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Written by Kristina

LA at night. Cordy is providing a voice over for a commercial she wants to make for Angel. She casts herself as a young woman, in trouble, who is saved by the Dark Avenger (Angel). Angel is leery about this commercial. He isn't comfortable about charging people to save them. He heads over to his elevator, and goes down into his apartment. Cordy still wants to make this commercial, but Doyle points out that he understands where Angel is coming from. Plus, they don't have a license. Cordy comes up with a brainstorm - they need someone average, like Doyle, to do the commercial. They need to drum up some evil to bring Angel out of his funk.

Later, Cordy is filming Doyle for their commercial. He's reading off posters hung around the office, and not doing a very good job of it. It doesn't help that Cordy has made some spelling mistakes on the posters. Cordy finishes filming, and then she tells Doyle the vibe she's getting from this commercial is "weasel." Cordy immediately apologizes, and admits that she's feeling kinda hopeless about Angel's brooding. Doyle volunteers to go talk to him, and Cordy suggests getting Angel a costume. Doyle can't see Angel wearing tights, but then he visualizes it, and is disturbed.

Angel is downstairs working on his punching bag, when Doyle approaches him. Doyle tells Angel that he knows how it is to see your ex again. Angel tells Doyle that Buffy wasn't here for five minutes, or even ten; she was here for a day and a night. Doyle doesn't believe him, and Angel sits down on the sofa to talk with Doyle. Before he begins, Angel wants to know why Doyle never told him about the Oracles. Eventually, the whole story comes out; Angel becoming human, being together with Buffy, killing the Mohra and having the Oracles swallow the day. He had the one thing he wanted most in the world, and he gave it back, because as he said "We [Buffy and I] don't belong to ourselves. We belong to the world, fighting." Doyle begins thinking that Angel is definitely a real hero. Doyle doubts his strength, but Angel reminds him that you never know your strength until it's been tested. Angel tells Doyle that the Oracles said something bad is coming to usher in the "end of days." Doyle volunteers to keep score while Angel fights the good fight.

Doyle heads up to the lobby, and tells Cordy about Angel and the swallowed day. Cordy says Angel shouldn't have kept it a secret from them. Doyle agrees - if he and Harriet had been more open with each other, their marriage would have stood a better chance. Doyle begins to tell Cordy that he is half-demon when he is struck by a vision of a brick building and people huddled together.

A little demon girl is running down a darkened street, and she is followed by the sound of heavy footsteps. She drops the box she is carrying, and scrambles to pick up the contents. A demon boy puts his hand over her mouth, and pulls her into the shadows as army boots go by.

Angel and Doyle are searching the brick building of Doyle's vision for people. The building has been deserted in a hurry - there is still warm food on the table. Angel smells the inhabitants' fear, and opens a trap door to reveal a family of Lister demons. After the family exits the trap door, the man shares their story with Angel and Doyle. They were going to escape to an island off the coast of Equador, but they were ripped off. They are searching for sanctuary, but before Angel can find out from what, the little boy and girl demon we say early come rushing in. They say that "they" are close. An elderly demon introduces the boy, Rieff, to "the promised one." Angel doesn't believe that he is "the promised one", but the elder tells him it has been fortold in their prophecies that "the promised one" will appear and he will save them from the Scourge. Rieff doesn't believe anything except that the Scourge will keep coming until they are all dead. Angel and Doyle go off to the side when Angel asks Doyle about the Scourge. Doyle knows about them.

A flashback to a time when Doyle was younger. He walks into his apartment, and picks up a baseball bat. A demon, Lucas, comes out of the shadows. He is a Brachen demon, like Doyle. He needs Doyle's help, because something is after them. Lucas says the Scourge knows they are here. The flashback temporarily merges to the present day, where Doyle is telling Angel that the Scourge is a group of pureblooded demon fanatics, that hunts down mixed-heritage demons. The flashback resumes, with Lucas asking Doyle to hide his family until they can leave the town. Doyle refuses - he doesn't want to deal with his demon nature (because he has just found out about it) and he doesn't want to risk his life against the Scourge.

Another flashback. Doyle gets out of his bed to answer his door, when he is hit by his first vision - a vision of Lucas and his clan being killed.

Doyle tells Angel that he thought he was having a stroke during this first vision, but he had to know if what he was seeing was true. As he tells Angel about finding Lucas' clan dead, we see the younger Doyle as he finds the corpses. Doyle tells Angel that he can't fight the Scourge. Angel isn't going to fight - they're going to get Rieff's family out of town.

Cordy walks into the hallway of the building, when she spots the Lister demons. She pulls out a bottle of breath freshener, and pretends it is a well disguised demon repellent. Doyle pushes towards Cordy, and tells her that these are the demons they are trying to help. She has a truck out front to transport them, and Angel is securing documents to get them out of the country. Cordy seems confused - she believes that demons are forces of darkness, which they should be battling. Doyle pulls her aside, and says that the Lister demons are half-human, and need their help. Doyle tells Cordy that Angel wants her to secure the ship for them. The captain owes Angel money, but Angel is willing to ignore the debt if the captain helps them.

In the harbormaster's office, Angel is using his connections to get the harbormaster to sign documents certifying the ship the demons are on is carrying cargo and that there is to be no inspections of it. The harbormaster finishes the document and hands it over to Angel.

The Lister demons are getting ready to leave, when they realize Rieff is missing. Doyle gives them his cell phone, and tells them that Cordy is going to call when it is safe to go. Doyle goes out looking for Rieff. He finds him walking down a street. Doyle tries to convince him that Angel is really there to help, and that they will escape the Scourge. But it is Rieff's choice whether he joins his family or not. Rieff scoffs at this - he doesn't have many choices. His mother was passing (she could look like a human). There was only one day a year she could take him out into the neighbourhood with other kids. Doyle knows it was Hallowe'en. Doyle tells Rieff he has two options - he can put his faith in Angel, like his family did, or he can lose himself somewhere. And Doyle knows from experience the second option is not a good choice.

Cordy arranges the ship with the captain and first mate. She pulls out her phone to call the family. Doyle and the boy are walking back to the building, when they hear the Scourge. They hide in a building, and watch as the Scourge destroys whatever it can find in the neighbourhood. When one of the soldiers begins walking towards Rieff and Doyle, Doyle runs out, and leads the Scourge away from Rieff. Angel pulls Doyle into a building as he runs by, and Doyle tells Angel the Scourge is coming.

The Scourge walk into the Lister demons' building, and begin searching for them. Angel walks in, vamp faced, with Doyle as his prisoner. Angel breaks Doyle's neck, and offers to join the Scourge - he can kill half-breeds better and faster. They hustle out of the building, with Angel in tow.

Rieff watches the Scourge leave the building, then he finds Doyle's body. He kneels down, but jumps away when Doyle blinks. He wrenches his neck back into place (he is stronger in demon form).

The demons are boarding the freighter, while Cordy is trying to convince the captain to wait for Doyle and Rieff. If he waits, Angel will take 60% off of his debt. Cordy tells the Listers that Doyle will get Rieff here, and they believe him - he understands their suffering, being half-demon and all. Cordy looks shocked.

Angel has joined the Scourge. His hair is slicked back, and he is wearing his vamp face. The commander is giving a long-winded speech about hunting "mongrels" when he introduces a new and powerful weapon (which I shall refer to as the Christmas Tree Ornament of Death [CTOD]). The first mate has betrayed the family of demons, and has come to the Scourge. The commander demonstrates the power of the CTOD by allowing the cleansing light to reach him, and disintegrate him. It destroys anything with human blood. The Scourge begins cheering, because it is their manifest destiny to wipe out all half-breeds and rule the planet with their own purity.

The soldiers are running down a hallway, when Angel steps out of their midst, knocks out a demon, and steal his motorcycle. He heads off to the ship to warn Cordy and the captain.

Doyle and Rieff have arrived safely at the ship. Rieff goes down to be with his family, when Cordy slaps Doyle. She wants to know why Doyle never told her that he was half-demon. He was scared she would reject him, but she points out she has rejected him numerous times before. And she works for a vampire. Doyle seems relieved that this is all out in the open, and is about to ask her out to dinner (and her own encouraging) when Angel arrives on his motorcycle. They have to leave NOW. The Scourge pulls up, and Angel orders everyone to get down below.

In the hold, Doyle is giving orders to the Listers. Angel waits for the Scourge on the gangplank, as the freighter pulls away. The commander sends four soldiers to attack Angel, but he makes short work of them. The commander then attacks Angel, and they tumble onto a lower catwalk. When Angel looks up, he sees that the CTOD is already lit. He tells everyone to get out - it's going to detonate. The commander welcomes him to a world where only pure bloods will be standing, but Angel breaks his neck, and he lands on his ass. Doyle and Cordy climb up to Angel, and he fills them in on the CTOD's power. Angel says that he has to pull out the cable to stop it, but Cordy points out it is a suicide mission. Angel looks at the Listers, and says that everything will be alright. Doyle puts his hand on Angel's arm, and says he finally understands what Angel was saying about the good fight. He knocks Angel down into the cargohold with a punch to the chin, and turns to Cordy. As they kiss, a blue light passes between their lips. He steps back, and morphs into his demon fac. Angel begins climbing up to Doyle and Cordy, but Doyle jumps onto the CTOD before Angel can reach him. He turns to smile at Cordy and Angel before morphing to his human face. He tugs on the cable, as the CTOD grows brighter and brighter. Everyone watches as Doyle pulls the cable out, and shuts down the CTOD before he disintegrates. The Lister demons stare in shock at the disabled CTOD while Cordy and Angel share a tearful embrace.

Angel and Cordy are back in the office, watching the videotape Cordy made of Doyle doing the commercial. We are left with Doyle's last words from the commercial: "Is that it? Am I done?"

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One of the perks of the job. After an all-nighter of fighting the lurking evil we get eggs.
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