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Written by Kristina

Angelus = Angel suffering from effects of Doximall.
Angel = present day vampire Angel.

Angel and Wesley are assessing the situation - they want to make an escape, but they can't do it without being noticed. They are sitting in an almost empty theatre, watching Cordy perform on stage. She is in a period costume, making a mockery of her lines (she has to keep referring to the prompter).

Angel, Cordy and Wesley are walking down a street after Cordy's performance. She wants to know what they thought of it. Not sure what to say, they tell her that her projection was good, and that she made the part her own. Neither Wesley nor Angel wants to tell her that she was horrible. Cordy's attention is distracted when she notices Oliver Simon, a talent manager (same talent manager from "City Of" that gave Angel his card). He is with Rebecca Lowell, a big television star (she played "Raven" in "On Your Own"). Wesley nor Angel have heard of the television show. Cordy continues talking, when Angel spots a car coming straight for her. He rushes into the street, and pushes Rebecca out of the way. He rolls over the car, and lands on the road. Oliver rushes over to make sure Rebecca is alright, but Rebecca is only concerned about Angel. Cordy butts in, and tries to introduce herself to Rebecca, but Rebecca doesn't pay attention. Angel refuses to take money from Oliver, and he disappears when the press arrives to photograph the accident. Wesley drags Cordy away.

The next morning, Cordy is excited that her elbow made it into a picture with Rebecca in the papers. Angel wants to forget about her - they ran into an actor, which is expected since its Hollywood. Angel, however, wasn't mentioned in the newspaper article, and Cordy suggests that they use Angel's rescue of Rebecca for publicity. Rebecca walks in with two of her bodyguards. She wants to talk with Angel in private. They go into his office, and it is obvious he is uncomfortable around her. She shows Angel a stack of letters, written in what she thinks is blood. They are from a stalker. Rebecca feels safe around Angel, and she wants him to take the case. Angel gives her the information on the car that almost hit her, and tells her to give it to her people. He can't take the case.

After Rebecca leaves, Cordy can't believe that Angel threw this opportunity away (mostly because Rebecca could have been her first big connection in Hollywood). Wesley states that Angel likes her, and is afraid of getting close to her. Cordy pretends to have a vision of Rebecca in danger, but Wesley and Angel don't buy it.

Rebecca is lying beside a pool, listening to a girl nattering on about liposuction. That night, Rebecca is giving a large party at her house. The guests begin leaving, and she walks up the stairs. Angel crashes through a glass door, and attacks a man in a ski mask that was following Rebecca. The man manages to escape, after knocking a shelving unit onto Angel. Angel crawls out from under the unit, and Rebecca is about to ask him if he is okay, when she looks in a mirror behind her sofa. She's the only one reflected there. A bodyguard knocks on her door, asking if she is alright. When she turns to look at Angel, he's gone.

Oliver has come over to make sure Rebecca is alright. She says she is, and that she wants to be left alone. When he leaves, she calls out to Angel - she knows he is still there. He tells her that he's not what she thinks, and she replies that he's a vampire. She touches his cheek to see if he's cold, and says she lied to Oliver. She doesn't want to be alone.

That morning, Wesley tells Cordy that Angel has taken the case. He was quietly keeping tabs on Rebecca to make sure that she was okay. Cordy is concerned that after spending the night at Rebecca's, he will have had a moment of happiness. She decides to go and check up on Rebecca.

She knocks on Rebecca's door, and Angel answers. She is holding a cross, and brought three lattes with her. She knows from his clothes that she is dealing with Angel, and asks him where Rebecca is. She's gone out to lunch, and being a vampire and all, Angel couldn't follow her.

Oliver tells Rebecca that the series she was about to be in has been postponed. They want her to come into the office and read for them.

Later, Rebecca complains to Angel about having to read for the series. A maid knocks on Rebecca's door, and hands her a garment bag. It is a suit for Angel. She has a premier that night, and she wants her bodyguard to go with her.

Angel gets out of the limo, and helps Rebecca out. The crowd begins cheering, and calling out "Raven." She laughs, saying they always mistake her for the character she plays. Among the spectators is a man with a gun in the waistband of his suit.

Rebecca leads Angel into an alleyway. She never stays to watch the movies. Angel spots the man from the crowd, and pushes Rebecca out of the way as he draws his gun. Angel knocks the guy down, and they fight. Angel knocks the guy out, after the two of them roll down the stairs. He goes over to Rebecca and comforts her. The police arrive, and take Angel's statement. Oliver approaches Rebecca, and she tells him the "stalker" was a stuntman that Oliver used to represent. It was all a big stunt that Oliver had set up. He tells her he did it for her, to get her more publicity, and to get the series. She didn't get it - they want someone younger. Rebecca feels overshadowed by Raven - she'll always been on TV, younger and sweeter than the present day Rebecca. When he tells her that no one stays young forever, Rebecca looks over at Angel.

Wesley tells Angel he got the preliminary forensic reports from the theatre, and before he can say the bullets were blanks, Angel says he knows. Rebecca's stalker must be a fake, and he doesn't know how to break it to her.

Cordy and Rebecca are walking down the street, laden with shopping bags. Rebecca has taken Cordy on a shopping spree, and treated her to lunch. She says that she wants to know what to get Angel as a thank you present, and she asks Cordy how Angel became a vampire.

That night, Angel is about to leave his apartment to see Rebecca, when she comes down to him. She bought him a bottle of champagne to thank him. He invites her to sit down, and he goes to get two champagne glasses. She tells Angel that she already knows the stalker was a set up. When Angel sits down on the sofa, she suggests they link arms to sip their champagne. Angel agrees, but when they link arms, Rebecca spills some on him. He smiles, and goes to change his shirt. While he is gone, Rebecca slips some powder into his champagne glass. When he comes back in, they link arms and sip their champagne.

Cordy answers her door to see Wesley. He got her pages, and she tells him that she thinks she did something wrong. When she went shopping with Rebecca, Rebecca was really gabby, asking questions about Angel - where he came from, some personal details and how exactly someone gets turned into a vampire.

Angel looks slightly woozy, and Rebecca is leaning over him. He's talking about how he used to be evil, and that's why he's atoning now. He's helped to save the world, but he's also almost had it sucked into hell. She thinks Angel deserves some happiness, but he doesn't think that is a very good idea. She tells him that they can both have what they've been craving. Forever. Angel tries to sit up - he can't believe what Rebecca is asking him to do. She understands that there is a price, but he tells her that she couldn't possibly. She's not afraid of him - she didn't scream when his reflection wasn't in the mirror. He tells her that is because she only ever sees herself, and that she wants her reflection to go away. He grabs her arm, and drags her to the fridge. He pulls out a blood bag, and begins squirting the blood into her mouth. Suddenly, he backs away, staring at Rebecca. He realizes that she put something into his drink. He leans his head on her shoulder, and she says she just wanted him to be happy. He replies that he is, then bites her shoulder. She screams, and Angel straightens up, vamp face.

Angelus thanks Rebecca for freeing him. He wants to know who her drug supplier is before he kills her. He's never killed a famous person before. Rebecca says she isn't scared of him, and he throws her across the room. Laughing, he says he can help her lose a few pounds, and she says that this isn't him. He says he's always mistaken for the character he plays. Angelus plans on torturing Rebecca for a few hours so she can see if this is the lifestyle for her. She hits him across the face with a brass candleholder, and runs into the elevator. She takes it up into the office, and it stops almost past the office. Wesley's hand reaches out to help her get out of the elevator. Cordy calls Rebecca a slut, saying she did it with Angel. Wesley manages to get Rebecca to tell them she slipped some Doximall into his drink to loosen him up a bit. They plan on leaving the office, when the power goes out. Angelus cut the power and the phone lines. He enters the office, and Wesley tries to tell him the effect of the Doximall is only synthetic, and will wear off. Wesley warns him to listen, and Angelus wonders if Wesley has finally "grown a pair". Wesley has an inferiority complex, because he is inferior, according to Angelus. He throws Wesley across the office, and Cordy turns to Angelus and begins stuttering. Angelus tells her that she is a horrible actress, and watching her was worse than going to hell. Cordy pulls the top off of a water container, and threatens Angelus with it. When he thinks she is bluffing, she tells him she has thought about this happening everyday. That's why she has a stake in her desk, and a cross in her bag. And why they have Father Mackie come by and bless their water when Angel is sleeping. She tosses the water at Angel, and he hisses and turns his face away. It only takes a moment for him to realize that she was only acting. Wesley charges Angelus, and knocks him into the open elevator shaft. Angelus is knocked out cold.

Angel is lying in bed, when he slowly begins to regain consciousness. He is wrapped with chains to the bed. He apologizes to Cordy and Wesley, and Cordy says Rebecca won't be keeping him as her bodyguard. Wesley says things were said, but it was the drugs. They should move on. Wesley leaves, and Cordy says that Wesley's right. They should forget about it, but the non-evil version of her friends should be honest with her. Cordy walks out, leaving Angel chained to his bed.

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