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Cordy is putting on some lipstick when Angel comes up behind her, and shocks her. The lipstick smears across her face, and she berates Angel for not humming, or at least warning her of his presence. Angel wants to know why Mrs. Benson was filed under 'F'. Cordy isn't quite sure at first, but then remembers it is because she was from France, and she was annoying. Wesley enters, with his Bavarian fighting axe, to see if Cordy has had a vision. She hasn't, so he produces a word puzzle and challenges them to it. Cordy isn't hanging around - two girls walk into the office, and Wesley watches them. He swings his axe (to show off) and embeds it into the wall. Cordy has a date with Wilson Christopher, and Angel is surprised Cordy didn't say anything to him. She says she didn't because Angel would have given him the third degree. The girls are about to leave when she has a vision. Angel knocks some papers on the floor to distract the girls. When Cordy recovers, she writes down an address, and reminds Angel what his client will look like ("a big baby hatching form a big egg with really large hands"). The girls leave, then Angel and Wesley head off to the address Cordy wrote down.

Angel ands Wesley arrive at the address Cordy wrote down. They walk up to the steps, with their weapons. Wesley knocks down the door and jumps in, but Angel can't follow. An older couple is watching television, and Wesley asks them where the demon spawn is, when Angel notices it hatching in a neighbouring house. Wesley and Angel beat a hasty retreat.

Through the window of the neighbouring house, we see the silhouettes of Angel and Wesley fighting the demon baby. Wesley is thrown through the window, and runs back into the house. They finally emerge, covered in demon gore, looking a little worse for wear. Wesley seems disappointed that Cordy hasn't been paying very much attention to her duties. Angel says to give her time - she's had to deal with Doyle's death, and getting visions. When Wesley begins talking about the girls Cordy was going out with, Angel mentions he thought that they liked Wesley.

In the La Brea Lounge, Wilson and Cordy are deep in conversation on a sofa. She is telling him about moving from Sunnydale to California. He is obviously having a great time, as is she. Later that night, Wilson has walked Cordy up to her apartment. She invites him in, and turns down the lights. Dennis turns them on, and she once again dims them. It's clear that she's a bit nervous, so she asks Wilson for suggestions. He suggests music, but Dennis changes the mellow music Cordy puts on to polka. She turns off the radio, then goes into the kitchen. She tells Dennis to knock it off. Wilson walks in on her conversation, and she says that she talks to herself to keep herself company. Wilson leans forward and kisses her. More kissing ensues, and they end up in her bedroom.

The next morning, Cordy wakes up to find Wilson gone. It's 10:47 am and she's late for work. She pushes off the covers to find that she is hugely pregnant.

Wesley and Angel are outside Cordy's door. They were concerned that she didn't come in for work, and didn't call. Angel breaks the lock, and walks into her apartment. Angel has a bad feeling about what is going on. Angel opens Cordy's bedroom door, and they stare at Cordy. Cordy says she's ready to wake up now, and Angel sits down at the edge of the bed to listen to her story. She hasn't called Wilson because she doesn't know what to say. Angel says that if she dials, he will talk to Wilson, but he has given her a disconnected number. They leave Cordy alone, and Dennis hands her a tissue. Outside, Angel tells Wesley that Wilson's home and business phone numbers have been disconnected. He thinks it is a procrea-parasitic demon (a demon that procreates by implanting human women). Angel tells Wesley that they have to find out what is inside Cordy - Wesley is to take her for a pre-natal exam.

Angel has arrived at the La Brea Lounge, and begins talking to the bartender. He slips him some money to find out information about Wilson. The bartender tells Angel that Wilson and his friends hang wherever Sarina tells them to. Before Angel leaves, the bartender wants to know if Angel is Cordy's boyfriend. He replies that he is family.

In the hospital, a doctor finally sees Cordy. She and Wesley have left a lot of blanks on the form, and Wesley says that it is because they just moved to California from England. The doctor estimates her to be eight and a half months along. The doctor asks Mrs. Penborn (that's Cordy) to lie back, so they can see what she is carrying. While doing the ultrasound, the doctor counts no less than six heartbeats. He is extremely nervous, and wants to withdraw some amniotic fluid.

Angel arrives outside a door in a dark hallway, and knocks. Sarina invites Angel in, and the apartment is lit darkly. When she turns to face Angel, she is just as pregnant as Cordy.

At the clinic, the doctor withdraws some amniotic fluid. He hands the syringe to the nurse, who drops it in shock. It has begun to crack. When the fluid hits the floor, it begins to dissolve it. The doctor and nurse leave in a hurry. Wesley is flabbergasted.

Sarina is still in a state of shock over her pregnancy. She can't reach Jason. She suspected that something like this could happen - their money smelled funny. And the girls they chose to hang around with all had little in the way of family ties. Before Angel can question her further, she bends forward and scream. At the same time, Cordy bends forward and screams and Wesley tries to support her. He leads her to Angel's bed, and tells her to make herself comfortable. Cordy knows Wesley is afraid of what's inside of her - and that he doesn't want to tell her, in case she does something. Wesley says that he hasn't formulated a theory yet - he hasn't had time. Cordy says there are seven of "his" children inside of her, and they aren't human. She sinks back into the cushions with a sigh, and when Wesley looks up from attending to her, he spots Angel. He follows Angel into the main part of the apartment, and Angel updates him on what he found out at Sarina's. Angel is looking through a phone book, because Sarina said Wilson and his friends hang out at a gun and cigar club. They need to find a way to terminate this pregnancy without harming Cordy. They walk into the kitchen, and stop when they see Cordy drinking blood. Angel tells Wesley to get her back into bed.

Wilson is at the gun club, shooting off a pistol. When he takes off his ear protection, he notices Angel standing behind him. Angel wants to know what Cordy was impregnated with. He knows it isn't Wilson or his friends, because they are human - they are just links. Wilson tries to escape, and a fight ensues. Wilson's buddies arrive.

Wesley is comparing Cordy's ultra sound picture to an engraving of a demon in a book of Angel's. The demon is hideous, and he tells Cordy not to overreact. Cordy closes the book and uses it to slam Wesley in the head. She isn't going to let anyone hurt her babies.

Angel and Wilson's friends are still at the gun club. Angel is starting to put everything together, and he wants to know what the guys get out of it. Wilson pushes Angel, saying it doesn't matter if he knows where the demon is, because he is going to have an accident. Nick throws him a gun, and Wilson shoots Angel three times with it. Angel doubles over, groaning, but when he straightens up, he is wearing his vampire face. Angel beats Wilson and his buddies up. He wants information - now.

Cordy is walking into a deserted warehouse, along with the other pregnant mothers.

Angel is digging bullets out of his chest in a phone booth, while waiting for Wesley to pick up the phone. Wesley says he knows what the father is - a Hacksaw beast. She's gone off to rendezvous with it, and Angel tells Wesley he knows where they have gone. Angel tells Wesley that the demon is controlling the mothers with psychic abilities - if they kill the demon, it terminates the pregnancies. However, as Wesley points out, it is extremely difficult to kill. Angel asks Wesley if he can shoot straight.

Cordy and the mothers have changed into white robes, and Cordy leads them into a vat filled with yellow-brown fluid. Wesley appears from around the corner, and tells Cordy and the other women to get out of the vat. Cordy doesn't expect Wesley to understand, but he says he does. If they don't get out of that vat, they are all going to die. They refuse to leave, and the earth begins to shake as the Hacksaw demon emerges. Wesley stands up to the demon, and when it mocks his size, he reminds the demon of the biblical story of David and Goliath. Angel rolls a gas tank down a ramp at this point, and throws it at the demon. He catches it, and Wesley shoots a hole through the tank of liquid nitrogen. The demon begins to scream, as do the women in the vat. Their stomachs deflate, and the demon becomes a large popsicle version of itself. Cordy walks up to Wesley, and picks up a big pulley, which she swings at the demon, while proclaiming her hatred for dating.

Two days later, in Angel's office Wesley is dusting Cordy's desk and computer. They are preparing things for when she comes back in. She arrives, and says she is ready to come back. She had a great audition for crackers, and she's going out to dinner tonight with the producer. And if she lets him impregnate her with his demon spawn, she'll get the part for sure. She smiles at Wesley and Angel, and says that she's learned she's strong, and she's learned some other things too, including that she has two people she trusts with her life. Wesley gets a little emotional, and Angel and Cordy smile at each other.

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