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Lonely Hearts
Lonely Hearts

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Written by Kristina

Angel and Doyle are sitting in the office. Angel is silently contemplating something, when Doyle suggests that they go out, have some fun, celebrate the new business. Angel tells Doyle that if he wants to ask Cordelia out, he has to do it himself. Cordy arrives in the office with Angel's new business cards. Angel and Doyle can't figure out what the picture is on the card (it's an angel), and when Cordy playfully hits Doyle, and he gets a vision. A vision of a bar, a "terminally-stuck-in-the-eighties" type of place. He didn't see any faces; he only felt that something was about to happen.

Kevin and Sharon are sitting at the bar, talking about finding the "one." They leave soon after Angel, Cordy and Doyle arrive at the bar. While Angel questions the bartender, Cordy hands out business cards to everyone she sees, especially guys. Doyle warns Cordy that she should be a little more discreet, but Cordy ignores his advice. Angel, meanwhile, was punched by a guy who thought Angel was hitting on him. While massaging his nose, he meets Kate, a blonde woman at the counter. He is having a hard time making small talk with her, but she is obviously interested in him, so she keeps talking with him. Cordy and Doyle encounter a guy that thinks Cordy charges by the hour (i.e. she's an "escort") and she lets him know that she is not. Kate is beginning to open up to Angel, and she talks about how hard it is to trust someone. She is very self-deprecating, which Angel says she shouldn't be. She asks Angel if he wants to go someplace quieter, but he says he has to stay at the bar. Doyle has managed to get himself into a fight, and Angel jumps in to help him out. After the fight, a woman approaches Angel and begins talking to him, while Kate notices.

Kevin and Sharon are in bed together, when Sharon gets up to leave. Sharon sits back down when Kevin says he wants her to stay.

Angel, Cordy and Doyle stayed until the bar closed, and nothing eventful happened. Angel doubts the vision sent him to the bar to break up a bar fight, so they head back to the office.

Kevin is lying dead and beat up on the bed, while Sharon is sitting beside him.

Cordy is on the Internet, trying to find out if anything has been going on at D'oblique, the bar they were at last night. There are two mysterious deaths linked to the bar. Angel suggests Cordy go to the library to find more info on eviscerating demons with Doyle, while he goes back to the bar. Outside the bar, he meets up with Kate. She is hurt that Angel is talking with another woman, and wants to start over. Angel asks her not to go into the bar, but she does anyway. Inside, Sharon is speaking with her date, and she has made herself up glamorously, in contrast to last night when she was very plain looking. Angel learns that Kevin, a guy that was there last night, went off with some girl, and hasn't been seen at all since last night. He learns that Kevin went off with Sharon Richler. Angel goes to a phone book to look up her address.

Sharon and her date are in her bed. She asks him to roll over, and she cuddles him from behind.

Angel bursts into the apartment to see Sharon looking like a week old corpse, and the tail of a burrower disappearing into her date's back. They trade blows, and Angel learns that the burrower won't stop changing bodies until he can find a body that won't die on him. Kate bursts into the room, and Angel learns she works for the LAPD. She is going to arrest him, since she thinks he killed Sharon. He wants to know how she followed him, and she says that she has been trailing him. As Kate goes to cuff him, he jumps out of the apartment window, where the burrower is watching from a ledge.

Cordy brings Doyle to her less than stellar apartment, where they are going to meet Angel. Angel arrives, and Cordy doesn't invite him in until she jokingly makes sure he won't go bad again. He lets them know the demon is a burrower, and it switches bodies after a sex act. Kate is searching Angel's offices while Angel is walking the streets and the burrower is having sex with a female.

The next morning, Cordy, Doyle and Angel meet at Cordy's apartment. Cordy has discovered that the name of the burrower is Tahlmer, and it has been around for a long time. It has few weaknesses, but it is afraid of fire. After it leaves its host body, the body decomposes rapidly. Angel calls Kate for help, since she has been tracking this thing for awhile. She agrees to meet Angel, even though she still doesn't trust him.

Kate arrives at the bar before Angel does, so she asks the bartender to let her know when he arrives. After a guy strikes a conversation up with her, the bartender says that Angel is in the alley out back. He offers to show her the way. Once they are out in the alley, the bartender takes a wine bottle and hits her over the head, knocking her unconscious. The parasite is about to transfer to Kate's body, when Angel hits the bartender over the head with a board. Kate comes to and sees Angel and the decomposing bartender fighting. The bartender knocks Kate and Angel into a stairwell, then locks them in. The bartender tries to find a woman to transfer the burrower to, but they all turn away from him, disgusted at his dishevelled appearance.

Angel and Kate escape from the stairwell, and catch up with the bartender. Angel and the bartender fight, and Angel manages to set the bartender on fire from a neighbouring burning barrel. As the bartender stumbles closer to Angel, Kate shoots him and he goes down. Kate collapses.

Kate is convinced that it was the bartender committing the murders all along. She lets Angel know that she illegally searched his place in order to start fresh with him. As Kate is called away, Angel returns to his office. The next night, Angel suggests that they go out, to celebrate. Cordy suggests going home, and Doyle adds that this will allow Angel to sit around in the dark, which is what he wanted to do all along.

The Usual
The Usual

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