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Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing

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Written by Kristina

Fred and Gunn are in the office, sorting through the case files. There are a lot of files to go through, and many of them were supposed to be taken care of by Wesley. Gunn remarks, to Fred's disapproval, that if Wesley wasn't too busy kidnapping Connor, some of these case files would have been closed. Lorne notices them sorting through the files, and he says that it is a good time for everyone to stay busy, especially Angel. He lost the only child he'll ever have, but he won't talk about it. Gunn figures that it is better to leave Angel alone - the rage may have passed, but Gunn isn't anxious to test out this theory. He knows Wesley is smart enough not to come anywhere near the hotel. Cordy and Groo burst into the hotel, joyful, from their vacation. When Cordy notices the expressions on Gunn, Fred and Lorne's faces, she knows something is wrong.

Angel is upstairs, staring at Connor's crib. Cordy enters behind him. When she tells him how sorry she is, he continues to stare at the crib.

Meanwhile, demons are gambling at Jenoff's casino. Jenoff, a demon, tells one of his employees to deal with a demon that has just cheated. Another of his employees, the Repo Man is handed an Angel Investigations card, and told that it is time to bring in this client. His marker's up, and it's time for his soul to be collected.

The next morning, Angel is lying on his bed. Cordy enters, with a book. She lets Angel know she is there, then settles down to read. Downstairs, Groo can sense the sadness in the hotel. In order to support Cordy, he brought he food and clothing for her "shiv-roth" with Angel. Lorne is busy packing up the rest of Wesley's belongings. At first Groo thought Lorne was packing things for the "shiv-roth" but then he realises he was packing up Wesley's things. Lorne suggests Groo doesn't use that name in the hotel anymore.

Fred and Gunn are dealing with an elderly demon couple. The woman asks where Wesley is, since she dealt with him last time, but Gunn says he is on "sabbatical." Fred begins to clarify information with the couple. They have a squatter in their lair - a "skench" demon. The male demon is upset that these demons come in and take advantage of hard-working demons. He worked long and hard to get his lair the way he wanted it. His wife complains about his ranting, and the couple begins bickering. Gunn interrupts them, and begins stating what he knows about Skench demons. They go in, and drive out the inhabitants of a lair. The wife agrees with this - it's hard to live with all the screeching and projectile phlegm. Gunn says that killing skenches is no problem - they just need to be decapitated. He tells the couple he will be over later in the day to take care of the demon. Fred and Gunn watch as the couple leaves. Fred thinks it is romantic that after being together for 300 years, they can finish each other's insults. Gunn stares at Fred adoringly. Groo enters, asking if there is evil to vanquish. Gunn lets him know that he can take care of it himself. Fred reminds him to take his machete with him, and Groo says Gunn is lucky that he has a woman to look after his weapon. Lorne enters, and doesn't even bother making a comment about what Groo just said. Lorne lets Fred know he is going to do a reading and that if Angel needs anything, to call him. Fred nods then concentrates on the box of Wesley's things.

Fred enters Wesley's hospital room, with his box of things from the hotel. She asks how Wesley is, but he still can't talk. She tells him that she found his notes, and she understands why he took Connor. Slowly, her warmness turns to anger as she tells Wes they were friends, and he should have told them about this, instead of taking matters into his own hands. Wesley looks more and more dejected. Before leaving, Fred tosses in one final blow; she tells Wesley that the prophecy was a fake. Connor was lost for nothing.

In the lobby of the hotel, Groo meets with the Repo Man, thinking he is a potential client.

Gunn enters the lair of the elderly demon couple, and immediately spots the skench demon. A fight ensues, and although Gunn loses the machete, he is able to kill the demon. He just misses being hit by a gush of projectile phlegm, when the Repo Man enters.

Seven years earlier. A determined, seventeen-year-old Gunn walks into Jenoff's casino. He takes the private elevator up to Jenoff. The Repo Man stops him, and frisks him for weapons. Gunn is taken to Jenoff, who recognises him as Charles Gunn, protector of innocents. Gunn tells him that he wants something, but Jenoff isn't receptive. He only deals in needs. So Gunn tells him he needs it. He hands Jenoff a picture, and Jenoff says it's a beauty. He makes Gunn aware of the price he will have to pay. Gunn agrees to pay the price of his own will. Jenoff smiles, then extends his hand. A spike protrudes from his ring, and when Gunn shakes his hand, it splits the skin in Gunn's palm. Jenoff places Gunn's hand on the contract, receiving Gunn's signature in blood.

Present. The Repo Man reminds Gunn of his agreement, and tells him that it is time to pay up. Gunn tells him that things are different now - he's not the same guy he was seven years ago. Jenoff tells him that he was about to give his soul to another, and his soul is no longer his own. It belongs to Jenoff. He has twenty-four hours to give Jenoff what is his, or Fred will die.

Gunn returns distracted to the hotel. Cordy has taken a break from sitting up with Angel, and is now eating a sandwich. She notices Gunn's mood, and comes over to him. She knows what is wrong - he feels guilty for being happy when Angel is in so much pain. But he shouldn't feel guilty. Cordy says that you have to taken happiness when you can get it, because you never know what is around the corner. She tells Gunn that he and Fred should take the day off tomorrow. She hasn't had a vision, and they can manage without them. Although reluctant, Gunn agrees.

The next morning, Gunn wakes Fred up with a cell phone call. He brings her breakfast in bed. They are both excited about the day ahead of them. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the doctor tells Wes he is pleased with his progress, and that he will be released in the afternoon. Angel finally begins to talk about Connor after remaining reticent for so long. He talks about seemingly little things, before he begins talking about loss. Cordy listens patiently.

Gunn and Fred are eating outside, after having an amazing day together. Fred is loaded down with prizes, but she's really tired. She thinks they've had too much fun. When she asks Gunn if something is wrong, his happy expression changes to one of concern. She knows something is wrong. She begins pressing Gunn for information, when he drops a bombshell. He doesn't want to be with her anymore. Gunn gets up from the table, and Fred follows him. She wants to know if there is another woman, and he says there is - and she isn't a stick either. Fred begins to sob and watches Gunn as he walks away.

At the hotel, Cordy is comforting Angel about Connor, when she hears sobbing. She goes outside Angel's room, where she sees Fred falling apart. Through her tears, Fred manages to say she thinks Gunn is in trouble.

At the casino, Jenoff is collecting man's soul through his eyes (I guess the eyes really are the window to the soul). When he is finished, the man collapses to the ground, and is dragged off by employees. Gunn enters, stating he is ready to make his payment.

Groo offers Fred his condolences about her break up. Fred tells everyone that Gunn didn't really break up with her - he only said those mean things because he didn't want her getting hurt. Angel is confused - he didn't even know Fred and Gunn were going out. Cordy thinks Fred is just hurt. They decide to look for Gunn, and Groo suggests they hand out business cards, like the demon that was looking for Gunn. Angel recognises Jenoff's name, and they head off to the casino in a hurry.

A dejected Wesley returns to his apartment, alone.

Jenoff is impressed that Gunn came of his own will to pay his debt. Most men wouldn't. Just as Jenoff is about to suck Gunn's soul, Angel and the gang arrive. Groo suggests fighting their way out, but Angel has another plan. One that will take care of Gunn's debt. Angel will play Jenoff for Gunn's soul. Angel wins - Gunn leaves untouched. But if he loses - Jenoff gets Gunn's soul, as well as Angel's. Jenoff agrees, especially since Angel is a soul-ed vampire. One cut of the deck - high card wins. Although the rest of the gang isn't very sure about this plan, it's the best bet they have. Angel gives Cordy a stake, telling her that she knows what to do if he loses. She nods.

The cards are dealt. Jenoff draws a nine, and Angel - a three. With fast reflexes, Cordy pins Jenoff's hand to the gaming table, and Angel decapitates him. Gunn says if it was that easy, he would have killed Jenoff a long time ago. Jenoff's head begins to regenerate, and it is not a pretty sight. Angel asks if anyone else in the casino owes Jenoff money, and the demons jump Jenoff. Angel and crew escape.

Gunn and Fred are talking in Gunn's truck. Apologies have been given, and they are both happy to be back together. Fred is curious to know whom Gunn sold his soul over. Slightly embarrassed he tells her - his truck. He saved a lot of lives with it, and seven years ago, he didn't think he'd be around that long.

Cordy is watching Angel stare at Connor's empty cradle. Angel walks over to it, and begins to take it apart.

The Usual
The Usual

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