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I Fall to Pieces
I Fall to Pieces

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Written by Kristina

Cordelia has collected the mail, and as usual, it is full of bills. Cordelia thinks that Angel should start charging for his services, because she wants a raise. And they need money to pay off their bills. She manages to convince Doyle of this, although he knows it is not Angel's style (billowy coat attraction and all) to ask for money. They agree to talk to Angel about this - after he's had his morning coffee. Before they bring up the subject, Angel tells them he is uncomfortable asking for money. The conversation doesn't go much further, because Doyle experiences one of his mind-numbing visions. In his vision, he sees Melissa Burns, of Pardell Paper products. Angel puts on his billowy coat, and exits, leaving Doyle to admit to Cordy that he might be just a bit attracted by Angel.

Meanwhile, Melissa is on the phone to the cake decorator's, since they have misspelled Penny's name. Melissa and a co-worker prepare the cake, and Penny walks in, surprised. A black man enters with some white flowers, for Melissa. Melissa reads the card, and is visibly disturbed. She takes a bottle of pills out of her purse, and asks Penny to cover for her. She goes to the washroom to take the pills.

In the parking lot, Angel is waiting by Melissa's car for her. He startles her, and lets her know that he is in private security. He gives her a calling card. He is having a difficult time explaining to Melissa what he does, because he can't tell her how he knows of her. She is skeptical, and drives off.

Angel suggests that Cordy talk to Melissa, because he thinks he has scared her off. Cordy won't get involved until she hires them. Angel has a feeling that they need to get involved right away. And he is right.

While Melissa is at an ATM, she is having a difficult time taking money out. The machine repeatedly tells her that her PIN is invalid. A man in a suit, with greying, balding hair, approaches her from behind. He lets her know that he changed her PIN, for her own safety. He changed it to the day he first met her. Melissa is visibly disturbed, and somehow, Ronald knows about her taking tranquillisers at work in the bathroom. Ronald goes on, and Melissa asks him to leave her alone. Although they have only had one date, Ronald believes that they are in love. Before he can get further, his pager goes off. He has a surgery to perform. He leans in to kiss her, and she recoils. He promises her that he will see her later.

Cordy picks up the phone at the office. It's Melissa, and Cordy advises her to come in right away. Cordy lets Angel know, and he goes to change his shirt.

Angel learns that Melissa is being stalked by a neurosurgeon, Dr. Ronald Meltzer. He performed an operation on her that saved her vision, then he asked her on a date. She didn't want to say yes, but she did. After the one date, he began showing up at her home, her work, saying that they should get married. He could tell her things she had done when he wasn't around. She wants it to end. Cordy mentions that they can do it, for a reasonable fee. Doyle walks Melissa home, but not before she asks Angel how he found her. He says that he has a friend in the police department. Angel and Cordy try to figure out how he sees her when he isn't around.

Melissa is at home, brushing her hair, getting ready for bed. Ronald is at home, sipping scotch. When he removes his hand from his face, his right eyeball is missing. It is hovering outside of Melissa's apartment.

Kate is sitting at her desk in the police department, when Angel walks up to her. He needs to ask Kate a favour. He wants information on Ronald. Kate retrieves the file. Melissa filed a report two months ago, but the doctor denied it. His lawyers, Wolfram and Hart, placed a restraining order on Melissa. Kate can lend him one officer for a day or two, outside her building.

Doyle has continued to escort Melissa around. She is comforted that he is concerned for her safety. He tells her that they have had plenty experience - well, they've protected four young women, and three are very much alive.

Angel sneaks into Dr. Meltzer's office, and begins digging around for information. One particular book, Anything is Possible, draws his attention. Dr. Meltzer walks in on Angel. Angel creates a story - his wife has a malignant tumour and needs someone with the nerve to operate. He notices the picture of Melissa on Ronald's desk, and learns that Ronald plans to marry her.

Cordy is at the Good Samaritan Hospital, researching Dr. Meltzer. She learned that before he became an ocular surgeon, he worked in orthopaedics. He was especially interested in reattaching severed limbs before they atrophied. Cordy wants more information, so she tells the nurse she is talking to that she is going to write a nasty article. The nurse, after ascertaining that no one is near, tells Cordy that Dr. Meltzer is not generous, and doesn't share his techniques with anyone.

Cordy tells Angel what she learned. Apparently, Dr. Meltzer can reattach eyes. He is stalking Melissa, not because of her, but because he has a lot of rage. He creates a fantasy about a girl, like Melissa, but she is failing him. The book Angel stole was written by Vinpur Natpudan - a guy that believed people were everywhere at once because they were molecules. He had a retreat for yogis and doctors, which Dr. Meltzer attended. Angel sent an e-mail to Vinpur, for help in fighting Dr. Meltzer.

Vinpur received Angel's e-mail, and agreed to meet him. Angel learns that Dr. Meltzer is a psychic surgeon. He can shut down his somatic system for days at a time. Vinpur stopped teaching after Dr. Meltzer eclipsed him.

Ronald is outside Melissa's house, watching her. A police officer comes up to him, and tells him to freeze. He places his hands in the air, but he has no hands. The police officer lets him go. Ronald's hands are in Melissa's bedroom, crawling over her. She screams and the police officer comes running. She lets him in, and the hands strangle the police officer. Melissa runs screaming outside, into Angel. He holds her, as Ronald's hands reattach to his arms.

A short time later, the dead officer is wheeled out of Melissa's house. Doyle hands her a cup of coffee. Kate tells Angel that Melissa is not making any sense. She doesn't believe that the doctor's hands are able to separate from his arms. They were able to get prints, so she can match them to Dr. Meltzer's prints, and put him away for murder. Doyle is concerned, because they stand in Dr. Meltzer's way, making them a target. Angel tells Doyle that if his body parts go long enough without blood and oxygen, they will deteriorate. And he won't be able to put himself together again.

In Angel's apartment, Doyle is duct taping ventilation coverings so Dr. Meltzer can't send any of his body parts in after Melissa. Angel is going to search out Dr. Meltzer while Cordy and Doyle watch over Melissa. Angel and Cordy go up the elevator and Cordy finds out Angel is looking for some steel boxes. Cordy jumps as the phone rings on the special line. She answers it as Jensen International Holdings. Dr. Meltzer has agreed to operate on Angel's fictious wife for $100,000 cash out of country.

Ronald is sitting in his office, when Angel arrives carrying a steel box. Dr. Meltzer has figured out that Angel's name isn't Jensen, and he doesn't have wife. With his left hand, he distracts Angel's attention, and shoots a tranquilliser dart at Angel. Ronald knows Angel is working for Melissa. Nothing -- nothing -- will stand between Melissa and Ronald. Angel passes out, and Ronald leaves the office.

Meanwhile, Doyle is continuing duct taping up Angel's apartment. Melissa is asleep on Angel's bed. As Cordy and Doyle discuss relationships, one of Ronald's hands begins to work at the duct tape over a vent. Cordy hears a rattling noise, which they go to investigate, with weapons. Ronald's disembodied eye watches them. Ronald uses one of his hands to open the door to the apartment, and he walks in. His body parts return to their normal places. Ronald sneaks behind Doyle and Cordy, and shuts them in the sewers. He turns around to see Melissa watching him. He pulls out a scalpel, and Melissa runs. He follows her, and corners her against a wall. She refuses to give in to him. Ronald believes he killed Angel, but Angel bursts in, and Ronald realises Angel isn't human. Melissa backs away from Ronald. Ronald sends his teeth to bite Angel, but Angel slams them into the wall. Ronald feels the pain in his mouth. Ronald and Angel continue to fight, as Melissa watches in horror. Angel uses a pipe, and sends Ronald's head flying across the room. He steps up to Melissa to see if she is all right, and he holds her.

The next day, Angel, Doyle and Cordy are in the office. Angel buried Ronald's body parts in 12 boxes underneath the new concrete floor of a LA subway station. Melissa walks in, with a plant, as a thank you present. Doyle and Cordy start coughing, reminding Angel to ask Melissa for her payment. Undaunted, Melissa holds a check out to Angel, which Cordy snaps up. Angel tells Melissa that he didn't do it for the money. All the same, Melissa believes Angel deserves it. With a wish to never see Angel again, Melissa leaves the office. Cordy and Doyle are elated, and want to deposit the check right away. Angel stays behind in the office, as he doesn't want to burst into flames. Now that they have some money, Cordy wants more. As she and Doyle leave to go to the bank, she orders Doyle to have another vision.

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