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The Magic Bullet
The Magic Bullet

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Written by Kristina

It's a beautiful day in Los Angeles, and everyone is happy and cheerful. As we see montages of all these happy people, the Beach Boys song "Wouldn't It Be Nice" plays in the background. It is an ideal day for everyone, except for Fred. She is being pursued by Gunn and Wes. They temporarily lose sight of her, but then Wes spots her jacket. They approach Fred, and Gunn grabs her arm, but it isn't Fred. Fred gave the jacket to the woman, saying that Jasmine thought she should have it. Gunn and Wes leave the woman to continue looking for Fred. Right now, she's taken refuge in the sewer.

The Hyperion is busy; Lorne is manning the reservation desk, but there are no rooms left. A man tries to bribe Lorne, offering him his house and everything he owns, but there is nowhere that Lorne could put him. The man breaks down into tears, because he just wants to thank Jasmine for making his life better. At this moment, Jasmine walks into the lobby with Angel and Connor in tow. She goes around the crowd, speaking different languages (including Mandarin) to the guests, comforting and complimenting them. Wes and Gunn come back from their fruitless chase, and Angel and Connor follow them into the office. Jasmine wants them to find Fred alive, and the men folk try to understand why anyone would reject Jasmine's love like Fred did. For the record, Connor is more interesting in scalping her then finding her.

The men come out of the office to see Jasmine selecting random people from the crowd to join her in her room. Gunn and Wes watch her go.

Fred walks into the 'Magic Bullet Books' store. She was in three days ago looking for books on mass hypnosis and the shopkeeper remembers her. He is sarcastic and very gruff, but he stills helps Fred out. She's the only customer he's had since the last time she came in; nobody wants books of serial killer photos when they're living in a Utopian society. He heard Jasmine speak on the radio the other night, and he loved it, loved Jasmine. He used to worry about mind control, but not anymore. He may still have the CIA implants in his head, but he's using them to beam out messages of Jasmine's love. Fred goes along with him, and when he goes behind his counter, he tells Fred he knows what she's doing. He pulls out a pistol, a yo-yo and a mind control book. He thinks Fred wants to convey the message of Jasmine's love to the government and "other savages." She goes along with this.

Connor and Angel are tracking Fred's scent through the sewers. Angel is asking questions about how young Connor was when he realized he could track things so well. Connor isn't sure, since he didn't celebrate birthdays in Quor-toth. Holtz would tie him up, and then run away. Connor would have to escape and find him. Angel is horrified by this, but Jasmine calls both Angel and Connor back to the hotel before Angel can address the topic any further.

In Jasmine's room, she is watching her appearance on "Good Morning LA" on a laptop. Lorne, Gunn and Wes are in rapture with her, and Wes asks when she wants her website to go online. She says in a couple of days; she still has many things to learn before the world learns of her. Angel and Connor knock and enter the room. They are all becoming connected, so Jasmine can reach any one of them. She wants to see if they can find Fred with this connection. They all stand in a circle, and hold hands, as Jasmine tells them to focus on Fred's appearance. She calls out to Fred, and through her followers in LA is able to spot her going into a motel building.

At the motel, Fred notices that everyone is looking at her intently. Fred has a wiggins, and runs away from the motel as fast as she can. She runs across the street, and a small car accident ensues. The driver of one of the cars is on fire, and he walks towards Fred, telling Fred not to be afraid.

In Jasmine's room, Connor lets go of Jasmine's hand; it was burning hot. She begins to collapse, but Angel and Connor hold her up until Lorne can bring over a chair. Her hand is very badly burned, but she says she will be fine. She glosses over the reason for the burn, and tells the group that now all her followers know what Fred looks like. She won't be able to hide anywhere. The Fang Gang has other things to attend to -- they have a hotel full of people that need looking after. After Connor quotes some Barbra Streisand (to everyone's shock), everyone realizes that they are connected to the guests in the hotel, and they know their needs and what needs to be fixed. Jasmine lets them know she needs to be alone to rest and heal, but before the group leaves, she asks for two women to be sent up to her room.

Fred is walking along a highway outside of LA, when an SUV passes her. It slams on its breaks, and begins to accelerate back towards Fred. Frightened, Fred stumbles off the road, and falls down a steep hillside. She falls into a cave and lands on a small, green demon that was living there. They tousle, and Fred grabs an axe. Just as she is about to bring down her axe, the creature surrenders. He says he's a vegetarian, but Fred doubts it based on his pointed teeth. He admits to eating fish and vermin as well, and Fred gets off of him. He retreats into his corner of the cave as Fred takes off her jacket to inspect a shoulder wound she got during her fall. She tells the demon to sit down or she'll chop him down. The demon wants to relieve himself, but Fred won't let him up. She needs to think about some things.

In the lobby, Angel is standing at a podium, warning the gathered people that Fred is dangerous. She is a siren trying to lure them away from Jasmine, and she must be stopped. He finishes his little speech, and gives the podium over to Lorne. Lorne makes some announcements on Jasmine and the conditions of the plumbing. He then announces that they are going to have an open mic night.

The night proceeds, with a young boy reading out his reasons for loving Jasmine, a woman sobbing at the podium, a rocker playing his ode to Jasmine, and a deaf woman signing about what she would do to Fred if she was in her skull. Lorne contributes a song of his own, as do Angel and Connor. They perform a father-son duet to the tune of "Mandy" called "Jasmine."

Fred's staring at the ground, but she comes to life when the demon stands. She threatens him with the axe, and he sits back down. He used to be an executive demon, with an office and an assistant, but he's hiding out from Jasmine. Fred tells him they have to stop Jasmine, but he says he won't do anything until he's had some rest. He grabs his blanket, and reveals a pile of severed human hands. He wonders who could have left their hands there, but he loses credibility as he begins to eat them. Fred readies her axe, but before she can act, the demon attacks her. He knocks her over, but she picks up her dropped axe and sinks it into his head. She has an epiphany looking at her bleeding shoulder.

Fred is outside Magic Bullet Books, and she calls out to Jasmine. She walks into the bookstore, where the shopkeeper is waiting for her. She still has her axe, but the shopkeeper says they aren't supposed to hurt her. Jasmine walks into the shop with Angel and Connor, and as she walks past the shopkeeper, she rewards him for helping her by telling him that there was no second gunman when JFK was assassinated.

Jasmine addresses Fred, telling her that she will always love her. Fred stares straight ahead, and apologizes. Jasmine assumes Fred is apologizing to her, but Fred is apologizing to Angel. She pulls out the shopkeeper's gun, and shoots it at Jasmine's shoulder. The bullet rips through Jasmine's flesh, and exits the back of her shoulder covered with her blood. The bullet stops when it enters Angel's shoulder. He vamps out in rage, and attacks Fred. He holds the gun to her throat, and threatens to pull the trigger. Crying, Fred tells Angel to look at Jasmine. When he does, he sees the rotting maggot infested face Fred saw herself. In horror, his vamp face recedes, and he lets go of Fred. Connor makes a move to go to Angel, but Jasmine stops him by saying Angel has been infected. Fred picks up the gun, and fires it at Jasmine three more times before Connor knocks her down. Angel picks up Fred and beats a hasty retreat out of the bookstore. The shopkeeper spots Jasmine's blood on the floor, and she tells him to burn the store to the ground. She doesn't tell him to leave the store however, and as he sets the books on fire, he just stands in the middle of the floor, watching Jasmine and Connor leave.

Lorne, Gunn, and Wes are gathered in the lobby, eating dinner with the other followers, discussing how they feel empty when Jasmine isn't around. They don't have to wait long for Jasmine to show up, wrapped in a blanket, with Connor. They go into the office with Connor and Jasmine, and Jasmine lets them know that Fred infected Angel. Everyone is shocked, but Jasmine doesn’t have time to waste. She takes Connor with her, and begins choosing people from the crowd to come up to her room with her.

Fred is lying in the street, still unconscious, as Angel rests against a wall. She comes to, and sits up. She wants to know how Angel is doing, but he doesn't want to talk about it. He misses Jasmine so much, and Fred shares that she stills cries, even though it's been over a week. She explains that Jasmine's blood was what broke the spell. There was some of it on the bullet she shot Angel with. He tells Fred she did the right thing, but she begins to cry. She's so scared and alone. She says they need more of Jasmine's blood -- they have to help the others. They won't be able to get close to Jasmine again, but Angel thinks of another way. He begins to explain it, but they are interrupted by people walking by. Fred pulls Angel into a kiss, shocking Angel, but not the crowd. They've come to kill Fred.

Jasmine walks into her room with the people she chose from the crowd. She tells Connor to stand guard. In the room, Jasmine's followers take off their clothes. Jasmine unwraps the blanket, and looks at her wounded shoulder. The wound closes.

Cordy is lying on her bed as two people pay tribute to her. After the people leave, Angel tries to stealthily enter the room through the window, but he trips and falls to the floor. Fred follows him. Angel takes a knife out of his back pocket, and after kissing Cordy's head, he holds out the knife. Before he can cut her, Cordy's hand suddenly reaches up and grabs his wrist. Angel thinks Cordy is waking up, but Fred says her body is just acting out. It doesn't mean she's waking up. Angel holds Cordy's hands as Fred cuts her wrist. They use a small bowl to catch the blood. Lorne walks into the room, and Angel and Fred pretend to be paying tribute to Cordy. Things are going well, until Lorne notices Cordy's bleeding wrist. Lorne tries to raise the alarm, but Angel restrains him.

Connor is still standing guard in front of Jasmine's room as a bright green light emanates from it. She walks out of the room, and Connor notices that it is empty. He wants to know what happened to the people, and Jasmine says that she ate them.

Angel and Fred sneak into the hallway to find Lorne sitting dejectedly against the wall. They want to make sure he'll be able to do what he has to do.

Lorne walks into the lobby, muttering under his breath that he is playing the role of Judas Iscariot. He finds Wes and Gunn, and tells them they need to come upstairs with him. They notice that Lorne's wrist is bandaged, but Lorne evades their questions. He leads them to a room upstairs, and lets them go in first. He grabs a baseball bat, and the sounds of the bat making contact within the room can be heard.

Gunn and Wes are staring dejectedly at the floor with their wrists bandaged up. They can't believe they were deceived; that everything they knew was a lie. They need to find a way to tell the truth to everyone, but it will be difficult. Angel says that he's not leaving the Hyperion without Connor, and Wes goes to get him.

Wes walks down the hallway with Connor, leading him into the room where the rest of the Fang Gang is waiting for him. Wes shuts the door behind them, but Connor spots Fred. Angel restrains Connor, and Gunn tries to slash him, but Connor kicks him away. Wes picks up Gunn's knife, and slashes Connor's chest and rubs some of Cordy's blood into it. Connor winces, and he stops fighting Angel. His face falls, and he looks at the others in the room. He begins to back away from the group then runs out into the hall, yelling for the others to come. He's found Angel and Fred.

The Usual
The Usual

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Oh really? Well I am not some mystical vending machine, here to spit out answers every time you waltz in with a problem. I have a heart. Granted, it's located in my left buttcheek, but it's still a heart, and that heart is broken. I mean, why is it nobody ever cares about my destiny? Everyone who walks through that door is all about 'me, me, me' - what about my me? My me's important!
-Lorne (Fredless)


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