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Groo is back, and Angel is none too pleased. While checking on Connor, his frustration reveals his jealousy of Groo. Lorne picks up on this, but Angel won't admit he is jealous. Cordy takes Groo home, where they talk about the political situation of Pylea, but not for long. One thing leads to another, and Cordy and Groo are locked in a tight embrace, when Cordy has a vision of a scaly demon.

The next morning, Angel comes downstairs with Connor. Wesley is the only one there, which is to his advantage. He tells Angel that they should do some more research into who Connor is, and what his purpose is. Angel agrees, but since they don't have the Nyazian scroll, it could be difficult. Wesley reveals that he believes over the centuries, other people may have come across the scroll, and translated it, and written down commentary. Hopefully, this commentary will still exist somewhere, and Wesley will be able to find it. Cordy and Groo come in, and Groo goes straight to Angel's weapon chest, which bothers Angel. He doesn't want anyone touching his weapons. Curious, Angel asks Cordy about her night. She reveals that she and Groo didn't "do it" because a vision disrupted the mood. She shows a sketch of the demon to Wesley, and tells him that it will rise this afternoon. Gradually, she opens up, and says that she doesn't want to lose her "visionity." She is scared that Groo will absorb her visions if they have sex, and she doesn't want to lose them. Jealous, Angel tries to convince her she is making the right choice, but Wesley talks about mythical prophylactics that might prevent the passing of the visions.

Meanwhile, Fred and Gunn are enjoying a quiet breakfast together - their first breakfast as a couple. Gunn is all puppy-eyed, watching Fred eat. Fred is puppy-eyed as well. They lean over the table to kiss, when their pagers both go off. It's Wesley.

Back at the Hyperion, Wesley reveals the game plan for taking care of the demon in Cordy's vision - which means Angel and Groo are going to the sewers - together. Angel is not happy with this plan, nor is he happy when Cordy gives his broad sword to Groo.

Groo and Angel track the demon through the sewers. A fight ensues, and the demon is thrown into a wall and the wall collapses. The demon escapes into a sunny park and Groo follows. Angel can't, and watches as Groo kills the demon, saves a passer-by, and gets accolades from the gang and the public.

At the Hyperion, Groo re-enacts the battle for the gang, while Angel deals with a client, who believes her fiancé is being enticed away from her by a witch. Wesley is on the phone, ordering a book. He backs up behind a pillar, in order to see only Fred, and not Gunn. Angel refers the client to Wesley, and Wesley puts Gunn on the case, hoping to keep him and Fred separated, but she tags along.

Angel and Wesley go to pick up a book, when Angel begins talking about office romances. Gradually, he becomes clear about how he feels obsolete now that Groo is here. Groo can do everything he can, plus a few things that he can't. Wesley reassures him that it was Angel that brought them together, and that he is unique, like the books in the store. The clerk then comes out with three copies of the same book.

Cordy and Groo have an intimate talk, before Cordy begins to cut his hair. Groo thinks that the haircut will make her like him better, but she tells him it is just hair.

Fred and Gunn are videotaping the client's fiancé, when the begin making out. When they come up for air, the fiancé is gone.

Angel and Wesley return to the hotel, to see the new Groo. He looks almost exactly like Angel, from his haircut to his clothes. Angel isn't happy that Cordy dressed Groo in his clothes. But he is even unhappier when Cordy asks him to help her have sex with Groo. She wants him to go to a demon brothel, with Groo, to get the prophylactic. She gives Angel the money, and trusts he won't get sidetracked.

Gunn and Fred walk over to the tree, where the fiancé was standing, and rewind the videotape. They see the fiancé sucked down by the tree, just as they are sucked down.

Angel sees temptation everywhere he turns at the brothel. The mistress understands why Groo came, but she wants to know why Angel would. Angel's ringing cell phone prevents him from answering. It's Gunn, and he and Fred are trapped underneath the tree. Angel and Groo head off to the rescue. In the sewers, Groo gives the prophylactic to Angel for safekeeping, then rushes off to fight the tree. The tree has been using the Internet to lure unsuspecting humans to it, and then the tree uses them as an energy source. The tree attacks Groo, and inserts a root into him, and begins draining his energy. After making sure the tree isn't made of wood - it's made of flesh - Angel launches into a diatribe about how he is so much better than Groo. The tree buys it, and attacks Angel. But since Angel is a vampire, the tree grows cold, then dies. Fred, Gunn, and the fiancé are released.

Back at the Hyperion, Wesley talks to Gunn about Fred. He wants to make sure Gunn takes good care of her. Gunn agrees. Meanwhile, Cordy is patching up Groo. She thinks that Groo was the big hero, and Angel encourages this opinion. She and Groo are leaving, when Angel calls Cordy back. He gives her a big wad of cash, and tells her to take Groo somewhere on vacation. Somewhere where there is sun. She leaves, gratefully, and Angel goes up to check on Connor. Wesley is hard at work, translating the book he bought. Angel comes down with Connor, thinking he was alone. But he realizes isn't - he has Connor. Wesley looks at Angel, but doesn't tell him about the prophecy he just translated - "the father will kill the son."

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