destroy the world; everybody's got their demons. Wes tells Willow that she seems the same as when he left Sunnydale, and wonders if there have been any other major changes with her. She just shrugs, and asks Wes for Fred's story.

As Angel continues to feed on the donut shop clerk, Faiths' neck wound begins to bleed, and she's in obvious discomfort.

Lorne wipes the tears away from Faith's face. Connor sits in the room, watching, and he begins to ask how much longer Faith has. According to Lorne, there isn't much time; she's in the barrens. She'll cry for a while, and then she will be quiet most of the time. Lorne invites Connor to come hold her hand, but Wes walks in the room. Connor addresses Wes, telling him that they did the right thing; Faith was brave and died in battle. Wes announces that it is time.

Fred is walking around the lobby of the hotel carrying a white candle and ringing a bell. Willow smiles, and gets Fred to lift up her chin. Gunn wants to know if this spell will crash the jar, and when Willow assures him it will, he heads into the basement to keep an eye on Angelus. Before Willow can begin the spell, a bolt of orange energy sends her flying across the room. The Beast master addresses her (we see Cordy speaking the words of the Beast master). Willow tries to banish the Beast master, but she's too weak. The black-eyed girl returns, and they battle. Connor and Fred both look concerned, but Wes has full confidence in Willow's abilities.

Lorne is comforting Faith as the building shakes around them. Suddenly, she gasps and sits bolt upright.

Faith finds herself in a dark alley with Angelus. He is taunting her, trying to make her doubt herself before she dies. He tells her that she will be "going gently into that good night", but she says she hears a holler in the distance. They both watch as Angel stumbles into an alley, and eats a rat. It is twenty years after the donut shop, and he's all about hiding from what he is, according to Angelus. All of a sudden, Angel stands up and calls his alter ego a jackass. It's not about Angelus.

Cordy has gone white-eyed, and is chanting in front of the Muo-Ping in her room. She is raising a huge demonic apparition, but it doesn't phase Willow. Willow sends her glowing spell to find the Muo-Ping and break it, causing Cordy to focus very hard to protect it. Fred looks around and realizes that Connor is missing. He has run up to Cordy's room, and begins banging on her door. He distracts her, and Willow's spell breaks the Muo-Ping; Angel's soul is free.

Angel wants to know why Faith is still in the alley. She says she wants to see Angelus get shoved back into the deep, crazy ground he came from. The rules are changing though, and Angelus can now hit Faith. Angelus and Angel approach each other and begin their fight. During the fight, Angel tells Faith to get up, but she's weak; she's dying. Angel tells her that dying is a lot easier than redemption. Even with his soul, Angel has done things he's wished he could take back. Angelus takes this moment to throw Angel across the alley.

Connor manages to burst into Cordy's room, and she hits him over the head with a vase, pretending she thought he was some intruder. She says that the demonic apparition almost got her and the baby. Willow has to be stopped -- she's letting evil into the hotel. Connor says he'll stop her, but Cordy says he can't; she's too powerful. He has to kill Angelus.

In the lobby, now that things have calmed down, Willow, Wes and Fred begin the preparation for the Ritual of Restoration.

Gunn is still in the basement, guarding Angelus. Cordy has managed to convince Connor that killing Angelus will spare everyone pain.

Angel is trying to get Faith to wake up. She says that there's been a trade; him for her. Angel walks away from Angelus, and says that there is no point when they'll have paid their debts. They will pay for everything, and it will hurt.

Connor walks past Willow and company performing the spell. He attacks Gunn, easily getting him out of the way.

Angel keeps yelling at Faith to get up. He needs her to fight. While Angel is distracted, Angelus sneaks up behind him and hits him with a metal pipe. At this point, Faith is back in the game. She appears behind Angelus, but then disappears before he can get a hold of her.

At the Hyperion, Faith bolts awake, jumps out of bed, and runs to the basement. In the basement, Connor is kneeling above Angel as he mumbles "I need you to fight." Connor pulls out a stake, and as he hoists it up to strike the killing blow, Faith grabs Connor's wrist, and throws him against the cage wall. They begin to fight, and Fred, Wes and Lorne come into the basement to watch Connor's ass be kicked.

In the alley, Angel and Angelus begin to glow and merge. Where once two vampires stood, only one stands now.

Faith knocks Connor close to the cage, and Angel grabs him by the neck. He tells Connor that it is over; he's really back.

Angel is out in the garden, when Faith comes outside to talk to him. They both feel horrible, but Faith is going to Sunnydale. It is where she is needed. They both smile and each other and stand, but Faith stops Angel before he can hug her. They walk inside so Faith can say goodbye to everyone. Connor admits he messed up, but Faith says that just makes him one of them. She and Gunn high five. Wes and Faith shake hands and share a nod.

Fred and Willow walk out of the office, and Fred is extra smiley. She's talking about getting together with Willow to talk about the Pergamum Codex, and Willow abruptly tells her that she is seeing someone. Before leaving, Willow and Angel embrace, and she says she'll say hi to Buffy for him. Before leaving, she asks the Fang Gang to call her before they try to resurrect Angelus again. They watch as the two women leave, and then Angel turns to his group. He starts a pep speech, but Cordy interrupts him as she walks down the stairs. The lady is all vamped out -- in a hooch outfit that reveals her pregnant belly.

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