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Angel recognizes Holtz and can't believe it. Holtz reveals to Angel that he has waited over two hundred years for this moment. He will have his justice on Angel and Darla. The mercenaries grab Angel around the neck with iron clamps, to keep him from escaping. Angel tells Holtz that a lot has changed since they last met, but Holtz doesn't believe him. He tells his demon mercenaries to search the hotel for Darla. Meanwhile, Darla is screaming in pain in the back of Angel's convertible. The contractions are closer together, and she is in the active stage of labour. The gang is worried that Angel hasn't returned yet. Wesley tries to tell Darla to breath, but she throws everyone back from the car while proclaiming that she doesn't breathe.

York, England. 1764. Holtz races back to his home, to find his wife dead. Sarah is huddled in a corner. Holtz can't take his eyes off of her, and they embrace. He spots two teeth punctures on her neck. Two of Holtz's men come to Holtz, but he tells them to leave. He sings "All Through the Night" to Sarah, trying to comfort her and himself.

Lilah and Gavin have no idea who Holtz is, or what his purpose is. They do think that he is an old player, since he called Angel by his old name, Angelus. Linwood lets them know that he remembers nothing of the surveillance room, and he will be very shocked and disappointed when he hears about it for the first time at Thursday's staff meeting.

Angel is still being held captive by the mercenaries. He tries to convince Holtz that destroying him and Darla is not the answer, because if he does, Holtz will lose his soul. And it isn't worth it. Holtz wants to know what Angel knows of having a soul (he still doesn't know that Gypsies cursed Angel).

Gunn is slapping Wesley to try and revive him after Darla sent the gang flying. He wakes up, and they realize that Darla is in-between contractions. When she reassures them that she is able to travel, Gunn, Cordy, Wes and Fred pile into the front seat of the convertible, leaving Darla all alone in the back. She believes that they don't trust her (which they don't) but Fred points out that her water broke all over the backseat. Holtz's mercenaries, Grapplar demons, surround the convertible.

The other Grapplar demons believe they have caught Darla outside the hotel, but they have really captured Lilah. She watches, with obvious pleasure, as Angel is held captive. Holtz wonders if she knows what Angel really is, and she replies that she does. Inadvertently, she reveals Angel's curse to Holtz. This is news to him. He wants to know if Darla was also cursed, but Lilah lets him know she isn't. Meanwhile, Angel sees a grenade near his foot. He tells Lilah to duck, kicks the grenade to his mouth, catches the key in his teeth, pulls out the key, and throws it at Holtz. He escapes through a wall. Holtz tells Lilah that if she sends more men after Angelus, he will kill them all. Only he will get Angel and Darla. After Holtz exits the hotel, Lilah calls Harvey to clean up the dead bodies. While she is using the phone, she spots the Nyazian scrolls. She collects them and leaves.

Gunn, Cordy, Wes and Fred get out of the car to defend Darla, and while they are fighting, she drives off, leaving them to face the demons on their own. The demons back off, since they were after Darla. The gang watches Darla drive off, just as Angel arrives. He lets them know that Holtz was the reason why he was held up. Fred concludes that Holtz is part of the Tro-clan. Although he may have good intentions, if he kills the baby (or even Angel), he could inadvertently set into motion the end of the world. Angel goes off to search for Darla, while the gang tries to find a safe place for Darla to have the baby.

Lilah has a man working on translating the scrolls. He has to decipher them by morning otherwise his family dies. She highlighted (in yellow) the key parts Wesley was working on.

Holtz confronts Sahjhan over him not telling Holtz everything. He wants Sahjhan to tell him everything, which Sahjhan claims he has. Of course, he leaves out Darla's pregnancy.

Angel finds Darla on the roof of a building, looking out at the city. Darla feels that she has nothing to offer the baby. She wasn't even able to nourish it. It was nourishing her. She's scared, because she loves the baby so completely. The baby is the first thing she has loved in four hundred years. The feelings she is experiencing now are from the baby, and once the baby is born, she won't love it anymore. She won't be able to remember ever loving it, since she won't have a soul anymore. She cries in Angel's arms.

Caritas is going to open tomorrow night, and Lorne is busying preparing for the big opening. A new security system is being installed that won't allow any violence from demons AND humans. He reluctantly agrees to letting Darla have her baby there. Wes calls Angel, and Angel brings Darla over.

Lilah re-enters her office. The man who was translating the scroll has made a breakthrough. Where Wesley believed the scroll to prophesy a birth, it is more of a death announcement. The man announces that tonight, there won't be a birth. Only death. This is music to Lilah's ears.

York, England. 1764. It is the day now. The two men are still at Holtz's house. Sarah is cowering in the shadows. Holtz vows that he will do what has to be done. He picks up a resisting Sarah, and throws her outside, into the sun. She turns to face him with her vampire face, then burns into dust. Holtz continues to sing "All Through the Night."

Lorne is still having difficulty wiring the security system. Angel arrives with Darla. Her contractions have stopped, but she is still in pain. When she begins moaning loudly, Lorne offers her his bed. Fred trails the group, and notices the pool of blood that collected on the chair Darla was sitting on.

Arnie, the electrician that was working for Lorne, reveals Darla's location to Sahjhan and Holtz.

Wesley lets Angel know he should expect the worst. The baby is dying. Angel won't believe it. Gunn says that maybe the prophecy in the scroll was about his baby dying. Maybe the Fates are finally taking some action, and preventing the Tro-clan. Angel goes in to comfort Darla. Point-blank, she asks Angel if the baby is dying. He lies, but she knows. She can feel the baby dying. She failed as a mother, because she couldn't even offer her baby life. Lorne finally gets the security system to work, but he is the only one excited about it. Everyone else is glum, with the prospect of the baby's death.

Holtz comes down into Caritas. The gang doesn't recognize him. Lorne believes that he is a prospective customer, and gives him a flyer about the reopening. Holtz accepts it, then turns. As he begins to exit, he hums "All Through the Night." Lorne has a look of realization on his face. He tells everyone to run. They clear the main bar area, just as a barrel and grenade come rolling down the stairs. The barrel erupts into a fireball, completely destroying the bar for the third time in two years. The gang rushes into the bedroom, and tells Angel they have to get out of Caritas. Angel knows that the explosion is the work of Holtz. Lorne tells Angel that there is a loading dock exit behind the wall. Wes and Gunn start to knock the wall down, but are getting nowhere. Angel takes over, and knocks a large hole into the wall, to the back alley. He grabs Darla, and helps her outside.

Darla collapses to the ground. Cordy, Wes and Gunn go to get Angel's car, but Fred stays with Angel and Darla. Darla wants Angel to leave her behind, but he won't. Darla tells Angel that the baby is going to die in the alley, just like he did. Angel still won't acknowledge the possibility of his son's death. Darla lets Angel know that this baby was the only good thing they ever did together. Angel begins to sob, and buries his head in his hands. Darla tells Angel to tell the baby that. Then, she grabs a wooden splinter from the broken down wall, and stakes herself. Angel watches as she turns to dust, and a human baby is left in her place.

Holtz walks through the burning room, and watches as Angel picks up the baby. Angel and Fred are concentrating so intently on the baby, that they don't notice Holtz pointing his crossbow at them. Holtz stands still, with the crossbow aimed. But he doesn't shoot. A Grapplar demon appears at the other end of the alley, and Angel finally notices Holtz. Holtz lowers his crossbow. Angel and Fred walk by him, to the waiting convertible. They drive off as an angry Sahjhan admonishes Holtz for missing his chance to kill Angel. Holtz tells Sahjhan that he promised he wouldn't show Angel any mercy, and he won't.

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