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In the Dark
In the Dark

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Written by Kristina

Rachel and Lenny are in an alley. Lenny is terrorizing Rachel, and threatens her. When she doesn't take him seriously, he pulls out a gun. Angel steps from out of the shadows, and knocks Lenny out cold. Apparently, Angel and Rachel had pre-arranged this meeting; however, Angel is unaware that Spike is watching him from a neighbouring rooftop. Spike reveals that Angel has several surprises on the way - Spike's Arrival, the Gem of Amarra, and… his death.

Oz's van pulls up in front of Angel's office. Cordy and Doyle are inside, where Cordy has printed off Angel Investigation's first official invoice. When Doyle tries to tell Cordy that helping the helpless means helping them, and not billing them, she doesn't listen. Cordy gets excited when Oz enters, since he embodies all things Sunnydale. In true Oz fashion, he gives Cordy short and concise replies. Angel appears from the basement, where he and Oz exchange words (and this is meant literally!). Oz presents Angel with the Gem of Amarra. Besides Oz, Doyle seems to be the only one aware of its importance. Oz tells Angel that Buffy wanted him to have it. Spike dug up Sunnydale looking for it ("The Harsh Light of Day"), and she feels that Angel will be able to keep it safe. Doyle, Cordy and Oz head off to a pub for some food, while Angel heads to the sewers. He hides the Gem underneath a brick and walks off.

The next day. Doyle is suffering from a massive hangover, when Angel receives a phone call from Rachel. Lenny has been let out. He leaves to meet her, when Spike confronts him in the parking garage. He clobbers Angel with a beam in an attempt to best him. Spike got tired of waiting for his plan to come to fruition, so he decided to take some action. Cordy and Doyle arrive to watch Spike make his get away, while threatening them both. Angel suggests Cordy stays with Doyle until Spike has been taken care of. Reluctantly, Cordy agrees.

While Doyle is calling his contacts for information on Spike, Angel is trying to help Rachel hide from Lenny. He tells her that she must have faith and sever the connection with Lenny. She can't go back to him, because he will kill her.

Angel calls Doyle, and learns that Manny the Pig has information about Spike. He goes to the club Manny frequents, and learns Spike is hiding out back. Angel finds him snacking on a girl. He frees her, and confronts Spike. A vampire in white lashes at Angel with a chain, and takes him down.

Doyle is concerned that Angel hasn't called him yet. He worries that something happened to him. He was right to worry, because the vampire in white, Marcus, and Spike have Angel chained up in a warehouse. The plan is for Marcus to torture Angel into revealing the location of the Gem. Angel refuses to, and Marcus begins to torture Angel with red-hot pokers, while Mozart's Symphony no. 41 plays in the background. Spike grows impatient, as Angel shows no sign of revealing the Gem's location. While Marcus randomly allows beams of light into the warehouse, Spike heads off to Angel's apartment and office. He proceeds to tear it apart, looking for the Gem. Cordy aims her crossbow on Spike, and Doyle backs her up. Spike gives them an ultimatum - give him the ring before nightfall, or Angel dies.

While Marcus continues to torture Angel, verbally for the moment, Angel works a piece of wood between his legs. He swings the stake at Marcus, but Spike stops the blow. Meanwhile, Cordy and Doyle search the apartment for the Gem. When they realize Angel would have hidden it in the sewers, they head down below. When Cordy isn't looking, Doyle allows his demon aspect to take over. He smells the air, and locates the Gem. He and Cordy come up with a plan before they head over to the docks, to meet Spike. They tell Spike that they don't have the Gem on them. He leads them to Angel, when Doyle throws the ring past Angel for Spike to fetch. Oz's van bursts into the warehouse, and he aims a crossbow on Spike. Cordy and Doyle free Angel, but Spike can't find the Gem. Spike can't find the Gem because Marcus found it first.

Oz, Cordy, Angel and Doyle pile into the van. Oz promises to tend to Angel's wounds once they get somewhere dark. Angel orders Oz to turn around, since he knows Marcus has the Gem. And Marcus has an obsession with little children. Oz turns around, and they head to the pier. They arrive just as Marcus is approaching a group of Boy Scouts. Doyle can't overpower Marcus, so Angel runs, yelling and smoking, from the van. He and Marcus tumble over the pier into the water below. They are evenly matching, until Angel impales Marcus with a wooden board. He then slips the Gem off of Marcus' finger, and onto his own while Marcus turns to dust. He steps out into the daylight for the first time in over two hundred years. Oz remarks that Angel is remarkably pale.

That night, at sunset, Angel and Doyle are out on the roof. Angel is enthralled. Doyle promises him there will be another one like it tomorrow, but Angel replies that there won't. He will not use the ring. It will take him away from the darkness, blind him to the things that go "bump in the night." It may look like his redemption, but it isn't. Angel crushes the Gem with a brick, and it is pulverized in a flash of green light. Doyle lets Angel know Rachel called. She found a little faith, and Angel understands her message. Another day survived.

The Usual
The Usual

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I got lost, I got lost, they did terrible things to me but it was just a storybook, it was just a story with monsters, not real, not in the world, but if you're here and you see me then... then it's real, it did happen, if you see what they made of me... I didn't mean to get lost...
-Fred (Fredless)


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