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Cordy, Gunn, Fred, Wesley, and Angel, with his son, enter the hotel. They note the damage that was done by Dr. Fetvanovich and his men. Cordy mentions that some childproofing will have to be done so the baby doesn't hurt himself. When they hear movement at the door, they aim weapons at the intruder. It is only Lorne. Since it was Angel's fault (inadvertently) that Caritas was destroyed again, Lorne thought the least they could do was let him stay with them. Thinking everyone has had a chance to hold the baby, he offers to hold him. Angel, however, hasn't let anyone hold his son. He doesn't want to let him go. The baby begins to cry, and Angel tries to figure out what is wrong. Meanwhile, Fred and Gunn are poking around the cages Dr. Fetvanovich left behind. Gunn picks up a gruesome looking saw, when Fred asks him if he can throw it. A sword-wielding demon has broken into the hotel. Gunn throws the saw as Wesley shoots the demon with an arrow. It falls back dead. Angel announces that he has finally figured it out - the baby needs his diaper changed.

Angel takes the baby into Wesley's office, and begins to struggle with changing his diaper. Wesley walks in, because they need Angel's help. He offers to help Angel with the diaper, but Angel continues to struggle on his own. He knows how to change an old fashioned diaper, with pins, but he has trouble with the new fasteners. Having succeeded in changed the diaper, Angel, Wesley and the baby go back into the main lobby. They are constructing a list of possible and known threats to the baby's safety. When Angel says they just need to erase all these threats, Fred takes him literally and begins to erase the whiteboard. However, realizing her mistake, she restores the list. The baby continues to fuss, and Angel tries to feed him his bottle, but with little success. He still refuses help from the others.

Holtz, Sahjhan and some of the Grapplar demons are making their way back to Sahjhan's lair. Sahjhan can't believe that Holtz let Angel get away with the baby. Holtz wants to get rid of the Grapplar demons. He doesn't want paid mercenaries; he wants people willing to die for his cause. Sahjhan ignores this request, stating all Holtz has to do is stick a stake in Angel's chest. The Grapplar demons begin grabbing their throats and convulsing. Holtz put poison in their drinks, to get rid of them. The demons fall to the ground dead, leaving Sahjhan with four very expensive dead demons.

Cordy and Fred are on the computer, trying to trace web sites that are offering a bounty for Angel's son, with little success. The Furies have placed the same spell on the hotel as they did on Caritas, in an attempt to further safeguard the baby. Everyone is doing their best to protect the baby, but Angel doesn't think they are trying hard enough. Cordy tells Angel the baby needs to go to the hospital to be examined. Lorne keeps hearing a persistent humming in the hotel; it is bothering him, and he thinks it may be fluorescent lights. The group ignores him when he says fluorescent lights do nothing for his complexion.

At Wolfram and Hart, several associates, along with Lilah, Gavin and Linwood, are watching the action in the hotel lobby. Linwood remarks that they should have the writers of the Nyazian scrolls write their contracts, since they create such brilliant loopholes. They still don't know who the man in the surveillance photo is, but they hope they can find him before he finds them.

Angel is trying to calm his son down, with little avail. He sings a lullaby, but Lorne comes in and takes over. Lorne tells Angel that he and his son are closely connected, so if Angel is upset, or worrying, like he is now, the baby can pick that up. Angel picks his son up, and sits down with him. He makes goofy faces, in an attempt to ease some of the baby's discomfort. Having tried the different faces he knows, he vamps out, and the baby stops crying.

Lilah goes down to Files and Records, to see if she can find out anything about the man in the surveillance photo. The clerk gives Lilah the index to the 35 filing cabinets of information they have on Angel. Lilah can see it is going to be a long search.

Holtz is in a back alley, waiting for someone. A woman walks out of the back of a building and he follows her. He pins her against a wall, and he says he knows what she is doing. He knows about the death of her twin sister, and he knows that it wasn't as natural as the police made it out to be. He also knows that the woman, Justine knows this. She thinks that he is a creepy stalker, and she tells him to leave her alone. She walks away.

Cordy and Fred are still not having any luck tracing the web sites. Cordy confronts Angel as he comes downstairs with the baby. Angel stayed up all night, just watching his son. Cordy tells Angel that although he is the baby's only family, he has to share the responsibility. She takes him out into the courtyard, and tells him his son will want to play in the light. She wants to know what Angel will do if his son is sick during the day. Angel responds by placing his hand in a ray of sunlight. As his skin begins to burn, he tells Cordy that he will do whatever it takes to get his son to the hospital, even if he himself never makes it. Angel retreats back into the hotel, as Lorne comes down the stairs. He slips a piece of paper into Angel's pocket, and says that the hotel makes him feel that the only safe place is in the janitor's closet. Angel thanks him for the tip. Gunn enters with a flamethrower, and lets Angel know the hotel is surrounded by vampires and demons. Wesley confirms that one group of demons are the Lilliad demons. They know strong magic that can counteract the Furies' spell. They begin to prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, in Files and Records, Lilah has made little progress through Angel's file. As she talks to the clerk, the clerk reveals that she knows everything in every file. She's Files and Records - it's her job. The clerk is actually not a human, but a database of knowledge. She tells Lilah that the man in the surveillance photo is Holtz. He is after Angel since Angel killed his wife, son and daughter. Lilah remarks that that is a good enough reason for vengeance. She looks pleased.

In a scene reminiscent of Buffy and her first watcher Merrick, Holtz is watching Justine fight a vampire in a graveyard. After she dusts the vamp, Holtz approaches her. He wants to train her into a weapon of vengeance. Although Justine is still unsure of Holtz, she follows him out of the graveyard.

The Lilliad demons are chanting outside of the hotel. They have almost succeeded in breaking down the magical barrier that protects the Hyperion. Inside, the group continues to prepare for battle. Angel announces that he is leaving with his son. He is going to run away, leaving the group to protect the hotel, and act as a diversion. He leaves through the basement. Gunn and Wesley psyche themselves up for battle, as the demons outside begin to fight over who will be the first faction to enter the hotel. Wolfram and Hart agents are aware that Angel is in the sewers. Once Angel surfaces, they begin to follow him and the baby.

When the factions begin to enter the hotel, Wes uses the flamethrower to immolate the intruders. The group succeeds in holding off the demons and hope that the diversion gave Angel enough of a head start. Meanwhile, the Wolfram and Hart agents, as well as some of the Lilliad demons and some vampires pursue Angel. He retreats into a mineshaft and is followed by the demons. A Lilliad demon demands that Angel hand over the baby. Angel tosses his son towards the demons, and makes his escape. He drives off into the night, as the demons remove the cover from the bundle; however, it is not Angel's son they see. It is a teddy bear, instead, with a bomb strapped to it. The bomb detonates, sealing the mine and killing the demons within.

Cordy, Wes, Fred have taken the baby to the hospital for his check up. All is well with the baby.

Linwood, Gavin and Lilah are reviewing surveillance tape from earlier that they. Linwood realizes that Lorne could hear the hum of the bugs within the hotel, and wrote down this information for Angel, allowing him to lead the agents and demons on a wild goose chase. An alarm goes off, and Angel enters the room. He corners Linwood, and gives him a cut on his face that mirrors his son's cut. He tells Linwood that he will personally hold Wolfram and Hart accountable for anything that happens to his son and gives Linwood the privelege of being his son's godfather. As he leaves, he lets Linwood know he wants his son to go to Notre Dame.

Angel joins the group at the hospital. Gunn arrives with a baby stroller, and Wesley brings Angel up to speed on the baby's check up. Angel finally names his son - Connor. The Angel Investigations team exits the hospital to return to the hotel, with Connor.

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