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Written by Kristina

A vampire jumps out at a woman in a dark alley. She screams and begins backing away from the vampire when it grabs her. Before the vamp can feed, Angel swings down from the top of a neighboring building, all Batman-like, and approaches the vamp. They fight, complete with karate-style moves, when Angel finally manages to stake the vamp. The girl can't believe what she's seen, and just as he's telling her to go home, a car pulls up and armed men gather in the alley. The operations team has been tracking Angel -- they cover all the "wet" work so Angel doesn't have to get his hands dirty. As Agent Hauser explains all of this to Angel, a lawyer and notary approach the woman Angel saved, and have her sign away her soul (literally and figuratively). Disgusted, the woman thinks that he saved her for publicity sake, and Angel looks around in disbelief at the circus of lawyers and agents that surround him.

During the day in an elementary school, children are in the hallway between classes. Matthew and a friend discuss comic books before entering class. (As random as this scene appears, it does tie in…eventually.)

A mail clerk, wearing a Mexican wrestling mask, pushes a mail cart through the lobby of Wolfram and Hart. There is an envelope on top of the car addressed to Angel, care of his new address at Wolfram and Hart. An elevator door opens, and Fred stands inside it, confused, waiting for the door that she is facing to open. Wes approaches her, and Fred finally gets her bearings. They discuss their new trappings and offices until Knox (Fred's guide from "Home") appears, promising to take Fred to her office, since she doesn't know where it is. Wes watches her leave, as Gunn throws a basketball at him. Catching it against his stomach, he turns to Gunn, and they talk about Fred. Wes seems to be put off by Fred's blooming friendship with Knox. Gunn lets Wes know he's picked the office he likes from the two neighboring offices, and he likes being able to see the mountains. He never knew there were mountains before. Gunn doubts his reason for being in the law firm, and he remarks that it will take a while before anyone gets comfortable in the law firm. Of course Lorne walks through the lobby, chatting on a cell phone, completely in his element. While speaking with his client, he's going through binders of carpet samples his assistant is holding. Completely uncomfortable, however, Angel is facing the wrong doors in the same elevator that puzzled Fred, until he hears Gunn calling to him. Angel still can't believe what happened to him the previous night. He wants to turn the firm completely inside out, and as he walks into his office with Gunn and Wes, they notice a young woman sitting on his desk. She's Eve, their new link to the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart. She tosses an apple to Angel, knowing full well the irony of her name. She begins to pace as she fills Angel in on the details of his heading of the firm. He could start killing off his mostly evil clients list, but then the business would fold, and he'd loose all the contacts he gained in the fight against evil by joining the law firm. He's stuck in a catch-22 type position; if he wants to continue to fight evil and make a difference in the world, he needs to keep the firm running. Staring at Eve, Angel takes a huge bit out of the apple she tossed him.

Angel, Lorne, Wes, Fred, and Gunn are holed up in a conference room, going through the files of their new clients. It's been a long night, and the Fang Gang is more than sated with knowledge of evil deeds. Angel lets them know he'll get his secretary to go through the files in the morning, but he's still not completely sure that he even has a secretary. Everyone is still getting the hang of the law firm. Angel sends the others home, since they aren't getting anywhere.

As Gunn leaves his office to head off for the night, Eve comes out of the shadows towards him. She wants to know if he's ready to take the next step. She hands him a card, with the address of a tailor.

Angel's in his office the next day, when he decides to get a cup of coffee by using his phone. Instead, he gets ritual sacrifice and starts pressing buttons trying to get his secretary. He finally succeeds, and asks his secretary to bring him a cup of blood or coffee. She tells him she'll get it right away, and then his phone rings. Wesley wants to stop by, because they could have a situation. As he hand sup with Wesley, Angel looks up to see his secretary -- Harmony -- bring in his mug. He stands, and wants her to tell him why he shouldn't kill her. Harmony says she's just trying to make it in the city, and she likes the necro-tempered glass. She's even off human blood now. She brought Angel pig's blood, with a bit of otter mixed in for taste. Wesley comes in and acknowledges Harmony. He was the one that picked her out as a familiar face for Angel. Harmony gets really excited, and says things are going to be great with Cordy around, but stops when she notices the expressions on Angel and Wesley's faces. She didn't know that Cordy was sick and in a coma. Harmony is near tears, wondering how she couldn't have known, before she suddenly changes gears and becomes chipper again. Wes sends her out to get the men from his office and he present Angel with Corbin Fries' folder. Fries is a client of theirs about to get twenty years for kidnapping and pimping. He's threatening the firm to get him off the hook, and before Angel can fully express his opinion on the subject, Harmony comes is with Corbin. Corbin is definitely not impressed with how Angel is running the firm, pointing out that when Holland Manners was around, he never would have gone to trial. Corbin reminds Angel that he brings a lot of money into the firm, and if he goes to jail, Angel will regret it. Angel wants Corbin to calm down, but he gets up into Angel's face, saying that if there is a conviction, he's going to drop the bomb -- he says the magic word and the only people that will be left in California will be the undead.

Lorne has gathered with several Wolfram and Hart employees. He's evaluating them by reading their aura when they sing. It's all part of Angel's new regime.

Fred is hanging up a Dixie Chicks poster in her office while Knox helps her to move in. She's telling him about how Lorne can read people when they are singing, and Knox assures her that he will go sing for Lorne so she can feel comfortable running the lab. Before she can finish moving in, she receives a phone call.

Up in Angel's office, he has the gang gathered, with the exception of Gunn. They need to figure out what the bomb is and where Corbin has it stored so they can stop him. Fred's going to go through the lab files to find anything about viruses Wolfram and Hart has worked on, while Wes looks into the mystical elements of the bomb and Lorne sits in on the court case. Harmony lets Angel know she can't get a hold of Gunn, and that she found Spanky's address. Spanky showed up a couple of times in Corbin's file, so Angel is going to check him out.

In his car pool, Angel is admiring his cars, trying to decide on which one to use to get to Spanky's. Hauser steps out of the shadows, asking if Angel wants them to bring in Spanky for him. Angel assures Hauser he has it under control, even though Hauser insists that his unit takes care of the "wet work." Angel finally chooses a car and drives off.

At Spanky's apartment, Angel gets invited in by a sweaty older man. Spanky's walls are covered with whips and paddles, but Angel wants to know about the job that he did for Corbin. Spanky won't discuss his old jobs, and Angel threatens him. Spanky reveals that he built a mystical vessel for Corbin to put anything into, and that would dissolve when he said the magic word. Spanky lunges for Angel, and grabs his neck, trying to knock him out by pushing against his windpipe. Angel twists Spanky's arm, obviously not needed to use his windpipe.

Gunn is sitting in a doctor's office, waiting to be called in. He's been there for five hours before the doctor calls him in. As they walk into the doctor's office, he sees that it is full of strange gadgets. The doctor tells Gunn to remove his shirt so they can begin.

Fred and Knox are going through the files of the laboratory, looking for information on viruses. They find the information that they were looking for, and Knox makes sure that Fred knows they've contained many more plagues than they've ever designed. Angel calls to tell Fred that he knows where the vessel is, and she tells him that it is a virus that is inside the bomb. He isn't pleased -- the vessel is stored in Corbin's son Matthew.

Gunn is attached to one of the doctor's strange gadgets with tubes, and he's breathing hard. Gunn still wants the treatment to be continued.

Fred has managed to isolate a few viral strains that Fries was working with, but she isn't sure which virus exactly is in the vessel. They have no records of an antidote, and Wes isn't having much luck with disabling the trigger. He's considered killing Corbin, but there's a chance that will trigger the vessel.

Angel is standing over his desk when Eve approaches him. He is still trying to deal with the knowledge that Corbin placed the virus inside his son. Eve knows that Angel gave up his son to save him, and that nobody has even heard of Connor, including his closest friends. Angel doesn't want Eve to say his son's name again, nor does he want her in his office unless she is going to start helping him out.

That night in the science department, amid scattered food containers and data, Knox is almost sure that he has found the strain of virus that Corbin is going to use. When he says he needs to run a couple more tests, Fred starts ranting. She knows her people are tired, but nobody is going to get any rest until they find out if the strain is the correct one and if there's an antidote. She storms angrily out of the office leaving Knox and the rest of the lab techs to sort things out.

Corbin's trial is coming to a close, and the audience, including an in cognito Lorne, watches. He walks out of the courtroom to give Angel an update on the trial; things are not looking good for Corbin. They need to get Matthew Fries into isolation pronto.

In a surveillance van, Hauser and his agents are listening to Angel and Lorne's phone conversation. Hauser tells his agents they are going to show Angel how a threat is contained -- they are going to kill Matthew and leave no other survivors.

Angel hurriedly rifles through some papers on his desk, and Wes gives him an update on the state of the antidote (could take days) and removing the mystical container (also could take days). Angel is going to head to the school to get Matthew, when Harmony lets him know that special ops team has left for the school, and they've called for the "cleaners." There's going to be a lot of bodies. Angel sends Wes to the courtroom to monitor the trial before he races out.

Wes sits with Lorne in the back row of the courthouse. When Lorne asks Wes what the plan is if Corbin is convicted, Wes opens his jacket to show him the plan. It doesn't look good.

The agents pull up to Matthew's school, and prepare to take out Matthew and his classmates. They enter the classroom after discharging a gas canister, but the only person in the room is Angel. He used a helicopter to beat the team to the school. When Hauser tries to determine where Angel has hidden the kid, he lets Hauser and his agents all know they are fired. Hauser tells Angel that is not how it is done, and tells his agents to open fire on Angel. A fight ensues, Angel vamps out, and he causes serious damage to the agents.

Final summations are about to begin in the courthouse, when Gunn walk sin. He's all decked out, and he lets the judge know that he is Corbin's new lawyer. His first act as defense lawyer is to call for a mistrial. The judge has an interest in the case through one of her investments, which means she can't preside over the trial. He also has other findings he would like to present to her, but he doesn't want to do it in front of the jury. The judge calls counsel into her chambers.

Angel and the agents have moved their fight into the hallway. Hauser points a shotgun at Angel. He thinks Angel is a "pathetic little fairy" and tells him that he is tiny in the scope of Wolfram and Hart. The evil agents have conviction, which makes them extremely powerful. Angel, however, has something more powerful: mercy. He gets controls of Hauser's gun and shoots Hauser at point blank range. He walks out of the hallway, leaving the cleaners to deal with the aftermath of the fight.

In Angel's office, Eve is explaining the enhancements made to Gunn's mind. His mind was filled with the law, and a lot of Gilbert and Sullivan (for elocution). The gang is freaking out, because it is a serious possibility that something else was done to his mind. Gunn saw the man in the white room; he knows that all they did was fill him with knowledge. All of Gunn's degrees have had to be forged, but he saved the day. She walks out, leaving the gang to contemplate their new positions at Wolfram and Hart. Corbin is temporarily off the hook. Gunn can make sure he ties the retrial up for a good long time, which will keep Corbin on the right side of the law. Fred and Wes were successful in removing and disabling the vessel, so Matthew is safe as well. Angel is confident that they are going to change things at Wolfram and Hart. They're going to figure out how to use it to their advantage, or die trying as Wesley aptly points out. Angel picks up an envelope from his desk and opens it. Out falls the amulet that Lilah presented him ("Home") and that was used to close the Sunnydale Hellmouth for good ("Chosen"). A whirlwind erupts around Angel's desk and it materials into a skeleton, and then a man. The man screams, doubled over in pain. Wes, Angel and Harmony all identify the man -- Harmony's Blondie bear, Spike.

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