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Five by Five
Five by Five
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Written by Kristina

Angelus = Angel without a soul (pre-Gyspsy girl).
Angel = present day vampire Angel.

A group of guys are huddled around a trash can fire, when Marquez walks up to them. A guy holds a gun, but when he gets up, we see that he's a demon holding a dismembered arm holding the gun. He drops it into the fire as Marquez begins to run. They give chase. Angel's convertible pulls around the corner, and as Wesley drives, Angel leans out and beheads one of the demons. Angel jumps out of the car, beheads another demon, and asks Marquez if he wants a ride.

A coach bus pulls up to a station. Passengers begin stepping out, and we see a girl step out with a duffel bag - it's Faith, and she looks the worse for wear. A guy smoking a cigarette spots Faith, and walks up beside her. Faith stops, and tells him that she's cold. He takes off his jacket, and Faith knocks him unconscious. She takes his jacket, wallet and keys.

Romania 1898. Angelus is blindfolded, and Darla is leading him into a house. She kidnapped a gypsy girl, and has left her bound and gagged on the floor. She is Angelus' birthday present, but Darla gets to watch. Angelus pushes up her skirt, and then vamps out and bites her thigh.

Angel slams Marquez back into a chair. He wants Marquez to do the right thing - otherwise, he's going to be next. In the outer office, Cordy is telling Wesley that Angel is wasting his time - Marquez is never going to do it. Wesley was trying to sleep, but he gets up when Cordy continues talking to him. Wesley has faith that Angel can convince Marquez to testify, but Cordy says that you can't change people. Wesley reminds her of Angel. Marquez bursts out into the outer office, refusing to cooperate. Angel grabs him, and drags him back into the office.

A crowd of people is dancing at a bar. Faith is there, drifting from guy to guy. She cuts in, interrupted a dancing couple, and begins gyrating against the guy. When the girl protests, she elbows her in the face. Soon, the whole bar is fighting as Faith continues to dance.

Lindsey McDonald, a Wolfram and Hart lawyer, is defending a client at court. He requests a dismissal of the charges against his client, because there are no witnesses or evidence. At this point, Angel walks in with Marquez. The attorney calls Marquez to the stand, while Angel and Lindsey stare at each other.

Later that day, Lindsey is talking in the cell phone. He accepts full responsibility for the failure, because he hadn't foreseen Angel's intervention. He gets off the phone as Lee Mercer walks in. Lee hands Lindsey some papers, and tells him that he thinks he's found a solution to their problem.

Later, Lilah is walking through the lobby when she spots Lee. She tells him that she heard he came up with a good idea for dealing with their "friendly neighborhood vampire." Lee wonders how she found out so quickly about it, and she says its part of her job. Lilah knows where Faith is, and she will make the contact. Lee refuses, saying it was his deal, so he makes the contact. She says he doesn't have any people skills, and that if he behaves, she'll let him ride in the limo.

Cordy is on the phone with a client. She is trying to explain that they don't do divorce cases, but when the client offers a large sum of money, she agrees to take it. Angel and Wesley come it, and tell Cordy that they won the case. She tells them that she's landed a new client, and is in the information-gathering phase. They are meeting him the next day for lunch.

Lilah has made contact with Faith at a bar. They walk out of the bar, and Faith wants to know what Lilah wants with her. She doesn't know anything about Lilah, and Lilah remarks her favorite color is green, that she looks good in diamonds, and loves riding in limos. Lee wants to talk to Faith, and as Faith gets into the limo, she tells Lilah she likes black.

Romania. Darla enters the house she and Angelus are staying in, when she sees Angel huddled against a wall. He is talking about the victims they have killed. Darla thinks he is playing a game with her, and that he brought her some children. When he turns away from the wall, he looks ragged. She wants to know where he has been, and he tells her that the gypsy girl's people found out and did something to him. Angel finds it funny that with all the people he has killed and maimed, he can still remember all of them. Darla realizes Angel has a soul, and she kicks him out of the house. She wards him off with a wooden chair, and smashes it to make a makeshift stake. Angel stumbles out of the house, and she watches him leave.

Faith is in an office at Wolfram and Hart with Lindsey, Lee and Lilah. Lindsey tells her that if she takes care of their problem, they will make her problems go away. Lilah tells Faith that she won't be disappointed in their performance. When Faith finds out she has to kill Angel, she says no problem (they don't know she already has met and faced off against Angel in Sunnydale). When she wants to discuss payment, Lee tells her she should find out more about her target first. She responds by repeatedly slamming his face into a desk.

Cordy, Angel and Wesley step out of an elevator. Cordy finally tells Angel and Wesley that the new client she got was for a divorce case - the husband says his wife is a real witch. Cordy continues talking to Angel, when Faith appears. She aims her crossbow at Angel's back, and fires. Angel turns as she shoots and grabs the arrow before it hits him. Faith runs off into the sunshine.

Angel gets off the phone with Giles, and says Faith left Sunnydale a week ago. Wesley doesn't think it's right that Giles didn't give him the heads up about her. Angel says Giles was more concerned with Buffy. Angel tells Cordy and Wesley to check out police reports to see if they can track down Faith. Then he wants them to disappear for awhile. He doesn't want Faith to go after them. Wesley doesn't want to run, but Cordy has no problem with Angel's orders. Angel is taking this personally. Angel reminds Wesley that last year, he had a shot at saving her until she was kidnapped by a British guy (Wesley), and was pushed over the edge.

Angel is looking through his weapon's cabinet, when he hears a noise upstairs. When he goes to investigate, someone pulls the blinds open in the outer office, and sunlight streams in. Faith pulls out a revolver, and tosses it to Angel. He fires it at her leg, but it was loaded with blanks. He tosses it back to her. She's being paid to take Angel out, so he had better get into the game. She shoots him with the revolver. This time, a real bullet comes out, and she jumps out of the office through the window.

Angel walks into the Wolfram and Hart building, wearing a suit and tie. A lawyer points at Angel, mistaking him for another lawyer at a meeting. They both take the elevator up together, and Angel goes along with what the other lawyer says about the meeting. They part, and Angel heads to Lindsey's office. He sits down and begins going through Lindsey's papers, when Lindsey walks in. Angel wants to know where Faith is, but Lindsey plays dumb. Lindsey remembers Angel killed one of his clients, and Angel says it is a shame that he burned up before hitting the ground. Angel could have needed a good lawyer, and he's killed enough people to qualify to be defended by Wolfram and Hart. A security guard enters the office (because Wolfram and Hart has a special security system that detects vampires), and Angel knocks the guard out. He picks up his briefcase, and leaves.

Cordy and Wesley walk up to Cordy's apartment, as Wesley is reading a report about Faith. Cordy unlocks her door, and opens it, but Dennis slams it shut. She tries it again with the same results. She tells Dennis to let them in, and he does. They enter, and Cordy turns on her lights. She says that Dennis is jealous. Wesley goes to call Angel while Cordy packs a bag; however, Faith comes out of hiding. Wesley and Cordy tell Faith they want to help her, but Faith elbows Cordy, knocking her out. When Wesley hits her, Faith kicks Wesley across the room.

Romania. Angel is walking along a street at night. A woman and three men come out of an inn, and Angel tells them that he is hungry. One of the men gives Angel some money, but he throws it back. He vamps out, and says he wants the woman. The men drag Angel into an alley, but he overpowers them. He drags the woman into the alley and sinks his teeth into her neck.

Angel enters Cordy's apartment, and when he hears moaning, he runs over to Cordy. Cordy says Faith was there. She asks about Wesley, but he is not in the apartment.

In fact, Wesley is in another apartment, gagged and bound to a chair. Faith is pacing in front of him, and Wesley is already covered in cuts and bruises. She jumps into his lap, and tells him that the torture is going to continue. He can choose what torture comes next - sharp, cold, hot or loud. She un-gags him, and he wants to remind her of something. She interrupts him by stuffing the gag back in his mouth. She smashes a picture frame, and grabs a fragment of the broken glass. It's sharp torture time.

Cordy and Angel are still in her apartment, looking at a map of LA. Angel wants to know where Faith's first victim lives, because it is likely that is where she is now.

Faith is sitting at the open window of the apartment. She drops the bloodied piece of glass, and goes back to Wesley. She tells Wesley that she feels a bit cold, and she should warm the place up. When she goes into the kitchen to get a lighter, she wonders if things would have been different if Giles was her watcher. Would he be sitting there instead of Wesley? But she doesn't believe in fate or destiny. No matter what, it was going to be Wesley sitting there. She picks up a spray can, and depresses it over top of the lighter flame. Faith makes the lighter flame several more times, until Angel walks in. She drops the can and lighter, and holds a knife to Wesley's throat.

Romania. Angel stumbles out of the alley. He couldn't kill the woman. She comes out of the alley, and watches Angel go.

Faith tells Angel she has to kill him, but Wesley is just for fun. Angel keeps walking, and manages to maneuver Faith so she is beside Wesley instead of behind him. He wants to know what the price on his head is ($15 000). Angel tells Faith she looks pretty worn out. At this point, Wesley throws himself backwards, and Angel kicks Faith away form him. Faith picks up a piece of wood and attacks Angel. They slam each other round, and she jumps Angel, propelling them into a wall. Wesley spots Faith's knife sticking in the floor beside him, and he inches his way towards it. Angel tosses Faith of off him, and they continue to slam each other around. Wesley begins to cut his bonds with the knife, as Faith and Angel go crashing out of the window. They land on a trash container, and roll off of it. Faith continues pounding Angel, and it begins to pour. Wesley has freed his hands, and he unties the other ropes that surround him. Faith continues pounding Angel, but he grabs a hold of her, and tosses her. He walks towards her, and says he knows what she wants. She starts screaming and hitting him, but she doesn't do any damage. Wesley looks out the window, and sees Faith and Angel fight. He grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen and walks out the door.

Faith begins screaming at Angel that she's bad and evil. She starts sobbing, and grabs Angel's jacket. She shakes Angel as she continues to tell him that she's evil. She asks Angel to do it - to kill her. Wesley runs out of the house with the knife, and watches as Angel pulls Faith into him. They topple over, and Angel holds on to her. Wesley drops the knife, and continues to watch them.

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Right! This is Angel. 'Oh, no, I can't do anything fun tonight. I have to count my past sins, then alphabetize them. Oh, by the way, I'm thinking of snapping on Friday.'
-Cordy (Guise Will Be Guise)


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